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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Make Your Business Successful in 2022

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Featured image for Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Make Your Business Successful in 2022

Many marketers tried their best to keep up with trends in 2020. It was a year unlike any other year and events of 2021 have affected digital marketing trends dramatically. In the current year, the situation hasn’t changed a lot – coronavirus still significantly influences the economy in the world creating some uncertainty in the future. No one can say for sure what the next month or two or half a year will bring. How social media advertising expenses will look like, for how long «Digital marketing trends 2021» will be popular when remote work will end and everybody will go back to normal work.

Against this backdrop, it’s worthy to once again analyze what digital marketing trends will be popular in 2022 to make your business successful and increase profits. In this case, marketers pay attention to performance indicators, learn and analyze their goals. All that has to be considered when doing business for interaction and customer retention, the attraction of new customers, bigger traffic generation, and earning of stable income.

Digital marketing outlook for 2022

Throughout challenging 2020, most organizations moved online – it was the only way to keep the business and not to lose the clients. Human resources specialists realized that the COVID-19 pandemic will have an impact on employees and performance early on. It was the first time for many people to work remotely and this experience may have been both new and unexpected. However, most people have so far become used to such a format. Although online business is promising, distractions are there – family, kids, and stress of the change of scenery, so staff morale is lowered along with the performance. For instance, that’s how the hype cycle for digital marketing looked like in 2020:

digital marketing trends 2022

Hype cycle for digital marketing. Source.

The transition period always has certain difficulties, but with a reasonable approach, it’s possible to make use of the pandemic situation. We’ve decided to consider and analyze the main trends and technologies, which may be useful in digital marketing in the future. Despite the fact that a lot of new trends may appear before 2022, most of them will be rooted in the past.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is always a moving target because search algorithms are constantly evolving. Although optimization won’t change dramatically in 2022, certain trends can be noticed already.

Google Trends

An attempt to find the required information in the Google system allows viewers to see how key terms are being searched. Use this to your advantage in your SEO strategy taking into account the specificities of the search engine’s actions and ways of implementing keywords in business development.

digital marketing trends 2022

User experience

A user always expects convenient and fast work of a product, so extra elements, which slow down the load, simply discourage from waiting for the result. The client wants to receive the feedback right now, the faster the better, so every extra second makes him leave this site, stop using a certain mobile app, and start looking for alternative options. Moreover, user experience is now considered by the search system, which means that if a user didn’t wait for another website page to load and left – one user, second, and third – the website’s position will be lowered in search engine rankings. This obviously will negatively affect the traffic.

For this reason, not simply the search engine optimization but the optimization in terms of good user experience is important. You should pay attention to strategic SEO approaches that will make the resource more convenient, fast, and efficient. To create a positive UX, you need to stick to several ground rules:

  1. Fast load. There are various ways to make a page load as fast as possible – optimizing code, handling images on the site for them to have good resolution, but not to slow down the load process, etc.
  2. Logical and simple structure. It should be convenient to navigate the site and find pages with the necessary information. A well-structured site is a big plus for users.
  3. A growing number of users browse websites not only from PC but also from mobile devices, so the site, which is tailored to smartphones and tablets, has a better chance of making a positive impression.

Semantic search

In general, searching for something is the main goal of web users. In 2021 just like in the future 2022, the semantics of keywords will receive increased attention from search engines. Therefore, SEO of the content with the consideration of semantic search methods will allow search engines to determine the content as the most relevant to the query and get the site up in the ranking.

Search robots are already able to use the queries’ semantics to determine what goals and intentions the user, who is looking for specific information, has. So year after year, a set of capabilities of search engines will only be increased. For example, even an incomplete, grammatically incorrect, seemingly random search query can be used to find exactly what you were looking for. In this case, the search engine will interpret the fragmented language and obscure questions to provide the most relevant content.

Text of queries is increasingly becoming similar to conversational. The engine has to determine the user’s intention and goal as precisely as possible because it will influence the user’s satisfaction with the answer. We should mention voice assistants, which are based on artificial intelligence technology and are more advanced in semantic search.

As for the role of semantic search in the business, the coming year defines the following principles of SEO in terms of semantics:

  1. Content that answers the target audience’s questions. To do so, it’s necessary to analyze what questions the potential clients often ask when looking for information related to a particular business domain and to use data obtained through the analysis to write articles, which would answer the questions precisely.
  2. Content for people and not for machines. The text should be interesting and useful. Excessive keyword stuffing will do no good – these texts are already recognized by search engines and cause visitors’ negative reactions. It’s important to provide information in simple terms so that it will be interesting for a reader. The text has to be formatted – text without paragraphs, ordered lists, and indentations is difficult and uninteresting to read even if the information is valuable. It’s just as important to provide the text with suitable images that would correspond to the topic and complement/explain certain things.
  3. Internal linking. Links in texts leading to other sections of the site subtly offer to see other pages as well and help to find necessary information faster.
  4. Structured data. A site should be built in such a way that its structure is understandable and a user can get to the needed section quickly. This matter is also important to search engines – they check pages and rank them and the well-defined structure facilitates this process.
  5. Topic optimization and not keyword optimization. To optimize text in terms of semantics, you should create clusters of a higher rank – superclusters.
All that will definitely become a great asset to doing business in 2022, as it will sure have an impact on website ranking. The result can be seen in the increased visits, income, and traffic, and the information of SEO tools.

Search engines are increasingly moving towards the principle of «a natural search», which implies search with the use of keywords not in a strict language, but as a conversational speech. You should optimize your site considering this trend – write articles in simple terms, use fewer classic keywords, and the like.

PPC advertising

First, the good news: PPC advertising will be just as popular in 2022. Digital marketing just can’t be without the high-quality and effective support of these advertising campaigns regardless of what new technologies are going to enter part of our daily lives in the near future.

As you build out your 2022 PPC strategy, remember that businesses still get a $2 return for every $1 they spend on Google Ads (according to Google Economic Impact). While the PPC advertising trends are many, some website owners disagree that this way of advertising can be very effective. Let’s consider the most winning contextual advertising trends for 2022.

Privacy concerns

To make the process of using the internet more effective for users, many companies work on the analysis of the target audience by collecting data on the queries, location, and interests of each user. All that becomes hard to do taking into account the increased attention to confidentiality and personal data protection. Information on the queries is used only to understand the target audience’s behavior and choose the most relevant contextual advertisements based on the users’ activity. Not to break confidentiality, most large search engines and companies allow the users to determine what information can be collected and what information cannot.

From the perspective of PPC advertising, such limitations create certain problems. For the PPC folks who spend money on clicks, however, these limitations directly affect their ability to ensure the efficiency of their campaigns. That is why the evolving data privacy regulations are going to be a considerable obstacle in 2022 – requirements increase year after year so the trend is not going to change. Non-compliance with confidentiality laws costs the companies too much – due to fines, which are through the roof, it’s ineffective to collect information in secret and continue to attack a user with contextual advertisements.

According to Gartner, most marketers will abandon personalization and this will happen within the next three or four years because of fraud related to the leaking of personal information that has become more frequent. Statistical data indicate that only 12% of the web users are happy with their data being collected for advertising purposes because it helps them in the search for the necessary information.

Consequently, the company will have to protect the personal information of its users and potential clients and not go against the confidentiality laws in 2022.

Artificial intelligence

In matters of advertising campaign efficiency, it’s always important to determine how to increase conversion and not to run into bucks. Such technology as artificial intelligence allows automating contextual advertising to increase its performance. Due to the automation, it becomes possible to be client-oriented and forecast clicks’ rating and conversion, which exempts specialists from these actions and allows them to engage in the development and adjustment of the advertising strategy.

The idea is to maximize the conversion’s value. The most important thing is to find the approach, which will work for your business. This will allow to catch up with and even surpass the competitors – everything depends on the chosen strategy.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization allows tuning the funnel more elaborately and as a result – increasing ROI significantly. From a technical perspective, CRO can be considered as getting people to your site and turning those site visits into tangible, revenue-generating outcomes. The outcome of a visit doesn’t have to be aimed at the purchase, it can be a subscription, free book, intro class – whatever, which can encourage the user to buy a product, get a paid subscription, or enroll in paid classes.

Two main things are important for CRO – how people are getting to your website or digital experience and what people are doing once they’re on your site. Analysis of each of these components enables to determine where to strengthen the positions and what to optimize to increase the conversion. You should add advertising, change the site, adjust the page structure, change their content to get the best result. CRO trend, which will be the most important in 2022, includes:

  • website adaptation to mobile devices;
  • reasonable personalization (of course, in compliance with the regulations of data confidentiality);
  • transparency of work with users with the purpose of trust-building.
All that will make it possible to increase conversion and make the business even more effective.

Social Media Marketing

COVID-19 has moved people online and the first place where they started to spend more time is social networks. For this reason, most marketing strategies have also moved there. When creating advertising campaigns, it’s necessary to take into consideration the current situation in the world and in a particular country, city – any region that the advertising is targeted at and where the target audience is. While it’s unclear the extent to which these upticks in social media usage will extend into 2022, it’s evident that there will be no such performance as before the pandemic – the users just got used to spending more time in social networks during this time.

People are scrolling, posting, and engaging across nearly all social media channels. As you navigate this ever-evolving demand, here are a few social media trends to keep an eye on in 2022.

When you’re planning marketing campaigns on social networks, you should consider the new phenomenon that has become quite influential – «cancel culture». It’s reflected in collective boycotting something or someone, which is particularly striking with its scope in the current digital age because most people can express their opinion on social networks.

So you need to protect your brand from a similar boycotting and don’t happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. To do this, you should monitor where automated advertising gets, develop creative texts, but verify all information «to a millimeter» so that it’s not misunderstood, and learn current events and trends to keep in line.

Video marketing

Advertising in the video format is on the rise these days – a growing number of users don’t want to read – they want to watch. It must be pointed out that the global influence of apps like TikTok, Snapchat, Twitch is growing and videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram do not yield their positions either – on the contrary, they become increasingly in demand.

An ever-increasing number of formats and methods of interaction with the audience mark the era of videos. This means that the importance of video to all digital marketing channels is growing and growing fast. Exponentially. So you should necessarily pay attention to this field if you want to create really effective advertising to develop business, reach a wider audience, get an influx of clients and strong return.

Optimization of videos with the purpose of increasing the number of views and monetization is as important. An optimized video has to contain a thumbnail and description, good subtitles, and transcription so that the users have the opportunity to read the information, which is in the video, in text format if there’s no possibility to watch the video at a particular point of time.


So, «advertising for people» will be encouraged in 2022 so marketers will have to walk a fine line between personalization and compliance with the confidentiality law. The principle of putting a customer, user, person at the center of the product has always been important and over time its significance is only going up.

All the above-mentioned strategies will come in handy in 2022, but technological development and the pandemic will play a large role because the pandemic has a strong influence on psychology. At this difficult time, it’s important to be flexible and keep pace with the changing market conditions, staying on top of the wave of customers’ demand and interest and choosing digital marketing trends properly.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Make Your Business Successful in 2022 key takeaways:

#1. Digital marketing outlook for 2022
#2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
#3. Google Trends
#4. User experience
#5. Semantic search
#6. PPC advertising
#7. Privacy concerns
#8. Artificial intelligence
#9. Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
#10. Social Media Marketing
#11. Video marketing
#12. Conclusion

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