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Actual Graphic Trends for Mobile Applications for 2022

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Featured image for Actual Graphic Trends for Mobile Applications for 2022

If you are going to create mobile applications and expect them to succeed, it is worth considering the current trends that are present in the schedule now and will occupy leading positions for the next 2022. Monitoring hot trends in the design of applications and applying them to the work will make the application a modern one, leading to a one-wave communication with consumers. As the designers are predicting themselves, in 2022, almost like in 2021, such graphic design trends for apps 2022 will lead:


This direction in graphic design is defined as the use of flat simplified buttons, badges, volumetric view icons. This style, like its prototype in the faraway 2010-s, makes it possible to make simple forms not less interesting, while maintaining the animosity of design for apps in 2022, but by giving it a breathtaking realistic view of the new improved 3D graphics. The concept of neumorphism does not offer users a photo-realistic view of the image, but such buttons and icons are pleasant to "be felt tactfully," as they look repoussé and volume. In fact, Neumphorism uses flat badges and buttons and gives them a big, magnificent look.

A classic example of neumorphism in the weather app

A classic example of neumorphism in the weather app. Source.

The popularity of this style is also linked to the development of virtual and augmented reality, because it is literally creating a three-dimensional effect on a plane. Neumorphism is well combined with minimalism, and their association will make it possible to create new solutions for shading and other styles. In any case, it is expected that neumorphism will become even more in demand in 2022 than it is now.

A standard approach of formatting neumorphism style buttons

A standard approach of formatting neumorphism style buttons. Source.

Visual effects, pleasant for the eyes

The design of the application must be not only beautiful, chained, but also pleasant in use. These days, when many of us are chained to their phones and watch screens all day, it's more relevant than ever. In the past year 2020, active development received remote forms of work, education and communication, so the schedule began to adapt rapidly to changed conditions. Applications' designers feel the need of users for a more comfortable viewing, which reduces the burden on the eyes, offering a simple integrated design combined with soothing flowers and eye-pleasing visual effects.

Examples of calm design of applications that are really eye-pleasing

Examples of calm design of applications that are really eye-pleasing. Source.

These applications use calm, natural colors and simple mock-ups that do not tire users with complexity and allow them to look at the screen for longer without any discomfort. Technically, the easier the design, the more minimalistic the concept, the more convenient it is to work, the easier it is not to be distracted by the superfluous and bulky details of the interface.

Swipe attraction

Swiping has always been one of the main advantages of mobile devices to desktop computers. And while clicking the mouse can be quick and pretty easy, swiping is much more convenient and more interesting. The trends in the design of applications in 2022 have encouraged the use of this advantage, making the swipe more interesting, exciting and memorable.

Launch of the swiping as the way of interactions of the user with the application

Launch of the swiping as the way of interactions of the user with the application. Source.

There are many different approaches to improving the quality and functionality of swipe, so the only limit is your imagination. Swipe goes from a simple function to a necessary feature that can simplify user tasks and make them quicker and more obvious. For example, you can add animation to a simple swipe, and already flipping through pictures, pages or other kinds of content becomes much more emotional and enjoyable.

The depth through the shadows and layers

To accentuate individual elements of the page, designers suggest taking advantage of the power of shadows, which will achieve a depth effect. Shadows and layers will provide a powerful boost to contrasting details, and darker, bolder shadows will highlight the main thing, pushing other elements to the background, so this trend will continue to be popular in 2022.

Creating a visual depth is an effective method of developing a modern and stylish application. Shadow contrast can be added to icons, images, buttons, and any other interface elements. And if you combine shadows with a layer-by-layer overlay of elements, you get a very effective structure with a clear hierarchy and an attractive appearance. The shadows will open a whole new dimension for the user, adding shadows to the layers will only enhance the futuristic effect and the feeling of being inside the interface, so that the client can be fully immersed in the process of using the application.

Analog sources of design development inspiration

It is wrong to think that the use of ultra-modern methods will guarantee a hundred percent popularity of the application. The long experience of designers shows that analog sources for inspiration are increasingly coming to the forefront - retro is making a comeback, and in this case it represents elements of the familiar surroundings. This refers to the use of textures of the most ordinary things and materials - paper and cardboard, and also mock-ups which feels inspired by the contemplation of collage, slightly yellowed, warm backgrounds instead of clean whites, retro typography and outdated button design.

Therefore, along with the development of new technologies, the emergence of innovative materials, it is nevertheless increasingly common to see app and web designs in the style of newspapers and magazines, as well as old school calculators and board games, which give high-tech apps the familiar atmosphere of yesteryear. The beauty of this trend in app design is the warm and light feeling that this style evokes. The basic principle behind this approach is to make apps feel more real, homely, and pleasant "to the touch."

Abstract and geometric art

It is worth mentioning that current trends gravitate more towards realism and the implementation of spatial effects in applications, but in 2022 the popularity will return to styles involving the use of strict abstract forms, cold and verified geometry, an artistic approach to design. Many designers believe that the more strict geometric style will be mostly used for startups and applications as an alternative to photographic realism. It attracts attention with bright colors and simple abstract shapes, and provides a comfortable viewing experience without distracting from the functionality of the app.

This trend in app design strikes a delicate balance between elaborate details and simplicity, with plenty of variation and artistry. In 2022, it is envisioned that more and more app designers will experiment with more complex abstract images that are extremely simplistic, yet elegant and delicate.

Unusual use of angles in design

Gone are the days when applications had no alternative but straight angles. In 2022, there will be a demand for a more interesting approach - the use of unusual angles, which will make the interface more interesting. In this case, such corners can be found both in design elements and in the background - in the latter case, it will become relevant to depart from the traditional rules of angles in the background images, which will attract the attention of users to the new direction.

To stand out from the crowd, sometimes it's enough just to go beyond the usual presentation. Unexpected angles add interest and make app design even more dynamic. This trend in graphic app design seems exploratory, playful, and a bit rebellious, as it fundamentally changes the rules and deviates from the usual laws.

Immersion in virtual reality and augmented reality

Quarantine has changed our lives forever, and at this time, virtual and augmented reality technologies got a boost. When it is forbidden to leave the house, such an option remains not just the only way to get a much-needed rest, but provides many interactive options for design. But now the quarantine is over, and the world is back to routine life, but there is no loss of interest in these technologies at all.

The world has already been moving in this direction for the last 15 years, and the virus simply accelerated the development process, squeezing what should have taken 10 years into 6 months. And while previously these technologies were only considered within the gaming industry, the pandemic has made it clear that AR and VR applications can be realized in other fields, not just in the entertainment industry.

A key feature of this trend is that developers create designs in which they let the user feel inside the app with subtle but attractive design elements, useful supporting information in the right places, and gamification of the entire experience. Using these apps, the process is supposed to feel like an exciting game that engages you as you work through the interface.

The main thing in applying virtual and augmented reality technologies is to think outside the box, this will allow finding creative ways to implement them, while trying to improve not only the visual experience, but also increase the usefulness for the user. For example, the IKEA AR application allows you to see how furniture looks in different places of a particular room, saving users from having to repeatedly move pieces of furniture in search of the optimal location.

More and more companies are thinking about solutions for integrating VR and AR into their digital products. If the new VR wave gathers pace, we will soon see a rather exciting phase of graphic design development, offering completely new opportunities to promote products and services.

Creative visualization of data

The boring presentation of material in mathematics classes leads to a new trend concerning data visualization, designed to make a variety of graphs interesting and understandable. No matter how we style some tables, graphs, lists, and databases, they look outdated, unattractive, and tedious.

So, whether you're developing a data presentation app or just want to talk about some numbers in an engaging game form, data visualization is an additional functional option. This creative trend can add some creativity to your analytics.

Using unique types of graphs, animations and colors in correlation with your data can make them more stimulating and provide users with more interesting information. For example, wavy patterns are a popular choice because they create a mesmerizing, hypnotic effect that is a pleasure to observe.

Application design with wavy patterns

Application design with wavy patterns. Source.

To visualize information so that it does not look like data, but more like a general flow of information and is more engaging, will help a creative approach to the design of graphs and tables.

The best mobile app design solutions in 2022

The trends’ development goes on. But in many cases, the story of the best solutions does not end because, after minor adjustments, they can be used repeatedly. Successful solutions are those that are beneficial to both the app owner and its users. In the first half of 2022, the most unsuccessful and low-quality concepts were actively weeded out. This section has collected graphic trends that are still popular and guaranteed to be used soon.

A combination of clarity and minimalism.  

Mobile displays with a bright, simple, and clear design have always attracted users because they are small and should select only helpful information. Conducting an activity analysis over the past six months made it clear that visitors are more likely to return to light, minimalist design. Content in a straightforward method is perceived much more quickly, making the app's functionality better

Dark and contrast design usage.

The dark theme interface broke all the popularity records. It has numerous admirers who have become firmly entrenched in this particular design option. The choice of design in dark contrasting shades promotes relaxation of vision, relieving the eyes from unnecessary strain. The display of light glare is more successful with a dark background when carefully considering every detail. Its use allows you to create a modern and practical interface. It has become a classic that will invariably remain in fashion.

3D-graphic implementation. 

3D graphics is still a strong trend, particularly when it comes to e-commerce. However, the concept of 3D itself is also changing. The relevance of the wow effect has gradually faded. Today's specialists are advised to emphasize the use of 3D interactivity. The task is not only to demonstrate the products on each side but also to help users adjust the parameters of interaction with 3D images. If we proceed from the current pace of development, we can confidently say that soon, 3D graphics will gain even more functionality.


Customized design usage always attracts the users. That is because the app user feels comfortable with the suitable content. There is a rapid strengthening of this trend, so the design focused on the person will soon become even more relevant. 

Visualized data

Don't forget that boring numbers and facts can be turned into more digestible graphs and charts. This trend covers all types of business, including mobile applications. The more graphs, the more accessible information is to read, which will be confirmed at all times.

Unique illustration development

Illustrations, in particular unique ones, do not lose their popularity. They form a specific opinion of the application, which allows it to stand out among competitors. Users appreciate the use of illustrations because they create easy-to-understand, engaging, and convenient content. Not only has this trend persisted, but it continues to grow.

Interaction with the user

The improved interface orientation aims to create a personal, and one might say intimate, connection with visitors. That is why several trends are only expected to strengthen.

Interactive videos. Video usage is almost everywhere, and its popularity continues to grow. It's hard to go wrong in suggesting that most mobile offerings will soon be filled with themed interactive videos for denser user interaction.

Emotional design. Creating an inspirational layout has been relevant for years – it's a consistently in-demand trend. With its help, apps get more personality, engage users in design interactions, evoke positive emotions, and extend their in-app sessions.

Animation and gamification. The choice of animation and gamification of an app makes it easier to connect with users and helps increase engagement. Such techniques are very effective, so they are constantly being improved and applied more and more often.

Emojis. The user experience with emoji becomes more colorful. They are essential for mobile apps that support user interaction with each other, including communication. They are now an indispensable element for comfortable communication, which will only have a growing trend soon.

What will design trends be fashionable soon?

In the perspective of the mobile app, users' preference will be given to thoughtful design, which considers marketing analysis and user behavior. Design that realizes the goals set can interest the user and evoke positive interactions to remain in fashion for a long time ahead.

The graphic usage should be moderate, as filling applications with bright and catchy images has long gone out of fashion unless it concerns mobile games. Commercial projects require a modern approach to attract the maximum number of users and interest them in long-term interaction. The chosen color palette should not be too bright to discourage visitors and enough to be easy to explore. In general, trends will remain the same, but they will constantly improve over time, so it's essential to monitor design updates and keep them in mind when updating apps.

Other 2022 trends concerning graphic design of applications

Let's take a look at the current trends and trends in graphic design of applications that are planned for 2022.


Whether you have a startup, a small coffee shop with a mobile rewards app, or another profile company, in any digital product the evolution of color always involves a contradiction: bright or pale colors, artificial or natural. In 2022, we will increasingly see the use of natural, pleasing colors that approximate real life. Bright elements will only be used to accentuate things. In general, the color palette has become more pastel and vital.

It is also important that the gradients will be light, minimalistic and sophisticated, while bright colors are already out of fashion.

In order to stand out from other developers' products, you can use unusual futuristic patterns and wild combinations. This is especially true if there is an urgent need to draw the user's attention to something new, because most of today's applications are created in the style of minimalism. A bright pattern can often be found on some of them, for example, on the front page or somewhere on top in each section of the app, that is where users should pay attention to it.


As for using typographic techniques to make yourself stand out, bold and overlapping fonts will be in fashion next year. The trend of overlapping fonts on interface elements will enter the arena. Combinations of barely compatible fonts and bold headings are inevitable, as they work well with both minimalism and absurd design, and allow you to highlight an idea as well as separate content.

Bold fonts not only attract attention, but also help make a brand's style more individual. In graphic design, semi-bold fonts will increasingly be used to help visually separate certain sections and emphasize the main message, which is perfect for modern minimalism.

Dark mode

Since 2020, Apple has been strongly recommending that all apps integrate a dark mode. Soon it will not just be a recommendation, but a mandatory requirement, possibly for iOS and Android mobile apps as well. All leading brands have already introduced dark mode because most users like it. Many even use dark mode by default, so it will become even more popular, the number of apps with dark mode will grow. Among the main advantages of dark mode are a significant saving of battery power and no harm to eyesight.

A place for empty space

A new trend of empty spaces is appearing, which is also related to minimalism and the principle of the human brain. Indeed, it is much harder to perceive information when a page is overloaded with it. Conversely, the meaning is much easier to understand if the page has little data and only one block surrounded by a lot of empty space.

Asymmetric web layouts

They appeared mainly because people were fed up with the same sites built according to the same set of grids, they just got bored. Asymmetric layouts are designed to personalize and add more dynamics to applications. And the unconventional approach to implementation that our company's specialists can offer will help evoke a wow effect from the users that they don't expect.

Unusual illustrations

More and more unusual pictures will appear in the app design of 2022. Everything is shifting to a more artistic and non-traditional style, more creative, with author drawings. Standard and classic illustrations are no longer surprising.

Standard stock illustrations will still be relevant for a commercial standard product, but if you want to attract attention or surprise with something, designers use hand drawings or bright illustrations for this purpose.

An example of an unusual way of presenting information

An example of an unusual way of presenting information. Source.

Mixing Photography with Graphics

This is not a new theme either, but it will continue to be used in mobile app design. This section includes the effect of collage and unusual photography. If an unusual illustration produces a shocking effect, in the case of a collage of photos, it softens the effect, which can surprise or interest in a certain way, helps to emphasize the individual and improve or highlight something in this way. This can also include surrealism, a certain fabulousness in the presentation of images, which will also gain traction in 2022.

An illustration that looks more drawn than photographed

An illustration that looks more drawn than photographed. Source.

Animated illustrations

They add more detail and can reinforce the importance of the block. For example, if you need to add a narrative, you can use an animated picture to somehow show the user what to do instead of telling him what to do. It's more about attracting attention and creating a kind of emotional connection between the user and the interface, increasing user engagement, especially if you can invite them to interact with the animation by clicking on it.

Animated illustrations are extremely engaging and are the most effective way to deliver information.

3D graphics and 3D animation

These technologies are already the top of all current trends, and this fact will not change in the near future. Web browsers and next-generation mobile applications widely support various 3D elements and their interaction. This makes it possible not only to show the product or service, but also to present it in a much more engaging way, creating a wow effect and simulating the feeling of a real product. These technologies allow not only to see the product, but also to rotate, disassemble, and touch it.

This function allows a significant increase in sales. 3D technique is also used to create patterns, elements, and illustrations. It creates the effect of something volumetric: three-dimensionality and augmented reality, a kind of new volume, not only real, but also surreal.

At the same time, traditional 3D geometry will remain a trend that integrates perfectly into the idea of both minimalism and absurd design, as well as into abstract compositions. Using 3D visualization allows you to emphasize the merits of a brand or product, but the design remains minimalist and easy.

Awaiting the realization of graphic trends 2022

All the described trends in graphical design of apps in 2022 have a common goal - to make using mobile apps more comfortable, engaging and enjoyable. Apps are no longer just tools, they are becoming pocket-sized assistants that we enjoy spending time with. Our app designers understand this trend and know how to make 2022 app design not only easy to use, but engaging.

Merehead does professional development of graphic trends for mobile applications 2022. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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