About us

Merehead is a company with family values. Each employee as part of a family. It is very important for us to take care and help each other, to create strong relationships within the team. It helps to achieve high results in cooperation with our customers.

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful


Merehead company founded in 2015 in Kyiv. We are developing scalable web projects and software based on blockchain. We are deeply confident, this technology will solve the main problems in logistics and counterfeiting of products in the near future. Our team is one of the leading in introducing new technical opportunities for optimizing business processes of medium and large companies.

A separate item we have is style and design. We believe that packaging plays a big role in any business. Therefore, our designers are highly recognized among our customers. We pay great attention to this point and make such a design of projects that will significantly distinguish you from your competitors.

Inside the company, our task is to create conditions where the team can develop and implement the best solutions in any project. We try to use the best approaches to achieve a successful result. We believe that the professional growth of our team is correlated with the personal growth of each employee. It is very important for us to unleash the full potential of our team. We are always ready for complex tasks and try to exceed the expectations of each client.

Our specialization

In 2018, we actively began to invest time and efforts in the implementation of blockchain technologies. Currently, we have built our own R&D department, which is testing new blockchain solutions. We have accumulated a lot of experience in different directions all the time. Now, our specialization includes the following industries: finance, e-commerce, aviation, education, travel, individual corporate solutions.