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Most Innovative Graphic and Website Design Trends in 2023

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Featured image for Most Innovative Graphic and Website Design Trends in 2023

Today, the digital world is in a state of constant development, it's being overtaken by innovation and web development is evolving as well. Many elements of graphic and web design that used to be modern, don't attract attention now, they have been replaced by other website design trends and tendencies. Neither the company, individual entrepreneurs do not want to lose the conversion of sites due to their obsolescence and inconsistency with modern trends. In order to keep up with trends, it is necessary to take apart the most innovative solutions in 2023 for graphic and web design.

Top graphic and website design trends in 2023

It is possible to keep and attract the audience to the site with the help of the functional features. However, today no one is surprised by additional options, a lot of attention is paid to the external component. Not all people think about design and graphics. It is able not only to attract people but also to repel them which subsequently has a negative impact on the company's reputation and brand. Here are effective trends in design for the next year to make the resource more attractive and relevant.


A great and strong trend for user engagement with a particular product is for developers to think about web accessibility. This is a positive thing for society but designers need to work and create unique application solutions:
  • The right level of contrast;
  • Readability of the resource;
  • The adaptability of the site;
  • Accessibility to voiceover;
  • Other practices becoming standard.
In 2022 many sites are beginning to move toward inclusive solutions, creating products that communicate and quickly connect the producer and the brand with its customers.

Collaborative projects

Every manufacturer should think of how to attract the users' attention, especially when it concerns hype products. For the latter, you have to fight for each customer and your own target audience. Many companies work with Influencers form excellent visual solutions but such projects don't have enough wow-effect and unusual combinations.

Balenciaga Fashion House's Unusual Effect - a collaboration with Fortnite

Balenciaga Fashion House's Unusual Effect - a collaboration with Fortnite

As an example, the latest trend is fashion brands that are working, collaborating with companies and creating an unusual alliance. The wow effect comes from the union of two different industries. Similarly, you can see an alliance between Apple and McDonald's, Nike and NYX, or Netflix and Oreo.

IKEA and LEGO alliance created a convenient storage system

IKEA and LEGO alliance created a convenient storage system

The glass textures

Glass is actively used today but already in new forms and types. The textures have transparency which is convenient for any type of visibility and the realization of any idea.

Authors: Wes Cockx, Microsoft Design, Nando Costa

Authors: Wes Cockx, Microsoft Design, Nando Costa

A glass design, pictures help to accentuate the user's attention. This trend allows you to show the face of modern graphic design and it can be seen in the products of Windows 11 and iOs. Textures of this kind in 2023 are going to start occurring more often than others and will be more diverse with 3D effects, etc.

Back to the 90s and 00s

Images that have been familiar to people for many years automatically give peace and a feeling of nostalgia. Earlier web designers were fond of the 80s epoch but in today's reality the 90s are becoming a trend. The retro period has a new life and developers can make it bright by attracting the audience.

Author: Lilla Bardenova

Author: Lilla Bardenova
Basic elements of this style that are familiar to many people:
  • metal chains;
  • bright shades;
  • grainy texture.
For today's generation, the "retro" style may seem completely new but it is definitely eye-catching.

One of the biggest design trend is the aesthetic of the 2000s. In that period there were many technological solutions, breakthroughs and the period is often complemented by neon colors, CD textures and other attributes.

Most projects are often packed with everything at once, so the style may not be appropriate for brand logos and interface design. The trend is suitable for independent projects, images and in the year 2023 can be popular.

Use of Art Deco

The distinctive feature of Art Deco is symmetrical and geometric shapes. Such a trend will be in fashion because it has been time-tested. The glass in this style combines perfectly and using metal shades, glittering chrome can strengthen the impression.

Hotel Metro Art Deco homepage

Hotel Metro Art Deco homepage
This style can be characterized by the following details:
  • patterned;
  • decorative;
  • ruled;
  • ornamental.
All of these are suitable for a beautiful picture and such a trend shows up well in web design where geometric shapes will help to reduce visual stress by creating subtle solutions.

Jigger Cocktail; Wine Bar Logo

Jigger Cocktail & Wine Bar Logo

Forms of this style are well suited to create a brand, a logo, especially if the task is to be minimalist and rich aesthetics.

Anti-Design and Brutalism

This web design trend based on brutalism excludes the game according to the rules, attracting people's attention. Here you can add screaming fonts, non-boring images and other "freaks" without looking boring and familiar.

Readymag home page

Readymag home page

Such a trend makes it possible for you not to hold back the most daring and unusual solutions, moving the progress. Designing can discard the notions a traditional design of the site, pages, adding bold colors and combinations.

Experimental typography

A popular web design trend for 2023 includes fun typographic solutions that charm users. Unconventional fonts can be used in luxury style or minimalism, moreover, non-standard or inverted letters will decorate the page.

Spain Fashion logo

Spain Fashion logo

This kind of direction completely ruins the classic methods in graphical design in 2023, giving freedom for creativity. Experimental typography is perfectly combined with trends in glass textures, art deco, or 3D.

Drawings in branding

In 2022, a full-fledged element of branding began to return: quick sketches, drawings and abstracts. The trend has been around for years but in 2023 it could become the new trend in web design. In today's world, the connection between the company itself and its client (customer) is valued, so it is important to give originality and a personal approach. Abstract, quick sketches fulfill this goal.

Oracle Cloud Fest 2019 cover design

Oracle Cloud Fest 2019 cover design

Images can be of any kind and nature, starting from people and faces up to abstraction, geometrical figures and any form of expression or the flexibility of creation. Such a trend can be adapted to any sphere, projects.

Young people especially like decoration in this style who are not familiar with the trend in the past and it is perceived as an original solution now.

Serif fonts

Sans serif fonts may seem commonplace but this small feature makes the design special and a significant element. With serifs, you can make beautiful letters.

Font by New Tropical Design Studio

Font by New Tropical Design Studio

This tendency is associated with the classical style of conventional lettering with the elite from the past and has a place in modern fashion. It creates the effect of stability and visual structure, especially if the task is to design websites landing pages or make a presentation.

3D models

The trend is not new, especially when it comes to animation models but it will be suitable for 2023. It is not only volumetric pictures. Much more interesting is the combination of 2D and 3D worlds which are capable for complementing each other, giving bright contrasts and a complete change in the attitude to this concept.

In the world of web design, 3D graphics and animation are widely used. This trend has existed for several years and will not disappear in 2023. You can see such art on many media UI design reviews. The design model is actively used by landing pages, media websites, etc.

Realistic images look more effective than classical animation. From a technical point of view, it is easier for designers to convey meaning, texture and energy because it is closer for human perception than flat 2D images.

Example of a 3D Domo resource

Example of a 3D Domo resource

Dark Subject

Initially, the dark theme was in many gadgets, after began to move into social networks and other applications now used in websites. For those who give people a choice of 2 themes (white and black) get an advantage among competitors. The main palette in this case will be dark but you should not use too much, it has to be appropriate and not interfere with the normal perception of the site.

Example of a dark theme with contrasting elements

Example of a dark theme with contrasting elements


This website trend for simplifying the resource without the visual and functional loading is convenient to use. The design turns out to be stylish and the probability of doing something wrong is minimal. Such a design is often accompanied by simple fonts, shades with a good balance. The best thing is to keep to a single tone.

ZARA's minimalist profile design

ZARA's minimalist profile design


Animated design is gradually being used all over the world. This includes drawn elements, short videos and such design is already being used by Adidas and Apple. Other small brands are also picking up the trend. Often the animation has no meaningful purpose and it is only necessary to attract customers with its bright shell.

Video on store websites can be used as a creative detail, entertainment design or to show products attracting more customers while creating interesting and engaging content.

Animation is an important graphic design trend in 2023. In the future, websites, apps and other resources will look unfinished without such design. Mixed style animation is a great addition that will add 2D and 3D imagery. This is created by designers to get an unusual style, improving the quality of the product.

3D Design and Animation

With the increasing availability and accessibility of 3D design software, we can expect to see more websites and graphics featuring 3D elements in 2023. From animated logos to interactive product displays, 3D design can add a dynamic and engaging element to any design project. Additionally, 3D printing technology is expected to continue to improve and become more affordable, allowing designers to create physical objects with their 3D designs.

A few options on how to use web animation:

  1. Create separate stories with the help of animated messages to convey information, forming an emotional connection between the person and the website design 2023.
  2. Use the trend to design downloads. At this point, no one wants to wait too long and animation helps to design the loading screen in an interesting, fun way. You can apply an indicator with a percentage or scale of loading, other solutions which show the waiting time, etc.
  3. Fascinate the effect for the cursor. While working with the resource a person will look at the unusual cursor, which will make you explore the site, especially in the presence of interactive animation, directly related to the cursor.
  4. Make chaos through the usage of kinetic typography which will create a "dance of the beads.
According to Statista statistics for 2020, the global animation market was at the $270 billion mark and this kind of trend is towards video rather than static data. Many brands around the world use animated effects for their own social networks, advertising and other designs. A big plus of animated pictures is the flexibility and a wide variety.

This type of work is used more often in two situations:

  1. The design of commercials explaining something. It helps clearly demonstrate where to click and achieve a certain result. Animation can show what does not exist, something that can not convey video. Designers can draw any picture imaginable.
  2. To create advertising.
Logos can be added to animation as well. Even in 2022 everyone is using notepads, business cards, flyers, etc. Company logos based on animations make no sense for polygraphy but online resources are looking for new, fresh solutions.

Advantages of animated logos:

  1. Attracting attention, increasing recognition of the company.
  2. Improvement of SEO as search engines, in particular Google, prefer dynamic content design so any sites with moving elements start to move faster, attracting more audience.
  3. Looks beautiful on mobile devices, which is used practically by all people in the world more than a computer technology.
  4. The ability to show a story. Brands with animation can show their mission and value in 5-10 seconds, which cannot be done with a static logo.
Animation is a great web design trend for 2023 that will make content lively and memorable. Users will be immersed in the interaction. In addition, such design helps to draw attention to specific sections, show quick actions and a person will spend more time on the resource and this is useful for promotion.

Future predictions for web design trends 2023

Considering the issue of the latest technological trends, there are several important details that can positively affect graphics and web design trends 2023:
  1. Personalized content. Many platforms, sites have a wide range of functionality, applying the control of the digital footprint of the user. Webmasters are advised to use the tool and prioritize past data to attract more people in the future. Such customization of user content will increase conversion, improve the site and other platforms.
  2. Bold color design. Color scheme is an important part of any design. In the past, neutral colors were often used but the trend has changed and bold solutions represent the future for web design dominated by bright hues.
  3. Speed of page loading. Modern websites prefer a high speed of page refreshing, which has a positive effect on the operation and attendance of the resource. Companies that use high speed, get better positions in the search query and the conversion is improved.
  4. Adaptive web design. Everyone has a mobile device today the technology is trying to make websites highly responsive. Users log into various resources via smartphones, tablets, so adaptive web design in 2023 is a must-have standard for 2022-2023.
  5. Website accessibility. Another area that will lead to developers' success in 2023 will be special features. These can include voice features, the ability to recognize speech, VR. Large brands are gradually abandoning the use of classic methods of access to platforms, using new methods of work.
The described trends will significantly improve the digital world and its interaction with users in the future. It is possible to use not only graphic elements, web design tools but also bots and other functionality.

The world of graphic design does not change every year, the innovation in this area does not come quickly but changes never stand still. Trends are fully mastered within a few years and as a result, often coincide with the past.

Merehead does professional development of Graphic Web Design Trends 2023. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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