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Merehead helps companies to expand their technical capabilities, increase efficiency and mitigate risks. Modern technologies allow optimizing processes inside the company and reducing costs.

Coinbird / CEX

Coinbird is a cryptocurrency exchange platform with high-quality UI/UX design and a high level of security.

Cryptocurrency BTC/ETH Cold wallet

The platform has many features and abilities for the user and owner. To ensure a high level of security, we used SMS notifications, 2FA, Anti Phishing, and semi-automatical cold wallet integration. In addition, we integrated a fiat payment gateway. This made it possible to make payments in Dollars and Euros.

Finder / Marketplace

Finder is a marketplace in the beauty industry. The platform allows users to find services based on reviews and schedules.

Booking system Payment gateway

We made a single platform to find and reserve beauty salon services with a friendly interface. The platform has 4 types of users that can sign up: shop, staff, customer, admin. Everyone has their own sets of functions and permissions. The owner has the ability to control the profit of services and advertising in own dashboard.

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