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Merehead helps companies to expand their technical capabilities, increase efficiency and mitigate risks. Modern technologies allow optimizing processes inside the company and reducing costs.

Coinbird / CEX

Coinbird is a cryptocurrency exchange platform with high-quality UI/UX design and a high level of security.

Cryptocurrency BTC/ETH Cold wallet

The platform has many features and abilities for the user and owner. To ensure a high level of security, we used SMS notifications, 2FA, Anti Phishing, and semi-automatical cold wallet integration. In addition, we integrated a fiat payment gateway. This made it possible to make payments in Dollars and Euros.

Finder / Marketplace

Finder is a marketplace in the beauty industry. The platform allows users to find services based on reviews and schedules.

Booking system Payment gateway

We made a single platform to find and reserve beauty salon services with a friendly interface. The platform has 4 types of users that can sign up: shop, staff, customer, admin. Everyone has their own sets of functions and permissions. The owner has the ability to control the profit of services and advertising in own dashboard.

Apartment and Home Remodeling Marketing

The main goal of the promotion for the company was to attract new customers through such additional advertising channels as Facebook and Instagram.

Marketing Facebook Instagram

In two months, 263,680 users were reached through advertising campaigns on social networks. 11,000 of them went to landing pages on the turnkey apartment repair company website. As a result, by investing $4,500 in advertising, the customer received 37 orders with an average check of $17,000, with a margin of 10%.

Wide Wine / Supply chain

Wide wine is a company that produces premium wine. Our goal is to develop an online authentication and product tracking service based on blockchain.

Blockchain Supply chain

The main problem for Wide Wine is the fight against counterfeiting of its own wine. For help, they turned to Merehead, a leading developer of blockchain solutions. Our experts estimated the extent of the problem in detail and suggested developing an application that would combine two functions: counterfeiting and supply chain tracking.

Frevend / Social Network

A unique social network where users can chat and create offline meetings. This is a project with Meetup and Facebook features.

Social network Payment Gateway

The social network attracted more than 50,000 users. Daily attendance is about 10,000 users per day. The cost of developing MVP version is $11,200. Advertising costs totaled $1,100. The duration of development is 3 months.

Betconix / CEX

Cryptocurrency Exchange. Buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrency assets.

BTC/ETH/USDT Master nodes

The project aims to create a secure platform for buying, selling cryptocurrencies for fiat, and exchanging one cryptocurrency for another. We must also create a secure voting mechanism and issue a BNIX token.

Sport NFT Marketplace

The platform for selling unique, sports-related NFT collectibles.

NFT Marketplace Crypto

We have developed an online marketplace with all standard features and capabilities such as NFTs generation and two-factor authentication. We also had to develop a pleasant and intuitive design, taking into account the sports theme.