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Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2023

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Featured image for Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2023

Supply and demand drive any market; hence, the assets’ price and renown. Bitcoin price grows slower compared to cheaper cryptocurrencies; still, investing in them is riskier due to several reasons. This article will tell which cryptocurrency is the best investment in 2023 and will fit mid and long-term deals. 

Is it worth investing in crypto in 2022-2023?

Investing in crypto requires a conscious approach without dreams of becoming rich in a few days or weeks. Cryptocurrency is the future, yet not many accept it now. The main task is to find a crypto asset to invest in and hold for five to ten years. 

Cryptocurrency is a high-risk asset for any investor, but it allows them to earn a fortune shortly. The coins must meet the requirements of a specific person and provide an understanding of their possible result. 

Digital currency must be straightforward, intuitive, and easy to buy, sell, withdraw, or exchange. Each token must have a project behind it, a team, and a developer; thus, it will have prospects and development in the future. 

Currently, the market is experiencing a deep correction, and many assets lost 70 to 95% of their value. Therefore, it is an excellent investment time since the market can’t dump or grow forever. It is possible that in 2023 the prices will go up, and those who invested in 2022 will gain income. The experts are more than sure that Bitcoin will not remain below $20 000 for an extended period. 

Altcoins, like Ethereum, are a significant market element. The analysts claim that altcoins will show their power soon and grow by dozens of folds. DeFi and other new developments might become the top interest industries; hence they will have positive dynamics. ICHI platform manager Bryan Gross is sure about it. For the first time in history, there was an investment of over 200 billion dollars in DeFi. More and more funds go to projects, and the interest of major companies is only growing. 

In 2021, numerous governments and countries acclaimed that they find cryptocurrency appealing. However, China started banning digital currency, and the USA fought with some crypto market elements. The experts are sure that stablecoins like Tether (USDT) are the key industry for regulators. 

Bitcoin is the prime cryptocurrency; it’s digital gold, a leading asset by capitalization and trading volume, yet not the only option for investment in 2023. Numerous promising projects might offer profit in the future. Below you will find a list of coins according to investment risk. Less risky assets require investing more money, while high-risk investments must be a minimum of your balance. 

TOP 3 cryptocurrencies with low-risk

Diversification is significant for investment portfolios. It will help to protect and multiply your investment in the long run. For example, 60% of funds must be low-risk investments, 25-30% must be medium, and the remaining money — high-risk assets. 

Bitcoin (BTC)

It’s one of the best cryptocurrencies for investment regardless of the period. Bitcoin is the crypto market leader and a prominent landmark. In 2021, it proved to be an asset. Bitcoin reached 63 thousand dollars and got a new maximum of 68 thousand dollars in half a year. 

Bitcoin price formation history

Bitcoin price formation history

Bitcoin’s future is almost 100% positive. Many countries adopted it for online payments and made the coin an official payment method. 

BTC is quite outdated in technology since there are more advanced projects; therefore, traders and investors employ cryptocurrency as an index because it is the most secure option. A limited offering drives the demand, and with time, the need for 1 BTC will be greater than now, and the price will reach a few hundred thousand dollars per coin. Kraken exchange CEO Jessie Powell claims that people must consider BTC as a long-term investor for up to five or more years. 

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the second low-risk cryptocurrency. It’s a promising altcoin focusing on innovations. Ethereum is not just a cryptocurrency but a complete platform for developers. It allows the creation of assets employing blockchain and smart contracts. The current price is about $1000, yet ETH's growth dynamics are higher than BTC's. Ethereum’s blockchain processes a transaction within 15 seconds, while it takes 15 minutes for BTC. 

Ethereum is a significant element in many DApps; hence it is secure for investment. The Ethereum 2.0 update is one of the reasons for a bullish run in 2023. 

The following are some of the project’s prospects:

  1. It employs the PoS algorithm and updates to 2.0. Since Ethereum will no longer function on mining, it will work much faster. 
  2. Ethereum has a powerful team and community that support the project. Not only that, but qualified developers who are positive and inspired by ETH are even more critical and valuable than investors in the long run.
Primary investment data on ETH
Primary investment data on ETH
However, no one can guarantee that the update will be successful. The release can be postponed, which will be a critical point for the project. 

Binance coin (BNB)

Binance exchange native cryptocurrency is rated the third according to market capitalization. It employs the BFT consensus method. It is a deflationary coin, and one per quartal the company burns tokens, which positively impacts the BNB. The asset is one of those promising coins for 2023 since its price proliferates. The exchange’s token develops in various industries. 

Binance develops an ecosystem where any user can find numerous helpful things, from passive income to DApps, etc. 

Explosive price growth of BNB in 2021

Explosive price growth of BNB in 2021
Binance Coin has a solid fundamental and many exciting mechanisms:
  1. Launchpad — requires the users to buy the native token to stake it and receive new tokens before listing. It positively drives the token price, especially in an unstable market. 
  2. The platform allows the conversion of any cryptocurrency or stablecoins to BND.
  3. Methodical BNB burn. 
Countless new projects have developed in the BSC network, and the Binance exchange has a SuperApp that is an essential benefit. DeFi also grows in the BSC, and Binance Coin is the base for these projects. More and more projects will depend on the coin, and the investment will profit in 2023. The main risk concerns banning the exchange in some countries and the regulatory difficulties it now experiences. 

However, Binance cooperates with regulators and key countries, while the representatives work with local companies and regulators. A few years ago, the exchange was hacked and data leaked, yet all investors received compensation for their lost funds. 

TOP 10 medium-risk cryptocurrency

This category will include medium-risk cryptocurrencies that can be a part of the portfolio. These projects are fundamental, innovative, and serve particular purposes in the crypto and other industries. 

Polkadot (DOT)

This project actively develops, makes a network parachain, and functions in a Web 3.0 network. Polkadot enthusiasts call it ETH killer; hence it must be a part of the portfolio. The prime issue now is functional compatibility. Polkadot targets to solve the blockchain compatibility problems. It is a multi-system that connects other blockchains. Gavin Wood manages the project, and the creators aim to develop a single decentralized network. If it achieves globalization, it will allow the creation of a new internet version where the information will be protected from regulators and the central government. 

The price and main Polkadot’s characteristics

The price and main  Polkadot’s characteristics
The main perspectives:
  • Developing the network. The community votes about introducing changes, and the winning project receives DOT tokens.
  • Creating new solutions in the Polkadot network. The more prospects and abilities related to projects will have, the strongest the interest of investors in DOT.
The main risks concert the competition, and any team's fault can bury the project. Furthermore, after ETH 2.0, DOT can become useless in the long run, yet in 2023 it still can offer profit. Hundreds of projects have chosen Polkadot, some of which work in the DeFi sector. Mining crypto is unavailable since the blockchain employs Nominated Proof of Stake. Still, staking allows earning additional coins.

The functionality of Polkadot differs significantly from classic cryptocurrencies. The project has a minimum of competitors in the chosen niche, so DOT is well suited for investment. Increased load does not cause network slowdowns. Processing operations due to the simultaneous work on different blockchains is fast, with the redistribution of capacity. Another plus is that DOT does not need hard forks; there are smooth updates for individual blocks, giving the ecosystem practicality. Polkadot-based blockchains allow for any customization to suit the needs of developers, and parachains efficiently work with each other, regardless of their structure, forming a unified system.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrencies and one of the best assets for investors who seek a vital and young asset with considerable potential in 2023. ADA is a technological achievement in a blockchain environment.

The project employs Proof-of-Stake, which solves the following issues:

  • Decentralization;
  • Security;
  • Scalability. 
Like Ethereum, ADA mainly uses smart contracts to process and control transactions. Cardano is the combination of Bitcoin and Ethereum technologies. Still, the developers have many tasks to fulfill to become one of those best cryptocurrencies. However, it is anyway an excellent investment. 

ADA market capitalization

ADA market capitalization

Cardano reached 10 billion dollars in capitalization in three years. It is several folds faster than Bitcoin; it indicates the project's development speed. In the future, the number of investors will only grow.

Cardano is a decentralized platform created in 2017. In 2022 it introduced smart contracts. Three significant companies do the engineering, cryptography, and blockchain. It is an excellent choice for both short-term and long-term investments. 

Avalanche (AVAX)

AVAX is a virtual asset that builds a unified ecosystem where users worldwide can transact funds with crypto means. AVAX is Avalanche’s native token that serves for fees payments, protecting the network, and other tasks. 

AVAX investors

AVAX investors

Recently, Avalanche began cooperation with Andretti Autosport; the project’s logo will be on the Andretti cars, racing suits, etc. This is a part of the marketing plan which may positively affect the eco-blockchain’s native token price in the future. 

Coin holders can stake it to receive passive income. Furthermore, staking is an excellent solution to substitute energy-hungry mining. Avalanche might compete with Ethereum in launching smart contracts.

Solidity is the programming language for Avalanche, Ethereum, and Polygon too. Hence, the developers can transfer their platform, knowledge, and skills from one project to enhance theirs. 

In 2022, Avalanche didn’t manage to be more productive than ATOM or Solana. Yet, the team is on the right path, the developers receive many grants, and it has a marketing company and partnership with influential groups. In 2023, the project might show good dynamics and overcome ETH. 

Cosmos Network (ATOM)

Jae Kwon and Ethan Buchman developed the Cosmos blockchain employing the Tendermint consensus protocol. The project targets to coordinate the work between different blockchains in decentralized finance. 

Cosmos allows interacting with blockchains beyond the standard network connection. It has adjustment elements that will enable to implement own settings, and the consensus mechanism helps to do it. 

All blockchains on Tendermint are highly secure and scalable. The TPS (transaction per second) reaches 10000 per 1 second, even if 33% of nodes are harmed. Any network on PoS and PoW algorithms can connect to Cosmos. 

ATOM coin price through its history (interest zone)

ATOM coin price through its history

ATOM is the Cosmos network native cryptocurrency. Holding the token verifies blockchain transactions and grants voting rights in governing events and other tasks. There is no mining, yet the profit is gained through staking. The team is powerful, they have developed and improved the network in recent years, so in 2023 there is some place to grow.


Flow is based on cryptocurrency games and NFT marketplaces. This approach allows scaling without segmenting; hence, all operations are fast and require minimum fees. Flow increased its bandwidth significantly by distributing the validation to four nodes.

As a result:

  • Increased efficiency;
  • Scaling and high TPS;
  • Proper performance;
  • Decentralization. 
Flow token is necessary to power the entire project’s infrastructure, network functioning, and application. The token is a payment method and a backup asset for the ecosystem. Moreover, it employs the Proof-of-Stake algorithm for its blockchain. 

Essential information for investing in Flow

Essential information for investing in Flow

The coin entered the market in late 2020. The initial token offering was blocked for a year by the holders. According to CoinMarketCap, the market capitalization is 1.8 billion dollars. The asset is rated 31st in the TOP 100 cryptocurrency list.  Since the NFT and video game industries develop, Flow price might grow in 2023. Not only that, but the project develops and has a decent team behind it. 


DYDX is the DEX’s exchange native token. There is significant demand for the project; the exchange actively develops, and new instruments and functions appear. As cryptocurrencies grow, many countries start controlling, banning, and regulating financial operations. As a result, decentralized platforms that allow trading and investing without regulation are promising. This platform enables independently doing any process with crypto. 

DYDX exchange advantages

DYDX exchange advantages

According to analysts, DYDX price in the medium-term will reach 2030 dollars; in a 3-5 year period, it will grow and bring the investors about 3000% profit. Currently, DYDX costs 1-1.5 dollars, which is an excellent price to build a portfolio for 2023. 

The investors can stake tokens for passive income up to 25% yearly. The exchange offers derived and leverage trading. Few decentralized exchanges offer leverage trading. Moreover, DEX is much easier than 1-2 years before, while the security is several times better than centralized platforms. The main risk for DYDX is competing with other centralized and decentralized exchanges.


1INCH is another project that contributes to DeFi development. Furthermore, 1inch is a DEX aggregator, thanks to which everyone is combined into a single platform. Comparing decentralized exchanges, aggregators with value comparison functionality and the ability to choose the best exchange method without manual parameter filtering have excellent growth potential in their field.

 1inch project partners.

1inch project partners

1inch is a fresh and young project that constantly attracts new users. Investing in this token in 2023 is a sound decision. Major institution investors buy this asset, and the capitalization of the project will grow shortly. The possible price per coin is 15-70 dollars in various periods; therefore, from this position, the profit will be about 2000%.

Monero (XMR)

Monero is a coin with increased anonymity, which investors will chase in the future, especially with the active regulation of the cryptocurrency environment. According to the BeInCrypto survey, analysts and experts see the asset's growth potential and the current price values as a phase of large-capital accumulation. In 2023, demand for anonymous coins will increase, driven by taxes and other restrictions related to cryptocurrencies.

Price formation graph for XMR

Price formation graph for XMR
XMR is one of the first anonymous assets; it has its price formation history, a big community, and has proved efficient through time. The main risk in investing is that anonymous coins are often used in criminal environments.

Chainlink (LINK)

The project links blockchains and information hubs from diverse industries. Chainlink employs the principles of the oracles. It is not a new project; still, it has performed well through the crypto winter and has some prospects:
  1. A broad scope of partnerships is essential for the asset because the project is engaged in data delivery. One of the significant pluses is the partnership with SWIFT and Google Cloud.
  2. The transition of the business to blockchains in this LINK serves as the best guide to opening the cryptocurrency world.
  3. Easily integrating and transferring information from different systems is the prospect of the next century. In addition to the correct application of knowledge, it is vital to get it initially, and LINK solves this problem by providing data from offline and online environments.
Official website main page
Official website main page
The main risks involved are related to competitors like DAI and other projects. 


Since 2017, the platform has been a complete and open Chinese platform focusing on three main components:
  • A platform for smart contracts; 
  • Cryptocurrency;
  • Digital identification.
Neo is a blockchain project formerly known as AntShares. The ecosystem’s target is to tokenize any asset from stocks to real estate, metals, etc. The creators intend to employ smart contracts, digitalize fundamental economy elements, and allow buying and selling of tokenized assets. Neo is the project’s cryptocurrency. No mining is available for this project; 100 million coins are in issue, and all are in circulation. 

The price and essential information on Neo

The price and essential information on Neo
Main asset characteristics:
  1. Many projects choose this platform for ICO.
  2. NEO is a private blockchain owned by the OnChain company.
  3. It has an A rating, which experts use to indicate assets with minimal speculation risks. 
Due to the asset and modernization of the network itself, users can build blockchains using a minimum of energy. Some experts are sure that the time will come and NEO can surpass ETH in all parameters.

TOP 15 high-risk cryptocurrencies 

Last but not least are the high-risk cryptocurrencies. They all plan to improve the future, technologies, financial world, etc., yet low-capitalization assets have poor interest from institutions. On the other hand, as more funds come to these projects, the growth will be 5-10 thousand percent in a short period. Furthermore, some coins will already support future technologies functioning. In 2023, they will show some growth, while in 3-5-10 years, they might bring enormous profit to investors. 

Filecoin (FIL)

It is a decentralized platform for storing information; in the 21st century, information is more valuable than money; hence investing in this project seems profitable. FIL has a range of prospects:
  1. Massive acceptance of cryptocurrency and cloud services for storing information.
  2. It provides tools for additional income.
  3. Partnerships with major companies; Filecoin project is a big competitor to many cloud storage today.
The main risk relates to the fact that users prefer cloud storage offered by their operating system provider, for example, Google Disk and iCloud. 

FIL price graph and prospects for 2023

FIL price graph and prospects for 2023

As a result, many users find it hard to understand the value of decentralized resources; therefore, FIL will grow in 2023, yet at its tempo, if media and other factors don’t support it.

Trust Wallet Token (TWT)

TWT is the native token of one of the best cryptocurrency wallets for digital assets. The project comes from Ukraine, yet users employ it globally. The wallet substantially protects against hacker attacks, and the token practically cannot be affected by market correction and BCT price drops. 

Trust Wallet main page

Trust Wallet main page
Main prospects:
  1. Users volume increases early.
  2. Binance exchange actively supports and promotes the project.
  3. Low capitalization and colossal client base.
  4. High product quality and recognition.
  5. TWT holders get additional discounts and management abilities. 
Indeed, it is a high-risk asset, yet it is a must-have in the portfolio for the long term, with possible medium-term speculations. According to analysts, the coin's price can go above 10 dollars shortly. In 2022, the token price will be between 0.4-0.8 dollars. 

Gnox (GNOX)

Gnox offers a decentralized ecosystem where cryptocurrency holders receive passive income. DeFi earning protocol allows staking for institutions and individuals. Any operation has a 10% tax, and 6% goes to the DeFi sector. Hence, the project provides a liquidity pool. The holders receive rewards in BUSD based on their investment in GNOX.

Gnox official website

Gnox official website

The project aims to provide beginners who start crypto and digital technology business through earning in DeFi.

As experts claim, Gnox methods can change the DeFi world in the future. 

Fantom (FTM)

Throughout 2021, the FTM asset showed rapid growth, and no one expected such a development from the project. The network is gaining popularity among the cryptocurrency community due to the use of almost zero fees for digital transactions and the maximum processing speed.

Fantom development team

Fantom development team

Fantom released a network update in 2022, with no signs of a slowdown in innovation. More than 200,000 transactions occur inside the blockchain daily, with more than 77,000 wallets.

Fantom is a Tier 1 blockchain needed to advance the DeFi sector. The project runs on the Lachesis consensus, which helps solve decentralized finance scalability problems and uses PoS.

The network built with Fantom is autonomous, so developers have no problem moving the Ethereum-based DApp to the Fantom Opera network. The unique parameters, developments, and technologies caused rapid growth in 2021, and the FTM coin will grow in 2023. This is a fundamental and necessary development, so cryptocurrency is better to buy for a small percentage of your investment portfolio.

Hedera (HBAR)

Hedera is a network where anyone can work on creating DApps. The project solves issues present on old platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum:
  • Low transaction per second processing speed;
  • Poor stability;
  • High fees. 
But for functionality, significant companies control the project, which improves investors’ trust. This fact can drive the HBAR token price in 2023. 

HBAR cryptocurrency prime investors

HBAR cryptocurrency prime investors

The asset is necessary for the operation of the entire platform, the file storage of decentralized applications, and smart contracts. The process of digital recording transactions is not conducted in a chain but in the form of a grid created using an acyclic graph, which is available thanks to DAG technology.

Vechain (VET)

VET is a rapidly developing project, a publicly available blockchain, with applications in various industries: logistics, fashion, automotive, etc. Vechain connects to IoT solutions, and the VeChain Foundation manages the network. 

VeChain investors

VeChain investors
The Vet’s value is helping manage supply chains. Vechain is a project of a professional community with critical partners, including:
  1. DNV GL. 
  2. Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC).
  3. National research consulting center (NRCC).
  4. Yida China Holdings Limited. 
  5. BitOcean. 
The blockchain employs a Proof-of-Authority algorithm; it is highly scalable and suitable for corporate solutions. 

PancakeSwap (CAKE)

The cake is a crypto asset by PancakeSwap's decentralized exchange. It is used for NFTs, allows participating in lotteries within the platform, and gives vote right for project management. 

 Pancake Swap decentralized exchange main page

Pancake Swap decentralized exchange main page
The token is promising in 2023 since:
  1. The exchange and DeFi sectors develop.
  2. PancakeSwap is a quality innovation that went through numerous difficulties, remains on the market, develops, and brings and keeps users. 
  3. Binance supports PancakeSwap. 
The risk might concern the decrease of the DeFi trend, which is unlikely considering the reality and near future. 

Algorand (ALGO)

Algorand - is called the green solution in the cryptocurrency market. The idea of the creators is to build the #1 carbon-neutral blockchain network. Algo coin is at the TOP among institutional persons because the platform is in demand, chasing the right trends. Significant funds and companies are gradually buying cryptocurrency into their portfolios, which could cause growth in 2023. Among the disadvantages is the lack of a unique concept because there are many other green solutions besides Algorand in the entire crypto market.

Algorand ecosystem

Algorand ecosystem

Decentraland (MANA)

This is one of the best projects for 2021-2022. Decentraland is a metaverse and ecosystem that can unite content creators and viewers. Mana token shows strong growth in 2022 due to a market correction; the asset became attractive for investment. Metaverses develop the project advances and will keep the positive dynamics in the upcoming five years. Decentraland helps any individual to create content, own it, and monetize it via NFT.

Decentraland — the best virtual reality platform

Decentraland — the best virtual reality platform

The cryptocurrency world kindly welcomed the project. In recent years, virtual estate sales in the metaverse went over 2.4 billion dollars. 

In 2023, Mana's price might grow since Decentraland is one of the most popular metaverses on the market. The assets are appealing due to their low volatility, ongoing developer team work, and promotion in the digital world. Furthermore, significant capitals show interest in the project. 

Reef Finance (REEF)

It is a blockchain platform for smart contracts with minimal fees, excellent scalability, and appealing design. Earlier, the platform offered DeFi services and provided liquidity for CEX and DEX. 

DeFi clients access the various blockchain and best trading solutions within a single ecosystem. The network’s solution finds efficient earning models employing automatization processes. 

Reef Finance investors

Reef Finance investors

Reef cryptocurrency is necessary for network management, staking, fee payment, loaning, and liquidity. Reef tokens might increase the price with updates and advances. 

Chiliz (CHZ)

A blockchain platform designed to work with sports fans. With the help of the project, teams of different sports can sell certain privileges to fans in the form of voting rights for the design of uniforms or an early opportunity to buy tickets to matches. All of this is implemented as fan tokens on the blockchain.

CHZ token distribution

CHZ token distribution

The project is more focused on soccer, and with the help of cryptocurrency, the fans are encouraged. The method of contact with fans could be a new method of income in a digital form; the experience will begin to be adopted by many sports companies in the future.

Ravencoin (RVN)

Ravencoin targets to make asset transfer a straightforward process. The platform allows tokenizing any item. RVN is the native token; the platform is Bitcoin’s fork and is considered a new asset since it entered the cryptocurrency market in 2018. 

The primary information on RVN and its price

The primary information on RVN and its price

Blockchain is created for specific tasks, defining property rights. On the other hand, the project wants to implement direct payments. Ravencoin has open-source, complete decentralization; there are no ICO and primary nodes behind it. One of the creators of Ravencoin is Bruce Fenton, known in traditional financial markets. The RVN asset can be mined, or if there is no possibility, you can simply buy a share into your portfolio for 2023.

Holochain (HOT)

Holochain is a post-blockchain technology representing a decentralized platform for developing a new application. It is a peer-to-peer project that is easy to scale on the blockchain. HOT is one of the best coins under $1 for 2023

We can compare development to how a user has access to any application on the Internet simultaneously without API binding due to full compatibility. Any program doesn't have unique data; the end user can create their design and customization. This gives limitless possibilities for intelligent information analysis and consensus building.

Main working principles of the Holochain project

Main working principles of the Holochain project
Currently, the project seems to be more of a good idea than an actual implementation. Still, the potential is to show in the future.

Stellar Lumens (XLM)

A full-fledged platform with a focus on transfers and cross-border payments. The project tries to be an open system, allowing anyone, regardless of income level, to access financial services, including:
  • Fiat operations;
  • Micropayments;
  • Mobile money and branches;
  • Distributed sharing.
The exchange on the Stellar decentralized platform is achieved through blockchain. The servicing fees are minimal. XLM is the platform’s native token and allows transferring, exchanging, and converting funds with the lowest fees; having 20 tokens on balance will suffice; each costs 0.1-0.12 dollars.

Information on XLM asset

Information on XLM asset

The blockchain is flexible since there is no mining. Stellar is similar to Ripple, yet the token price is much lower, and any transaction is processed within five seconds. The project has had no critical issues since its launch in 2024. Furthermore, there were no weak points, or significant defects found. These factors prove that the project is reliable from the technical end. 

Zilliqa (ZIL)

A Singapore development that helps solve the scalability problem. It is an underestimated project at the TOP in 2018, after which the ZIL coin and Zilliqa project became of little interest; the reason for that was the developers' fault and violation of promised deadlines.

The main plus of the project is the successful use of segmentation for scaling. The development was one of the first to solve such a problem; other projects, Ethereum among them, did not dare to take such a step and Zilliqa showed that sharding can work.

It is not a fork like many altcoins in the cryptocurrency market. Zilliqa is a full-fledged team working on building a helpful tool.

Zilliqa partners

Zilliqa partners

Sharding is an essential technology for ZIL and the entire crypto industry. If it proves to function within the Zilliqa network, other blockchain will employ it to solve countless issues of the crypto environment. It is preferable to hold the asset since its market price is 0.4-0.5 dollars, and in 2023 it can reach dozen of dollars per coin.

Factors to consider before investing in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are a dynamic sector, but there are some factors that you should always focus on when building a portfolio with specific coins. Market capitalization is an essential element that can indicate the liquidity of an asset. The higher the value, the safer it is to buy such a coin. High capitalization indicates acceptance by the masses and significant funds, which can speak to mass demand.

The second element is the rate of acceptance. Assets that participate in actual transactions evoke trust, and the likelihood of profit from coin projects is many times higher. Many cryptocurrencies are already used in business, insurance, credit, and investments. The main attraction of blockchain developments is the security and anonymity people can receive. Investing in assets working in this direction will be a good investment for 2023

There are more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies on the market, and the list is updated daily with new shitcoins, among which there are fundamental projects. Newcomers in this sphere are best to buy low- and medium-risk coins, but practice shows that big profits are just in tokens with high risk.

Cryptocurrencies are volatile and unregulated, and no one can protect users from hackers and fraudsters; hence, you need to keep an eye on everything yourself, protecting your investments, using hardware wallets for storage, and other tools.

Before registering on exchanges, it is better to understand market movements and trends, allowing you to make profits with minimal losses. Money should never be invested in 1 coin, even if it is Bitcoin. Be sure to choose several options for diversification with a preliminary and in-depth study of the project. It is better to keep most of your assets in separate wallets; this is important in case of cyber-attacks and other hacking activities.

Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2023 key takeaways:
  1. Is it worth investing in crypto in 2022-2023?
  2. TOP 3 cryptocurrencies with low-risk
  3. Bitcoin (BTC)
  4. Ethereum (ETH)
  5. Binance coin (BNB)
  6. TOP 10 medium-risk cryptocurrency
  7. Polkadot (DOT)
  8. Cardano (ADA)
  9. Avalanche (AVAX)
  10. Cosmos Network (ATOM)
  11. Flow
  12. DYDX
  13. 1INCH
  14. Monero (XMR)
  15. Chainlink (LINK)
  16. Neo
  17. TOP 15 high-risk cryptocurrencies 
  18. Filecoin (FIL)
  19. Trust Wallet Token (TWT)
  20. Gnox (GNOX)
  21. Fantom (FTM)
  22. Hedera (HBAR)
  23. Vechain (VET)
  24. PancakeSwap (CAKE)
  25. Algorand (ALGO)
  26. Decentraland (MANA)
  27. Reef Finance (REEF)
  28. Chiliz (CHZ)
  29. Ravencoin (RVN)
  30. Holochain (HOT)
  31. Stellar Lumens (XLM)
  32. Zilliqa (ZIL)
  33. Factors to consider before investing in cryptocurrency
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