Terms and Conditions

Merehead.com posts these Terms and Conditions of Use to define all articles of a contractual agreement between Merehead.com and its Customers and users of its website. This contractual agreement applies to your use of Merehead.com services and any of your activity on Merehead.com website.

This agreement is made between Merehead.com and you as a Customer of any of Merehead.com services. By using this site and services, you agree with these “Terms and Conditions of Use”. Do not use this site, if you do not agree to these “Terms and Conditions of Use”.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through our Contact Us page.

General conditions

Merehead.com provides you with services in IT area such as Website Analyzer that allows you to get overview of a website.

Merehead.com does not offer any software to download or any products that requires postal delivery to the Customers. There is a variety of plans to purchase. You can choose any optional. Once your payment is received, the service is available for you on the instant.

Merehead.com holds your privacy in respect. This Policy applies to all services and products offered by Merehead.com and its affiliated companies. The reliability and security of our service is very important to us. Merehead.com does it best to provide its Customers with smooth and sure services.

In concordance with these Terms and Conditions of Use you accept the fact that Merehead.com is not responsible for any corrupted or missing data, failure or delay in providing services, or interruption of data transmission.


Merehead provides a detailed report within 3 business days after receiving cleared payment. After payment, end-user receive the confirmation email which indicates that Merehead is starting working on user's report.

Merehead's Website Analyzer is a unique development that allows users to get an overview of entered website. All the information end-user will receive over email, as attached *.PDF document.

The whole report consists of few sections. They are errors, bugs; server-side structure; funnel channel; SEO analysis; accessibility; code validity and other. All the information will be present in the relevant section in the report to help end-user better understand a website.

In concordance with these Terms and Conditions of Use you agree that Merehead.com services cannot give you 100% deep and meticulous report of all constituent parts of the website.


You agree that Merehead.com is not liable for unauthorized access to your data as well as for any unauthorized manipulation of the data you store by our service or transmit via it. According to these Terms and Conditions Merehead.com is not responsible for any data received or sent through our service, including any data losses.

The end-user is responsible for the confidentiality of his/her data.

Acceptable use policy, restrictions and intellectual property rights

Basically, you agree to use Merehead.com services in honest and sole manner, with the positive intent and for your commercial or personal needs. Merehead.com in its turn will provide its users with qualitative and high-grade services; do its best to protect privacy and personal information. Nevertheless, we cannot assure the complete security of your data.

Entering into this Acceptable Use Policy you acknowledge that you keep up on Merehead.com limitations in reference to privacy and security. You agree not to resell, sublicense, assign, loan, adapt, translate, remove, transfer or copy Merehead.com services, in part or in whole. This article does not refer to authorized partners of Merehead.com. Here you also agree not to allow any third parties to access Merehead.com services in an unauthorized manner. You agree to provide complete, true and accurate information as well.

Merehead.com may change the Acceptable Use Policy from time to time and at any time, without notice, without or with some changes of our services. It is the Customer who is responsible to be informed about the latest edition of this Acceptable Policy of Use.

In concordance with these Terms and Conditions of Use you agree that Merehead.com own all rights in Merehead.com services. All rights in services of Merehead.com are reserved. In the event of any breach of this Policy, Merehead.com reserves the right to terminate your service immediately, without indemnification and delete any files stored our servers. Merehead.com reserves the right to monitor network traffic at any time and for whatever reason at our sole discretion without any notification or notice.

Liability limitations and warranty

In no event shall Merehead.com be liable to any person for:

a) any punitive, special, indirect, consequential or incidental damages in any way arising the use of the services, even if informed of the possibility of damages of this sort.

b) any complaint referable to any inaccuracies in the services’ properties. So the liability of Merehead.com shall be limited to the fullest extent permitted by law.

You agree that in no event Merehead.com total liability exceed the total of the services fees, paid by you either directly to Merehead.com or through a reseller/partner.

Merehead.com shall have the right to control the usage of the services provided. This is required to confirm the Customer's compliance with these Terms and Conditions of Use.

Without limiting the abovementioned, Merehead.com specifically disclaims all and any warranty, including, but not limited to any warranties of the accuracy, usefulness, availability, interoperability, content or security of the services as well as to any warranties concerning fitness or merchantability for a special aim.

This disclaimer is applied to any injury or damage caused by the services, including without limitation as a result of any failure of performance, deletion, omission, computer virus, defect, communication line failure, error or delay in transmission or operation, as well as of unauthorized access, use or alteration, destruction or theft of record.

According to these Terms and Conditions of Use it is the Customer who is responsible for the isolation of the services or any data got from the services, if infected, in order not to damage your system or any of your data.

Merehead.com issues no warranty in reference to any transactions entered into through the services. Merehead.com is not responsible for any failure to deliver or store any data, messages or records as well as for deletion of them. No data got from Merehead.com shall create any warranty not expressly made herein.

Refund policy

Money back guarantee period is 24 Hour. If you purchase any of our services and decide to cancel the order, please contact us and request a refund. It is to be wished that your request will be supplied with the reasonable explanation of your decision.

Merehead.com shall have the right to alter, modify and update these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time. You are responsible to review these Terms and Conditions of Use as Merehead.com will post changes on this site from time to time.

By the usage of the new or updated versions of the Merehead.com services you confirm that you agree, and are also subject to, these Terms and Conditions of Use and are aware of all new changes posted. If you do not agree with Terms and Conditions of Use, you may not use the Merehead.com services.