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Experience gives confidence in the result.


Completed projects

We've designed and built 76 large web-application projects across a vast variety of industries. We've developed robust, turnkey solutions addressing client needs in social networking, real estate and finance, e-commerce, products, corporate, personal branding and much more.

result as web development


There are many projects that have been created in a couple of days on the Internet. Yet we’ve seen that the majority of these products have poor design, SEO, and analytics systems. As industry professionals, this disappoints us greatly, therefore, we put our hearts and souls into every project.


Price comparison E-commerce project


Create a simple design, but with many features. Provide high performance for over 2.1 million items and hundreds of thousands of goods


The total development time was 6 months. It resulted in deep user engagement and high customer loyalty, with a bounce rate of just 21.4%.
The project also connected 231 stores, and improved e-commerce experiences for millions of customers.

notebook and web design

What does success depend on?

Success depends on many factors. People are first and foremost. Their desire to develop new solutions and challenging tasks is paramount for us. Experience is one of the main factors on which success depends. Talent is the greatest gift of nature, and we develop these gifts to create truly outstanding products.




Strong Communication

It’s very important for us to know the main purpose of the customer rather than simply guessing his or her preferences and wishes. A healthy interaction between our team and the customer allows us to obtain outstanding results.

Strong Communication
2 Analytics Implementation and SEO

Analytics Implementation and SEO

The project should work correctly and it should be accepted in due course by Google. We use different services in our analysis to measure performance.


Cutting-Edge Technologies

The usage of modern technologies also enables us to go above and beyond for our customers in all projects that we take on. Moreover, by staying up to date on the latest developer tools, we speed up the development process as well.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Dazzling and Eye-Catching Design

People judge each other by appearance and a website by its design. Modern, quality design lends immense value to any website.


Positive Attitudes

We like to do what we do. It's so exciting that we get a nearly manic pleasure from it. Therefore, we always remain cheerful and open to new experiments and methods.

our works

Several of our projects that show our experience and level of complex web applications development

Frevend startup
Web-development: Social network

Frevend startup

Hanging out with your friends in real life is old fashioned.

Franchise Arabia
Web-development: Business project

Franchise Arabia

Top source for franchise opportunities across the Middle East North Africa region.

Jobgrouper startup
Web-development: Job project

Jobgrouper startup

Hire Industry-Leading Talent using unique group by employment method.

Web-development: E-commerce project


Goods price comparison of with genuine reviews and feedbacks.


how we started

First we were a

IDCEE, how it was
IDCEE, Yuri Musienko

Everything started in 2014 when two people decided to come together and create their own startup. It was a community for teenagers where they could find new friends and hang out together. These people created their own hub. Nobody expected it, but the youths liked it very much, and it began to spread virally.

The Startup

On an almost day-to-day basis we were adding new features and we were working 14 hours per day. We were really passionate about this project and it appeared to be adventurous.

After participation in the conference of the best startups in Eastern Europe IDCEE, we received several investment offers. However, when we got acquainted with the conditions, we realized that this was kind of a chain around our neck due to some of the investment stipulations.

Mac and Merehead
Merehead Team

The Beginning of a Development Startup

At the most basic level, we needed money to further develop our project and we had experience in development. Moreover, before that, we created projects of varying complexity, such as blogs, business projects, real estate projects, etc. The decision came by itself. We began to help others to develop custom projects and when they shared their experiences, our new development startup began to grow.

Throughout our 4 years of custom software development, we've gained a rich experience in working with startups in e-commerce, fintech, peer-to-peer, and bidding projects across a wide range of industries.




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What is the Cost of your Web Development services?

TThe cost of developing a web application depends on the complexity of its implementation. For example, the design of a landing page could take from 5 to 15 hours, whereas development of a company's entire website could be made within 20-100 hours, and mobile application creation could take 50 hours or more. You can determine the cost using our price calculator.

Are You Experienced In Providing Web Design Services?

Yes, we are engaged in professional design and branding of web projects. Our competence includes the development of layouts, logos, and other unique stylings that a company may need.

Can You Improve My Project?

Yes, we are not only developing projects from scratch; our experts will understand your current web application and will help improve it in terms of adding new functions, rebuilding and redesigning.

How is the Development Process Going?

Our consultant will contact you and get acquainted with all the details of the project. This will help us to write a technical assignment. The design will be made and the coding process will begin based on the information received. You can control the whole process of performing work.

What Advantages Will You Get?

We pour our souls into every project and it is important for us to understand the purpose of the website. Based on this, we select the most suitable technologies to be used. Moreover, we suggest ideas for improving the web application. During the process of coding, we pay attention to SEO, web analytics, Internet marketing and UI/UX design. Our goal is to make an effective project for you that will attract customers’ orders and reflect positively on the number of orders you receive.

Can I See Your Portfolio?

We've developed over 60 projects of varying complexity and type. You can see some of them here.

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