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Merehead helps companies to expand their technical capabilities, increase efficiency and mitigate risks. Modern technologies allow optimizing processes inside the company and reducing costs.

Merehead primarily specializes in fintech and blockchain industries. Our skilled developers are experts in building products from PoC to MVP and then to Alpha, Beta and Release stages for startups and SMEs. Our main strength is the close communication between customer and provider. Invaluable expertise in various industries allows us to implement the best technologies to help companies in growth and expansion.


Blockchain and DLT

Blockchain revolutionizes the logistics and supply chain, healthcare, finance, and real estate industries. We learn your business to find out the best way of DLT implementation to reduce costs and improve your processes.


In-depth experience in centralized and decentralized exchanges, escrow and margin platforms. Ensuring the high performance, rich functionality, and our out-of-the-box features to launch your product. We'll help from spread and bots to ERC and 0x protocol.


We implement effective financial management solutions. Interested in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending platforms, risk management or payment gateways integration? We use Agile and Scrum methodology to deliver top-notch results.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Develop solutions to improve safety and supply chain management. The software does few key functions like fighting counterfeit products, fraud prevention, and communication. Merehead uses advanced technologies to ensure your company will reach indicators and metrics.


Merehead develops P2P marketplaces to allow users to communicate between themselves, with or without suppliers for buying or selling goods or services. Our deep experience helps you in designing, developing and launching the product in a short time.

Mobile App Development

To grow in competitive markets Merehead provides parallel mobile app development. We use React Native, Java/Kotlin for Android and Swift/Obj-c for iOS to deliver perfect apps and enrich your product.

How We Work


Goal Determination

Business analysis, defining project objectives and requirements, cost and effort estimation, process planning.



Creating User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design, building a strong brand identity.



Developing projects from scratch, improving and refactoring existing products, application consolidation.



Debugging and quality assurance, performance, functional and security testing, usability evaluation.


Production Release

Moving the final product from the staging to the production environment and making it available for the end-users.


Product Support

Monitoring and maintaining customers’ systems and applications, providing technical support and troubleshooting.

Case Studies

Coinbird / CEX

Coinbird is a cryptocurrency exchange platform with high-quality UI/UX design and a high level of security.

Cryptocurrency BTC/ETH Cold wallet

The platform has many features and abilities for the user and owner. To ensure a high level of security, we used SMS notifications, 2FA, Anti Phishing, and semi-automatical cold wallet integration. In addition, we integrated a fiat payment gateway. This made it possible to make payments in Dollars and Euros.

Wide Wine / Supply chain

Wide wine is a company that produces premium wine. Our goal is to develop an online authentication and product tracking service based on blockchain.

Blockchain Supply chain

The main problem for Wide Wine is the fight against counterfeiting of its own wine. For help, they turned to Merehead, a leading developer of blockchain solutions. Our experts estimated the extent of the problem in detail and suggested developing an application that would combine two functions: counterfeiting and supply chain tracking.

What Our Clients Say

"Merehead has been an invaluable partner for us in helping us to develop and deliver our visions through custom built web applications to our clients. Their knowledge and development skills means we can rely on them to produce a high quality product everytime, which allows Duke Boxer to focus on other aspects of the build. Their expertise and innovative suggestions make application development a much smoother process for us and we highly recommend them."

Toby Cronshaw
Creative Director @ Duke Boxer Ltd

United Kingdom

"Excellent work!! They built the platform to our satisfaction and were very creative in taking what was simply a series of wireframes and transforming it into a living and breathing e-commerce platform."

Ken Chester
CEO @ JobGrouper LLC

United States

"Merehead team were very helpful and friendly, they didn't give up until the job was done as our client wanted. Excellent communication, always there to help and clear questions, we asked various revisions and we never had to get back a no. We will continue work with Merehead team."

Ricardo Freitas BastoDigital


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