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Comprehensive Trends Guide for Your Online Business in 2022

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Featured image for Comprehensive Trends Guide for Your Online Business in 2022

If the goal is to develop an online business, taking it to a new level, it is recommended to find out natural ways to achieve these goals. The article will discuss trends for online business 2022, give practical advice that can be applied and get closer to the main task.

Little statistics

Looking at research data from Statista, online commerce will continue to thrive, and the revenue growth is expected to approach $6.54 trillion by 2022. This amount is much higher than in 2019. At that time, revenue was $3.5 trillion. If you look at the percentage, your online business income will increase by as much as 85%

It is essential for a person in business not to miss the moment and create conditions for the company’s rapid development. It is better to automate this process to clear up guests’ doubts - purchasing in an online store or looking for another option.

Experience shows that those businessmen who try to improve consumer comfort and do not stop learning new directions have succeeded in the online trading market. They know perfectly how to increase conversion, not be afraid to put the knowledge gained into business, and apply modern solutions. This allows you to increase profits, save time and effort of users, which could be spent on purchasing. 

For the next few years, e-commerce will stay afloat. It is necessary to establish uninterrupted communication between the buyer and the seller so that in a matter of minutes or seconds, it is possible to close the issue of buying or ordering the services provided.

Why you should apply trends in your online business?

The trends of current online projects are built around the fact that the customer needs to be involved in the purchase process, making it fun and exciting but not tiring. The seller needs to find a way to convince him that he is making a good deal that is comfortable for him. For the buyer to get advice about the product, it is essential to fill out the website in full and provide him with the opportunity to communicate with real managers to reduce the time for making an application to a minimum.

A person in business should debug the process of receiving an order from a buyer. When it comes to delivery, it is worth cooperating with the best and proven courier services. If services are sold, provide them to the customer as soon as possible. Do not forget about the implementation of the instant payment option.

Most effective online business trends in 2022

The customer should have only positive impressions from the purchase, and he should also want to return to the online store for another purchase and not seek help from other sites. The following techniques can help an online business achieve all of this.

Minimalism in the design of the interface

It is better to design the site in minimalism because the interface is created to perform a service task — to establish contact between the user and the portal by performing several key actions. If the buyer is distracted by extraneous elements, he may completely change his mind about placing an order. Minimalism will allow him to focus his eyes on the product. The design should not be pretentious, and it is better if it is intuitive and straightforward.

Representatives of online fashion stores should be incredibly attentive to this trend. The focus must be on the content — you need to take a photo of the product and push everything else to the background. If you do not do this, there is a high probability that the interface will affect the user's decision and change his mind about ordering the product.

If the page is overloaded with bright elements, the user will not have an extensive focus solely on the product. In this case, it is better to give preference to a laconic design. A great example is the Denika website.

See how clearly and unobtrusively all information about the product is reached to the buyer. For convenience, a large portfolio of equipment shot from different angles is presented. Also, the user can familiarize himself with the description of the characteristics, read reviews of other buyers and see similar offers.

It's important not to play with minimalism. When designing an interface, you should first take into account the business niche. For example, if this is a store selling household goods, the interface should be reasonably minimalistic. The seller needs to convey to the buyer several product properties: screen resolution, connectors, specific functions, and everything like that. Sales success in this niche lies in correctly highlighting technology’s unique advantages, emphasizing its competitive properties. Minimalism is not entirely suitable for household appliances, a website for the sale of cars or smartphones.

Despite the abundance of information, the picture must be convenient and clean. A business person should simplify the interface until it does not negatively affect his information content.

Highlighting the brand

For a long time already, a brand has been considered not just a trademark but a set of concepts - ideas, concepts, images. It can carry a particular emotional message, presenting a unique communicative method for establishing contact between a seller and a potential consumer audience. The brand helps in building a sustainable association with the company.

However, you should not set yourself large-scale goals and reach the heights of Coca-Cola and other world-famous corporations. To build a brand, you need to develop it gradually. Success will not keep you waiting.

Now the situation on the market is such that people have stopped buying specific services and goods; they are puzzled by the acquisition of emotions at the expense of new things. The luxury segment makes the buyer feel more prestigious and more status. Agree that sometimes the mass market offers a much more excellent collection than in boutiques from Italy, but having bought a fur coat in the latter, a woman feels much more luxurious than in outerwear from the same Zara.

Brand development should be approached with the utmost responsibility. An action guide is presented step by step below.

  1. Consider what emotions are inherent in the brand, its message, and what kind of associations it evokes in the audience.
  2. Decide on the words that express the philosophy of the company. You can use not only words but also pictures, color schemes.
  3. Create a corporate identity for the brand.
  4. Develop social networks, design following the corporate identity, broadcast the essential values of the audience, conveying the brand's position.
  5. You can include a story with the behind-the-scenes work of the company. For this purpose, also upload photos. 
  6. Direct transmission of brand ideas can be done through competitions, participation of the company in various events, both offline and online. For example, you can arrange an interview with bloggers or the press.
And most importantly, a brand cannot be built in 1 day. It takes years and months to form values that will help you achieve your goal, win your audience and evoke associations with yourself.

SMM direction

A little above, it was already mentioned the need to promote online business with the help of social networks. Excellent helpers in this will be:
  • Instagram;
  • TikTok;
  • VKontakte;
  • Facebook.
Each of these sites is unique and has its advantages. Instagram is universal. It is suitable for any niche business activity. You can shoot a story involving the public in the process of the online store. The expected publication effect is announcements, reviews, product presentations; you can make a regular section "Question-Answer.”

There are far fewer ways to develop your business in Tik-Tok, but this is a temporary phenomenon. This is a relatively new trend in online sales, but it helps to position the brand and its values successfully. You can shoot sketches on business topics with an emphasis on funny situations. Popular tracks need to be used to display videos in recommendations. Even a child can handle the editing of short videos, and the main thing is not to forget about brand positioning in the market and convey its values.

The rest of the social networks help develop an online business actively, and you can create entire stores in them and upload product cards. 

Regarding SMM, I recommend using such techniques in business:

  • organize live broadcasts;
  • stimulate users to create content, namely: leave likes, write reviews and repost;
  • to establish communication with micro-bloggers;
  • you can connect targeted advertising.
In general, it would be a great idea to expand the staff of an SMM specialist who can take the social networks of an online store to a higher level, providing an increase in the number of potential buyers.

Video content

Increasingly, today's netizens enjoy watching videos. To promote your online store, it's worth taking advantage of this trend. Shooting a video with goods, making their expert assessments, you can emphasize the brand’s authority and demonstrate its assortment to potential online store buyers.

You need to shoot high-quality videos. The emphasis is on their characteristics rather than quantity. Do not be silent about the shortcomings. You need to talk about the cons of the product, emphasizing the pros. The correct optimization of the description will facilitate the promotion in the search engine under the video. And another important point - it should be no longer than 5 minutes. As a rule, users rarely watch videos longer. Of course, it is worth relying here on the sphere of online store sales. For example, if this is a test drive of a car, it is unlikely that you will be able to fit in 5 minutes.

There are tons of ideas for videos. For example, you can make videos on new products and their application in practice: shoot consultations, customer reviews. Recently, there has been a high interest in these two areas. This situation is associated with the Covid-19 pandemic when leading platforms for online sales of goods (Karcher, M.Video, and others) demonstrated virtual assortment displays. They also answered popular questions from buyers within the framework of live broadcasts. All this allowed the audience to create an association with the purchase of goods in an actual store, providing a particular share of trust in the seller.

The best platform for posting video content of an online store is YouTube, but you can also duplicate videos on social networks and the company’s official website.

Virtual fittings

AR technology allows the customer to try on clothes or see how a particular color of a cosmetic product will suit him. This is an excellent opportunity to attract the attention of potential buyers to your portal. Despite the popularity of online stores, there is still a category of people who refuse such deals because they are afraid to make a mistake with the style, size, or color. 

AR technology allows you to eliminate this fear from the buyer. Many Russian companies have been convinced of this on their own experience; for example, there has long been a possibility of virtual trying on things in the online store Lamoda.

virtual trying

SEO optimization

Search Engine Optimization does not lose its relevance in Internet commerce. The business owner needs to stay up to date with the latest introductions and follow all the requirements of the new algorithms. For example, Bert — understands the meaning of a word and draws a sample based on its purpose and the user's request. 

To work with Bert, it is worth using keys that match the online store’s content and stopping using a lot of search queries. Also, the new algorithm from Google does not welcome uninformative and unhelpful materials, quickly identifies “fake.”

The Yandex search engine has included a ranking “Vega,” which understands the meaning of the request, can find suitable companies, and ranks sites, relying on the experts' estimates.

The portal should contain only high-quality information with answers to popular questions. They can appear on the search engine results page in the “0” position, but later they will bring a new audience to the site. I advise you to focus on marketing trends to conduct your online business successfully, increasing the effectiveness of campaigns and new ideas for developing the business.

Fast payment methods

Forms of payment in online commerce play an essential role. It is better to equip your business with several types at once: a credit card, a bank account, electronic money, a terminal, and ATMs. Recently, payments via WhatsApp Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay have been especially relevant. It’s also worth considering using Facebook and Twitter Buy. 

The best way is when the user will have no barriers at the last stage of the purchase. For example, you need to press only one button — Touch ID.


To increase the income, it is recommended to introduce a chatbot into the site. This development makes the interaction between the buyer and the seller cheaper, accelerates it, and converts portal guests. Also, you can shift on bots the responsibility for notifying the customer about the stages of preparing an application by sending SMS. Virtual assistant robots will help reduce the cost of SMS to large and medium-sized businesses to a minimum. The chatbot can assist the guest in ordering food, filling out an application, guiding it through all stages with tips.

But all living consultants should not be replaced with artificial intelligence. People find it more convenient to conduct a dialogue with a customer on a social network and communicate by phone.

Extra service for clients

The cost of the assortment of the online store has gradually shifted from the position of the main competitive advantage in the e-commerce market. Attracting customers will be successful if you offer an extra service that operates on the condition of an equal price with another supplier, creating a favorable situation for the buyer. For example, this is a gift in the form of a sticker on the screen when buying a smartphone or free delivery to the issuing point. Extra services are popular in online stores of household appliances. When ordering a product, you can often get a discount or candy as a gift, engraving keys on the gadget, and other bonuses.

Focus on the customer, provided that the cost of the product is equal, is the main factor that will push the customer to make a decision. You need to decide which extra services will distinguish your brand among the niche, offering the customer much more than he asks.

Online store page loading speed

This trend will never lose its relevance. On a PC or smartphone, the site should load quickly, without freezing and the inability to view images. Decent speed should be even with a slow mobile Internet. 

To achieve this goal, you should not save on the development and selection of technologies. Nowadays, software technologies based on speed minimization are in great demand. We are talking about such developments as Lazy load, PHP версии 7.х., WebP, HTTP/3.

The owner of the online store must personally control how quickly the site loads. For these purposes, you can use desktop and mobile. Of course, you should initially contact a trusted developer who guarantees the high quality of the final product and further support.

Mobile version

According to available data from Techjury, in recent years, buyers have been shopping online using their smartphones. 

data of buyers that using smartphones for online shopping

For this reason, the business owner should worry about adapting the site to mobile traffic and the smartphone screen. An important point — the user should be comfortable using it. For example, with one hand, he will hold on to the phone, ordering pizza delivery, and with the other, he will grab the handrail on the tram on the way home.

In a smartphone, the buyer should see a clear picture of the product and read the description. The option to view video reviews, reviews, product ratings will also be helpful. Design the site relying on the guest's ability to filter. This will help you find an exciting product even faster and not stop considering it necessary to purchase it. 

Both versions of the site should be convenient, functional, and informative. Track the distribution of traffic on the project by the device. You will need to check usability if the mobile version’s exit rate and conversion rate are lower than the desktop version. This is a reason to wonder if the interface is convenient for smartphone owners. 

Drone shipping

Many companies now consider drones as a reasonable shipping method since the technology has dramatically developed. These intelligent assistants are getting popular, especially in small enterprises and local transporting. Society should take social distancing into account because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This method of delivery excludes any need for close contact between the seller and the customer. 

The idea of drone delivery might accelerate the development of the technology in general so that very soon, it will become feasible, usable, and safer. Due to the urgency of the problem, it is planned that drones will be produced more powerful, able to fly significant distances, and carry increasingly heavy things. In addition, the use of AI for competent orientation in space will be improved.

Such significant companies like Amazon, Uber Eats, FedEx, and Alibaba are now looking for solutions to develop drones. Some of them even use drones in certain regions around the world. 

Intelligent instruments for mobile shopping

Conventional retail sellers might dislike the people that stare at their mobile phones since it might mean that they make purchases online or use regular shops as a showroom, and probably they will buy the products online. However, experienced retailers offer mobile applications that support GPS and help to shop. For all retailers, a mobile-optimized website and store are fundamental for a successful e-commerce experience.

FDFC usage spread 

Some grocery shops, shopping centers, and other public facilities offer special lockers where users can take their goods.

FDFC is a set of automatic lockers that already contain some goods. For example, if someone needs a toothbrush or a pair of socks, they might get a notification after tapping the purchase button that their desired product is near them. It takes much less time for clients, which can be used for other purposes. As everyone tends to be busy and lacks time, many users appreciate this idea. A lot of significant companies find it an opportunity to improve the business in the following year.


It is highly not recommended for online store owners to ignore this trend. Research from the official website hbr.org shows that about 65% of buyers are willing to pay more for an assortment of an environmentally friendly brands.

The business must be environmentally friendly, in which case it will attract more attention. It is about using recycled packaging. It is necessary to completely abandon anti-shock plastic fillers and try alternatives based on starch or paper. Get rid of the non-recyclable film, and it’s better to place orders into paper bags.

The assortment can include organic products. It can be an organic or natural product. And do not forget that you need to share your achievements with the audience, openly talk about the brand's keen interest in an environmentally friendly issue. Do not be afraid to be intrusive in mailings, social networks, and on the pages of the official website. On the contrary, I recommend organizing an eco-action and sending the proceeds to Greenpeace or other similar funds to protect the environment.


The most important trends in the field of online trading are presented by me above. Whether to apply them or not is a personal matter for every business owner. The main emphasis remains on the convenience and comfort of the buyer, and you need to move towards customer focus, establishing contact with the audience.

Comprehensive Trends Guide for Your Online Business in 2022 key takeaways:
  1. Little statistics
  2. Why you should apply trends in your online business?
  3. Most effective online business trends in 2022
  4. Minimalism in the design of the interface
  5. Highlighting the brand
  6. SMM direction
  7. Video content
  8. Virtual fittings
  9. SEO optimization
  10. Fast payment methods
  11. Chatbots
  12. Extra service for clients
  13. Online store page loading speed
  14. Mobile version
  15. Drone shipping
  16. Intelligent instruments for mobile shopping
  17. FDFC usage spread 
  18. Ecology
  19. Conclusion
Merehead does professional development of trends guide for online business 2022. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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