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Hottest Web Tech & Technique Trends to Adopt in 2023

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Featured image for Hottest Web Tech & Technique Trends to Adopt in 2023

The fiction we see on TV screens or in books now comes to life with modern technologies. AR is one of these innovative technologies. Holograms are all around people in the real world; they provide a new experience instead of being a simple attraction. Augmented reality is an excellent tool for business development

Numerous industries (trading, business, games, health care, military, etc.) employ augmented reality to solve various tasks. This article will tell about the trends in technological advances and web technologies that you must keep an eye on since the world might adopt them in 2023. 

TOP-4 technologies in 2023

Let’s cover primary technologies that will merge with people's daily routines in 2023. They will allow the users to launch their businesses or improve existing ones. Furthermore, these innovations will help to achieve new heights in any sector, from trading to health care. 

Metaverse adoption

Augmented reality is part of the metaverse. The digital world became more famous after Facebook rebranded to ‘Meta.’ It is only the top of the iceberg. The thing is not just about marketing. This technology wants to wipe out all borders between the real and digital worlds. Displaying virtual objects in augmented reality provides businesses and clients with a wide range of opportunities.  

AR is perfect for those who plan to transfer the digital experience into the real world. Different corporations employ body and face movement tracking and enhanced scene definition to create camera filters that achieve the desired result. Geenee AR and Player Me work together on the same target. Metaverses use avatars that represent real people. Geenee WebAR builder helps the users to add an avatar to the camera. The software also considers the accessories and tiny details as NFTs. 

Still, the technology is not new, yet the innovation is that people can transfer their characters from other platforms into an application and make an AR copy of it. Shortly, it will help to improve virtual meetings and other events. For instance, a person will use a VR helmet to visit an appointment, and the avatar will substitute for the actual person in the conference. 

A unique conference hall showed by Meta on VivaTech 2022.

A unique conference hall showed by Meta on VivaTech 2022

To reach more broad audience, it is necessary to offer cheaper and more powerful devices for augmented reality. Now it is the primary issue for entering the global market. 

Spatial sound enhances the AR experience. Metaverse developers want to integrate all five human senses into the digital world, including hearing. VR and AR will become even more exciting with 3D sounds. The users can determine the sound source in three-dimensional space according to their placement. 

Mixing several sounds helps to achieve better sound effects. As a result, multisensory effects involve sights and sounds for a deep immersion into a new virtual reality experience.

The next feature of the metaverse is transferring digital objects into the actual environment. Digital world enthusiasts love dealing with natural-world things in the metaverse and vice versa. AR provides all these opportunities. The collectors and other users can access NFTs and exchange them. It will be a popular solution and trend in 2023

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence

There are two means of employing the symbiosis of artificial intelligence and augmented reality:
  1. Software for face and space recognition that runs augmented reality.
  2. AR and AI are compatible and can provide people with innovative solutions. 
AR functions better with artificial intelligence. The technologies are different yet perfectly work together since AR requires it. The algorithms are necessary for the sensors, while AI simplifies the functioning and makes the work more precise compared to human-created models. 

Clip Drop is a perfect example. It allows people to digitalize real-world objects and work with their 3D models in computer software. This scanning can help import things in metaverses. Significant companies will use this innovation to enhance and simplify the product offer for the target audience with a virtual trial version. 

SketchAR mechanical design is another trend example. It illustrates the perfect AR and AI combination. It facilitates drawing in AR, yet users can use AI for drawing. Furthermore, it is super for 3D modeling where the source environment is the real world. If the technology is entirely accepted in 2023, AI will work on modeling and creating structures that can be used in a natural setting. 

Cross-platform augmented reality

Cross-platform software is the primary issue for developers that work on augmented reality. These applications are not as well-performing as native ones, yet they demonstrate high quality if the developers work on them thoroughly.

Cross-platform AR is more accessible to code, which facilitates entering the markets. Still, productivity might suffer. Cross-platform solutions will fit those cases where the application doesn’t require high productivity and is more straightforward than the native, judging by the functionality. 

90% of the tasks in an online store will not depend on the platform; hence, it requires utmost productivity. A cross-platform for AR is reasonable if the product pre-view module in AR is simple. AR navigation and 3D scanning require native applications for better operation. 

Augmented reality glasses

This product can become viral in 2023. Cambria is the latest device for mixed reality by Meta. The headset is expensive, yet the innovation is a considerate step in advancing in this sector. 

But for AR glasses, other technologies can become trends in 2023. In the summer of 2022, Mojo Vision Labs presented their smart contact lenses with augmented reality. They integrate with the user interface, provide general functions, and employ special software for tracing user sight and communication.

The lenses have the following elements:

  • Accelerometer;
  • Gyroscope;
  • Magnetometer.
The elements trace eye movement and keep the AR image steady while moving. 

TOP 12 web technologies in 2023

The web technologies industry has numerous movements on the market that require attention. Selecting an appropriate sector requires considering various preferences and understanding whether a direction will remain relevant for several years. Let’s break down the TOP 12 web technologies that will be relevant in 2023. 

Progressive web-applications

PWA (progressive web applications) are the primary trend in web development for 2023. These applications function like a website with the necessary functionality of a mobile application. It will function regardless of the web browser and interact with the user like a native application. 

Both business owners and clients significantly benefit from the technology. The main advantages of PWA are

  1. Cutting the expanses on development and support. 
  2. Entering the market faster. 
  3. Straightforward distribution. 
  4. Saving device memory.
  5. High working speed.
  6. Autonomous mode.
  7. Enhanced audience engagement and excellent conversion. 
  8. Servicing and updates go faultless. 
PWA Use samples and result
PWA Use samples and result
There are several reasons why PWA is worth considering in 2023. Ericsson predicts that global mobile traffic will grow 4.5-fold by 2026 compared with 2019 since people use more mobile devices for their needs. Furthermore, 5G will cover 54% of data exchange by 2026; hence mobile services will function faster. 

Ericsson is sure that 90% of operators will offer FWA after the 5G launch

Ericsson is sure that 90% of operators will offer FWA after the 5G launch

PWA will help companies remain competitive in the modern world while the applications become advanced. 

PlanMyKids is a platform for planning children's events. Its launch and development are cost-efficient.

PlanMyKids is a platform for planning children's events. Its launch and development are cost-efficient
UX/UI design is a crucial part of PWA that improves the user experience. The innovative web application must be intuitive, beautiful, and similar to native ones in visuals.

Augmented reality (WebAR)

Augmented reality is a trend of 2022-2023, providing new opportunities. Now it is employed in smartphones, education, health care, and video games. According to Statista, by 2024, AR, VR, and MR, will reach 300 billion dollars in capitalization, which is 10-fold compared to the current cap. These technologies will boost the interaction with clients. The following brand succeeds in using AR:
  • Amazon;
  • Sephora;
  • IKEA;
It provides current opportunities on the website through the browser; that’s why we call it WebAR. It brings several advantages for eCommerce:
  1. Reduced time on servicing.
  2. The audience can employ the product before purchasing it. 
  3. The user experience is improved.
  4. The purchases on the internet are more available. 
This innovation helps to create a virtual hall and exhibit a product while the client can interact like in an actual store. Amazon AR allows the clients to see how the furniture will look in the room, thus picking a particular style and being confident about the purchase. 

Source: amazon

Shopify added a solution that helps create a 3D product model, so the client can familiarize themselves with the product version before ordering it. AR/VR reduces the gap between the digital and real worlds. In 2023 if the technology is globally adopted, the servicing quality will also increase. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and bots

One of the most influential technologies in 2023 that might lead the future of web development are bots and AI assistants. Furthermore, the assistants can self-learn, collect data, conduct analytics, and solve complex tasks. The demand for communication with AI gradually increases. 

There are several chatbots with AI assistants like:

  • Alexa;
  • Siri;
  • Cortana. 
The latest trend is voice bots. They help to build better communication and attract people. If employed on trading platforms, they positively influence client service. 

These assistants help with typical operating in chats and constantly keep in contact with clients. 

This statistic shows that web technologies will support bots with AI

This statistic shows that web technologies will support bots with AI.Source

Voice search 

Earlier all content and information were text, yet modern users prefer audio. That’s why many companies employ voice assistants and speech recognition as one of the most rapidly developing technologies in web development. 

According to forecasts, the voice assistant market will grow to 11.2 billion by 2026. Furthermore, 53% of users already employ voice search for inquiries in search engines, buying products, etc. 

Voice optimization is essential for websites too. Major companies want to use this opportunity since it will determine the future of the internet. As a result, digital products receive voice search additions. It provides a range of advantages for businesses and users, namely:

  1. Ordering more goods in a shorter period.
  2. An excellent instrument for analyzing client behavior.
Optimizing voice search resources will help to follow the trend in 2023. For instance:
  1. Use standard language that will have plain answers to questions. 
  2. Apply scheme markup and extended snippets. It improves search engine indexing.
  3. Optimize the website, delete duplicates, and update data. 
  4. Manage website DA and other classical ratings. 
  5. Use Web Speech API to simplify voice recognition. 
Voice search is not to be missed in 2023 in web development technology. The Internet is changing rapidly, moving to the new trend Web 3.0. The described capability will help amplify the impact of the transition to the new Internet era.

Content personalization with machine learning 

AI and machine learning impact people’s work on the internet, even if the users don’t notice it. The main idea of machine learning is to improve the experience. The technology and software enhance productivity without the developers' direct involvement. The software enables personalizing data and defining patterns, making decisions with the following automatic work improvement. 

With content personalization, you can become the leader in your niche

With content personalization, you can become the leader in your niche

Airbnb employs machine learning to adjust the search results for new users. Hence, they increased the probability that their requests would be accepted. The algorithm allows analyzing the solutions on accepting the hosts’ requests. The results that can be received are ranked higher based on the data obtained. This approach increased conversion rates by nearly 4%, according to A/B testing. Airbnb's customers are now being processed using this algorithm, which positively impacts customer satisfaction and increases profits.

Netflix has advanced even further. The engineers have integrated advanced algorithms that employ machine learning to give better results to users’ requests. Each client receives individual identification, which is significantly different from targeting. The software provides content and outcomes for a specific person instead of considering the earlier requests. 

There are numerous examples. In 2023 it is worth focusing on natural language and image recognition for better contact with the users. Machines and their perception help process information to make informed decisions. Machine learning is suitable for a variety of areas within applications, among them:

  • Health care;
  • Finances;
  • Education;
  • Farming industry. 
Machine learning is a critical element of web services in 2023, yet business owners must adjust the technology according to their benefit. Therefore, they have to set the content and make a deep user behavior analysis. The users will not know that the website or application owners use algorithms, but they will be obviously satisfied and thus provide greater engagement and conversion. 

Data security 

As the internet develops, more applications and websites become attractive to cyber criminals. Any web application that processes massive data information is a target for malefactors since they want to steal data from companies and clients or just spoil the services, which leads to financial losses, damages the reputation, and other harmful factors. 

Service security is a top priority for any company; while protecting client information in 2023, it is reasonable to follow several pieces of advice:

  1. Do not refuse to test the security of a web resource. It can be performed during the development of the project. It allows you to exclude data leaks, and it is crucial to test any changes in the application.
  2. Use resources for monitoring sites. Algorithms can monitor all requests and identify suspicious actions, notifying the owner. A timely response will help to react quickly and protect the program.
  3. Pay attention to the choice of third-party services. SaaS software is gaining popularity since it is easier and faster to create applications. Developers should make sure that the provider of such services can be trusted.
  4. Encryption of sensitive information. If a cybercriminal can get hold of a database, encryption will not allow him to benefit from the data.
Four pieces of advice for protecting your data
Four pieces of advice for protecting your data
Two other essential elements can provide security for information and application. These are 2022 trends that remain relevant in 2023. 

Artificial intelligence for cybersecurity

The devices become more intelligent every year; it is both a pro and a con. Let’s focus on the advantages. AI technologies in 2023 will become more protected in terms of data storage. The following changes are already available:
  1. Entering the system via AI with biometrical data (fingerprints, retina). Major corporations introduce it to their web systems.
  2. 80% of large companies use AI for cybersecurity. 
  3. Security software on AI diminishes the risk of attacks and threats. Malicious software also develops and causes more damage and danger. Therefore, corporations teach their algorithms to provide instant reactions to suspicious activity. 
AI is an advisor that can answer particular questions; the machine is also learning independently. It facilitates making accurate decisions and guarantees high security for web technology.

The volume of the global cybersecurity market in 2019 and 2030. (the number equals billions of dollars)

The volume of the global cybersecurity market in 2019 and 2030. (the number equals billions of dollars)

In 2024 cybersecurity companies will reduce losses by 85-90%.

Blockchain for cybersecurity

Recently, Bitcoin and blockchain-related sectors have been leading positions in various technology blogs. In 2023, it is advisable to view blockchain instruments to improve the security of web technology. NASA uses technology to protect information and diminish cyberattack risks for its services.

The blockchain employs two-factor authentication via a decentralized distributed network; thus, it guarantees that the information is 100% trusted and clear. The technology offers many other advantages:

  1. Reducing the expanses for business. 
  2. Less contact in trades. 
  3. Increasing the money streams and providing complete transparency for records and information. 
  4. Security for trades and information. 
  5. Smart forecasting. 
Once information is stored in one place, it will be easy for cybercriminals to conduct operations to steal it. Blockchain is a decentralized base, which means there is no single place of storage or control body. Each user is responsible for checking the information independently, and changes cannot be made unless approved by all participants.

DDoS attacks are another problem for large companies, but the complete decentralization of DNS comes to the rescue. If the information comes to many nodes, it is almost impossible for fraudsters to find the correct data and apply vulnerabilities to attack the domain.

Recent trends in data security

Recent trends in data security

Regardless of the web service sector, security remains a top priority in 2023 for business owners to focus on. 

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP)

Google corporation prioritizes resources with fast uploading on tablets and smartphones. The developers must consider integrating AMP to reduce the website uploading time. 

AMP is a perfect solution if:

  1. Numerous users work with web resources via mobiles.
  2. The clients leave the application because of low speed. 
  3. SEO and promotion are essential for business. 
Accelerated mobile pages will work only for static content, yet they upload the pages significantly faster compared to HTML. AMP shows only the essential data (text, images, etc.). It is an excellent approach for news services and blogs. 

Micro interfaces

In 2023 software developers will prefer microservice architecture. The old backend becomes obsolete, while the new style provides flexibility and scalability, causing design issues. The developers must work with monolith code bases to make a user interface. It is hard to maintain, and it can harm the quality of the project and prevent it from success. 

A monolithic front end can be divided into several simple elements for independent testing and deployment. After connecting them into a unified and user-friendly web application, different groups of creators can deal with separate external parts; this is what micro-interfaces are all about.

Micro frontends instead of monolith architecture.

Micro frontends instead of monolith architecture

This approach makes more straightforward updating and code refactoring. The developer can rewrite the interface component without damaging the functionality and general UI. It allows all autonomous commands to function and speed up the program development. 


Wasm or WebAssembly is another hotly debated technology in 2022. The developers can use it to create highly productive applications; it supports browser integrations, and the solutions are suitable for anything, including 3D environments and cryptography computing. 

Usually, web systems function on JavaScript, yet launching the application with complex logic will not provide the necessary productivity. Doing numerous operations on the website causes delays, increases the website uploading time, and damages content promotion. It is not necessary to give up on the programming language. Achieving a parallel work of these two tools is essential for maximum benefit. 

WebAssembly is a modern technology that allows one to create code in any language, transfer it into bite code, and launch it in a web browser. 

The main advantages of WebAssembly:

  1. Optimized development.
  2. High productivity.
  3. Minimum interference while uploading the pages.
  4. The straightforwardness of programs.
  5. Compatibility with programming language and equipment. 
  6. Effortless debugging.
  7. Security
WebAssembly provides flexibility and speed for websites and applications that require quick uploading. 

Source: arghya.xyz


In 2023, React will be a popular technology for web development. More than 9 million websites already employ it, and its popularity keeps increasing. The following reasons cause it:
  1. A vast set of instruments.
  2. Stability.
  3. Separate elements' modification.
  4. Easy to test.
  5. Reducing the page uploading time. 
  6. It functions with highly stressed systems. 
The engineers can use React to work with code yet maintain the standard application structure. The construction is a module; hence the code is easy to support, while the flexibility reduces the expanses for servicing. The developers can use this technology and change separate elements without changing the others. The framework is versatile and easy to set. It helps to run multifunctional interfaces and enhance the work of the resource. 

Motion Interface

The trend enters the web product design sector. According to statistics, about 50% of website and application users claim that the design is an essential element of the brand. Web design is not just about images but an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that the target audience will like to use. Motion UI will rapidly increase conversion if adequately employed. 

Chartbeat research shows that a person needs 15 seconds to understand whether the website is beautiful to them and whether they will use it or not. Motion UI is a perfect tool for attracting and keeping users’ attention. 

Built-in Motion UI animation effects. Source: ZURB

Built-in Motion UI animation effects. Source: ZURB
These technologies allow making and adjusting animated details for website interface design. It will enable working with:
  • Module scrolling;
  • Background animation;
  • Diagrams with animations. 
The set of instruments helps to create unique designs to attract and entertain users. Also, it increases the website rating in search engines. Motion UI is another web technology trend for 2023. It facilitates and boosts user interface design development

Internet of things (IoT)

With the help of the Internet, almost every area of people's lives have changed: education, management, health care, and other regions, among them, trivial communication. Nearly 94% of the population uses the web daily, and many businesses are increasingly going digital. That's how the Internet of Things – the ability to connect appliances, home, and wearable devices to the Internet with access via the phone – came about.

IoT is a strong trend for 2023 in web development because all devices connected to the IoT form a constant transfer of information. Companies, given this fact, can provide their services for instant customer interaction, developing a personalized experience.

A good example is Google Nest speakers. People use intelligent IoT gadgets such as multimedia, alarms, lights, etc. All commands are done by voice. IoT is the fastest-growing web development technology. 

Graph by Statista. The number of connected devices to IoT will reach 38.6 billion by 2025.

Graph by Statista. The number of connected devices to IoT will reach 38.6 billion by 2025.
The technology has a range of advantages:
  1. Scaling. It guarantees to collect and distribute information regardless of the data volume. 
  2. Reliability. It provides accurate and faultless results without delays. 
  3. Security and support. 
In 2023 some of these trends might change how corporations interact with clients. The article shows advanced technology and development mean increasing user engagement. The modern trends will help websites to remain competitive and provide the best user experience.

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