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Branding and Logo Design Trends for 2022

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Featured image for Branding and Logo Design Trends for 2022

Our time is quite remarkable: everything is changing and moving forward at a breathtaking pace. This is most evident in digital marketing trends 2021 because new current logo design trends 2022 are superimposed on previous ones.

You should take care of a number of things so that your brand meets market competition. Among other things, you should make your logo aligned with all requirements of 2022.

A few words about a logo

Based on the practice, one must conclude that even today there are company leaders, who decide to order logo development by a specialist without realizing what this term actually means. There are several opinions on this issue. For instance, there will always be those who will state categorically that a logo is a beautiful picture. Just as many people will say that it’s the same thing as a trademark.

It’s worth clarifying what the term «logo» designates so that readers don’t have incorrect guesses or unanswered questions on this topic. 

  • individual graphic picture (mark);
  • font writing of a brand;
  • combination of a picture and an inscription.
Its main task is to convey the main ideas of its organization’s activity to the target audience. Once we clarify this moment, we can move on to the main logo design trends for 2022.

TOP 10 important points in logo design in 2022

For starters, it’s necessary to indicate that promising branding trends in 2022 combine old and new trends. There is a return to the previous eras; for instance, bright neon pictures with ink-black and white fonts. Complex animation and 3D gradients remain relevant. Logo design trends are based on the same aspects that specialists have been learning for the last couple of years; however, fresh developments will be present as well. Let’s begin!

Complex animation with florid details

Animated logos remain trendy. Modern specialists learnt to make them very interesting and useful for brands at the same time. A combination of 2D and 3D animation, when a logo has several moving parts, is relevant. Designers shouldn’t be afraid to play with details, create pictures of different complexity levels. These techniques help not only to get the attention of a brand’s potential audience but also to tell a certain story.

The use of 2D and 3D helps to keep the viewer’s attention much longer than it’s available for a simple animation in logos. This is a great trend because every time you watch the animation, you can find something new in it. Designers like working with such animated details, as this is an interesting and on some level fun task. You can make transitions from a simple moving picture to a more complex version of it.

There’s a reason to believe that this 2022 logo trend is going to be staying with us for a couple of years. If the task is to make a logo for the screen and not for printing – a designer has a better chance of developing a story and making the most of the opportunity to get creative and prove his expertise to competitors. Go for it!

3D gradients

Logo Design Trends for 2022

A 3D gradient is gaining momentum. This is a perfect solution for our society where not a single person can imagine his life without a smartphone.

Designers like gradients. They can help to make any group of colors unique and dynamic. 3D effects in logos, in particular, conical ones, are suitable for the central plot. They highlight the contrast between colors. Logo design specialists note that conical gradients will continue to be widely used. That is due to their possibility to turn simple projects into complex ones.

3D gradient logos look good on the screen. They give a designer a lot of opportunities – playing with colors, creating wonderful solutions with a modern and simple appearance. Beginners are recommended to master such things as depth, shadows, and 3D effects to develop relevant and useful logos for their clients.

It is to be recalled that barely perceptible shading is >popular in 2021. Designers prefer creating it inside one color.

Keep it simple

Simplification isn’t just a logo design trend for 2022 – it is also a great solution for the implementation of many styles. A formula for the success of simplicity is based on three pillars – practicality, comfort, and aesthetics.

Design navigation will be simple and sequential if you follow a logical order. A designer should be able to highlight vital information correctly.

Another advantage of this trend is the possibility to provide the viewer’s eyes with the chance to rest. Too much information and unnecessary details surround us today and the simplicity will help to mitigate these circumstances and subdue them.

Speaking of which, a popular mass-market clothing brand «Zara» has been following this trend since 1975. In 2019, this company changed its logo, and look at this – its solution turned out to be relevant even today.

Logo Design Trends for 2022

It’s interesting that the updated design of Zara’s logo caused vehement debate. It was said that it gave the impression of disharmony and chaos. This opinion was based on letters overlapping in the picture. Actually, the letter-play will be described below.

When other brands standardize their logos making them carbon copies of one another, Zara looks like a protest against greyness and uniformity. This is also a result, which attracted the potential audience’s attention to the brand. So the objective is achieved.


Letters overlapping, «destruction» of their parts, incompleteness, emptiness in lines, and bleached parts – all of that draws the viewer’s attention to the logo. The trend has a flip side – it’s essential not to overdo it. The inscription needs to remain distinctive. The audience shouldn’t be left guessing what brand they’re dealing with. They must remember it and recognize it next time.

Logo Design Trends for 2022

According to the conducted analysis, 30% of the time, businessmen prefer to see only the inscription on their organizations’ logo, 65% – graphics and text. In 5% of the cases – the logo is developed as an icon upon a customer’s request. Hence the next trend.


The simplicity extends to an emblem as well. This solution has been popular for many years and it’s more often used in corporate graphics. Minimalism played a large role in this direction. Emblems became more accessible to the audience and the detailing remained unchanged.

Logo Design Trends for 2022

You indeed should understand that emblems are of symbolic nature. They can convey the brand’s idea and its secondary role regards to the sales of its services. If we turn to the translation of the word «emblem» from Greek into Russian, we can see that it refers to a relief decoration. Most frequently, we see emblems of sports clubs and universities, which are piled with a lot of graphics, complex details, and colors.

The difference between logos and emblems is that a logo doesn’t have to bring a deep meaning because its purpose is to be recognizable. As for an emblem, a designer can use a large color palette, a lot of pictures, and other details in it. All of that is needed to express a meaning, why it was created in the first place.

Some of the most popular emblems are:

  • Nike;
  • Coca-Cola;
  • Apple;
  • Pepsi;
  • McDonald’s.

Artistic chaos, but at a moderate scale

Logo Design Trends for 2022

A little carelessness, asymmetry, and creative chaos, but in moderation, – all that gives a designer the opportunity to get creative and make a logo for a customer, which would be corresponding to trends of 2022. The composition should deliver the information to the audience and not be solely the demonstration of its author’s imagination.

Harmony and balance

A complete alternative to the previous trend is harmony. You should prefer symmetry and moderation here. It may be an emblem or monogram. It will look nice and attractive.

Logo Design Trends for 2022

The most popular fonts for logos are:

  • Neo Sans;
  • Gill Sans;
  • Optima;
  • Gotham;
  • Avenir;
  • Univers;
  • Futura;
  • ITC Avant Garde Gothic;
  • Myriad;
  • Helvetica.
It’s important to pay attention to the choice of a font for an inscription. It should match well with the icon and complement it. These exact requirements apply to the color scheme of the image as well. Harmony is number one.

Combined and wordmark logos

Logo Design Trends for 2022

A logo doesn’t have to include a separate symbol to make a designer convey his ideas to the audience. Even an inscription can fulfill this task and it doesn’t matter how original the font is. If everything is done properly – it will be remembered.

A trademark and font can and must be combined in 2022. This will help to make the logo unique, adaptive, and interesting. It will be telling the audience its hidden meaning.

Hand-drawn logos

According to experts, emblems with handwritten inscriptions can convey the company’s idea more accurately than their analogs. You must admit that this format looks realistic and lifelike. In addition, it strikes the potential client’s eye. To meet all three requirements, a designer has to choose the most appropriate font. The main requirements are attraction and readability.

Logo Design Trends for 2022

Handwritten font involves the use of classic versions of calligraphy. It seems that the inscription consists of separate strokes – it’s beautiful, romantic, and classy. Such an option will be suitable for brands, which are working in the creative direction, in the field of design and beauty, and companies specializing in sales of sweet food products or children’s goods.

How to choose a font? You can draw inspiration from online sources. For example, a great platform like Pinterest.

You can try to find real projects and derive inspiration from their ideas. This will let you determine the type of inscription easily. You shouldn’t hesitate to derive someone’s ideas. It’s just inspiration and not theft. Everybody in design takes something from one another and creates something of their own – new and unique.

Bold typography

In 2022, you will see logos, which will raise the text from words that support the image to the focus itself. There will be strange and bold fonts, which are greatly complemented by outstanding characters. Oddities of typography in logos are a great trend. This allows showing a company’s nature and making its logo original.

There are many ways to make a font bold – it’s possible to play with the size of letters, their order, and positions. Sometimes such ideas might seem crazy, but that’s the whole point of it. This trend will be good for those, who are tired of old standard fonts.

You can scatter the letters or reflect them. There’s no right way to make a logo. The only requirement – it has to be legible and readable.

No longer relevant in 2022

These logo design trends will be forgotten:
  1. Most likely, it will be applied practically, but only in narrow subjects.
  2. Expressive writing became history and was replaced by the demand for simplicity.
  3. Minimalism is at the top – the simpler the logo is, the more popular and modern it is.

Graphic design trends in 2022 

Under the circumstances of the global pandemic, the design development should consider every aspect of its employment in the advertisement. Since 2020 the types of brand visual ads in social networks have been significantly changing.

As gadgets are getting even more recognition, and the world inclines to go virtual, this aspect is hard to underestimate. 

While developing a logo, it is worth taking into consideration the possible development directions in 2022:

  • it is popular to post on various platforms screenshots of publications or comments from multiple social networks (a user posts a screenshot from one platform as an image or its part on the other platform; for example, a user might post a screenshot from TikTok on Facebook or Instagram stories, or a tweet on LinkedIn or Instagram; it is an attractive trend because it allows using the same content for various platforms, which is economically reasonable);
  • Quoting books, podcasts, blogs, as teasers. It gives the users a hint of what they should expect (usually it goes in combination with various visual effects for more significant impact);
  • using branded memes is getting popular (brands set visual messages in a unique tone of their company considering the needs of their audience; the purpose is to bring positive emotions and sidetrack the users from the pandemic);
  • serifs and emojis that cause trust will be relevant in the following year (logos look original with those fonts. Serif font is a simple or a strict style will be the leading ones in 2022);
  • illustrations and vivid icons (a neat communication instrument for message visualization, especially in combination with an appropriate color scheme);
  • Bold and vibrant colors are popular back again (these colors catch attention to the logos and the content); 
  • exciting ways of data visualization (in this way, consumers more easily perceive the information block in a complex reality, fun visualization attracts users);
  • inclusive visuals.BLM (Black Lives Matter) revives and goes global. It is a decentralized initiative to fight racism and police brutality against people of color. There is an active company on the social networks around the globe, #StopAPPIHATE, which drew attention to this social issue.
Example for bold and vibrant colors in logo. Source
It led to numerous discussions in the international society. They dwelled on the opportunities of the global community and brands to solve this problem. The most advanced brands of 2021 decided to adapt their marketing strategies according to the interests of various communities.

This global trend in commercial graphic design will become the leading one in 2022 if everything progresses as rapidly as now. Social networks and official websites of various brands use visual effects with a greater degree of inclusiveness.

Different abilities, orientations, and nationalities are depicted in photos, illustrations, and icons in e-formatting and printed media. Logo design in 2022 will be socially responsible since the customers and brands are more aware of social issues.

Authenticity will be in trend, affecting not only logo design and commercial graphic design in general, but even contemporary visual art and photography are predicted to be involved. The unnaturalness of staged photographs with fake smiles will disappear, and the focus will be on ordinary people, encouraging and expanding the possibilities for creativity.

The directions of graphic design development in genera and logo design are focused on the desire to have fun; consumers are tired of the pandemic and want to lead everyday, ordinary lives. Designers and brands have embraced this, taking into account the slightest fluctuations in users' needs.

Visual effects are used in a way that will help to mirror the situation in the community to make the logos more attractive and fascinating. 

Surrealism and optical illusions

Optical illusions help to create a feeling of space and color depth. While scrolling, discrete elements seem to be closer than other visual objects. 

In 2022 it will be common to combine the parallax effect and optical illusions. At first glance, the work seems to have no meaning, but later a coherent and meaningful picture appears. (If it happens, the developer’s idea was understood). 

Typography era

The typography is popular now, but in 2022 it is supposed to become even more popular. The explanation is that the users appreciate logos with fonts of high quality. If considering the inclusivity in logo design, the brands will opt for typography since it is neutral.

For a logo designed with typography alone, the boundaries of the image, exactly how a logo should look, are blurred. Consumers tend to be interested in this and desire to learn more about the brand in question since the image is created using only letters.

How to develop a logo?

Knowing popular trends for 2022, you can try to develop a relevant logo. First, you need to determine its style. Use a graphical editor and draw a logo for a brand on your own to get a high-quality project. If you don’t have such flair and talent, it will be better for you to request assistance from a designer. This will turn out to be relevant for many people attracting them with its simplicity.

By the way, there is a third option – an online logo generator. Specialized online services, which will help to develop a logo, are known today. Some of them require investment, but there are free versions as well.

One more thing: when creating a logo, designers don’t always follow trends. This is really an optional requirement. However, they still should be taken into account so that the logo is made relevant and modern.

Sometimes it’s better to adhere to the previously selected concept for the logo than to change it completely. If you have a permanent logo, which perfectly conveys the brand’s ideas and evokes associations, its redesign isn’t always a rational solution. It happens that new and regular customers are confused about what organization they’re dealing with after the update. There are clients, who even stop cooperating with the brand if its logo pushed them away. For this reason, you should develop and redesign it responsibly. For these purposes, it’s better to work with professionals, who will consider all risks and new trends and make a high-quality and useful product.

For example, GoDaddy – an internet domain registrar – can boast a successful redesign. Many people know this company for quite provocative advertising campaigns. This brand’s corporate identity has become completely different – moderate and laconic. An animated version has also appeared.

Both versions are in line with the main design trends for the next year. We should pay tribute to the specialists for this.

Future expectations

In 2022, logos will be colorful, but minimalist, created of simple shapes and thin lines. They will not be without animation, 3D gradients, and bold solutions.

It’s quite probable that the logo design of the '80s with a lot of neon and pixels will remain relevant.

There is today a remarkable demand for aesthetics of the 1980s and their legacy continues.

The logos of this format are notable for brightness and elegance. Most of them are dedicated to video games, which then became a revolutionary development for the generation.

Cartoon logos from the '30s, which are presented in art pictures or hand-drawn, are in favor too. It’s a simple and charming style. Illustrative logos get in touch with the clients’ potential audience much more effectively connecting with them at a deep, emotional level.

And of course classic – black and white logos. They will always be trendy and never stop working. Designers learnt how to create them brightly conveying the brand’s interests. This is a black and white version only at first sight, but it can surpass any colored picture.

Logos don’t have a short period of existence. They can be in use for decades and need no changes. Nevertheless, sooner or later there comes a time when a company needs to redesign its logo. Trends change and lose their efficiency starting with geometry and ending with color solutions. It’s recommended to keep oneself updated on changes because the organization’s success, profit, and awareness depend on the proper logo development. Analyze your design solutions relying on the information in this article, setting yourself new tasks, and exploiting opportunities that 2022 will give you!

Merehead does professional development of logo design trends 2022. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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