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User Interface (UI) Design Trends 2022

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Featured image for User Interface (UI) Design Trends 2022

It has long gone out of fashion to think that the appearance of a product, be it a mobile application or a websited, is a subjective matter of customer preference. Competent work with the visual picture of the user interface (UI) will allow you to bypass competitors and almost instantly rise above them. Knowing UI trends 2022, you can build the right strategy and determine the effective behavior of visual elements that will bring the desired result in practice.

All the trends in user interface design will be discussed further in the article. It should be noted right away that all the trends of UI 2022 can really be brought to life; today, users have the best browsers and productive equipment at their disposal, which allows a web designer to fantasize and implement ideas. This makes it possible not to be aloof from more modern and successful competitors.

Why are User Interface design trends that important?

Some apps just disappear without a trace after the release. So, what can be done to keep afloat? As an application developer, what methods do you use to increase the number of downloads, make the users love your application at first sight, and persuade them not to cancel the subscription? The right decision is to keep up with the trends in development and application design. 

If you are a creator of an exclusive and viral application or a monopolist in your sector on the App Store or Google Play, you will not find anything new in this article. However, in any other case, this article is a must-read.

So why is this so important to track the trends in User Interface design trends of 2022? Let’s cover the main reasons. 

If you have a trendy application design, you will be on a wave crest of popularity

There is nothing eternal and constantly relevant left. Now the concepts are based on trends. And the movements themselves are rapidly changing. Adapting an enterprise is so fast, and not following the directions means to be left in the cold and lose popularity.

Strictly following the trends in design is boring, but if you do it consciously and wisely, you will create something unique. You need to adapt the trends to the functionality of your design. Also, do not hesitate to use innovative methods to be on the crest of the wave and meet the requirements of a modern user. It takes only 0.05 seconds for the clients to estimate the visuals of your application, so keep in mind that a decent design is a key to your users’ hearts. 

Often the clients would like to see something fashionable, but they also need something tested from the existing trends. They want to see something reliable and familiar. However, too outdated or too eccentric designs can irritate or embarrass the users.

But going beyond the existing trends is a dangerous gamble. A human eye gets used to specific visual solutions very quickly, so you might lose some users that consider the outdated design a perfect one. 

A trendy design as a conviction of functionality

Whichever way one slices it, the design will have a significant impact on the first impression and the decision whether to use the application or not. The first impression you create cannot be changed or altered. Hence, regardless of whether your application brings excellent functionality, it will not be used if the users do not appreciate the modern, up-to-date design. The trends influence any category of applications, no matter how popular they are. 

On par with the leaders 

If most have adopted a trend, it probably existed for a year or two already, which means that the trend is almost outdated. However, it also proves that most companies fount it comfortable, easy to use, beautiful, and attractive. Hence, using the methods that the leaders in a particular sector apply is fine to get on par with them in the future.

What are they - web design trends 2022?

First, it's important to note that UI design trends 2022 in shouldn't be underestimated. This is one of the main components of mobile applications and web resources, which takes the responsibility for whether the client remains on the portal, whether the application considers it trustworthy, whether it agrees to the deal. Design 2022 should represent and cover all the activities of the organization, conveying its values and motives to a partner or customer, and not just carry the task of selling a product.

3D in the user interface

This trend opens the TOP for a reason. The thing is that I can safely call it the main trend in 2022 in the UI direction. It exists today and will remain in all areas of web design. 3D will replace all interfaces, even those that were previously made using flat structures.

Such a high demand is due to the fact that there are many new and very simple tools that are of interest to webmasters. Their ranks are replenished with interesting chips, and another big plus is that many of them are presented in the free segment. For example, freelancers are happy with Figma. Creating 3D interfaces with it is a piece of cake. You don’t have to puzzle your brain on how to deal with 3D Studio Max and Maya, which really caused a lot of questions from users. With the help of Figma tools, anyone, even a beginner, can create a beautiful 3D script. I also recommend paying attention to Dimensions CC - a good helper in 3D tasks.

An excellent example of a 3D interface is the version of the new Mac from the world famous manufacturer of quality devices Apple. Instead of the old gray shades, 3D icons appeared, and transparent areas next to them. Looks beautiful and stylish, and also in line with the 2022 trend.

User Interface (UI) Design Trends 2022

Harmony of color

One of the most important elements of any design is color. Now there is a trend towards natural and light shades. With the help of color, you can highlight content, strengthen the style of the company, highlight important elements. The circuit should be designed so that everything looks harmonious. UI elements and product surface should be distinct from each other, but at the same time be combined.

In this case, the surface should be understood as cards, components, tiles and canvases. Thus, each element is meant overlaid on top of the main background. Surfaces can have a soft shadow that creates a specific floating effect. The background can be either light gray or white.


A design without animation looks unfinished and static. There are several ways to create it. For example, Javascript. This is an animation and image capture converted to code. The advantage of JSON is that such images weigh several times less than GIFs. It is not at all necessary for them to include full transparency and create a background.

Another way is to use Lottie. An open source library for iOS works. This allows you to create animations that work online.

Animation has many advantages. Firstly, you shouldn't take it as just moving elements. It is the design component that grabs the attention of product visitors. Every object in motion contains a piece of gamification. Today it is a very popular factor among the audience. There is one more thing - with minimal effort, you can accomplish your business objectives.

For example, using microanimation, you can induce the user to take a small step that he forgot or did not even think to take. It's about writing a comment. Also, microanimation will be a great reason to leave a like.

Complex elements of animation are in trend now. But a web designer should not forget that it is very easy to hide an information message behind the movement of objects. It is better to use animation for the good of your business than to miss out on the chance to take the best out of it.

With the help of animation,you can create a successful modern logo that will convey information to the user from the first seconds of his stay on the portal. The "revitalization" trend is popular, and when implementing it, the webmaster should pay attention to texture, light, color and arrangement of elements. Animation can tell a story by making a logo an organic part of a design image.

Illustration of the product and culture of its creator

All web interfaces should be illustrated, finding something similar to works of fine art, but now they are on digital media. This is a great opportunity for artists who don't want to work with stock. Absurd design is in line with the trend. This is a great example of how to approach content creation using illustration in practice.

Illustration is gaining popularity in web design, social media design, and is recognized by various popular brands and fashion houses. This is an excellent solution that allows you to make the resource original, create coziness on it, and the main thing is to attract the audience to yourself. Now the main focus is on depicting unusual people. This solution is called "odd bodies".

User Interface (UI) Design Trends 2022

Quirky characters have a variety of styles and personality, and the audience is interested in watching them, which has a positive effect on the indicators of the portal as a whole.


A convenient design way to display a harmonious picture of the web interface, avoiding the usual solutions and chaos. With the help of asymmetry, a web designer will be able to play with geometric shapes, various elements, 3D rendering, getting an original result at the output. At the same time, it is very important not to lose the edge and understand that people first of all notice only large elements, and only then other information.

User Interface (UI) Design Trends 2022


UI design trends include such a concept as brutalism in its TOP list. It must be said right away that the trend boldly challenges the usual norms of design techniques, giving the master a reason to destroy the established rules, excluding symmetry, overlays, textures, gradients and shadows.

It makes sense to design a site in such a blatantly wrong style, but if the customer is an "ever young" creator, belongs to a youth or is a designer. In general, this group includes all those clients who understand the irony of a brutal decision, and will not perceive it as an unprofessional approach.

For a better understanding, if a resource provides legal services, sells elite furniture, it is inappropriate to apply the trend of brutalism.

Real photos

Naturalness, as mentioned above, enjoys pride of place in the UI. This trend has replaced staged photography. Staging is no longer in vogue, so put Photoshop away and go for natural shots. This technique contributes to the quickest establishment of contact with potential customers. For example, if we are talking about a network that provides customers with the opportunity to buy sushi, then an excellent solution would be to post a photo of a real dish on the portal. Conversion will definitely increase.

Applying real photographs of products in practice, combining them with modern technologies, you can achieve a realistic image on the site, attracting the attention of a potential client and stimulating their desire to place an order.

Spirit of the 90s

May the time of the "wild" 90s be considered uncertain and difficult, but it can make the audience nostalgic for the past. This attracts the attention of old school people. The era of the first Windows PCs that changed everything in the world of web resources and their designs. It is worth paying attention to the style of the 90s in the design of the user interface, because it is a great creative tool. The older generation will consider the design of the site with interest and a smile on their lips, while the younger generation today is drawn to the "vintage" past. New tracks and fashion collections appear in the style of the 90s, so why not take advantage of this trend and get the most out of this trend?

Perhaps, it will be mainstream not only until 2022, but also take a solid position in 2022 UI trends.

User Interface (UI) Design Trends 2022

Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR and AR are not only UI trends, but also represented by a large category, which has its own fashion trends. A large role in their popularity was played by the Covid pandemic, which forced application developers to use augmented reality, squeezing the best out of it. For example, during isolation, it was possible to walk around the museums of the world, looking at valuable exhibits, while the visitors do not even need to get out of their favorite pajamas.

This year and next year, the use of augmented reality in combination with artificial intelligence will be in demand in various fields, from trading to navigation and other areas.

Product functionality and availability

In web design, the functional component will never lose its relevance. It is appropriate along with fast loading of the resource, ease of use, clear interface. All this makes it possible to use the site with benefit and pleasure for the audience. The designer must consider the needs of people with disabilities. This is very important, because they are also active web users.

As practice shows, many modern companies use available resources to make their official websites and applications convenient for all categories of people. The designer's goal is to ensure effective online interaction of the brand with the consumer. In addition, it should not be denied that an understandable and original format for the resource design will be useful for customer service. This will have a positive effect on conversion and will allow the portal to move higher, covering most of the audience.

User Interface (UI) Design Trends 2022

There are several ways to make your website accessible and functional. For this, it is recommended to apply strong color contrasts between the main background and the text content. The webmaster should make focus indicators, for example, a rectangular outline, which will appear the moment the user hovers over the link.

For this purpose, you can also use hints in field forms, different labels, as well as placeholders that do not have precise comments. You can use functional ALT tags for images. They should be understood as alternative texts.

Another technique is to publish easy content on the portal for users’ understanding, but in this case it is not recommended to use slang. The video material will be useful. Internet users prefer to watch this format with particular curiosity, which is beneficial for brand expansion.

Mobile-First concept

Today almost 50 percent of the search queries are done on mobile devices. Today, using a smartphone for booking a trip on holidays, a dinner at a restaurant, viewing tourist marketplaces, etc., is a common thing. It means that a website or an application should look good on the desktop version and be compatible with mobile devices. Web designers appreciate this approach as an efficient instrument for enhancing the clients’ experience. It is worth adapting every product to various platforms

Stay on track

There are a number of approaches in web design that have not gone out of fashion, and, most likely, will always be TOP. The point is that every product should have easy navigation and keep data safe. It is necessary that the pages load quickly on the portal, otherwise even the most patient user will decide to change the site, choosing a more convenient resource for use with similar terms of cooperation.

Fashion trends come and go, and the web designer needs to keep up to date with the latest innovations and styles. This will allow the site to remain in the TOP list and stir the interest of the audience.

One of such trends is the dark background. Quite large corporations, for example, Hublot, resort to it. This solution is found in separate design solutions of Clock Strikes Twelve. A dark background provides great design options. You can make the resource elegant and use other popular web trends. Dark colors with neon and pastel look very nice. Turning to research, we can safely say that dark mode is more economical in terms of resource consumption of the device, it is well received, and can also reduce the negative effects of blue on the eyes.

If we follow this trend, we can conclude that today there are more and more products that have a dark mode in their design. It is more polished, contrasts well with other colors, highlighting design elements against its background. Experts advise adding mode switches from light to dark to an application or website. For example, such a solution is very common in the design of smartphone interfaces, in the resources of Adrian Verde Studio and Johny Vino. This is very convenient, because the user can customize the picture, relying on his preferences, which in turn helps to keep him on the site for a longer time.

User Interface (UI) Design Trends 2022

And, of course, there is no escape from minimalism. This trend direction remains at its peak as before. The web design is based in a minimalistic style on graphic elements, playing with shapes and simple text. You can also use a limited number of colors and free space.

The visual approach is completely excluded, and its main principle is design rigor. All this allows you to create a functional, memorable and simple solution. There are great examples of minimalism in design.

User Interface (UI) Design Trends 2022

Even though it is believed that this direction uses only monochrome and white backgrounds, this opinion is incorrect. Minimalism gained momentum and became vibrant, colorful in web design. You can use block backgrounds, sans serif fonts, a set of elements, albeit small.

The trend will continue to exist for a long time. It is convenient to work with it, the result of its application is present. It is aimed at simplifying the visual perception of the site image, ease of use, functionality. As mentioned in the TOP 10 trends, all this is relevant in 2022. The simpler the interface, the easier it is for a person to use the product. And this should not be forgotten by any web designer.

What is the difference between a good design and a bad design for a website or an application? 

In what case, the user will like the design of a product? What shall the user interface look like to appeal to the client? The answers to these questions are in the following list of distinctive features of a decent user interface.

The balance between beauty and functionality 

This is what are the features of a successful design. The visuals should not conflict with the functionality. If you want to make something distinctive and authentic, think of the use and benefits it will bring. There are super concepts that look posh, but they are often unreal to create. A designer should understand what can be used in an actual application. The design should correlate to the real world, and it should function and bring benefits. 

Perfecting the genuinely helpful details  

The emphasis is not only on shades. The way the user will use the design is what truly makes it extraordinary. It is not only about color and style. An advantageous application interface with a well-designed header and harmonious indents may not look as spectacular, but it will be practical and pleasant to use. If we're just creating a modern and stylish app, it won't be in demand just for this reason. Develop practical applications that will help your audience with their pains. 

Taking into account the needs of the target audience

You need to create a design based on your future user image. A playful style won't work for a financial management app, and a dark mode won't work for an app for kids.

To create fabulous designs, this is a hundred percent important thing: matching design styles and directions to the needs of your potential audience. Everything has to fit the objectives, the mood, the lifestyle of the consumer category. Therefore, before anything is created and a new design is developed, it is necessary to carefully consider who will use a particular app or site, which they will be aimed at.

What to look for in UI design in 2022?

Website designs in 2022 will be vibrant and sophisticated. The design includes interactive elements and 3D shapes. Individuality in style is especially appreciated, you can play with fonts and create unique graphics. Of course, if you make such a web order for the design of the site, you should have much more finances, but this investment will definitely pay off. The audience will appreciate this step, which will bring the expected success to the product owner.

Another important point - bet on filling your resource with the right content. It is important to be able to identify the core of the customer's basic needs and, on its basis, create the UX / UI content structure of the site. For these purposes, well-coordinated work of a copywriter, designer and marketer is important.

The priority in creating mobile versions of portals and applications remains. The thing is that today more than half of users go online from portable devices. It is very important to properly equip this type of resource so that the guest is comfortable with the compressed format.

Merehead does professional development of UI design trends 2022. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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