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Top Bitcoin Conferences 2020

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Featured image for Top Bitcoin Conferences 2020

Today it’s hard to find a person who has never heard the word “Bitcoin”. In addition, most of the world's population knows that this is a cryptocurrency trend and in some way it can replace fiat money. But true connoisseurs understand that thousands of lines of code and as many opportunities are hidden behind Bitcoin. Which ones? What is the likelihood that Bitcoin will become the main method of calculation? Who is involved in the development of cryptocurrency and how? You will find answers to all these questions in one of the conferences, which are indicated below.

The most likely alternative to fiat

Yes, despite all the shortcomings, Bitcoin is still the main competitor for "real money." Why? Because it is most valuable. In fact, there are many more reasons: from distribution options to the subtleties of technology.

Today it is impossible to explain in a nutshell the value of Bitcoin. Over the past 10 years, many changes have taken place in his ecosystem. Today, new strategies have been developed for its further implementation in our lives.

If you want to be one of the first who buys coffee for BTC and does not see anything unusual in it, you need to attend one of the conferences. There you will learn not only about countries in which BTC has long become a common means of payment, but also the technical details of this cryptocurrency that prevent it from developing.

Bitcoin 2020

Site: Bitcoin 2020

Place: San Francisco, California, USA

Date: 27-28 March, 2020

Cost: $349

Bitcoin Conferences Conference

Bitcoin 2019 Conference. Source of the image

The Bitcoin 2020 Conference is a multifaceted group of speakers who have one thing in common: their work shapes the future of Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency can mean different things for each person, but all participants in the Bitcoin 2020 conference pave the way for the development of the world's first cryptocurrency. In 2019, about 2,000 BTC enthusiasts, 100 speakers and 70 companies gathered to find the answer to one question: why does this technology still matter.

Key topics:

  • Bitcoin ecosystem;
  • economy of the future;
  • how Bitcoin has changed us;
  • the value of the Proof of Work protocol;
  • where Bitcoin is most needed.

This conference brings together the most influential Bitcoin experts. In 2020, they will include: Aaron van Wirdum (technical editor of Bitcoin Magazine), Adam Beck (CEO at Blockstream), Charlie Shrem (lead bitcoin podcast) and Marty Malmi (founder of Bitcointalk).

Magical Crypto

Site: Magical Crypto

Place: New York, USA

Date: 9-10 May, 2020

Cost: $0-549

Bitcoin Conferences Magical Crypto

Magical Crypto Conference 2019. Source of the image

Magical Crypto is a fun and carefree conference that anyone who wants to dive into the technical aspects of Bitcoin can attend. Those who make technical decisions and those who influence the development strategy of Bitcoin will unite during these two days to discuss new branches of Bitcoin's life and how to improve it.

Key topics:

  • Bitcoin mining problems;
  • the possibility of increasing throughput;
  • the future of Bitcoin as the main alternative to fiat currency.

This year Magic Crypto will bring together more than 1,500 participants, as well as over 60 speakers, such as Charlie Lee (creator of Litecoin), Samson Mow (CSO at Blockstream), Ricardo Spagni (co-founder of Tari), Adam Back (CEO at Blockstream), Meltem Demirors (CSO at Coinshares) and Max Caydan (CEO at HodlHodl).

MIT Bitcoin Expo

Site: MIT Bitcoin Expo

Place: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Date: 7-8 March, 2020

Cost: $25-300

Bitcoin Conferences Expo

MIT Bitcoin Expo 2019. Source of the image

Last year was the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin, which has been dedicated to many different events. One of these was the MIT Bitcoin Expo conference, which brought together a lot of participants, from students to leaders. Now we are waiting for the 7th exhibition, where you can learn much more about new ways to develop Bitcoin and implement the technologies associated with it.

Key topics:

  • optimization of security protocols;
  • creating a clean and coherent experience;
  • providing fast and uninterrupted communication;
  • development of new standards.

By visiting the MIT Bitcoin Expo 2020, you can delve into the research of scientific experts and heads of various companies. Among them are Robleh Ali (MIT DCI Researcher), Ria Butoria (Fidelity Digital Assets Research Director), John Carvalho (CCO at Bitrefill) and many others.

The Bitcoin Reformation

Site: The Bitcoin Reformation

Place: Antwerp, Belgium

Date: 25-26 April, 2020

Cost: €180-320

Bitcoin Conferences Reformation

The Bitcoin Reformation (teaser). Source of the image

This year, a new conference is launched for the first time, exclusively related to Bitcoin. Why reformation? Because today, Bitcoin has reached a point at which serious changes need to be made so that it remains the first. Either development will begin right now, or this cryptocurrency will remain in history and no more.

Key topics:

Despite the fact that the conference will be held for the first time, more than 400 participants have already registered for it. It provides for more than 20 sessions, in which over 30 speakers will discuss the future of cryptocurrency conference. Among the speakers will be: Jimmy Song (developer of the Bitcoin team), Bruno Colmant (CEO of Bank Degroof Petercam), Jan Vergote (Head of Investment Strategy in Belfius) and others.

BitBlockBoom Bitcoin Conference

Site: BitBlockBoom

Place: Dallas, Texas, USA

Date: 29-30 August, 2020

Cost: $304-450

Bitcoin Conferences BitBlockBoom

BitBlockBoom 2019. Source of the image

BitBlockBoom is only 3 years old, but during this time the conference has become very popular among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It is gaining momentum thanks to its laid-back atmosphere and a positive outlook on the development of Bitcoin. BitBlockBoom is your chance to find out exactly how the Bitcoin team can achieve unprecedented results and raise cryptocurrency to a new level.

Key topics:

  • Bitcoin development strategies;
  • unchanged 1st place for BTC;
  • approaches to solving technical problems.

Various speakers, from developers to trainers and leading podcasts, will perform at BitBlockBoom 2020. Among them are Trace Meyer (leading Bitcoin Knowledge), Morgen Roshard (financial trainer), Nick Bhatia (investment manager), Michael Goldstein (developer at Satoshi Nakamoto Institute) and others.

Understanding Bitcoin Conference

Site: UnderstandingBTC

Place: The Western Dragonara, Malta

Date: 28-31 May, 2020

Cost: will be announced later

Bitcoin Conferences Understanding

Understanding Bitcoin 2019. Source of the image

The Understanding Bitcoin conference is organized with a focus on non-technical professionals who want to understand how digital money works. The idea of the organizers is that not everyone has the skills to independently understand the concept of Bitcoin. But cryptocurrency is getting closer to becoming an alternative to fiat money. Therefore, today it is necessary to educate society on the basics of BTC.

Key topics:

Understanding Bitcoin 2020 speakers will include Francis Poliot (CEO of BullBitcoin), Alex Petrov (CIO Bitfury), Marek Palatinus (senior developer at Satoshi Labs), Adam Fixor (Software Artist at Wasabi Wallet), Lawrence Nachum (founder of GreenAddress) and many others.


Site: CoinFestUK

Place: Manchester, UK

Дата: 3-5 April, 2020

Cost: easy access free, VIP tickets 0 to $5372 (20 ETH)

Bitcoin Conferences CoinFestUK

CoinfestUK 2019. Source of the image

CoinFestUK is one of the few free events dedicated to Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies. The event develops thanks to large sponsorship investments. Ask - why invest in such conferences? Here investors find interesting startups and help them grow, which ultimately should develop the ecosystem.

Key topics:

  • basic data about the Bitcoin system;
  • how the blockchain works;
  • smart contracts and bitcoin.

List of speakers CoinFestUK 2020 is still not announced. Nevertheless, this conference is a chance to make new acquaintances, to understand the details of the ecosystem and to begin to improve Bitcoin yourself.

Blockchain Africa Conference

Site: Blockchain Africa

Place: Johannesburg, South Africa

Date: 11-12 March, 2020

Cost: $170-285

Bitcoin Conferences Africa

Blockchain Africa 2019. Source of the image

Since 2015, Blockchain Africa has been gathering an ever-growing audience. Today this event has become one of the best in the world, thanks to which it gathers more leaders and conveys more valuable experience. In previous conferences, more than 30 countries, about 2,000 delegates and 135 speakers have already taken part in total. At this conference, you can learn about the upcoming hype and see the potential of Blockchain technology, as well as Bitcoin, live.

Key topics:

  • decentralization of finance with BTC;
  • trading on bitcoins;
  • international payments;
  • implementation of blockchain in various fields of activity.

This year, the conference will have more than 30 countries and exhibition places, as well as over 30 speakers, including Tony Weiss (BTC trader and consultant), Chris Becker (Blockchain Lead at Investec Private Banking), Carmel Cadet (founder and CEO at EMTECH) and many others.

Portland Bitcoin

Site: Portland Bitcoin

Place: Portland, Oregon, USA

Date: 3 May, 2020

Cost: $15-20

Bitcoin Conferences Portland

Portland Bitcoin Conference 2019. Source of the image

The Portland Conference is a small community event focused on educational seminars and presentations. The conference can be attended by any enthusiast, from beginners to technical experts, since there is a very wide range of topics. The organizers goal is to make the conference more accessible and informative for anyone who wants to know more about Bitcoin..

Key topics:

  • Bitcoin basis;
  • work with wallets;
  • security with Bitcoin;
  • principles of the Lightning Network;
  • mining concept.

The last thing everyone is waiting for about Portland Bitcoin Conference 2020 is speaker information. As shown last year, it may not be available for a very long time. Nevertheless, if you lack the fundamental knowledge about Bitcoin, this event is just for you.

Value of Bitcoin

Site: Value of Bitcoin

Place: Munich, Germany

Date: 2-3 June, 2020

Cost: €450-1400

Bitcoin Conferences Value

Value of Bitcoin conference 2019. Source of the image

VoB is a platform that brings together researchers, investors, bankers, regulators and journalists from around the world to discuss issues related to the current value of Bitcoin. The organizers mission is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the Bitcoin network and make a decision on the further use of this cryptocurrency.

Key topics:

  • how to properly evaluate Bitcoin;
  • whether BTC will be an independent global reserve currency;
  • the only alternative to central banks;
  • how is Bitcoin different from Libra and digital money of a bank;
  • BTC loan options.

Today the list of speakers has not yet been announced: it is only known that there are 50 confirmed speakers. Nevertheless, the event promises to be bright, as last year the following speakers spoke on VoB: Cyfedean Amos (author of The Bitcoin Standard), Christopher Wolet (former vice president of the Federal Reserve of St. Louis), Torsten Pollayt (Chief Economist in Deggussa) and other.

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