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Best Crypto (Cryptocurrency) Conferences 2020

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Featured image for Best Crypto (Cryptocurrency) Conferences 2020

Every day hundreds of ideas for a startup are born, new ICO, STO, CTO and other similar projects are launched. Some companies are solving the problems of a distributed registry, while others are looking for ways to regulate cryptocurrencies and their recognition around the world. On the network, such information is practically unavailable. But at the summits you can find out everything to the smallest detail. The best cryptocurrency conferences of 2020 are presented in the list below. Mark the dates on the calendar.


A new era or how to understand cryptocurrencies

The first cryptocurrency appeared more than 10 years ago. Relatively recently, this market began to quickly gain popularity. Despite the fact that a lot of information about cryptocurrencies and blockchain is spread, most people still do not know why these technologies are needed and how they function.

Cryptocurrency conferences are becoming increasingly popular for one reason: this market is reaching its goal of being a full-fledged alternative to fiat money. If you are ready to enter a new era - then one of the conferences you just need.



Place: New York, USA

Date: 20 February, 2020

Cost: $130-870 (can be paid in ETH)

Crypto Conferences NFT.NYC

NFT.NYC 2019. Source of the image

NFT.NYC is the world's leading non-replaceable token event. In 2019, it brought together about 400 participants and over 60 speakers to Time Square to address issues that affect the NFT ecosystem. During the conference, various experts will present the world with options for using these tokens, as well as their impact on consumer experience.

Key topics:

  • facilitation of consumer marketing through NFT;
  • NFT compatibility with the gaming industry;
  • NFT regulation.

This year, more than 500 participants are registered, as well as more than 80 speakers, including Alex Atalah (CTO in OpenSea), David Moore (CEO and co-founder of KnownOrigin), Lewis Cohen (co-founder of DLx Law), Lou Kerner (co-founder of CryptoOracle) and others.

CoinGeek Conference

Site: Coingeek Conference

Place: London, Great Britain

Date: 20-21 February, 2020

Cost: £300-400 (can be paid in Bitcoin SV)

Crypto Conferences Coingeek

Coingeek Toronto. Source of the image

CoinGeek 2020 is an event that will primarily focus on events related to Bitcoin SV. The task of the organizers is to talk about this technology as one that today is one of the best for scaling and regulation. The conference will be attended by some of the main branches associated with this project - nChain and BSV Node.

Key topics:

  • Bitcoin SV: a new dawn;
  • BSV network scaling test results;
  • BSV developer initiatives;
  • use of BSV in business;
  • tokenized financial system with BSV.

All these questions and even more will be revealed by speakers such as Dr. Craig S. Wright (nChain Principal Research Fellow), Jimmy Nguyen (nChain Strategic Council Chair), Adam Kling (Founder and CEO at Kronoverse), Alex Agut (Founder and CEO at Handcash).

Paris Blockchain Week Summit

Site: Paris Blockchain Week Summit

Place: Paris, France

Date: 31 March – 1 April, 2020

Cost: €245-1190

Crypto Conferences Paris

Paris Blockchain Week Summit 2019

PBWS is one of the largest blockchain and cryptocurrency events in Europe. This year it is expected to bring together more than 2,500 participants and 100 media partners. In addition, PBWS 2020 already has more than 60 sponsors, which guarantees an interesting exhibition and a high level of event.

Key topics:

  • proper decentralization of government;
  • legal regulation of cryptocurrency;
  • struggle with the use of cryptocurrency for illegal operations.

Also, there are already 130 confirmed speakers at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit 2020. Among them are Juta Steiner (founder and CEO at Parity Technologies), Ryan Selkis (co-founder and CEO at Messari), Paul Brodsky (partner at Pantera Capital) and many others.

Anon Summit

Site: Anon Summit

Place: Vienna, Austria

Date: 15-16 April, 2020

Cost: €250-1000

Crypto Conferences Anon

ANON Summit 2019. Source of the image

ANON is gradually becoming one of the most popular events for cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world. It covers not only the issues of cryptocurrencies themselves, but also their connection with artificial intelligence and the Internet of things. During ANON 2019, participants not only listened to several performances, but learned how and why cryptocurrencies really become an alternative.

Key topics:

  • new cryptoplatforms;
  • problems of supporting cryptocurrencies;
  • guarantee the existence of the cryptocurrency market.

About the details of the crypto world and its connection with other modern technologies will told: Andreas Antonopolus (author of Mastering Bitcoin), Eric Demut (co-founder and CEO at Bitpanda), Lily Zhao (director of NEO), Martha Pekarska (director of the Hyperledger ecosystem) and others.

IEEE international conference on blockchain and cryptocurrency

Site: IEEE conference

Place: Toronto, Canada

Date: 3-6 May, 2020

Cost: $300-600

Crypto Conferences IEEE


IEEE holds dozens of events annually, but the blockchain and cryptocurrency conference will be only the second. But this does not mean that you can skip it, because IEEE ICBC will have teams from leading cryptocurrency projects. For example, last year a team of IOTA executives spoke about their research. In addition, reports of other experts, scientific manuals on cryptocurrencies and presentations of scientific articles will be presented.

The organizers are still preparing the program of the event and approving the list of speakers, therefore there is no detailed information. The keynote speakers at the last conference were: Seong Yu Kang (president of Korea Post), Sachiko Yoshimama (senior manager of IBM Research) and Grigore Rosu (professor of computer studies at the University of Illinois).

Ethereal Summit

Site: Ethereal Summit

Place: New York, USA

Date: 8-9 May, 2020

Cost: $550-600 (can be paid in ETH and BTC)

Crypto Conferences Ethereal

Ethereal Summit 2018. Source of the image

Ethereal Summit is considered by many as an event for true connoisseurs of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The purpose of the conference is to bring together leading developers, company executives and influential people so that together they shape the future of this industry. The Ethereal Summit discusses the elimination of any problems that may arise during the implementation of cryptocurrencies as fixed assets.

Key topics:

  • new security protocols;
  • secure business transactions;
  • increased privacy with Ethereum;
  • launch of secure voting systems;
  • Mobile-first payment systems;
  • banking and cryptocurrencies.

This year, more than 100 speakers will speak at the Ethereal Summit, including Joseph Lubin (founder and CEO at Consensys, co-founder of Ethereum), Taylor Monahan (founder and CEO at MyCrypto), Robert Leshner (founder and CEO at Compound), as well as many other executives and industry experts.


Site: Consensus 2020

Place: New York, USA

Date: 11-13 May, 2020

Cost: $699-1999

Crypto Conferences Consensus

Consensus 2019

Consensus is a well-known conference that was first held in 2015. Today it is one of the main events for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Some call Consensus the event of the year, as it attracts almost every major company, developer and investor related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The event will be an ideal venue for meetings between entrepreneurs, startup owners, and Wall Street and Fortune 500 executives.

Key topics:

  • position of cryptocurrencies in the market;
  • realization of the potential of cryptocurrencies in business;
  • increasing transparency in the use of cryptocurrencies;
  • next generation training.

By visiting the Consensus 2020, you can meet and hear from the stage experts such as Aidan Himan (co-founder and CEO of ChainSafe Systems), Alex Van de Sande (founder of UniLogin), Arif Khan (CEO of Alethea AI), Bobby Cho (president of CMS Holdings) and many others.

Crypto Valley Conference

Site: Crypto Valley Conference 2020

Place: Rothkreuz, Switzerland

Date: 11-12 June, 2020

Cost: $152-712

Crypto Conferences Valley

CryptoValley 2019. Source of the image

In 2020, Crypto Valley will hold the 3rd consecutive conference that will bring together a lot of discussions on the topic of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Here you can meet simple crypto enthusiasts who offer extraordinary solutions to improve the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Key topics:

  • the academic aspect of cryptocurrency technologies;
  • interaction of cryptocurrency companies;
  • cooperation of cryptocurrency companies with government organizations;
  • regulation and security in the cryptosphere.

Crypto Valley 2020 is more than 700 participants, 100 investors, over 200 companies, as well as more than 50 speakers. The list of speakers has not yet been announced. Speakers at the Crypto Valley last year were: Emmanuel Gann (International Trade Expert, Senior Analyst, World Trade Organization), Heather Flannery (Global Lead at Consensys Health) and Dr. Thomas Mauser (Member of the Board of Directors of Swiss National Bank).

Mining Disrupt

Site: Mining Disrupt

Place: Miami, Florida, USA

Date: 22-23 July, 2020

Cost: $399

Crypto Conferences Mining

Mining Disrupt 2019.Source of the image

Mining Disrupt at first glance may seem like a small event. In fact, this is one of the largest cryptocurrency conferences. Its peculiarity is that the lion's share of attention is paid to mining. So, many famous mining pools and developers of mining equipment take part in it, new technologies for cryptocurrency mining are presented.

Key topics:

  • selection of cryptocurrencies available for mining;
  • the problem of increasing the complexity of mining;
  • protection against attacks 51%;
  • reduction of mining reSource of the image consumption.

As part of the Mining Disrupt 2020, more than 1000 experts will present their ideas, and about 100 speakers will appear on the stage, among them: Irene Gao (international sales manager at Bitmain), David Vorik (CEO and co-founder of Obelisk ASIC), Navdeep Garg (technical director of BitTorrent ) and Phillip Salter (Head of Mining Operations in Genesis Mining).

Crypto Invest Summit

Site: Crypto Invest Summit

Place: Los Angeles, California, USA

Date: 6-7 October, 2020

Cost: $100-499

Crypto Conferences Summit

Crypto Invest Summit 2018. Source of the image

This event is considered one of the leading cryptocurrency conferences in the world, which is dedicated to a separate niche - investing in the cryptocurrency business and blockchain. It should be noted that more and more leaders and innovators are taking part in it. If you have questions about launching and developing your project, you need to solve some problem or just need investments - Crypto Invest Summit will be the best solution.

Key topics:

  • a new era of blockchain technology conferences;
  • correct focus on investors;
  • which blockchain niches are most popular today;
  • the state of the blockchain market at the end of 2019.

More than 3000 participants and over 500 investors have already registered at Crypto Invest Summit. In addition, there will be 2 separate scenes, which will feature over 120 speakers. Among the speakers this year were: Yali Harari (cofounder and CEO at Innovesta), Adam Draper (founder and managing director of Boost VC), John Pakulis (CEO at Giftz), David Bleznak (founder and CEO at Totle) and many others.

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