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Top 7 Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

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Featured image for Top 7 Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

The IT sector is continuing its fast development, which demands more talent, that wants to work on a variety of jobs and bound the life with the programming world. To succeed in this field, you will need to have special knowledge and unique skills. In the IT industry you will need to keep an eye for different courses, and know some top programming languages in 2022.

If the developers want to be in demand in their professional sector they will need to spend some time and check the top programming languages 2021, also they will need to learn the basics that were underpraised in the past. It will help them reach new summits in the career, which leads to a bigger income in the future.

Top 7 programming languages

While making this rating I used different analytics and did a lot of research concerning the popularity of a programming language based on its usage. This data was collected by services, specially designed for it, but each one has its own algorithm. For example, the number of mentions in search engines and forums, or the quantity of projects created by using it. Anyway, you can not point out one language, which will be the most popular, because it is just impossible. However, by analyzing my data, I have made a conclusion that there are 7 best programming language in 2022, which are in demand. The task for the readers is simplified now, all they need to do is just go through the information I have analyzed.


Top 7 Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

Python language symbol. Source.

The very first time we heard about python as a programming language was in 1991. It is simple, but can’t boast its productivity. Let me explain what I mean.

The language is simple, but a beginner will encounter some peculiarities. However, there is still nothing too bad about it. To solve problems, you get the solutions right from the developers of the language. Oftentimes, Python is recommended for those, who have just started making their way in IT. That is why you can find it in a variety of courses for programmers. Everything is intuitive and simple enough.

In terms of productivity, it is worse than the other languages in this list. It is not for nothing that Python is called «slow». There are some tasks that Python simply can’t handle. Still, it is not all that bad. There are also cases when Python is not any worse than the other top programming languages.

Python is renowned in scientific sector:

The specialists use it for system administration more frequently than the other languages. Python is also very compatible with simple utilities.

The programming language is simple, but you still can find some better alternatives. Python is used more often as an addition or a replacement in the projects by the developers. In general, it is still nice to learn in 2022, but I’d recommend proceeding with learning another one too, elsewise you will not be able to do a range of tasks.


Top 7 Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

C and C ++ symbol. Source.

This one is called an oldie within the programming languages. It is used by people who continue to work on Microsoft and Windows. Also, it is a perfect solution for video games developers, it can be used for applications, and it works with Unity 3D too. Many changes were brought to it over the years, but it is still in demand. There are two versions C++ and C, the difference between them is 13 years. Why should a programmer learn them? Because these languages had an impact on the ones that are used today. It is obvious that both languages have overcome a lot of changes, but they still spread the message of their creators.

In 1972, when the C was created, PC had a narrow usage, this is why the language was needed improvement. Programmers had to find a new approach and save the resources. At that time programming was about the physical functioning of a personal computer. Now everything has changed.

C and C++ are well known for being the languages that get the most out of the computers. This is exactly when they are used. For instance, in game software development.

It is necessary to learn the Cs, because it will lead the specialists to a better understanding of how the PCs and coding work in general. The knowledge is extremely useful. It is true that searching for an easy solution is not an option. The deeper you dive into the topic, the better is the outcome.


Top 7 Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

Java symbol. Source. 

There was quite a long period when Java was the most popular programming language. It was so attractive for the developers because of the cross-platform option. The compatibility with other operating systems and hardware systems is also great. Its creators made a substantial contribution, by using the arrangement and performance of the main code on different platforms. However, there are some drawbacks. Java has a complicated code, and you will not call it a beautiful one too.

However, it is still good to know it. The programmers that use it are well paid. Their income according to the data about salaries in the capital Russian Federation is around 140000-167000 RUB per month.  

The specialists use it to work on web development, virtual applications for mobile phones and desktop devices. It has been popular since 1995 — the year of its development. Mainly it is used in backend development. Some people believe that Java is too old now, and it must be replaced, but anyway it is worth learning. About 2 decades people have said that Java is going to die, but it is still used a lot.

And one more thing to be mentioned, Java is often confused with JavaScript. It is the next in our list, and I will tell you more about, so you will have a more profound understanding.


Top 7 Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

Javascript symbol. Source. 

JavaScript is one of the Top 7 languages in 2022. It is designed for front-end development. JS is simple and easy to learn, these are the main features. However, you will need to know how to deal with frameworks and the infrastructure to use it. Also, you will need to be ready to accept the constant improvements, because some specialists believe that JS logics have some weak points which are being fixed with time.  In the past, there were a lot of weak points, but until 2020 many of them were fixed, and now the developers get less and fewer complaints.

JavaScript can make the website more interactive, it can add pop-up windows and simple arcades. It was developed in 1995, and now the salary of the people who use it in Moscow is approximately 98000 per month.


Top 7 Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

Swift symbol. Source.

It has been in use since 2014. Mostly for developing applications for IOS. The language is quite new, but definitely should be given attention. The features are open source code and simple syntax. And a great advantage is the superb integration with Objective-C. Also, Swift is used on FlappyBird, Mozilla Firefox and WordPress.

I would like to emphasize that it became popular fast enough. It is an unusual case. This may be because of Apple, who developed the IOS platform and now introduces new improvements. However, learning Swift as a main language is a bad idea. It works only on IOS, but there are more Android devices, so it is better to know how to code for both platforms.


Top 7 Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

MATLAB symbol. Source. 

This programming language was developed by the dean of the faculty of computer science for New-Mexico. His name is Cleve Moler. He introduced MATLAB at the end of 70th. In 1984, when Steve Bangert joined the project, a new version of it was released. This language was designed for making control systems, but then it became popular in the next fields:
  • Science;
  • Engineering;
  • Exact science teaching. 
Today, it is a powerful instrument for statistical analysis. The scientists and engineers use it in various industrial sectors, to process data. You can make algorithms, review the outcome of the studies and process images. You should not have difficulties with learning it. Very often, you can hear that it is more simple than the others.


Top 7 Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

Kotlin symbol. Source.

The Kotlin developer was a company called JetBrains, which is based in Saint Petersburg. The language is quite young, it was made in 2011. It is compatible with Java, which allows switching projects from one language to another. The developers use this feature very often, so they do not need to rewrite the code, all they need to do is to use Kotlin. The specialists, who used Java in the past, often choose Kotlin, because it seems more sophisticated and modern. You can see this language in a variety of sectors. It is used for making Android applications mostly. In the past people used Java for it. To succeed and grow as an IT specialist you will need to know both Kotlin and Java.

What language to choose in 2022?

When you want to choose the best instrument, and you are planning to invest your effort and time in success, you will need to know what is the most popular language among programmers. Also, you will need to understand what is well paid and what is not, so you will not spend your resources on something insignificant. Both, the beginners and professionals hit these obstacles, while trying to chase the market and the changes.

The best choice is a language that supports a popular platform. For example, Java, which is popular because Android is popular. Taking the general analysis into account, I would recommend choosing Java, and if you search for future prospects learn Python too. If you are rather a conservative person than Java, JS and C++ would be a perfect fit for you.

Each language in this list is a popular one. Do not stop learning only one.
As it often happens, the programmers need to combine the languages, or to substitute them, without changing the code.

In general, when making a choice, it is more correct to choose a platform, not a language. For most people, the main criteria for selecting a programming language to learn are the following.

Market demand 

It is determined by dividing the total number of vacancies by the total number of resumes. High demand leads to increased supply. Vacancy trends will persist for several years. Conclusion: when estimating the "number of vacancies," don't forget to look at competition and damping. Pay attention to trends. A new "hot" framework can "cool down" while you're researching it. And once you hit the job market, your skills will no longer be relevant.

Total number of vacancies 

Competition in the marketplace determines the difficulty of getting a job. However, you must also consider the problem of potentially changing your company. You have taken a rare, high-paying job as a robot badger programming consultant. What happens if your company decides to downsize? The market is very small-your ex-company has only one competitor that doesn't need new consultants right now. Will you wait several years for a suitable vacancy, or will you change occupation? And you have invested a lot of effort in this area.

Conclusion: Avoid unpopular sectors if you don`t know for sure what you want to do.

Work format 

You have decided that you want to work in Enterprise. Remotely. Good luck to you, because there is no such combination. The reality is that businesses don't like working remotely. Traditional work and management formats are changing very slowly. The Enterprise Development Manager wants to see the back of your head. All long eight hours of work.

"- Java, part-time? - No, I haven't heard."

Conclusion: The desired format of work must correspond to reality. Unless you are willing to "fight the system" your entire career and complain about forums about the "lawlessness of fortune".

The market age

The older the market, the less attractive it is for beginners. All recruitment topics are filled with beginners who have learned the Java Junior pro forma and find that they can't find a job. To get a job, you have to have experience. And to have experience, you have to work. It's a vicious circle. While talented Junior JSs are "selling like hotcakes." But it won't last forever either.

Conclusion: avoid established markets if you don't understand precisely how you're looking for a job.


The difference between the extremes is not that big. Yes, the salary ceiling is lower in some areas than in others. But there is always room to change the position. Decorator→Animation Designer. And the top has gone up another 100%.

Conclusion: I would not dwell on this factor. All beginners are not paid very much. All professionals get paid a lot. This is all you need to know at the time of choosing a programming language to learn.

Opportunity for self-improvement

For the first language, this criterion is irrelevant. "Mindlessly following public opinion" would be the right thing to do. And almost all major languages have their shortcomings. The community simply finds its solutions to this problem. With experience, evaluation factors inevitably change. The language itself loses importance while the ecosystem comes to the front.

Of course, the possibility of self-improvement should not be related to the quality of language. But they are related nonetheless. A poor quality language with many flaws limits the possibilities. A good one makes you smarter, forcing you to develop or move up the career ladder. In the long run, the quality of a programming language is determined by its flexibility and ability to be used in a wide variety of applications.

Suppose the question is the choice in connection with the need to perform a project. In that case, you need to choose a programming language directly for a specific project and consider other parameters.

In software development, if we need to choose a language for a project, we need to ask ourselves several questions before making any decision. For example, what kind of project it is, the application’s scalability, the expected complexity, the development budget, the creation timeframe, the required security, the available resources, etc. The project team always wants to create such an application to stay on the client's good side in the long run, so the choice of language and platform should be approached as responsibly as possible. Here are a few quick recommendations on how to do it:

  1. Choosing a language for a project in the enterprise IT sector is one of the most prominent challenges managers struggle with. The most important thing you should consider when choosing programming languages is the ecosystem, the community, and the availability of professional programmers who can implement the project in the selected format.
  2. Many developers mistake choosing programming languages just because they are more popular, trendy, and relaxed. If you decide Lisp for a project just because it is an immaculate and beautiful, functional language, it will later become apparent that this was the wrong decision.
  3. The programming language for the project should be based on the needs of your business, not just on its characteristics and advantages.
  4. If you are a technical manager, the first thing you need to do is pay attention to all the project components. You need to know all the details for a better overview, and this will help you choose a specific programming language. A good summary at the beginning of your project enables you to select a reasonable programming language, leading to less time spent maintaining the project, scaling it up, and securing the project later.
There is no best language for any software. Some languages and frameworks are better suited for specific projects than others.

How to understand what is the most popular programming language?

To be fair, it is hard to say what is the most popular language for developing applications and making websites. One language might require too much time, the other has more codes written, and the next one is used for research purposes. In this case, popularity is quite controversial.

There are languages which are used for certain tasks, and nothing more. For example, if you need to program a system, you will use C, and the others to develop software.

Today, there are some criteria, which evaluate the demand of a language. For example:

  • The number of the job offers, which require some experience;
  • The number of manuals and books about a certain language sold;
  • The number of written code lines;
  • The number of searches over the internet.  
It is also important to keep in mind that, according to these criteria, you can’t speak about the level of the language in technical aspects and resource optimization, while using it. For instance, there is a language called Cobol. Actually it is one of the leaders in the number of code lines written in accordance with the typical scheme for the language. But this language requires too many resources, because it is hardly adaptable. And it is true, if you compare it with other options on a short term basis. The variances in the technical standards are a result of the way this language was made, actually no IT experts were involved in the creation of it.

Learning a programming language in 2022 guide

You will need to search for new technologies, and use the knowledge on practical tasks. Sometimes, you will need to do it before you have understood all the features of a language, but do not worry. First, find a couple of video lessons to understand how a project is created. Start with small things.

You can’t do that without special literature too. Take into consideration the books where each line of code has a description. Try to reproduce the same project and don’t hesitate to practice after learning theory.

If you have a video guide to the lesson, you will get a better understanding of the topic. And if you have questions during the class, note them down and later on try to find the answers.

Usually, the courses have a very similar structure. And right after the first day of learning you will do some practice. You will complete your own project. By the way, practical knowledge has a much bigger value than theory.

Dive deeper in the topic by trying to give your own examples of similar code. It is also a good idea to come back to the materials already learned to refresh the knowledge in your mind.  Do not be afraid of your weak points. Once you find out about them, do everything to understand why's and how's. This is the fastest way to learn the language. At the very beginning you might not see everything, but with time everything will change. Just take your time while learning and never let your hands down.

You will need to learn a couple of languages, not only one. After you finish the course you will have some understanding on the topic. Then you might start your own projects. Unless you practice and use your knowledge, you won’t be able to understand the language completely.

Merehead does professional development of programming languages to learn 2022. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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