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How to Make a Real Estate Website Development and How Much It Will Cost

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You want to start your own business(for example, as a Turo application) in the real estate industry. Prepare for a big competition. Although, I think you understand this well. Before real estate website development, you need to clearly understand that this is your investment. A quality website will generate leads and bring an additional profit. In this article, we will analyze how much does it cost a budget site and how much money you need to pay to develop a real estate website that will bring good dividends. In the last article, we already wrote how much it costs to develop a website for the restaurant.

Let's see what are the main components of real estate development.
1.Content Create
2.Web Design (trends)
5.Support and Maintenance

Content Create for Real Estate Website

Many companies are blogging and publishing news. Is it good or bad? There are different points of view, but certainly, sites that publish content get more leads and prospects consequently clients. Why is this happening? The answer is simple, like all ingenious. Your readers understand and feel your experience through articles. The articles show your qualifications and your expertise.

I think you often hear the same questions. Which house is best to choose? In what area is it better to live? What should I look for before buying a house? Help people and you will see how they will become your customers. Read this article, as Marcus Sheridan built a multi-million dollar business using a blog.
Most interesting, this approach doesn't require additional costs. You can write interesting articles yourself, and you will see how your traffic grows every day.

I also recommend using a new approach, the so-called storytelling. It is still very young but many companies are realizing its power. Through storytelling you literally enter the user into your environment, he feels it. The stories that we read in books now help to grow your business.

Web Design for Real Estate IDX Website

Web site design, this is what the visitor sees in the first seconds of the visit. This is the first impression. Beautiful and professional design inspires confidence and enhances the image of the company. When a user opens a quality site and a clean design, he understands that this company values its brand and quality.

It is possible to go the second way and order a template design. Some mockups look beautiful, but they are faceless. Do not be surprised if visitors do not remember your company. Perhaps they saw exactly the same design in another company. If you want to really stand out among the competitors and get additional customers, then use only professional services.

How much will it cost to develop a unique design for a real estate site? The cost of developing one mockup will be from $50 to $200. Most of the time requires a homepage. Here its cost will be about $100 - $200. Other pages will cost from $50 to $100.

If you decide to use the template, in this case the cost will be $60-80. But in some cases, it will require some minor changes in the design, and this can lead to an additional $50-100 bill.

How Much Does Real Estate Website Cost


Coding takes most of the time and requires more money. The size of this module depends on the functions that you want to implement. In the case of developing a small business website of the company with a minimum set of functions, it is best to use the CMS Wordpress. It will enable you to add and edit content/images, create new pages, add new articles. This is an excellent solution for small sites. The cost of developing such a site will be between $500 to $1,500. Additional functions can significantly increase the website cost of development.

If you decide to make a real estate website, something like the Zillow.com, then the cost of development will be between $8,000 to $25,000. In this case, powerful frameworks will be used. We prefer Laravel, based on PHP. It has a high level of security and high performance. The most optimal way to create awesome real estate IDX website for affordable price and high quality.

How to make a real estate website

Support and Maintenance Real-Estate (IDX) Website

Every web development and web design company has its own hourly rate. For example, in the US, prices range from $80 to $200 per hour of work, in Eastern Europe - $20 - $40 per hour. Thus, you can significantly save on support, especially if you have serious plans to improve or update the current project.

Lead-generation for Real-Estate Website

As you know, sales are the key to the development of every business. A professional real estate website can attract potential customers, but first of all you need to get traffic. There are two types of traffic attraction: paid and free.

Paid are the following:
1. Digital Marketing.
2. PPC (Pay-per-click) Google AdWords. The average cost of the click will cost $2- $5 (Real Estate industry)

Real estate website cost

3. Facebook ads. The average cost of the click will cost $0.5- $2.
4. SEO. It takes 3 to 6 months to get the first results. The cost: $500-$2000 per month.

In our experience, Facebook advertising has the highest efficiency. It is very important to correctly set the target audience. But you can get much more with organic SEO in a long-term.

So, let`s check free options:
1. Subscription Forms and Email Marketing campaigns
2. Capturing Leads forms
3. Property cost calculator. Less than 5% of all companies use calculators, and this already implies your huge advantage over them, so why not try it out?
4. Intuitive design. Allows your users to easily find information and consequently swim through all phases of conversion stages.


As you can see, real estate websites development can have very different prices. The simplest site with a template design can be made for $300- $500. In this case, you will have several pages with a contact form. Well suited if you do not have a budget for web development. The cost of a professional website that can bring you customers start from $1000 and depends more on the number of functions you want to implement. We at Merehead combining both lead-generation options for real estate site to help you and your company you take a big leap ahead of your competitors.

Merehead does professional development of Real Estate Website. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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