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How to Create Modern Design for Your Website?

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Yuri Musienko
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Do you know that new websites are popping up every year with a new style? Technology, trends, medium are involved in the progress. And you need to follow the new styles and update your website.

You can use it to make the website to be modern, and close to the features that might not fit every website, but for sure make yours to pop up. Here are few advices that might be helpful for you:

Make sure your designs are fully responsive

Responsive design might seem to be complicated, especially if you’re accustomed to the old fashioned graphic design standards. Also pay your attention that more and more people use mobile phones, tablets so you do need to be sure that it could be usable with any type of device. Mobile firstly was in trends last year but it is still important web design trends 2020.

Most companies have a particular font or typography they use to help their customers immediately identify them versus competitors.

Optimize your website for minimal load time

Of course, connection speed becomes faster and faster every year. High speed influences on bounce rate, landing page conversion rates and even your website’s SEO.

Make sure each page has its own call to action

This means your homepage should direct visitors to the right part of your website for their needs, your lead capture page should generate sale leads, and your help page should serve your users in the right way. In our services we build business website for small and medium companies. Check how much does restaurant website cost.

Hamburger Menus

The advantage of this kind of menu is that it can take the visitor directly to where they want to go. However, the disadvantage is that they generally take up a ton of valuable screen space.

What are other important design elements to incorporate into your website? Please share your ideas with us and it will be our pleasure to bring them to life.

Merehead does professional development of modern design. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.
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Yuri Musienko
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Merehead is a leading design agency

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