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How to Choose The Best Web Design Agency/Professional Development Company

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It is not easy to choose a professional web design company. It is also not easy to choose a company for software development. For example 60,000 IT companies operate only in the US. There are many professional teams among them, and at the same time, guys who make poor quality projects also exist. So how to choose web application development company? First of all, we need to determine the main criteria for an ideal company. I've managed to set up the following points:
1. High quality of development.
2. Meeting deadlines.
3. Clear budget.
4. Reasonable Price.
5. Strong communication.
6. Guarantees.

Let's analyze each item and determine which questions are necessary to ask the best web design company in order to determine the ideal partner for your new business website.

High quality of development

Would you like to check professional level of website development company? It is quite easy. Let’s start with checking its portfolio. Pay attention to previous works design. They should be looking modern and stylish. Then get into contact with company representatives and ask to send a list of the biggest sites that the team has performed. It would be great if there are projects with high visiting rate. It is a proof that a company develops websites of good quality and they do bring a profit for their owners. You can hire a developer for outstaffing purposes.

Note. It is easy to estimate visiting rate. For doing so use https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo Enter website address and get a Global Rank. It shows sites rates in World Wide Web. The lower rate, the better will be results. The first place is taken by google.com. If the rate is less than 1,000,000, then the site has good traffic. Sites with a rate of 100,000 have approximately 300,000 users per month.

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Meeting deadlines

This indicator is quite difficult to verify, however, it is worth to talk about it in details with a company representative. So ask how long it would take to develop your project. Which challenges could arise in the future and how it will effect on custom website developing timing. Experienced companies will shortly provide you with a detailed development plan based on your technical requirements.

Clear Budget

When it comes to the project cost, it is necessary to ask what is included in the cost of development. Some companies may use services that require additional investments. It is necessary to specify which tools will be implemented in your project and how it will effect on the total budget.

Reasonable Price

Ask about the cost of your project developing. In most cases, you won’t get a clear sum; still, you will be offered a range of possible budget. You could move on to the next point if it suits you. If you are not comfortable with the cost, you can ask what could be offered within existing budget.

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Strong Communication

At the first stage it is almost impossible to determine how future communication will be. However, you can notice it during first conversation or making business correspondence. A web development agency is always polite and offers ideas for solving a particular problem. It will be useful to ask how the web development process is going on. For example, our company offers a unique methodology of project management. Every client has an online document with a detailed web development plan, which is to be updated every day. So that, you can open it whenever you want and see what has already been done, what is being done and what will be done shortly. In general, you can read about the phases of web development in our last article.


Ask the company which guarantees it gives upon finishing of website development. Every professional has a QA-engineer as an employee in order to check site for bugs. And you should clearly understand what will happen if after launching your project some bugs will appear. Therefore, the company should provide you with a warranty period and doesn't matter the type of the project: restaurant website either mobile application.

As you could see, it’s not so difficult to choose a partner for web development. It is more difficult to create an idea for a start-up. It is important to ask right questions and get clear answers. Go to the company's website to see their latest works, blog, customer reviews. A website of a highly professional company will be user-friendly and attractive. Hopefully, you will find this article and information provided useful.

Merehead does professional development of choose web design company. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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