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Google Adwords PPC Best Practices for Business

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Google is the most popular search engine in the world. It processes daily more than 4 billion requests. Every day hundreds and thousands of prospective customers are looking for your products or services. Using Google Adwords you will get an opportunity to make a deal just in first half an hour. I have more than 5 years of experience in internet marketing and all my Google Adwords ads are in TOP 3, while the cost of a click is 2 times less than competitors have. If you had tried to use the system and did not get good results, do not be in despair. I will suggest the best practices of using Google Adwords.

Here you will learn some hidden tips and tricks that many others do not disclose. My recommendations will allow you to bypass competitors and get more customers for less money. I should tell you that the article is not for beginners. Here I will show you how to improve the efficiency of your advertising campaigns. Only the best practices, only hardcore. By the way, if you have an idea for a new project, I recommend starting from MVP. This will save you money and time.

Many practitioners forget to mention in their reviews that Google put the ad to the top not because it has the highest pay per click cost, but due to bigger total sum. It's not a rocket science, just math:

Site A:
Click Price: $5
CTR: 2%
Views: 500
Google will earn: 500 * 2% * $5 = $50.

Site B:
Click Price: $1
CTR: 11%
Views: 500
Google will earn: 500 * 11% * $1 = $55.

Thus, site B will receive more customers, will pay less and will stand higher at the pages search in Google. I think you will be surprised if you haven't already known that. Now you do understand that the most important parameter of Google Adwords is the CTR. Just for recall: CTR is the ratio of clicks to the advertisement views. How many different analytics do you think trading platforms use? Successful cryptocurrency trading or exchange platform uses at least Google analytics, session recorders and its own system of users activity measurements.

Here is an example:
Number of views: 50
Number of clicks: 5
CTR = (5/50) * 100% = 10%.

The more your CTR, the higher your position in Google search and the lower cost per click. So we have understood the basics, so now we will need to understand what could increase the CTR of your ad. PPC is the one of most powerful tools for ICO marketing strategy. Use it wisely and with care.

#1 Your Ad Adjustment

The correctly created advertisement has better visibility in Google search. Key Words are displayed in bold, therefore, you will get more clicks. CTR is growing and consequently, the cost of a click is decreasing.
Headline1 should match the keywords as much as possible. Full match is displayed in bold.

Google Adwords best practices

- Fill in Description, Headline1, Headline2 efficiently. Put every word in the capital letter.

Google Adwords best practices

- Put keywords in Description, Headline1, Headline2.
- Put keywords to Path1.

#2 Keywords

Use the keywords correctly. There are 4 types of keywords: phrase match, exact match, broad match and modified broad match. In my job I use "phrase match" or [exact match] and sometimes modified broad match. You should be careful with the latter one, as soon as incorrectly added keyword could bring a lot of non-relevant traffic. I use modified broad match only with keywords using a "+" sign. I do not use Broad match and do not chase views number. This could only reduce the ad CTR. I shoot with a sniper rifle. My standard CTR is 10-12% and my ads are always on TOP 3 chart. And what is the most important, I pay 2 times less than the average cost per click.

Google Adwords best practices

#3 Minimum keywords per ad group

Important. A minimal number of keywords is to be used in every ad group. They should be slightly different from each other. I try to use about 10-15 keywords. However, there are advertising groups that consist of 3-4 keywords.

#4 Start being a sniper

Adjust a full match request:
KeyWords –> Headline –> Description –> Web Page
They should contain the same keywords, like in the following example:

Google Adwords best practices

Google Adwords best practices

#5 Use negative keywords

I always use negative keywords in order to exclude non-relevant traffic. I have words list that fits in 90% cases. You can read it and use them in your ads.


#6 Renew you negative list

Adwords will start displaying keywords for which clicks were made after launching advertising campaign and groups. Among them, you could find queries that do not suit your goals. They will spend money in vain. Just add "inappropriate" keywords and phrases to the negative list. The right project, doesn't matter physical either digital, consists of a few key things. The first one is sales. But to provide you sales you have to have a great product. How to hire developers for a startup to build exactly what you want with minimal costs? Read our article and we'll share the experience.

#7 Make Ads Testing

Produce new ads for better performance. Let’s test different texts for Headline1, Headline2, and Description and make a CTR analysis. Sometimes one word can significantly improve CTR of the ad.

#8 Company’s Settings

I would recommend separating companies by its type, like Network. For example, I create an advertising company "Car rental SERP" and "Car rental MEDIA". For SERP, I use the following settings:

Google Adwords best practices

#9 Be patient

At the first stage, Google Adwords should collect statistics on your ads and keywords. I’d recommend placing a CPC higher than the average one. After 1-2 days, the system will collect the data and you can gradually put the cost per click lower. Focus on ad positions since it is better if they will have an average position of 3.0 or lower. At this time, you can connect analytics system (by the way, check what is Google Analytics used for and its features) to your Adwords account.

#X Bonus

I’m offering a special bonus for those who have read all my recommendations. It will certainly save 80% of your budget. Just avoid informational and general inquiries. If you are selling goods, use the keywords of a commercial type. And what is most important, you should always be looking for popular queries of a low competitor rate.

Here are some examples:
Bad request - toys Amazon
Normal request - buy toys
Good request - buy toys Amazon
Really good request - buy transformers toys Amazon

Always I use really good requests for best results. Since other requests simply show that a user has not decided yet as to the purchase. Your budget will be wasted in vain. So collect really good requests and make a profit of it.

Summing up
Generally, it is necessary to test and analyze different options in order to achieve more. Your CTR will grow steadily and you will get perfect results. Hopefully, this article has been really useful for you. Should you have any questions, feel free write me in the feedback form.

Google Adwords PPC Best Practices for Business key takeaways:
  1. #1 Your Ad Adjustment
  2. #2 Keywords
  3. #3 Minimum keywords per ad group
  4. #4 Start being a sniper
  5. #5 Use negative keywords
  6. #6 Renew you negative list
  7. #7 Make Ads Testing
  8. #8 Company’s Settings
  9. #9 Be patient
  10. #X Bonus
Merehead does professional development of Google Adwords best practises. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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