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How Much Does It Cost to Create a Restaurant Website

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Let's take a look at some popular questions bearing to websites for restaurants - how much does it cost to create a website? You can really attract more customers and get extra profit. Just need to have a professional and effective website. But how to choose a company for qualitative development of a site?

I have a decent and stable customers flow

Why do I need a restaurant website development? Reasonable question, however, I'd ask you, where do you get your customers from? What channels do you use? Offline is a good starting point for seizing clients; but we live in the 21st century, where everyone has at least 2 gadgets, both are connected to the Internet. Smartphone and a laptop.

Statistically online is still the most profitable channel of inbounds leads and prospects. Social media marketing (SMM), Google search results ranking certainly have a positive impact on your restaurant business, and especially on earnings.
For this, vitally important to have a business website. It's the basis on which everything holds. It's the place where you build relationships with users who will be very soon your clients. Restaurant website gives you the opportunity to generate a constant and uninterrupted leads flow and future customers. But it is not necessary to forget about the design of the site, because it also affects the number of clients.

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Restaurant Website

Is there any sense in it?

I once had a restaurant website but there wasn't any sense in it. I didn't get any customers. Apparently, you ordered a website from a dubious company or made it yourself.

Users are now much more tech-savvier. Attitude towards content has become on the pedestal, and the second stable place is occupied by interaction with user. Deliberately I didn't say a word about the design, because modern responsive design is "must have", the basis of all foundations. Users are tired of monotonous, boring and old-fashioned websites from 2005. Now in digital trends also cryptocurrency, so if you have an order system on the website - pay attention to allows bitcoins for your users.

Storytelling for restaurants is the strong option for building relationships with users. Internet, and our world, the last 5 years are overfilled with the content. There is no soul and it doesn't cling.

Restaurant website is the face of its appearance on the Internet. Correctly structured content, storytelling, and interactive compelling design builds a new, natural interaction with users.

Business page on social networks

I have business pages on social networks. Why do I need to make a restaurant website? Yelp, Facebook, and Instagram pages greatly help your restaurant. It’s still the easiest way to build your brand. Content posting is the way to keep users attention to your restaurant. However, you must remember that at most 8% of all followers will saw your publication.

So, you have 1000 followers who grow organically, at best only 80 of them will saw your post. To raise users’ attention you need to make at least 4 posts per day. Facebook algorithms change every day. You must be aware of it and diversify risks with online presence.

Few years ago, Yelp had great search rankings, but now Google lowers its position and encourages restaurant website as well as companies. Could you think about creating your social network?

Restaurant web development

My restaurant doesn't allow delivery or reservation

Does it make sense to create restaurant website? Delivery, booking, and reservation, doubtless, are the pluses in restaurant direction, as allow you to obtain a slightly larger market share. However, ask your customers - why did they choose your restaurant? Pay special attention to the answers "Because you have" and to those who came due to recommendations. They both allow to build deep relationships with users and get positive references, and reviews.

We have read the reviews for a long time before buying an equipment or a car. We do the same before going to a restaurant. According to Business Insider statistics, 83% of restaurants visitors are looking for information about the restaurant on the Internet. Just imagine that they will go to your site. Sounds nice, doesn't it?

Travelers deserve special attention. Extremely important for them to find something that merges with their interests and tastes. "Japanese restaurant in California", "Sushi bars in London"; such queries are full of their search. Statista shows how the average amount of restaurant grow.

Paul is my close friend. Travelling is his hobby, he does it a lot especially to new countries and cities. He shares all impressions from the trip on the blog. Particularly about the food, people, and restaurants.

Bloggers have tens of thousands of subscribers. One mention of your restaurant from them will bring a lot of users; the restaurant website's goal is to successfully convert them into your visitors and customers.

How much does it cost to create a restaurant website?

And why there is such a wide spread in prices? What's the difference of restaurant website for $600, $4,000, and $12,000? Website should be perceived not as a product or service, but as an investment.

Imagine, you spent $20,000 on the website, and it generates you a fabulous flow of visitors and customers. Consequently, all your tables are busy around-the-clock and you earn $8,000 every night. Profitable investment, isn't it?

This all is possible with a well-developed strategy and the right tactics. Storytelling, unique design, mobile-first website and good rankings in Google. Here at Merehead, we integrate Google Analytics and set goals to make out those very gold customers. Restaurant website price is vary from $3,000 to $15,000.

For $600 you can only get a template design, which before was used by thousand-second users. Obstacles and absence of uniqueness, as a result, tough to talk about getting any customers.

How Much Does Restaurant Website Cost

Cheap Restaurant Website - is that possible?

You can own a restaurant website for just $0, I'm not kidding you. Well, there's a small cost for hosting and domain. Just download free Wordpress, Squarespace or any other template; set-up it and voila. Some hosting providers, like GoDaddy, permit website builders for free. Any, even the cheapest website is much better than its absence. But with tech-savvy users, don't expect any reward.

On the other hand, only a deep, seamless integration of the website and restaurant allows you to achieve nonpareil. Custom and unique design is the first step along the way.

How Much Does Restaurant Website Cost

Restaurant Website Costs Breakdowns

What is the restaurant web development consist of? 7 development phases, but we will focus only on the basic:
1. Design
2. Coding
3. Testing
4. Release

Restaurant website cost is calculated by multiplying the hours by the price per hour. Top companies in New York and London take $250 + per hour. Average cost for the UK and the US is just above $90 per hour. Proficient agencies in Eastern Europe charge $30 per hour. Thus, the average cost of restaurant website ranges from $3,000 to $15,000 in Eastern Europe.

Each restaurant is unique and must have the same unique website. Here at Merehead we know and achieve that. There is no place for bumbling websites and designs among the restaurateurs.

Restaurant website marketing

When it comes to a commercial resource, whether it's a website for a cafe with online ordering, a restaurant website or a SaaS platform - it's always worthwhile to keep marketing in mind. The first thing that you have always remember - use all available channels including PPC advertising, banner network, social media networks, PR and, with certainty, SEO. Building a loyal audience and recognizing your brand should be in the first place. Fortunately, it is quite easy to do when the digital development agency has a successful experience, case studies.


When it comes to developing a website for restaurants, owners and managing directors always face the complexity and misunderstanding of the agencies of a niche industry. The second common problem point is the wide range of pricing. Having a restaurant located on Times Square, most likely you should turn to the top agency, not being afraid to overpay the US agency $250 per hour. Otherwise, an affordable and professional website is not a luxury, but a necessity. Hospitality starts through your website. Also, I recommend you to read about the development of software for business.

Merehead does professional development of Restaurant Website. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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