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Most in Demand Programming Languages 2021

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Featured image for Most in Demand Programming Languages 2021

10 years ago, every second tried to become a lawyer or economist. Today, every second tries his hand at programming. Why? Because this demand for good programmers is growing exponentially. It’s also a high paying job.

Do not believe the words? Here are the statistics according to the report of Hired.
  1. The average salary of developers has grown by 7-13%, depending on the country.
  2. Demand for front-end and back-end developers has grown by 17%.
  3. Demand for AR / VR and Blockchain developers increased by 1400% and 517%, respectively.
Note: our team did not single out the first and last place. Today, the choice of language depends on the scope. Therefore, the main indicator is the frequency of use in different areas. 


Probably, Go is the least known of all the programming languages that will be discussed today. It was developed by Google back in 2007 for APIs and web applications. In the past few years, Go has become one of the fastest growing programming languages. Some programmers have even begun to claim that it is superior to Python.

However, according to Hired reports, it is the most popular and sought after in all interviews.

Go Lang Demand Programming Languages

Go Lang popularity. Source of the image

The TIOBE index is one of the indicators of the popularity of programming languages. The rating is based on the number of qualified engineers regarding the language, courses and search queries. According to this index, Go Lang climbed 8 positions in the first few months of 2020

Go rating Demand Programming Languages

Nevertheless, the Stackoverflow survey showed that Go is in 13th place in popularity among all developers and professional.

popular Demand Programming Languages

The most popular programming languages. Source of the image

Also, according to a Stackoverflow survey, 67% of respondents like to write code on Go Lang, and another 15% want to try working with it (third place after Python and JavaScript).

Despite its growing popularity, Go Lang is not in demand among the Github community. So, according to Octoverse 2019, it is not among the top 10 programming languages of the last decade. In the list of fastest growing languages, it takes 10th place.

Go's most striking feature is simplicity. A developer can write efficient code in a few days. Go also has an integrated Garbage Collector. This means that the developer cannot worry about memory management. Typically, Go developers spend 20% of their time writing code and 80% on its support.

All these facts have become a catalyst for demand for relevant specialists. In addition, Google announced the work on Go 2, which should be even more stable. Therefore, in 2021, Go will be on the list of the most popular programming languages.


Kotlin was developed by the Jet Brains team in an attempt to find "something better than Java." Many experts claim that the goal has been achieved. Like Go, Kotlin cannot be called the trendiest programming language. But statistics show that demand is growing.

Kotlin Demand Programming Languages

The demand for Kotlin specialists. Source of the image

According to the Hired rating, Kotlin is one of the five most popular programming languages in the world. It beat competitors such as Java and Python, giving in only to Go and Scala in his field.

In addition, the number of Kotlin users in the Github community is growing incredibly fast. According to a report from Octoverse, Kotlin ranks 4th among fast-growing programming languages.

fastest Demand Programming Languages

The fastest growing programming languages. Source of the image

According to a Stackoverflow survey, Kotlin ranks 4th among the most adored and desired programming languages. Developers love Kotlin for integration with Java and a useful set of tools.

Most Preferred Demand Programming Languages

Most Preferred Programming Languages. Source of the image

Google has identified Kotlin as a first-class language for developing Android applications. This has helped increase language recognition among the developer community. In addition, this positively affected the demand for specialists.


TypeScript is a development by Microsoft that has emerged in response to growing dissatisfaction with JavaScript. This programming language was released in 2014 and quickly became popular. Why? It impressed the Google team so much that they began working on developing TypeScript, instead of developing a new language.

TypeScript was used as the main programming language for the Angular2 + SPA structure. In 2018, Vue.js team also announced that it will use TypeScript to develop new versions of its framework.

Vue Demand Programming Languages

Roadmap Vue.js. Source of the image

These facts gave rise to accept TypeScript as an effective programming language. Last year, it simply showed promise. Now it’s included in the top most sought after. Let's move on to statistics.

4th place in the rating of Hired:

TypeScript Demand Programming Languages

Demand for TypeScript between professionals. Source of the image

Third place in the ranking of favorite programming languages Stackoverflow:

Most Demand Programming Languages

Most preferred programming languages. Source of the image

5th place among the fastest growing programming languages in the Octoverse ranking:

The fastest growing Demand Programming Languages

The fastest growing programming languages. Source of the image

Among other things, for its short history, TypeScript has entered the top 10 best programming languages. In 2017, it replaced Objective-C from this rating.

Best Demand Programming Languages

Best programming languages for all time. Source of the image

In terms of productivity, TypeScript is on par with Kotlin on the JVM or Go / Python. Of the many add-ons for JS, TypeScript is the most efficient. Its development is carried out by Google and Microsoft. Together with statistics, all this makes it one of the most popular programming languages for 2021.


JavaScript is the most famous programming language today. Despite the flaws that triggered the creation of add-ons such as CoffeeScript, Flow, and TypeScript, JS is still the most sought after in many areas.

It is widely known for adding interactive elements to web applications and browsers. Most front-end developers prefer JS. However, the Node.js runtime provides significantly more features than just front-end development.

JavaScript is the most popular language, according to a Stackoverflow survey. The same survey showed that 66% of respondents like to work with JS. 17.8% of respondents want to master JS.

The most Demand Programming Languages

The most popular programming languages. Source of the image

In addition, for several years in a row JavaScript has been ranked first in the Octoverse ranking as the best programming language of all time.

time Demand Programming Languages

Best programming languages for all time. Source of the image

In the TIOBE ranking, JavaScript has lost ground compared to previous years. Many argue that this is triggered by an increase in complaints of some shortcomings. Despite this, it consistently does not get out of the top 10.

JS position Demand Programming Languages

JS position in the ranking of TIOBE. Source of the image

According to the Hired rating, JavaScript is also the most popular programming language. But in demand it takes only 7th place. Why? The key reason is the large number of specialists around the world. Today it’s much easier to find a JS developer than Go or Kotlin.


Python is one of the key competitors to JavaScript, despite its different purpose. Most often, Python is used to create 2D images, 3D animations, and video games. With its help, services such as Quora, YouTube, Instagram and Reddit are created.

According to many reports and ratings, Python is rapidly gaining popularity and has every chance of moving JavaScript from the first place. So, in the ranking of TIOBE and PYPL, Python has long occupied the top lines, unlike JS.

PYPL Demand Programming Languages

PYPL: the most popular programming languages. Source of the image

TIOBE Demand Programming Languages
Top 3 programming languages according to TIOBE. Source of the image

According to the Octoverse report, over the past year, Python has become more popular among Github developers, overtaking Java.

Python position Demand Programming Languages

Python position in the ranking of Octoverse. Source of the image

In the Stackoverflow ranking, Python ranks 4th among the most popular programming languages. Also, it takes 2nd place among the most adored languages, second only to Rust. But the most remarkable thing is that most of the respondents (25.7%) want to learn exactly Python.

Top 5 Demand Programming Languages

Top 5 Most Desired Programming Languages. Source of the image

It is noteworthy that Python did not get into the 10 most popular programming languages in the Hired ranking. However, according to Indeed reports, most development jobs are open specifically for Python professionals.

To Python's relevance issue puts an end the fact that it is considered the best in machine learning, Deep Learning, artificial intelligence, web development, and data analysis. All these areas today are developing the most. Accordingly, the demand for Python-developers in the coming years will grow several times.


Yes, these are three different programming languages. But, as we said, the main focus is the scope. C/C++/C# are equally often used for game development. As we know, the gaming industry is very huge and is gaining more and more momentum every year.

According to Unity research, specialists who know these three languages will become the most popular in the field of game development.

Do you know the global reach of the gaming industry? About 50% of the world's population devotes time to video games every day. Requirements for the quality of games are growing, therefore, qualified developers are always needed.

Also, all three of these programming languages occupy fairly high positions in all ratings. So, in the Hired list, they were in 13-15 places.

Interest Demand Programming Languages

Interest for C/C++/C#. Source of the image

According to the Stackoverflow report, these three programming languages are in the top 10 most popular.

Popularity Demand Programming Languages

Popularity of C/C++/C#. Source of the image

They are in the top 10 best programming languages of all time according to the Octoverse rating, as well as in the top 5 languages according to the TIOBE index.

C/C ++/C# Demand Programming Languages

C/C ++/C# rating according to Octoverse. Source of the image

C/C ++/C# rating Demand Programming Languages
C/C ++/C# rating according to TIOBE. Source of the image


Finally, I would like to pay attention to Solidity. Today, this programming language is not the best version of Stackoverflow or Octoverse. Moreover, it did not get into the top 10 Pypl and TIOBE. Similarly, Solidity did not become one of the most sought after versions of Hired.

You will probably think: “Why then is Solidity on this list?”. As we said at the beginning, one of the key factors is the scope. When interviewing Stackoverflow regarding Blockchain development, most often respondents mentioned this development language.

Combine this with the fact that the demand for Blockchain specialists over the past year has grown by 517%. This technology is completely new, because it is not yet very popular. But the benefits of the blockchain and statistics indicate that in the coming years the situation will change radically.

Accordingly, the demand for qualified developers will increase. Solidity is the best for Blockchain today. Therefore, in 2021 the demand for specialists will be very large.

Along with this, the demand for C ++ will increase significantly. Why? This programming language is supported by the fast-growing EOS platform. It is Ethereum's main competitor.

If you plan to connect your life with the blockchain, then you need to learn exactly Solidity and C++.

Unmentioned trends

There are several more programming languages that we have not mentioned. But the demand for relevant specialists will be very high. Among them:
  • Scala
  • Dart
  • Ruby
  • Swift
  • PHP
For the most part, they did not get on the main list due to the fact that today there are a huge number of specialists and companies that choose among them. However, you can learn one of these programming languages and compete well.

Most in Demand Programming Languages 2021 key takeaways:
  1. Go
  2. Kotlin
  3. TypeScript
  4. JavaScript
  5. Python
  6. C/C++/C#
  7. Solidity
  8. Unmentioned trends
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