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How to Hire Top Dedicated Web Developers for a Startup Company

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You have an idea to create an interesting startup, but you don't know where to start. I'm sure you want to hire dedicated developers who will help realize your idea in the best possible way. In this article, we will discuss how to hire developers for a startup and enjoy the collaboration.


First of all, it is necessary to clearly describe your idea. Nobody except you knows the project better. This is your idea, which can bring millions of dollars in income. Structurize your thoughts for future developers and your project. It can be a new peer-to-peer marketplace, or Amazon like website. Make a list of the features and capabilities that you want to implement. Earlier we wrote about the startups that failed. Take into account their experience.

How to hire web developers for a startup

Money & MVP

Money is one of the most difficult questions for a startup. At the first stage, they are not enough, and to get an investment you need to prepare the project. Investors should see what they are investing in. In this case, I recommend starting from MVP (minimum viable product). A project with a minimum set of functions is a good start to a great future. Minimum of functions, minimum time and minimum budget. A few months of work (depending on the complexity) and you can launch a startup. A finished product can attract the attention of investors. But anyway, you must have a minimum budget for the start, especially if you have in mind something with exchange trading platforms.

Share in the company

You can motivate dedicated web developers to work not for money, but for a share in the company. This is an interesting approach, which doesn't always lead to the desired results. Share in the company in the distant future can't be motivated for a long time. In our experience, enthusiasm lasts a maximum of 1-2 months. Then the top developer loses interest and disappears, in the future he may appear and demand his share, as he made efforts and contributed to the company. Be very careful with this issue and choose reliable partners.


You can hire freelancers to develop a startup company. This is a good choice, but it has some risks. If you can find a good freelancer, this is only half of the win. As a rule, they are good in one type of skills. A developer cannot be a good designer and analysts. If you want to get a large investment, you need a project of high quality: professional design, high speed, without bugs. Thus, you must take care of the high qualifications of the developer, designer, tester, web solution architect and even analyst. You must understand, this is your investment in the future.

The second problem is to properly organize the work of freelancers. They should work as a single mechanism and they need to be controlled. Some freelancers can only emulate the work. Don't let your money go to the wind.

Web Agency

You can hire developers through a web-development company. Do you think their cost is much more expensive than freelancers? But in fact, this is not always the case. Companies that work in an integrated manner provide flexible solutions. As a rule, companies have a wide range of specialists. If you at any time need just a free consultation with the SEO specialist, the web agency will help. For example, our company Merehead, launched its own startup in 2014 and took part in the contest of the best startups in Eastern Europe. We are very familiar with the problems that startups have and always offer an individual approach with clear phases of development. You can apply and we will find the best solution for you. We like to develop interesting startups and get pleasure from it.

How to choose and hire developers?

Finding a good developer is not easy. There are many criteria for finding suitable candidates. I propose a short list of the main points how to hire a web developer and will have to be taken into account in the future.


Good guys have a good history of completed projects. Look at their portfolio, ask them to send projects with similar functions. Be sure to check their level of design. Large projects and modern design is an indicator of quality. Trust work professionals.

How to Hire Web Developers for a Startup

Personal communication

At the second stage, we recommend discussing the details of the project by Skype, Slack, etc. Nothing can replace personal communication. In the discuss, you will understand whether the dedicated developer or company is suitable for your startup. But why communicate through other social networks when you can create it yourself?


In the process of communication, ask what technologies will be used for your project. If you are far from technical terms and don't understand what you are told. Ask to explain why these technologies will be suited for your startup. What are their advantages over others. A professional will always give an expanded answer to your question. Merehead had a deep roots in social networking development.


Almost all companies and a lot of top developers have feedbacks. Try to find information about the company or freelancer. Of course, all people are different and it is not possible to be 100% ideal. Negative feedback may be present, but there should be a minimum amount. By the way, you can read the mind of our clients about our company.

How to hire web developers for a startup

Correct questions

You live your startup. Developers should clearly understand you and your idea. Ask about recommendations for improving your project. You will get interesting answers, in addition, it will help to hire top developers for a company.


Before starting cooperation with a web agency or freelancers, be sure to sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement). Your idea should be protected from copying. This is another problem of cooperation with freelancers, since it is difficult to control everyone. By signing the NDA with the company, you are guaranteed full confidentiality of the project. Don't start development without a signed document. You can download the sample document here.

How to hire web developers for a startup


So, if you want to develop a custom website or app, you need to hire top developers. You can find freelancers and manage the whole process. Also, you can hire developers from a web agency. They provide a full range of services from design to testing and analytics. Before you begin, sign the NDA to keep your idea confidential. Make a short call with the developer and discuss the details of the project. Find out what technologies they will use, their advantages, what recommendations he sees to improve your project. And start developing with MVP. This will save you money and time.
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