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Best Website/Mobile UX Design Trends Predictions You Should Know in 2020

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Featured image for Best Website/Mobile UX Design Trends Predictions You Should Know in 2020

UX Design is a comprehensive concept that includes a lot of elements: interactivity, utility, simplicity, practicality in use and even the emotions that the user receives. Therefore, no less hard work is needed on it. Including, you need to constantly monitor trends to meet an increasingly impatient user.

What do experts say about UX

Today, almost everyone who works with a PC has heard of UI / UX design. It is noteworthy that the essence of the first component - UI (User Interface) - everyone understands impeccably. But the idea of UX (User Experience) for some people is twofold. Therefore, I want to find the most accurate definition before introducing trends.
Experience cornerstone: Biggest UX (User Experience) Design Trends Predictions 2020 are:
  1. Voice input
  2. Emotion perception
  3. Augmented Reality and Gestures
  4. Device Synchronization
  5. Transition to materialism
The editorial staff of «Interacting with Computers» of Oxford Academic magazine did a little research. According to its results, the UX task is to increase user satisfaction and loyalty through the benefits and simplification of working with the site or device.

Laura Klein, known as the author of the book UX for Lean Startups and Director of Users Know, called UX design the process that determines the experience that the user will receive. She explained that developers make decisions about how the client will need to work with the product. That’s why UI design is a process, not a phenomenon.

UX-Design Trends 2020 create

How to create a UX design. Source of the image

UX senior researcher at Google Tomer Sharon says that UX is the feeling of a person while using the product. The scheme is as follows: the client will be the first, and only then will the interaction appear. That’s why trends are formed on the basis of studying the motivation and emotions of users.

You can repeat specialists for a long time. Some even claim that this is an artificially created for example a logo concept, and UX design does not really exist. But most put it together: the UX design explains how the user interacts with the product and how it benefits from it.

Foundation of upcoming trends

UX will penetrate automation. Automation of processes reduces their execution time. It is noteworthy that 71% of users rated exactly the time the most important aspects of the service. UX should be aimed at user satisfaction. The faster the result is achieved, the more positive emotions.

UX will expand coverage. In most, today, the UX is directed to websites and smartphones. At the same time, the list of applications that are developed taking into account the UX is relatively limited. Some applications cannot be used simultaneously since one of them does not adapt to another device. Also, difficulties are created by the lack of applications for some web services (for example, freelance projects).

UX-Design Trends 2020 Time spent

Time spent in mobile applications and on web pages. Source of the image

Thus, the two key principles of the UX-2020 are versatility and adaptability. Applications do not just have to be effective. They should work on in any way on any device.

UX will be the basis for attracting attention. The picture is important, but it has less influence. Everything comes up against time again. UX should be aimed at reducing the number of interactions to achieve the goal. So the user will get more satisfaction, and therefore more likely to return to the product again.

UX will move on to things. And I'm not talking about smartphones or watches. It is necessary to look much wider. For example, the improvement of clothing. Self-tying sneakers from the movie "Back to the Future 2" is a good example. It's time to get rid of the idea that UX is associated only with devices. "User experience" is aimed at customer satisfaction, and therefore can be applied in any area.

Voice input

The most frequent interaction is pressing the mouse button or sensor, but speaking of UX trends for 2020, I want to start with a voice. This technology has been revolutionizing our lifestyle for several years now. Smart ideas like Google Home, Alexa, Amazon, or Siri are by no means a complete list of possibilities to control processes with the power of voice.

Today it is clear that the voice search has also passed an impressive optimization, we are already aware of new web dev trends. The browser will not display results for the word "mom" when you said "muffin." Search engines began to clearly perceive the long and most complex queries and not short words. It is expected that by 2020 about 50% of requests will be performed exclusively by voice.

UX-Design Trends 2020 Comparison

Comparison of voice and text search quality. Source of the image

So far there are some minor flaws. For example, voice input is not fast enough. Most technologies require from 5 seconds to process and 1-2 from above to produce the result. Search engines usually handle many queries in 2-3 seconds, which is still longer than text input.

At the same time, it is much faster to turn on the light in the house with a voice than to go to the switch. The presentation is easier to show using voice commands than walking around the room with a remote control or standing at all at the computer and pressing buttons. Moreover, voice input will make life easier for users with physical disabilities, such as blindness. The benefits of voice input are incontestable.

And the last tip: both large corporations and promising companies make voice input capabilities part of their strategy.

Emotion perception

UX designers face the challenge of developing and delivering digital experiences that take into account human emotions. Bringing such technology to the ideal will bring the entire Internet of Things to a new level.

What do we have today:

  • the ability to analyze opinions on the product by comments;
  • selection of music (far from ideal technology; for example, on Fridays, the user often listens to electronic music, which means he wants something active);
  • robots correct their actions if they see discontent on a human face;
  • preference analysis (for example, Genius technology in Apple Music).

Similar technologies at the dawn of activity, but already trendy. As mentioned above, the task of UX design is to satisfy the client. In other words - to achieve positive emotions.

The error of past generations is that they decided that robots are insensitive. This is somewhat wrong. Perhaps they cannot convey emotions, but are able to perceive them. How else to explain the fact that robots could write music?

To create a good UX design in 2021 at all you need to examine the user, and only then provide the product. The perception and analysis of emotions - the best way to understand the client. Therefore, such technologies will be the main trend of 2020 and the next years.

Augmented Reality and Gestures

Another technology that changes our lifestyle along with voice input. In fact, it is far from new. Slides with your finger across the screen of a smartphone are gestures. And special features for people with vices have been developed on many devices for a very long time. But if earlier it was an imperfect technology, today it has the ability to make life easier in most areas.

A bit funny, but telekinesis is becoming a reality, albeit rather limited. Close the louver-boards with a wave of your hand or turn on the monitor with a click of your fingers in many homes is already a commonplace thing.

From abstract things again go to a living example - ARkit from Apple. The technology of augmented reality can soon become the foundation of iOS, which means that in the future it will become a market trend.

UX-Design Trends 2020 market

How augmented reality technology works. Source of the image
Through ARKit, gyroscope and accelerometer, the user will be able to perform some actions by simply moving the device in space. It works as follows:
  1. The user defines several end virtual points.
  2. Directs the device at them.
  3. A pre-scheduled action is performed.
Such a system significantly reduces the time to switch between applications, viewing data or cleaning the system. Thus, the user will be able to get the final result many times faster, freeing himself from the hassle much faster.

Device Synchronization

In today's pace and trend of using the Internet, for most actions, it is important to provide constant access to the network, regardless of devices. In other words, there must be uninterrupted user interaction with everything that is on its line of sight.

One of the trends of the last 2-3 years among the developers is the “smartphone first”. We really spend most of our time with it. But it happens that at one moment the phone is inconvenient, and after a while, it is simply necessary, and all this is connected with one application.

Therefore, the next trend is device synchronization or a “hardware-independent approach in UX design.” Be it a smartphone, a watch, a laptop or a smart house - the user needs dynamic capabilities between all devices.
In many ways, such interactions are connected with the achievement of such goals as booking a hotel, calling a taxi or buying things. That is all that can be done via the Internet.

One example of a company that has already fully implemented a hardware-independent approach is Uber. Passengers can start the trip with voice commands, calling the car through Google Home and complete it upon arrival via phone or watch. That is, the client uses two or three devices for a single and continuous operation.

I advise you to think about how customers can use your product with uninterrupted action on different platforms.

Transition to materialism

In this case, affected and UI-design. We are talking about the rejection of flat graphic design in favor of detailed 3D-elements. That is, developers will change the look to simplify information.

The flat design is based on minimalism, crisp edges, bright colors and 2D illustrations. The material design developed by Google back in 2014 suggests deep detailing through grid-based layouts, adaptive animation, and transitions.
One of the key advantages of flat design is the high page loading speed and quick product evaluation. But the material design will allow a multifaceted view of the product, which will give a clearer understanding of its purpose.

Among other advantages of material design can be identified:

  • increased interactivity and revitalization of the product;
  • increased adaptability;
  • quick perception of information.

In the end, increased detail increases confidence. It gives the impression that the developer has nothing to hide at all: he is ready to show the product from any direction.

Summing up

Many companies make 2020 a new starting point. This is not an accident because a lot of technological advances have occurred in the last two or three years. Now they require a little improvement and a new level. Accordingly, in 2020 we will see a lot of new trends.

UX will lead a complete revolution in attracting the attention of users. The smallest tasks will be carried out in the shortest possible time, practically without wasting time. "Contradictory interactivity" is coming. Users will act more, but spend less resources to achieve results.

Merehead does professional development of UX-design trends 2020. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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