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Best Mobile Application Ideas 2020 For Your Next Business

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Featured image for Best Mobile Application Ideas 2020 For Your Next Business

I want to start with the question: when was the last time you spent the whole day without a phone? Hard to remember, is it? Smartphones have captured the life of everyone on Earth and this is not surprising. They greatly facilitate any activity.

Here are the list of best Mobile Application Ideas 2020 for your next business:
  1. The development of the “Internet of Things”
  2. Services to order
  3. Payment of bills
  4. Table reserve
  5. Blockchain applications
  6. Conceptual ideas
  7. Augmented Reality
  8. The virtual reality
  9. Artificial Intelligence
Technology is evolving as part of human life. There will be no war with robots, but technological dependence is already an essential disease of almost everyone. Did you know that about 2 billion sites work fully today? About 500 million blog posts are published every day. All this is done by people for people. But mediators are "machines".

One of the most important roles in this regard is occupied by smartphones and applications for them. Payment of utilities, calculations in the store, control of sleep and much more today is possible thanks to the 5-inch thing in your pocket.

If it seems to you that the capabilities of mobile phones do not expand - you are mistaken. Existing applications have room to evolve. Well, by 2020 many companies have completely new ideas.

Innovation is important

First of all, I want to talk about improvements. Competition in the market today is one of the highest in history, so creating something radically new is not so easy. Indeed, most successful start-ups and applications were not new. They only modified existing technologies.

For example, the iPhone has become a successful modification of the PDA, Tesla is far from the very first electric car, and search engines already existed before Google. Why did they succeed? Made effective additions.

With mobile applications, everything can be the same. You do not have to wrestle with a unique idea. Look at the ready-made solutions and find their weak points. Make your edits and release your program. If it is more effective than analog, then you won't have to wait for success.

The development of the “Internet of Things”

A new wave, affecting virtually all digital marketing. Any technology is equipped with a variety of sensors. Using them to remotely control devices is a new future. Many people understand this, but it’s still far from full-scale and comprehensive use.

Mobile Application Ideas for 2020 smartphone

"Internet of Things" in the smartphone. Source of the image
What can I offer:
  • smart parking (car parking in the garage by the phone);
  • monitoring water quality;
  • homework automation (from turning on the light to cooking scrambled eggs);
  • smart office (improvement of a workplace by analogy with a smart house).

You can list for a long time. These are only primary ideas that will greatly facilitate daily activities.  I also recommend you look over best mobile application trends for 2022. The “Internet of Things” has all the chances to transfer humanity to the “new dimension”. This will significantly save time, which is less and less every day.

Services to order

Are you still calling to call a taxi, sign up for a massage or order a pizza? This order of things is a thing of the past. No need to listen to beeps, handle bad communication and repeat your order. The procedure is simplified to select the required services through the directory in the application. Only then they will call you back to confirm the order (although some companies even got rid of it).

I will give existing examples again:

  1. Uber.
  2. Delfast (delivery service).
  3. Domino’s.
  4. Pizza Hut.
  5. Aqua Drop (water delivery).
  6. Soothe (massage order).
Mobile Application Ideas for 2020 implementation
Areas of implementation of service order applications. Source of the image
Again, there are a lot of ideas: a call to a cleaning company, a moving machine, a doctor, or a simple delivery of medicines. A good solution for less developed countries is to monitor the availability of medicines in pharmacies in each city.

To make such an application the best one, it is necessary to provide the following information in it:

  • the address of the pharmacy;
  • price;
  • product balance;
  • route;
  • possible analogues.

I definitely cannot list all sorts of ideas. So think that you would like to get lying on the couch? Options write down. Determine the most popular and start developing the application.

Payment of bills

In most countries, the payment of utilities through the phone is no longer news. Mostly this idea is implemented through banking applications. But you can go much further. For example, payment of taxes.

Tax legislation is very complicated, regardless of country of residence. The more property and securities, the more liabilities. Keep track of everything at once is not so easy. This can help a lawyer or accountant. But what if there is no money for them?

Mobile tax applications have already been developed in several variations. But there is no ideal: each has several flaws. In one, legislation updates are not taken into account; in the other, an error may occur when recalculating coefficients. In the end, there is a risk that the application specifically calculates an overestimated amount, so that part of the money sent to the developer.

Creating a transparent application will make you more successful than fraudulent schemes. What would you like to see in an ideal (or just great) program?

  • counting all taxable incomes;
  • synchronization with the site of tax authorities;
  • based on the second point - the ability to switch to other countries;
  • timing reminder.

Maybe you offer something else? Such an application is one of the best solutions for both business and ordinary employees. This will save the user from unnecessary stress and help to concentrate on improving their product.

Table reserve

Today, going to a restaurant has become a great difficulty, since they are much more accessible. Reserving a table on the phone is an ineffective thing. Yes, if the client is not the first time visiting the establishment, then order a specific place. But if the restaurant is new - reserve any table. What is the probability that the client will not like his place?

Some websites have already implemented the idea of booking with a graphic (schematic) view of the interior. Thus, the client can choose the most convenient place.

Mobile Application Ideas for 2020 graphical

Reserve tables through a graphical interface. Source of the image

But visiting the site is not the most convenient option. As a rule, their interface is less optimized and makes the user spend a lot of time to get acquainted with the available places. In addition, sites are loading longer than apps.

Accordingly, I give one more idea. What would the user want to see:

  • information on all restaurants in a particular locality instead of one;
  • price category;
  • placement of tables and the possibility of combining them;
  • interior;
  • route to the restaurant;
  • reviews.

It is not necessary to create a narrowly focused application exclusively for armor. Some information may be general (for example, the average cost of a meal is $ 50-70; without specifying prices for each dish). But avoid it is not worth it.

Blockchain applications

The effectiveness of the distributed registry has already been evaluated on the example of cryptocurrency. Government agencies in different countries translate their sites on the blockchai for greater security of transparency. In addition, some enterprises also introduce this technology to protect commercial secrets.

For smartphones, you can create such applications:

  • payment instruments or online wallets;
  • cloud storage;
  • notebooks;
  • messengers.

The benefits of blockchain technologies in 2022 have already been proven, but they are not yet fully used in phones. So why not fix it?

Conceptual ideas

Let us turn to the ideas that stand at the threshold of their development. Today there are only their concepts or obscure implementations. But by 2020 they have all chances to become key trends. Why? More interactivity and faster information transfer.

Augmented Reality

Pokemon GO is the first successful application that showed the embodiment of augmented reality. It was an exclusively entertaining project. Although it is rumored that the developers thus collected maximum information about the type of premises from the inside. Regardless of the secret ideas, Pokemon GO is a clear demonstration of the possibilities of augmented reality.

How can it be implemented:

  • transfer of information about the places over which the user flies (passes);
  • weather data;
  • information about passing cars;
  • cost of lunch in restaurants or hostel accommodation.

I think you understand what I mean. In the films, hundreds of times, the hero is shown pointing the camera at an object and seeing all the information about it on the screen. It's time to move this from movies to our lives.

Mobile Application Ideas for 2020 Augmented

Augmented Reality Example. Source of the image

Augmented reality can be effectively used in any field: medicine, marketing, shopping, education, engineering. Offer any industry, and I can instantly give an example of the implementation of augmented reality in it. The future is in this direction.

The virtual reality

And now a little about entertainment. VR glasses are not a new, quite affordable trend. There is much debate about their impact on the human brain. But no one is going to ban VR, which means this is an effective solution.

The VR problem is the need for an additional device, which is still a little expensive. But what is VR glasses? This is a kind of helmet with a built-in screen. It makes no sense to overpay for the finished product. You can spend a little more time making this helmet with your own hands. And the screen will be a smartphone.

Accordingly, you can create VR-applications. This idea has already been implemented in various kinds of video from the first person. You can search for similar on YouTube. What can I say, even the adult industry creates videos that can be watched through VR. Feel this enjoyment?

Artificial Intelligence

It's great if you already use the maximum from mobile apps. But imagine that the phone does not just help, but can do for you. One example of AI is Siri. With it, you can fully manage your smartphone. But this is far from an ideal network.

Another example of the development of AI is an Instagram, Facebook or YouTube neural network that protects copyright. It teaches what accounts violate these rights. Moreover, it is already familiar with ways to circumvent intellectual property protection.

I would like to see an application that will remember my:

  • food preferences;
  • favorite restaurants;
  • time for rest and work (for example, for setting up meetings);
  • desired concerts or sporting events.

Tell me, is it so easy to study a person and it will be used in evil intentions? First of all, the application should be customizable to remember only certain things. In addition, before developing it is necessary to exclude the possibility of remembering those actions of a person that can be directed against him.
After all, Google already knows a lot about you. If you want to find out about a person, everything is easy today. Therefore, such an application will not create any threats.

Your ideas won't be stolen

Make a team and do not be afraid that someone else is implementing your idea. Everyone has their own idea "for a million dollars." But only a little willing to make efforts to implement it. Again, the idea can be taken away, but this cannot be done with its implementation. It is the embodiment of ideas in reality that is only in your head.

Finally, I want to focus on the main mistake of any novice businessman: the lack of contact with the target audience. The mobile application is completely aimed at the user, and not at the developer's profit. The first is to know the desire of the client. The only way to achieve his satisfaction.20

Best Mobile Application Ideas 2020 For Your Next Business key takeaways:
  1. Innovation is important
  2. The development of the “Internet of Things”
  3. Services to order
  4. Payment of bills
  5. Table reserve
  6. Blockchain applications
  7. Conceptual ideas
  8. Augmented Reality
  9. The virtual reality
  10. Artificial Intelligence
  11. Your ideas won't be stolen
Merehead does professional development of mobile application ideas for 2020. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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