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Business and Startup Website Ideas to Make Money in 2020

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Featured image for Business and Startup Website Ideas to Make Money in 2020

How often do you think about quitting boring, monotonous work and starting your own business? Often many people attend such thoughts, but most fall into a stupor at the first stage: the choice of an idea. Today, in any sphere there is a huge competition, so it seems that it’s impossible to start something of your own. But this is a mistake. After all, there are many examples of successful start-ups. The only question is your determination.

Most profitable and lucrative Business and Startup Website Ideas to Make Money in 2020 are:
  1. Software development
  2. Outsourcing (freelancing)
  3. Cyber security
  4. eCommerce
  5. Consulting firm
  6. Web design
  7. Tourist agency
And about the idea I want to say the following: now is the time to try yourself in online business. IT sphere is so developed that it created the phenomenon of "technological dependence". Why not take advantage of this? A start-up with an interesting offer will be in demand.

Against this background, I tried to highlight several ideas for creating your own website, which will provide popular services in 2020.

Software development

Investment Amount – low

Growth Potential – high

I'll start with a rather complicated option. Just to create such a company is not easy. You need to have a large store of knowledge in working with programming languages and frameworks. Otherwise, the quality of services will be low. Accordingly, success will not be achieved.

Thousands of sites are created every day, such as marketplaces, dating sites, news portals or online stores. As a rule, they are approached by specialists for their development and further support, since the whole amount of work alone cannot be done.

Statistics showed that signing a contract with a company that provides relevant services is more profitable and more efficient than a separate search for each developer. This is due to strict recruitment requirements and verification of competence.

It is expected that each year the demand for software developers will increase until 2026. The reason - the high rates of IT development and the rapid transition to the automation of any work.

Business and Startup Website Ideas in 2020 increase

The expected increase in demand for software developers. Source of the image

With the development of computer technology, opportunities for software developers are "gaining more brightness." In addition, most large companies will require fast, transparent and secure networks. Providing these solutions through a software company seems like a very profitable business.

Outsourcing (freelancing)

Investment Amount – very low

Growth Potential - high

The second fast-growing trend is the transfer of work to outsourcing. A large amount of tasks associated with using a PC is increasingly trusted by freelancers. This applies not only to writing news, but also to audio, video editing, web design, full-fledged website layout, and even software development.

I cannot know for sure, but I suppose that even in large companies, some employees transfer their projects to outsourcing, and then only make the necessary changes. In the future, the system of working relations will change significantly. In many ways we are going to freelance.

Business and Startup Website Ideas in 2020 the United States

The development of freelancing on the example of the United States. Source of the image

As a rule, freely hired workers take less for their work than a full-fledged company. In addition, the choice is much wider. Of course, there are drawbacks, like a missed deadline. But freelancing is built on honest reviews and portfolio. Because customers always have the opportunity to explore a potential performer.

Today, this area is at the development stage, so it's time to create a freelance website. Such a start-up will not require a lot of investment, but profitability will be high.

Cyber security

Investment Amount – above average

Growth Potential – very high

Now I want to go to the main threat to the Internet. Any popular site is always subject to hacker attacks. Especially when it comes to personal user data or finances. Because the owners of such sites are responsible for the security of their service.

It is noteworthy that today there is no perfectly protected system (if you do not take into account the system of intelligence agencies of advanced countries or, for example, the Pentagon network). Cryptocurrency exchanges are under attack, the websites of state authorities of most countries also suffer from attacks.

Something simpler, like a dating site, has a lot of vulnerabilities that far from the best hacker can find. And this is a negative experience for both the site owner and the user.

That’s why the services that ensure the safety of websites are very much in demand. As the role of the Internet is only increasing, the demand for such services will also grow.

But when creating such a business, you should take into account that you need to know the possibility of attacks to the very threads. Otherwise, the quality of services will be low.


Investment Amount – high

Growth Potential - high

In 2019, I cannot pass by such an option as online trading. This phenomenon is gaining increasing popularity. It may seem that you can buy everything on the Internet. It's not like that. Every day a narrower niche appears with an expanded selection. You can open another one.

Business and Startup Website Ideas in 2020 benefits

ECommerce benefits. Source of the image

There are many opportunities to run a profitable online store, especially if you know how to meet the needs of consumers. Among them are services such as BigCommerce, Shopify, Flipkart. In other words, you don't have to start from scratch.

This start-up will require much more investment than the previously proposed options. First of all, you need a lot more resources to scale your project. eCommerce is one of the key trends of our time, because the competition here is much higher. So it’s harder to attract consumers.

But thanks to the status of the “key trend”, it has more potential. First of all, this is a very good option for consumers. We will never stop shopping, because demand will never fall. If we consider that free time every day is less and less, online stores will only increase turnover.

Consulting firm

Investment Amount – low

Growth Potential – very high

Who among you never needed advice? Now imagine that you own a huge corporation, the development of which is impossible without adjusting the business strategy. Here you just need a hint of a specialized specialist.

I want to note that consulting "on-site" is losing its relevance. Again, due to a catastrophic lack of time. It's much easier for a businessman to go to the site and get a “food for mind” package than spend an hour and a half to get to the consultant’s office.

And now I want to explain why it is more efficient to create your own consulting website, rather than just posting your resume on some services.

  1. Structure. On your website you can consistently and fully publish information about your services, as well as fully display your portfolio.
  2. Competition. Search engines first display individual sites, rather than someone's profile on the conditional LinkedIn. Accordingly, it is easier to attract the target audience.
  3. Result " on the outside". A potential client will be able to understand your level of skills if you read the information on the site. It helps in promoting your own "brand".
  4. Variety of services. Accounting, auditing, legal and other issues can be easily provided online.
  5. Quick start. By placing the full information on the site you save the client from additional questions. This contributes to an accelerated “ proceeding to action”.
Business, as a phenomenon, will never disappear. Accordingly, the demand for consulting firms will grow. But the format is changing. And now is a good time to create an online consultation.

Web design

Investment Amount – average

Growth Potential - high

It is no secret that the quality of web design fully affects the popularity of the site. You can make a website alone if you have enough time. But for this you need to have a large store of knowledge and imagination. What is the probability that a rock band has similar qualities? What is important, they will not have time to develop.

Business and Startup Website Ideas in 2020 Key start-up

Key start-up steps in web development. Source of the image

It is important to understand that the customer will expect from you ultra-high results. This can be achieved only through a long preparation for the start-up. Presented in the image elements are standard for most start-ups. But I want to draw attention to the search for the development team.

Who was engaged in front-end development, understands that in the process of creating web design can not do without errors? But if a potential employee does not conduct testing, or worse, trying to hide flaws, he has no place in your team.

If you already have in mind a good team of web designers, then the start of such a business is a direct road to success. I don’t know how it will be in 10 years, but in 2020 the demand for firms providing web development services will be enormous.

Tourist agency

Investment Amount – high

Growth Potential – high

The main problem of vacation is its planning. It seems that everything is quite simple because on the Internet a lot of information about any resort. But after all search of places "for photos" is not on the first place. The main task is to ensure a comfortable flight, room, and board.

In this regard, things are not so simple. Booking can help with accommodation. But practice shows that this is not ideal. Firstly, overpriced. Secondly, the reviews are not always real. Thirdly, even on this service, the owners of apartments or hostels can cheat about the repair, the presence of a shower or the distance to the city center.

When it comes to a tourist trip to another country, only a full-fledged agency will be the best assistant. They have enough information about restaurants and places of residence. Again, the travel agency saves time on booking tickets. The whole world understands this because it actively uses its services.

Business and Startup Website Ideas in 2020 travel agency

Benefits of using a travel agency

As in the case of a consulting firm, looking for a travel agency somewhere in the city is not so effective. It is much easier to make coffee, sit at home in front of a laptop and order all services online.

If you turn on the exactly this heat, I want to focus on the amount of investment in this business. First of all, you need to collect the necessary information for the tourist about 90% of the places in the world. Also, you need a staff that will be well owned by this data. Investment in advertising is another “expensive” item since tourism competition is very high.

But it's worth it. It will be enough to get 10 positive reviews about your agency, how customers will pour in. And this is a long-term business since leisure and tourist trips are an integral part of life.

Business and Startup Website Ideas to Make Money in 2020 key takeaways:
  1. Software development
  2. Outsourcing (freelancing)
  3. Cyber security
  4. eCommerce
  5. Consulting firm
  6. Web design
  7. Tourist agency
Merehead does professional development of business and startup website ideas in 2020. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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