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Mobile App Development Trends 2018

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Featured image for Mobile App Development Trends 2018

Smartphones are our continuation. 2017 showed us how far mobile applications can be exciting and fascinating for users. Apple introduced iPhone X which could completely change iOS development trends in it. But let's take a look at what will be on top of popularity in 2018 and predictions. With top mobile app development trends in 2020, you can read in our new article.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Through technology improvements, our smartphones have become fast and powerful. Gigabytes of RAM and multi-core processors. Augmented reality completely changes our impression of the usual applications and games. AR technology in mobile applications will gain new momentum in 2018. Companies like Microsoft will release the first world-famous applications for the mass market. New trends are requiring not only in mobile development but also in the graphic design trends as well as web design trends.


Sometimes people mean blockchain under bitcoin.
This is not entirely correct because blockchain is a technology; even a special new approach to development or rather to security. While bitcoin is a full-fledged digital product. Mobile development is gaining popularity with blockchain usage. Why? This technology permits fortify your protection security system many times. Consequently, build users trust and loyalty. Blockchain and other security technologies are common on financial exchange platforms.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Apple allowed developers to integrate Siri into their application only in 2017. The voice assistant is now truly a continuation and as a live Assistant. However, this is just one example, artificial intelligence will be integrated into all other areas. Still, now only enterprise companies can afford artificial intelligence development in mobile apps. 2018 will change it completely.

Mobile App Development Trends 2018


Isn't it great to optimize business processes, simplify them, minimize costs and increase profits? Whether you work in B2C and develop own SAAS application or B2B, bots will become irreplaceable for you. Like the industrial revolution of the XIX century, the bots will also turn the mobile development trends in this industry entirely, and will make it "better".

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things already doesn't seem to us something unexplored nor mysterious. Nest thermostats, smart homes, smart electric kettle, and even all things that have prefix "smart-" could be united into single infrastructure with authorized users. Analysts predict a major change in IoT area. Already available applications that allow you to manage your Arduino or Raspberry Pi from your smartphone, and in 2018 we are waiting for a new loop of development and logo improvements.

Security & Protection

Probably the most significant item in this list. Apple's new requirements towards security approach change mobile apps development and its trends. Remains only to think that Google will introduce something similar in terms of Android. New and latest trend in security is considered to be blockchain. Together with two-factor authentication and other methods they allow you to dramatically increase the protection of your users, data, and the system a hundredfold.

Mobile App Development Trends 2018

E-Commerce & M-Commerce

A rapidly developing market. We already told in ecommerce trends how important it is to make an exciting application and as a consequence to obtain an army of fans. Mobile payments, crypto-currency wallets, and Internet banking have already been rethought. It remains to wait until mid-2018 to look at the results.

Cloud Based Applications

Despite devices have become more complex and powerful, there is hardly anyone who want to install gigabyte applications on his device. Cloud-based applications have reinterpreted the entire hierarchy of our storage. Through cloud computing, we need to install only a small application, a client, that is connected to the cloud where all calculations are performed.


According to Statista, penetration of mobile applications in Asia has increased dramatically in 2017. The lion's share of which are mobile games. They are also the most popular category in Android Play iTunes Store. Augmented reality, artificial intelligence are the first to be used by game developers to impress gamers. Perhaps they are the most significant options that will make games even more attractive and addictive.

Mobile App Development Trends 2018

Top Mobile Development Programming Languages in 2018


Was recently provided by Google as an alternative to the old Java for Android development. The language is gaining popularity rapidly like it was with a competitor in iOS industry. Simplified syntax, the focus purely on mobile development and simplicity attract developers.


Firmly stands on the market and will continue throughout all 2018. To be ahead of the game, I will say neither Apple nor Google will develop an alternative to Kotlin nor Swift. Therefore, they are on our shortlist of programming languages 2022.


Everyone familiar Javascript as a web development language. Rapidly gained popularity and rose high on the list of popular programming languages. Almost everything can be developed using Javascript now. Backend frameworks such as Node.JS that allow you to create asynchronous applications with ease. Powerful frontend framework like React and Angular. Even NoSQL databases are built according to the JSON.

Hybrid applications created with frameworks like Ionic and React Native practically stand on equally with native languages, although they have limited functionality. When you have a compressed budget, but the list of features is extremely large, only hybrid application development might be the right option.

Javascript is the core of the entire hybrid development on Ionic, React Native, but not Xamarin. The latter one uses .NET technologies.


Despite Swift has won the hearts of iOS developers, nevertheless the veteran Objective-C still alive. Why? Extremely powerful language that preferred by developers with huge experience. Useful not only for mobile development but also for macOS development.

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