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15 Best Mobile Application (App) Ideas for 2021

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Featured image for 15 Best Mobile Application (App) Ideas for 2021

Now you think that geniuses have already invented everything in this world. However, this is a false statement. Unquestionably, there is a huge variety of cool products and programs created today. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that society stopped complaining.

Complaints only appear because of certain problems. Each one of them can always be solved. Today it can be done due to a simple mobile app.

What mobile apps can become a breakthrough and change our world completely?

Mall Navigation

There are more and more malls. Years ago, a new mall opening was a major event even in megacities. Nowadays this is taken for granted even in small towns. The bigger the mall is the harder it is for the visitor to navigate it. Nonetheless, every visitor has some set of rules, which he follows when visiting the mall:
  • visit only certain brands;
  • keep within budget;
  • buy necessary things;
  • check out the new collections;
  • find a sale.

As a rule, to fulfill all the elements the client has to walk around all the floors of the mall to find the desirable stores. New visitors face this problem even more often.

Mobile App Ideas mall navigation

Example of a mall navigation app. Source of the image

A way out is the development of a mall navigation app. It will make the most optimal routes considering the client’s interests and needs. Consequently, the person will have to spend significantly less time on shopping.

Restaurant Reservation

A good restaurant usually has 80-100% of its seats taken. A bad one can have 20% at most. Regardless, they provide the possibility of reservation. It’s easy enough for the client to name the desirable table if he had previously visited this place. But what about the visitors, who are going to some restaurant for the first time in their life?

There already is an app for the simple reservation. However, nowadays the new approach is required. And it’s not enough just to add functions because it’s necessary to consider a lot of aspects.

Mobile App Ideas table

An app to reserve a table with graphic display of arrangement

The point of this app is to virtually show the interior and exterior of the restaurant. In such a way, the user can choose the most wanted seat long before visiting.

Moreover, this app has to work real-time. As a result, the clients will be able to reserve a table a half-hour before the arrival and not to waste time on this in the restaurant.

Exam Study

Despite the damage caused by a coronavirus, a pandemic has shown that many things can be executed remotely. The simplest example is the exam study.

Most schools and universities around the globe decided not to call the students but to hold the exams online. For transparency and honesty, they used software, which prohibits the use of certain programs when taking the examination.

But what did the students use?

  • standard messengers (Whatsapp, Viber, etc.);
  • search engines;
  • online encyclopedias.

If you ask about the quality of the exams, you can receive a positive response. However, the studying was more difficult because of the lack of materials, and difficulties in communicating with fellow students and professors.

Mobile App Ideas Exam study app

Exam study app. Source of the image
This is precisely why it’s needed to create exam study apps with the following functions:
  • creation of online chats;
  • support of necessary literature;
  • possibility to call a teacher at certain hours;
  • creation of collective presentations to study the material or to solve the problems;
  • completion of preliminary tests.

As a result, the students will be able to study for exams faster and better under all conditions. Most significantly, they will have the opportunity to keep in touch with fellow students and professors.

Plotting New Routes

Many users got used to plotting the best route to a certain point. But there’s no constant need in that. Sometimes you can walk. So why not try to go other ways?

The idea of this app is to plot routes that the user has never gone. Herewith it will consider the landscape and user’s interests.

Today it’s one of the opportunities to see new beautiful places in your hometown or even your neighborhood. Such an app will be especially useful for creative people (artists, photographers). They will be able to convey a new scenery through the picture or to create another beautiful illustration.

Simple Parking

More and more cities achieve 10-point traffic congestion. This suggests that the number of cars is increasing. Aside from traffic jams, this progress creates one more problem: it’s challenging for a driver to find a parking spot. Apart from the convenience of parking, it's necessary to consider the traffic code.

Mobile App Ideas Parking app

Parking app. Source of the image

In such a way, we frequently see people receiving a parking fine or a car being taken to the impound because of a parking violation.

Every driver would be happy about the app, which will find a good parking spot for him regardless of the city or district. How to do it?

  1. It’s necessary to integrate the traffic congestion from Google Maps into the app.
  2. Give the app access to traffic cams.
  3. Allow using the geolocation of the car.
  4. Link the app to the parking database.

New Journeys

Imagine that in ten years you have visited all desirable cities. Now you want to visit a totally new place, but you lack the information to make a choice. Of course, you can look for something on the web. Nevertheless, despite its possibilities, Google can’t give this recommendation yet. Forum users aren’t able to take all your interests into account.

It’s in these situations that you want to get advice from your friend, who knows your interests perfectly. But what are the chances of him always having ideas for new journeys?

And artificial intelligence has the capacity to know everything about every corner of the world. It can obtain information from the entire internet in a matter of seconds. The user needs to provide the app with the following information:

  • interests;
  • things that he doesn’t like;
  • visited cities and countries;
  • travel budget;
  • number of people and type of the company (family, friends, etc.).

Consequently, the app can give the best recommendations for new journeys. Moreover, a similar app will tell about the places, which the user definitely shouldn’t visit.

After all, it’s possible to integrate API Airbnb, Booking.com, and other similar services for journeys into this app. Consequently, the user will be able to find a new idea for the journey and to arrange a trip with the help of only one app.

Public Transport Navigator

Google doesn’t always show the estimated time of arrival of public transport accurately. Of course, this problem is solved by separate web resource and by putting GPS sensors in public transport. However, the users have no possibility to monitor the map constantly.

Mobile App Ideas Transport monitoring app

Transport monitoring app. Source of the image
Owing to this, people often don’t make it to the transport on time and have to wait for another one or to call a taxi. However, this problem can be solved with two actions:
  1. Integration of schedule and tracking the transport into one app.
  2. Creation of a system of notification of the need to go to the stop.
Respectively, the user can do his business at home, at work, or somebody else’s house, and he’ll still make it to the right transport.

Brand Identifier

How much do you know about the brand that you’re wearing? What do you know about its history, quality of products, and the most important thing – production concept? Would you agree to wear clothes of a particular company if it tests its products on animals or violates the workers’ rights?

We care about such problems more and more, but we quite rarely study them intentionally. One of the key reasons is a necessity to analyze a great deal of information from different source.

In response to this problem, you can consolidate the information about every brand in one source. Surely, every stated fact needs to have a reference or a link to the official source. However, it’s far easier to check the version in the app than to randomly look for answers in the search engine.

In other words, this app is meant to become a brand Wikipedia. In such a way, you’ll buy clothes without a second thought. You’ll always know how the company, which you trust, works.

Mobile Designer

It’s unnecessarily to look expensive in recent times. However, in most cases, we appreciate it if the person looks stylish. But the problem is that every person is unique and he needs to choose clothes of a specific type. For this reason, many celebrities have personal designers.

Mobile App Ideas Style creating app

Style creating app. Source of the image
Nevertheless, designer’s services are now very expensive therefore far from everyone can afford this. A mobile designer is an opportunity for every person to look good. The similar app needs the following data:
  • height;
  • weight;
  • skin tone;
  • eye color;
  • the most visited events;
  • style preferences.
Besides, it’s critical to take photos of clothes that the user is wearing at times. Consequently, the mobile designer will help the user to be stylish and attractive every day.

Real-time Search for Restaurants

Friends often meet not having in mind a certain place to visit. Sometimes they want to talk in a quiet place, sometimes they want to play games and in other situations – to drink and dance. Even though there are hundreds of restaurants for each situation, it’s quite hard to pick something for several reasons:
  • all tables or playrooms are occupied (or, for instance, night club is packed);
  • it’s almost closing time;
  • bad food;
  • not enough space for the whole company.
As a rule, people must go to the nearest tried and tested places or spend a lot of time searching for the appropriate restaurant. Instead of it, you can just use an app, which will select the best option based on goals, a number of people, and other factors.

Thanks to that, there will be no need to plan the majority of meetings especially the friendly ones in detail. It’s enough just to pick a day and time, download the app, and make up your mind about the restaurant.

Synchronization of Phone Cameras

An app for common real-life situations when people are taking a hundred photos because of the wrong angle, light, etc. When a professional photographer is taking photos, he can direct the photoshoot starting with the model’s moves end ending with personal actions. But when it’s your friend who’s taking a photo for such social networks like Facebook or Instagram, it takes a lot of time.

You need to approach the photographer after every photo, look at it, and think about what to change. This process can be simplified by synchronizing two cameras on different phones.

This will make it possible for the model to see what’s going on in the frame right during the shooting. It solves the problem of choosing the angle and background and in some situations, it will even help to change a position in the process. You can also try to create a website like Shutterstock.

Search for Outdoor Toilet

Pedestrians concern about this problem as much as the drivers concern about parking. Although there are many public toilets, they aren’t always easy to find. Especially at «the supreme moments».

So why look for the sign «WC» at every corner if you can just get the app under the belt, which will point at the nearest public toilet? Such an app will spare you from having to run to the mall or the nearest McDonald’s to answer the call of nature.

Analysis of Authenticity of Goods

Sale of second-hand goods has become extremely popular in recent years. This is facilitated by the development of services like Amazon, Alibaba, e-Bay. But the major challenge of this activity is a big number of poor quality goods. Unfortunately, many consumers fall victims to frauds and buy a fake under the guise of the original.

The thing is, current production capabilities allow to very accurately fake almost all goods. Only a real professional or robot can distinguish the real from fake.

For this exact reason, the most topical thing today is the apps, which can determine the authenticity and specific model of the goods by their appearance or the appearance of the box.

It will significantly lower the level of such fraud. Moreover, administrators of the respective marketplaces will have fewer problems caused by placing poor quality goods.

Emergency Alerts

Street crimes are a part of life in all countries. However, aside from this, people often need help because of health issues, fall of the wall, tree, or other force-majeure circumstances.

If it happens in a public place especially in the daytime, then help will arrive quickly. But how to call for help in remote areas, in particular, in the evening when there’s no one on the streets?

Mobile App Ideas Emergency alert app

Emergency alert app. Source of the image
The way out is an app, which will notify of the alert all phones that are within a radius close to the victim. All it requires is the allowance to use geolocation. Such an app can solve several problems at once:
  • harassment and violence against women;
  • street thefts;
  • sudden deterioration of health;
  • disaster;
The only element, which can't be calculated is a civic consciousness. However, due to this app, there’s a possibility to inform several hundred people in the neighborhood of the need for help. Respectively, the probability of getting help several times increases.

Interior Design

This app is similar to the designer of style. But it will help people choose a design for the room, kitchen, bathroom, restaurant, terrace, and other premises. The idea is the same – to get the lower class and middle class the opportunity to create a modern design for the price of a subscription and not for the large sum for the separate designer.


It may seem to you that these apps require large amounts of data collected and integrated into the app. To solve the memory issue, it’s enough to use cloud storage.

And a great amount of work awaits by default for every app, which might change the world. And what everyday life problems do you concern about and what app might solve them?

15 Best Mobile Application (App) Ideas for 2021 key takeaways:
  1. Mall Navigation
  2. Restaurant Reservation
  3. Exam Study
  4. Plotting New Routes
  5. Simple Parking
  6. New Journeys
  7. Public Transport Navigator
  8. Brand Identifier
  9. Mobile Designer
  10. Real-time Search for Restaurants
  11. Synchronization of Phone Cameras
  12. Search for Outdoor Toilet
  13. Analysis of Authenticity of Goods
  14. Emergency Alerts
  15. Interior Design
  16. Conclusion
Merehead does professional development of Mobile App Ideas in 2021. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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