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Digital Advertising Trends 2019

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The digital campaign market is very dynamic. Trends are changing quickly and rapidly in this segment, because specialists must keep abreast of current tendencies in order not to lose their own competitiveness. To take tactical assumptions you need to get acquainted with the strategic vision first, which, according to experts, will take place. Therefore, we propose to study global forecasts for the next few years.

General trends of digital campaign

According to most experts, advertising costs will increase. This is natural because the number of subjects in the goods and services market is growing. Accordingly, the competition level increases. To withstand such pressure, specialists need to adapt their skills to the time requirements and track current trends. Sometimes it is important to be able to be proactive and predict. Besides, such skill is useful not only in the digital campaign segment but also in many other IT branches.

Speaking of global tendencies, it is worth noting those countries that will most actively increase spending on advertising. Among them, first of all, the United States and China. Transformational processes will happen with the markets of Asian countries. For example, Indonesia and India will continue to grow. Therefore, advertising companies at the international level doesn’t hurt with taking this fact into account and directing certain vectors of their activities towards these states. It is very likely that such a strategy will become profitable and open up new horizons for work. Digital advertising managers are struglling with promotion of cryptocurrency exchanges and ICO.

It is expected that companies will spend more money on mobile advertising. So, by the end of 2019, according to forecasts published on the AdMobiSpy Internet resource, this mark will reach 27% of the total budgets and 65% of the digital budgets. This is a significant indicator to talk about the importance of the direction of mobile advertising in the overall strategies of advertising campaigns that modern enterprises launch to promote their product.

Internet advertising expenses, according to forecasts of the same portal, should increase annually by about 10%. Already by the beginning of 2020, it is expected that digital will eat about 44% of marketing budgets. Although ICO marketing has a lot more expenses. This is a market that shows high dynamics.

As for teaser ads, its popularity will depend on continents and countries. For example, Europeans and Americans have been trained for the so-called “banner blindness” long ago. In contrast, Internet users in Third World countries are loyal to this tool. It works there. Therefore, companies operating in the advertising industry and targeting the markets in Asia and Africa, should not prematurely exclude this tool.

And well-liked contextual advertising also does not stand aside for actual changes. It will become a must-have not only for businesses that operate online. Even for offline companies, it will open up additional potential opportunities.

In general, the digital industry is the fastest growing segment in digital marketing trends. This is precisely the reason for the high dynamism of changes and inconsistency of design trends, as well as their uneven relevance in different countries. By the way, the digital industry includes social networks, video formats, and banners.

Current trends for 2019

It's time to move on to the specifics from generalizations, numbers, and predictions. And it will be such in the coming year:

Bet on opinion leaders on Facebook

Popular bloggers who are unofficial opinion leaders on the social network Facebook, are favored by the administration. At the same time, their services are popular and effective. Advertising through opinion leaders in social networks is a justified decision for reputable companies that are really responsible for their product. Famous people value their reputation. They tend to cooperate only with those brands that offer real quality. Here works a simple but very effective logic. Such people do not risk their reputation. They have no reason to. Consequently, the product recommendation on their part looks authoritative and convincing. This is what companies need for their image.

User generated content

Here works the same principle as in the first case. However, the emphasis is on a wider audience. The interest of the company is not the expert opinion of one or another leader, but the lively responses of many clients. The principle is simple - people trust more to other people who are the same clients, and not representatives of the company. This is logical because an employee of the enterprise looks like an interested person in the eyes of the audience. However, this is true. And another buyer will not share good impressions if you spent money in vain.
Although user content cannot be attributed to traditional advertising tools, it has a significant indirect effect on the growth of loyalty of the target audience. The company's goal is to encourage more customers to produce positive content related to the brand. For example, this can be done with competitions and quizzes.

We have a good case. Marcus Sheridan was selling pools, and his company had difficulty finding customers. Then he began to run his own blog and give an expert assessment to users. In a short time, Marcus managed to increase sales several times.

Great emphasis on video content

As practice has shown over the past few years, videos are often more interesting to users than texts. The main thing is that the video should not be too long. Companies that will focus on brightness, conciseness and content in their promotional videos will get a boost. The administrations of well-known social networks, understanding this trend, are doing everything to create even better conditions for video playback in the near future. Given this fact, it is possible to talk with certain confidence about the stability of the trend associated with the popularity of video content.

Native advertising

The trend is not new. However, the uniqueness of this type of advertising makes this tool in demand not only from the companies themselves. Clients find useful information in their native messages. That is why they are created.
In fact, the vast majority of industry experts will come together in an obvious opinion - the best and most effective is that advertising that is not perceived as advertising. What does this mean in practice?

In a native advertising of cooking show can be used advice from the chef of the program associated with the preparation of a dish. Associate Attorney working in a law firm can act as an expert, giving a few valuable tips on a popular topic. For example, how to protect yourself from speculations by buying an accommodation, how to defend your consumer rights, how to properly formalize a lawsuit. At the same time, legal assistance is offered in unobtrusive format loyal prices.

Providing a certain array of valuable information for free is not an excessive generosity, but an important strategic step based on an understanding of the principles of modern business. In order to get something (in this case, profit), you must first give something (useful information, expert knowledge, practical advice). Such a noble step is an important contribution to the beginning of the company's long-term and trusting relations with each client. And you can do it with native advertising.

Advertising personalization

Of course, it is not possible to make advertising content marketing completely personalized. According to this principle, for each client would have to create your ad, which is unreal. However, polishing algorithms to increase the relevance of ads is not so difficult for administrations of social networks. For example, Facebook is now actively engaged in this issue. This opens up new horizons for the activities of targeters.

Targeting advertising as such will continue to be in high demand. Its mechanism is that, on the basis of analytics of user behavior patterns in social networks, messages are displayed for those people whom they may be potentially interesting.

People often are not annoyed in such advertising content. And for the companies themselves, it becomes the most rational investment. You do not need to spend money on advertising that is shown to people who are not part of the target audience. As a result, the advertising budget is applied as intended.

For example, you can check techradar.com. When you read about the review of the new iphone XS, you can see the offer to buy it. In my opinion, this ad has a high level of conversion.

Digital Advertising Trends 2019 - Advertising personalization

Focus on mobile advertising

Last year, the social network Facebook received 88% of advertising revenue thanks to smartphone users. Obviously, the trend will strengthen in the future. Researcher Jack Kent, who works in the advertising industry, believes that by 2020 the most perspective tool for social networks will be mobile native advertising. Considering the aforesaid indicator, this point of view is not unreasonable.

Unique strategies for each channel

Advertising must be adapted to the site where it is located. Otherwise, its relevance will be low. For example, the administration of each individual social media has its own vision of the ideal advertising in terms of technical parameters. When it comes to the duration of advertisement videos, their ideal length for different social networks is:
-Facebook — 1 minute;
-YouTube — 2 minutes;
-Instagram – 30 seconds.

Focusing on these indicators, you can create advertisements that are relevant for those sites where it will be placed. This is extremely important for its effectiveness.

Instead of summations…

Digital advertising industry itself is perspective and interesting. High competition in the goods and services market encourages entrepreneurs to allocate solid advertising budgets in order to “hook” PC and mobile gadgets users to their product. In the coming year, the current industry trends will be:
-Increased interest to user-generated content, a cooperation of companies with leading bloggers.
-The popularity of native and personalized advertising.
-Development of unique advertising strategies, taking into account the specifics of the channels.
These will be the popular digital advertising trends in 2019. About 12 DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS YOU NEED TO KNOW IN 2021 you can read on the link.

Digital Advertising Trends 2019 key takeaways:
  1. General trends of digital campaign
  2. Current trends for 2019
  3. Instead of summations…
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