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Top Digital Marketing Trends Predictions in 2020

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Featured image for Top Digital Marketing Trends Predictions in 2020

Many companies are waiting for 2020, as the whole world once waited for 2000. They see in it a point of a new reference and big changes. Most strategies target 2020 and our marketing experts in SMM, video, and targeting did their best to prepare this article of the hottest and most exciting trends (and tips) for you to learn and expect. In the end, consumers also crave for it’s come. This is evidenced by surveys of recent years, which are aimed at customer expectations from 2020 and helps to launch new business and startups.

Hottest Digital Marketing Trends Prediction 2020 are:
  1. Implementation of AI in marketing
  2. Voice search
  3. Online maps
  4. Analysis of emotions
  5. Chat bots
  6. Ongoing trends
  7. Focus on video
  8. Youtube as a separate tool
  9. Social networks
  10. Content personalization
  11. Spam control
The marketing industry is growing faster but blockchain industry faster. It is incredibly dynamic because it must meet the expectations and desires of consumers. High conversion and constant customer attention depend on the advertising move. By 2020, it should acquire a new look, since the behavior of users on the network has changed significantly.

General advertising campaign trends

2-3 years ago, it was beneficial to focus on TV and radio advertising. But technology has reached a completely different level.

The Main Trends of Digital Marketing in 2020 Frequency

Frequency of use of TV and smartphones at different ages. Source of the image
As can be seen on the graphs, up to 30 years, people are more and more time devoting to smartphones than TV. Radio is almost not considered as a way of advertising, TV in the coming years will also lose its relevance. Because all digital marketing will be aimed at:
  • Smartphones and mobile applications;
  • Internet services;
  • Video;
  • Social networks.
This can be seen now, since the quality of TV advertising has declined significantly. Moreover, at the beginning of advertising, most simply switch the channel, respectively, the efficiency drops.

The Main Trends of Digital Marketing in 2020 Samsonite Worldwide

Increasing the cost of the Samsonite Worldwide marketing campaign. Source of the image

On the example of Samsonite Worldwide, it can be seen that advertising costs increase significantly every year. This is due to the need to reach a large audience, general changes in the global economy and other reasons.
Digital marketing significantly prevails financially over traditional ones, like billboards and newspapers. However, the cost of an advertising campaign in 2020 will rise again.

In 2018, the United States spent about $ 203 billion on digital marketing. They are followed by China with a figure of 195 billion and Japan - 183 billion. By 2020, the trends will remain the same. But the eastern sector is rapidly gaining momentum. So, India and Indonesia have risen in the rankings by several lines in recent years.

The Main Trends of Digital Marketing in 2020 Expectations

Expectations from AI's influence on digital marketing

Today, all digital marketing is focused on mobile phones and applications, as well as the Internet. In the future, this trend will continue, but a huge emphasis will be placed on using artificial intelligence. This involves analyzing requests, core interests and even an emotional relationship to a particular product..

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing segments of today's market. It has the greatest consumer focus. This is what contributes to high dynamism and new trends.

Implementation of AI in marketing

As it was said, great emphasis will be placed on the use of artificial intelligence, therefore, first of all, we will consider where and how to implement this idea.

Voice search

Voice input exists not the first year, however, users in 90% of cases complained of poor quality. Very often, the smartphone or the search engine itself could not clearly process the sound, because incomprehensible requests appeared.

Today, web development has reached another level. Most of the services successfully process requests with speech defects or even unclear words of a child. Voice input is more practical and more convenient because it is gaining increasing relevance. Experts believe that in 2020 at least half of the requests will be made by voice search.

The Main Trends of Digital Marketing in 2020

Voice Search Usage Statistics. Source of the image

Text and voice requests are significantly different. For example, the user will write "the best sushi of New York", but he will say: "Where to eat delicious sushi?". It seems that there is not much difference. However, this greatly affects the SEO of all sites. Accordingly, online services will implement voice query analysis and redo their content for them.

Online maps

Note the difference in the queries above. In the text version, the city is indicated, but not in the voice version. Today, GPS is almost always active on phones. It's no secret that Google knows this information and even links users' photos to the site.

All companies (including online stores) will be added to the map. Thus, with the usual request, there will be a wide choice in front of the user. Today, many firms are still not linked to the map, which is why they are less popular.

Analysis of emotions

Sony and Google robots are already writing music. So far, they can not fully cope without the help of people, but 10 years ago no one could imagine such a thing. The AI still has no emotions, and it is not known whether it will ever happen. But you can read the emotional state. Especially easy to do this through text.

When expressing our opinions in comments or tweets, we often use at least one keyword. And when reviewing a service or product, there will definitely be something like “terrible” or “excellent”.

The Main Trends of Digital Marketing in 2020 main types of thoughts

The main types of thoughts about the service. Source of the image

The next trend is sentiment analysis. The process assumes that the AI studies all the subtleties of human communication and analyzes whether an online post is positive, negative or neutral.

Many tools can correctly recognize both direct assertion and satire or irony, marking them accordingly. This will help control the company's reputation, attitude to its services and attract more users.

Chat bots

Web designers and developers are breaking their heads in order to make the service as simple as possible for users. Nevertheless, we constantly have new questions. A person is physically unable to answer all requests around the clock. Another thing is the bots. They are easy to program and personalize, so they can be used for various purposes:
  • quick answers;
  • resolving complaints;
  • offer additional content;
  • assistance in registering or requesting.
About 70% of sites today already have chat bots, but they are not very high quality. Some respond slowly, others give random information that does not correspond to the question. Improving chat bots will increase conversion and make it easier to work with most services.

Ongoing trends

Although the trends of digital marketing change quite often, many trends still occupy the first lines. This is not surprising, since most of the following things will be relevant for many years.

Focus on video

A beautiful picture a priori attracts attention faster than text. And if this is a high-quality 2-minute video, then there is a desire to watch it. According to  these statistics:
  • about 70% of users share their favorite brand's new video;
  • 83% of corporations claim that video content has increased their conversion;
  • 96% of buyers are sure that the video helps them to understand the product in more detail;
  • 65% of users visit the site, and 39% call the seller after viewing;
  • 87% of companies use video as a marketing tool.
All this does not mean that images and text lose relevance. Nevertheless, video is the brightest and most effective tool to convey information to the audience. Among the younger generation, online video has completely displaced watching TV.

The Main Trends of Digital Marketing in 2020 video on attracting audiences

The impact of video on attracting audiences. Source of the image
With all this statistics, many marketers understand that video is not a bubble at all, but an effective way to attract attention. In almost all cases, the percentage of positive results reaches 90%. What lies behind the remaining 10%?

Youtube as a separate tool

This service is worth highlighting, since its popularity and usefulness today has increased significantly. First of all, many companies advertise themselves on adjacent channels. For example, on the construction channel, you will certainly be introduced to several building materials stores.
  • 87% of video marketers are actively using the channel on Youtube;
  • 80% of them confirmed that due to this they were able to achieve success faster;
  • 88% plan to use the channel in the future.
It is likely that Youtube occupies a separate place in the marketing strategy of most companies.

Social networks

Immediately turn to the numbers:
  • one and a half billion users show high activity on Facebook;
  • about 2 billion messages are sent between buyers and sellers via Facebook;
  • whatsapp has 1.3 billion active users;
  • about 55 billion messages are sent via Whatsapp daily.
You can continue this list indefinitely. Social networks take a significant share of our time, but we cannot do anything about it. At the age of 20-35, users spend an average of one and a half hours a day checking all social networks.

The Main Trends of Digital Marketing in 2020 social networks

Monthly use of different social networks

Still, think that social networks are nothing more than emoji apps?

Content personalization

Even with the usual surfing on the net, the user's goal is to quickly find what he likes. We want to get exactly the content that we need at a certain moment. This means that marketers need to personalize their messages and deliver them at the right time.

Obviously, it is simply impossible to uniqualize graphic design marketing for each user. Yes, and it is not engaged. But if you analyze, the entire audience on any service is segmented according to different indicators, such as demography, interests, or geographical distribution.

Content personalization is a constant marketing trend. Perhaps such things as voice input will sometime be irrelevant if the mind is developed. Content personalization will remain, as it allows you to offer products and services to a suitable audience much faster.

Spam control

How often do you clean your email from annoying ads? It is impossible to get rid of this since sending out emails is one of the recent marketing trends. Today it is less effective, but still applied.

The issue is that ad-type spam is a big problem with today's Internet. We do not really like advertising. But when it’s too much on the site, there’s no desire to stay there.

Try searching for an apartment for rent for a day. For the next two weeks in all connected devices under a Google account, you will be offered apartments even for purchase. And it is very exhausting.

By controlling the number of "appeals" to the user, you can gain his trust. As stated above, the user needs specific information at a particular moment. If he receives it two weeks after, interest in the service will disappear.

Summing up

Artificial intelligence (AI) - the main trend of the future of digital marketing. Not to say that now it will be involved directly. But without it, half the modern ways of conveying information about the product are impossible.

Understanding future trends and their skillful use makes digital marketing a major tool for brand promotion, and hence the business.

Top Digital Marketing Trends Predictions in 2020 key takeaways:
  1. General advertising campaign trends
  2. Implementation of AI in marketing
  3. Voice search
  4. Online maps
  5. Analysis of emotions
  6. Chat bots
  7. Ongoing trends
  8. Focus on video
  9. Youtube as a separate tool
  10. Social networks
  11. Content personalization
  12. Spam control
  13. Summing up
Merehead does professional development of digital marketing in 2020. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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