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Best PHP Frameworks 2019

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PHP infrastructures are one of the most important tools for any application developer. They provide the ability to quickly and safely develop applications, eliminate the need to create codes from scratch, guarantee stable application development.

PHP frameworks help to simplify complex coding problems by providing developers with a platform for developing powerful web applications in a short time. The PHP structure allows the use of rapid application development (RAD), which saves a lot of time and reduces the need to run coding from scratch, ensuring stable application development. Without the help of a PHP infrastructure, mobile and web application developers may face the usual problem for beginners when it comes to writing code and creating a connection between a database and an application that is being developed from scratch. Thus, the use of the PHP Framework reduces the workload. The best thing about PHP infrastructures is that they are easy to adapt, as well as the ability to easily learn them compared to other programming languages.

PHP works with the basic principles of model-view-controller (MVC), which is an architectural pattern presented in many other popular programming languages. MVC decoding - M stands for raw data, V stands for browsing/user interface (this is what is actually viewed), and C stands for the controller, which is actually the logic of the domain. Domain logic is a function that allows you to control the exchange of information between the database and the user interface. This simplifies the entire application development process. After you learn how MVC works, you can work incredibly easily with Frameworks PHP. Below are the best frameworks for developing custom PHP projects. Also, recommend you to read more about best PHP frameworks in 2022.


Laravel is one of the most popular and free open-source PHP infrastructures. Thanks to special programming rules, this infrastructure helps to create powerful web applications. Laravel was announced in 2011 and soon became the most popular PHP structure in a very short period of time. Laravel has amazing documentation and an active community, a variety of functions, including powerful building tools, applications with a large number of special containers for managing inversions, a communicative migration structure, and associated testing module maintenance program. The disadvantage of Laravel is low speed and large size, for example, blockchain projects.


  1. Fast and functional core.
  2. Clean and easy routing.
  3. Effective ORM and Database Level.
  4. Easy integration with third-party libraries (AWS, export libraries, etc.). You can use Composer or Packagist to include libraries in your project.
  5. An active and growing community that can provide help in solving your problems.
  6. Auxiliary unit tests out of the box.
  7. Asynchronous queues and background jobs for long tasks.
  8. A large amount of documentation.
PHP Framework 2019 - Laravel


This is one of the most popular and reliable PHP frameworks among expert developers. Symfony is a powerful structure that helps to minimize the problem of a repetitive coding structure and is used to create excellent websites and applications. In addition, it is a proven, most stable and very popular PHP structure worldwide. It is very flexible when it comes to setting up projects and has the ability to integrate with larger projects, such as Drupal, despite the fact that its security mechanism is quite simple to use.

This framework integrates multi-functional PHP components that enable developers around the world to create scalable and highly optimized applications. Thanks to more than 20 components available in the structure, the developer has the opportunity to experiment and create their own projects in the RAD environment. Symfony APIs have a simple integration process with third-party applications and can interact with well-known interfaces, such as ReactJS.

A large number of well-known projects, including Drupal and phpBB, also use the Symfony infrastructure. If you delve into the details, Laravel, the most popular PHP infrastructure, is based on Symfony.

PHP Framework 2019 - Symfony


CodeIgniter is another outstanding structure known for its classic performance. In principle, it is an open-source platform, it has the ability to support the development of next-generation applications that require simplified coding. The coding process in this structure is simple, the configuration is not complicated, it can be smoothly run. CodeIgniter is one of the most powerful PHP frameworks that offer simplified solutions to complex coding problems when building web applications.

Its strategic architecture allows simple, as well as comprehensive project management. The use of CodeIgniter by many developers makes it a great platform that is amazingly tested and widely used.

It is ideal for novice programmers who are not familiar with the architecture and MVC level. So, if you need simple and clean PHP, CodeIgniter will be the most suitable option for you.

1. MIT license (a huge plus).
2. Effective refactoring of database drivers.
3. Maximum possible PDO support.
4. The newest library for working with sessions.
5. Huge coding library.
6. Maximum code coverage.
7. PHP 5.4 is great for projects of any complexity, CI will still work on PHP 5.2.4

PHP Framework 2019 - Codeigniter


CakePHP is considered the most reliable framework that offers an extensible architecture for building, maintaining, and deploying applications. Session management greatly helps to improve the functionality of the developed applications. The framework also provides options for creating standalone libraries with endless support for increased modularity.

The framework has good performance. This applies to the process of setting up and loading the framework, routing processes, as well as some points related to the generation of auxiliary templates.

The framework has modern components and helpers. This means that the framework provides support for notifications ("fast messages") thanks to the new classes FlashHelper and FlashComponent. It should be noted that the CookieComponent class has been improved, making it easier to separate the configuration for setting the namespace for cookies and handling data for cookies.

Excellent session management. Previously, in many PHP frameworks, session management was represented by a static class, which caused a number of problems during the web development process. CakePHP simplifies application testing and allows you to use PHPUnit 4.x.

The framework boasts improved interoperability and monotony. Application framework and plug-in frameworks have the same directory structure to improve the consistency of parts of the framework with each other.

Merge themes and plugins. One of the most important goals for CakePHP was to create powerful themes. Working on the goal, it became clear that the themes needed the same features as the plug-ins. Any plugin can be used as a theme, which, in turn, facilitates the process of assembling and recomposing.

PHP Framework 2019 - CakePHP


The list of basic PHP frameworks will not be complete without the Yii Framework. The Yii Framework is a brilliant structure that provides tremendous help in caching. This framework was designed to work effectively with AJAX. Fast solutions for development in the Yii Framework simplify the creation of applications, reduce the time for this. Applications developed using Yii have a terrific user interface and versatility.

Yii uses Composer's dependency manager to handle various dependencies and installations. Yii is also the fastest PHP infrastructure, thanks to the lightning fast loading technique.

Another great feature of Yii is jQuery integration. Integration allows third-party developers to quickly implement the infrastructure in their projects. Like symfony, Yii also uses components for rapid application development.

It is necessary to mention the fact that the code created by this structure of Yii may swell due to improper handling. This structure is not suitable for beginners. For young developers, this coding system is considered relatively complex compared to other structures on the market. There are many problems associated with static methods. Despite these shortcomings, the Yii infrastructure is an incredibly powerful tool for developing web applications in a short period of time.

According to BuiltWith statistics, more than 90 countries use this technology when developing a Web2.0 application. This framework is considered a strong competitor in the market due to its striking features.

PHP Framework 2019 - Yii2


Zend Framework was created strictly in PHP 5, mostly an object-oriented structure. It is simple and has a flexible architecture that allows you to use various components of Zend to enhance the functionality of your application. Zend is another amazing PHP infrastructure that is exceptionally innovative, secure and flexible. Over the years, Zend Framework has been involved in large corporate projects.

PHP Framework 2019 - Zend


This is an ideal choice for those who need a structure that provides the most high-quality, fully tested, separate libraries that can be competently used in any coding structure. Each type of library is closed and does not depend on any additional package. This is especially important for those who prefer pure coding, fully untied libraries and self-managing packages. It also provides a trivial, systematically tested and standard structure.

Lightning App Builder allows you to drag and drop components of Lightning and connect to various data sources.

You can't make the actual drag and drop creation in App Builder with Aura on your own; for this you must be connected to Salesforce. Applications developed with App Builder can connect to multiple data sources besides Salesforce.

1. It has a small size.
2. Has a guide to start working with the framework.
3. Ideal for working with small REST APIs.
4. Is in active development phase.
5. Customizations include: HTTP caching and Flash.

PHP Framework 2019 - Aura


Most developers believe that Phalcon is a full-text structure that is written using C and C++. These languages improve its performance. This is incredibly innovative; this is why this is one of the most popular platforms for developing web applications.

Zephir / C extensions are loaded with PHP once, when starting a web server domain. Classes and functions provided by the extension are ready to use in any application. Due to its low-level architecture and optimization, Phalcon provides the least amount of load when running MVC applications.

PHP Framework 2019 - Phalcon


The supported PHP platform was officially designed to host the personal projects of its creator. However, later open source was created. Like many frameworks, it is not suitable for certain types of applications. It is designed primarily to work with small and medium-sized applications.

The Mad_Model component is an object-relational mapping (ORM) for the structure. In the ActiveRecord template, tables are mapped to classes, rows, matching objects, and columns with object attributes. The concept is close to the concept of Ruby on Rails.

All vendor libraries, including the supporting structure, are under vendor /. The framework does not create its own plugin system or other loading methods. Libraries are in a directory and comply with PEAR naming conventions. The framework libraries are under the command vendor / Mad / and, therefore, the classes have the prefix Mad_.

All applications created using this platform have the same directory structure. This ensures project consistency, allows team members to easily switch between projects and use different tools.

PHP Framework 2019 - maintainable


Currently, it is one of the most simplified, lightweight and one of the best PHP infrastructures, ideal for web design and development. It weighs less than 50 Kb and is considered one of the easiest PHP frameworks. By the way, it has creative branding and logo design.

The main features of the structure (URL routing, multilingual application support and cache mechanism) were used to create a powerful infrastructure.

The structure includes many plugins, a powerful library of queues, amazing ORM, painless routing and simple authentication. It is necessary to mention that this structure was created using Symfony components.

1.Small size.
2. Optimize URL routing, cache models, codes with lightning speed.
3. The framework supports MySQL, SQLite, MSSQL / Sybase, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Flat-File DB.
4. Availability of many software developed packages, including unit testing.
5. Among all the features you can highlight the processing of source files, optimizing JavaScript / CSS, data checking, the presence of Open Id.

PHP Framework 2019 - Fat Free

Let's compare the charts of the most popular framework in one space.

PHP Framework 2019

Best PHP Frameworks 2019 key takeaways:
  1. Laravel
  2. Symfony
  3. CodeIgniter
  4. CakePHP
  5. Yii
  6. Zend
  7. Aura
  8. Phalcon
  9. Maintainable
  10. Fat-free
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