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Best Trends in Project Management (PM) in 2023

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Featured image for Best Trends in Project Management (PM) in 2023

In recent years, educating and developing staff has become a top priority. It is a global trend aiming to grow talent for efficient business digitalization. For instance, understanding and implementing prime cybersecurity elements, processing massive data volumes, working with messengers, etc. The world now works and services clients remotely, while some business industries have ceased. The staff education is relevant, and now people can solve numerous tasks with less effort and time. 

Project management is based on employing methods and processes required for completing tasks. Appropriate software helps to deal with various problems in particular sectors. This article will tell about trends and best ideas in project management in 2023 in the industry

Main changes and trends in project management

The features and ideas of project management include means, skills, and knowledge that help to achieve the targets. The necessary software will provide various solutions for solving issues. Let’s explore the main trends in project management software in 2023

Digital management processes

Any industry in recent years has experienced a significant digital transformation that helps to enhance internal processes. Currently, there are countless online tools for management; including:
  1. Applications for teamwork.
  2. Software for completing and managing workflow.
  3. Editing instruments.
  4. Good management systems. 
Among the features of the trend are different ways and types of management that can be digitized. Using user evaluations and practical exercises is essential to choose and complement any tools for further use.

Integrating complex technologies

A digital factory model is a trend that many companies followed several years ago. According to it, the work processes go within a productive, scalable digital model where separate digital units do the product supply. This principle can boost the integration of innovations in the short term for companies, yet the problem is that there is no operating model for IT teams. As a result, it is critical to provide cooperation and supply from various technical groups that might confuse the technological stacks. 

Software for project management is a modern trend that leads the industry. As the company develops, the team depends more on technology. Hence, the project management principles receive an additional element that considers the technologies. This process is called PTMQ, which means people’s talent to implement technological achievements for specific projects and companies. The critical feature of PTMQ is talent. The staff stays aware of the trends and swiftly adjusts to them. Integrated technology helps the project owners to complete the tasks better and get desired results within the budget and time. 

The market share of project management technologies

The market share of project management technologies

Corporate online education

Perhaps, this trend is the most apparent and essential. Many countries on various levels implemented digital education, including schools, universities, businesses, and corporations. 

According to statistics, B2C data volume in the industry will grow 15% yearly. In 2023, it will achieve 60 billion RUB in RF, while in 2019, it was 38 billion. About 60% of adults got additional education, which is new. Fifty percent of that people had particular goals that would allow them to grow professionally. The others sophisticated their skills for their current job, while some studied to get new positions, etc. According to the research, 70% of employers were ready in 2020-2021 to increase the qualifications of their employees.

A hybrid approach to project management

The classical approach employs only a single project management strategy; traditional specialists use this method. Modern solutions include PMBOK, PRINCE2, and the waterfall model.

The classical methodology offers a linear approach:

  1. Initiation.
  2. Planing.
  3. Completing.
  4. Control.
  5. Closing the project. 
This approach has clear and structured targets, while the focus is on strict control and document flow. A hybrid approach to project management is the opposite since the focus is on the flexibility of specifications. This methodology requires a lot of attention to people and their correlation. Furthermore, the product is more critical than the documentation. 

The last trend in project management denies a single management style. According to statistics, more than 60% use this as a hybrid of a waterfall or agile development methodology.

The difference between project management models

The difference between project management models

The project managers must consider that there is no single and correct management method; therefore, consider the amount of work, characteristics, available resources, and other factors. It will help to select a proper methodology. It is essential to study the project requirements and their risks. 

Employing project methodology

Employing project methodology

The features of hybrid project management include speed and flexibility, while various management styles can be combined within one project. A method selection will depend on project requirements, end product, and other factors. 

Remote cooperation

A lot of employees work remotely now. According to Hubstaff's report on managing remote projects in 2021, 40% of companies have more than 1000 remote employees. In the future, its relevance of it will grow. 

This project management form has many advantages:

  1. Allows to increase the balance between private life and work;
  2. Increases staff efficiency and reduces the number of business trips.
  3. Reduces the project’s budget with technologies that instantaneously communicate with clients, particular project groups, etc.
Still, remote work has some disadvantages. The prime issue is misunderstanding and the temporary absence of communication; some people lack motivation. 

As a method of solving the issue of employee misunderstanding, making a team culture and informal communication might help. Leading several videoconferences during the business week will also help. 

Employees lose motivation due to a lack of daily communication with partners as in the office. The project managers must have clear expectations and constantly update the team on the essential aims. Hence, by providing feedback, they will understand that the company needs and values them, thus becoming more motivated. 

The most critical issues for remote workers

The most critical issues for remote workers

The demand for social skills and popular project management platforms

The project management trends for 2023 show that education degree, experience, and skills achieved during education do not suffice to have advantages on the market. The project managers must develop interpersonal skills considering that many AI tools take over the routine processes. It is a profitable approach for any company. 

A project manager is not just a job that requires working with documentation and determining the volume of assignments. To be efficient, they must manage all interested parties and build good relationships between the team members. These are the leader characteristics. Such managers can rapidly explain their ideas and have experience solving particular problems during project management. Furthermore, the manager must unite the team members to achieve the goal. 

There are many friendly platforms for project management:

  1. Monday.com is a convenient and intuitive platform for teams of any size. It has numerous templates and graphs for tracking progress and resources. 
  2. Wrike is a cloud platform for project co-management. The platform provides complete task transparency and real-time execution that increases team cooperation efficiency and optimizes workflows. 
  3. Smartsheet is a flexible service for scaling and managing projects. It has a set of instruments that help to increase productivity for business requirements. This software facilitates task management. 
  4. Asana allows collaborative work and simplifies managing several projects simultaneously, even if more than two teams participate. The menu is convenient and intuitive for any project process. 
  5. Jira is business control software. The developers offer it for flexible teams.
The software above and other boards or methods for step visualizations of project stages help to keep track of the progress of tasks. They have various reports for management and other instruments. Any set of tracking and management can be done through different tools, but it's best to use comprehensive programs on one platform.

The reasons for expanding the project deadlines

The reasons for expanding the project deadlines
Project managers must employ software and develop skills that will help to solve conflicts, answer questions from interested parties, conduct negotiations, and educate employees. Hence, the projects and companies will profit. 

AI and automatization 

It is not possible to deny modern trends. Numerous processes become automatic, thus facilitating the work for people. It’s all possible thanks to artificial intelligence that gradually integrates into all industries. The following sectors have already implemented it:
  • Health care;
  • Construction works;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Finance.
AI helps to manage a project, and companies implement the technology for particular tasks and routine functions. It allows automatizing human labor. Furthermore, software and machines receive data, process it, analyze it, and enable finding out about productivity and staff efficiency. 

Project managers employ AI for complex tasks, including visualization and planning. The companies that do not use such technology in project management can suffer in 2023-2025 due to competitive advantages. The companies that use AI can automatize various processes, precise data on expenses, project progress, and visualization. 

According to the project management institute, 81% of experts know that AI influences their companies. As Levity.ai's technical director says, automatizing tasks and routine processes allows project managers to focus on the work that brings more benefits to the business. Thilo Huelmann believes that this factor will introduce considerate changes and increase the probability that any project will achieve its goals. 

Recently, companies began to implement AI to manage projects efficiently. Several methods can help:

  1. Complete performance data collection.
  2. Support for all stages of the decision-making process.
  3. Estimating and forecasting.
  4. Planning optimization.
  5. Information visualization.
  6. Risk analysis. 
With AI, bots and other machines will do all manual work, while project managers and the team can be more productive. For instance, the bots help to plan meetings, collect information, analyze it, and send the results as notifications. AI helps to update data during work and perform particular targets. 

Employing high-technology means

Employing high-technology means

Requirements in cybersecurity

As technologies and digitalization develop, data leaks occur more frequently. This trend requires storing and protecting information. According to statistics, 85% of hacks concern the human factor, and 61% with account data. These events confirm the necessity of cybersecurity. Also, companies must keep a balance and allow easy access for approved users. 

Additional security measures reduce flexibility and do not allow close relations with clients. Any software for managing projects the team uses must provide ongoing work with clients and a complete image of them.

Regardless of the project management software, the main functionality plays a significant part in excluding data leaks. The teams must estimate the software policy to physical security, networks, and systems and protect application and confidentiality. Managers must prepare a separate response plan if a system is compromised. From time to time, it is essential to evaluate and compare it with the previous indicators on security. Any project employees need to be trained to understand possible risks and security threats.

Action varieties of data leaks

Action varieties of data leaks

AR in marketing

Many applications in the marketing industry support AR. Among them, business cards, a popular and simple solution that works with AR, should be highlighted. By integrating interactive elements in marketing, any business can stand out among competitors, offering consumers new and exciting introductions to their company.

Instruction through AR is a popular direction for companies that want to show customers detailed documentation or instructions for a particular type of project. Such an approach allows the presentation of the information in a convenient, exciting format and significantly improves the user experience. A potential customer will not need to spend a lot of time and effort to master a particular mechanism.

A leap into the metaverse

In 2022, no one will be surprised by augmented reality, which is used with other metaverse technologies. The digital world has become a viral trend in recent years, but it's not just a marketing approach. The purpose of such innovation is to remove the barriers between the real and virtual worlds. This kind of reality allows the display of virtual objects embedded in the real world. Due to the metaverse, there are many possibilities for the everyday person (consumer) and any sphere of business or other activities.

When planning to bring digital experiences into the real world, AR is an excellent place to start. The technology is hard to call new and is used in apps such as Snapchat and Instagram. However, the innovation element is that software will help a person transfer their avatar used on other platforms into a separate app and apply it to AR. In 2023, a similar trend could spread to virtual meetings. Some people have to use a VR headset for an appointment, and you can be there without a headset.

Horizon Workrooms

Horizon Workrooms ‘metaverse’ conference halls presented by Meta on VivaTech 2022

After providing more robust and cost-efficient VR helmets, the technology will ultimately enter the market. 


Project management in 2023 and the following years will depend on technologies. It is a dynamic sector that adjusts to particular situations and needs. Hence, managing projects is convenient for any industry. In recent years, classical approaches have experienced difficulties creating new problem-solving methods. For instance, flexible approaches are essential for many companies; they help health care function during pandemics.

Technological changes have a significant impact. The popularity and efficiency of remote work, digitalized processes, and the necessity of cybersecurity show their influence. The human factor in management in 2023 will require developing communications skills that will benefit formal and informal talks in teams. 

The future is in the hands of millennials, who approach everything from a creative point of view and apply modern technology that accelerates goals. In 2023, there will be a lot of focus on digital security, remote working, and the other trends described. Professionals who work in project management or plan to engage in similar activities must be able to adapt, anticipate and address any industry situations. There's no point in fighting change; it's better to adapt to it. 

Best Trends in Project Management (PM) in 2023 key takeaways:
  1. Main changes and trends in project management
  2. Digital management processes
  3. Integrating complex technologies
  4. Corporate online education
  5. A hybrid approach to project management
  6. Remote cooperation
  7. The demand for social skills and popular project management platforms
  8. AI and automatization 
  9. Requirements in cybersecurity
  10. AR in marketing
  11. A leap into the metaverse
  12. Conclusion
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