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Big UX/UI Design Trends Manual for 2023

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Featured image for Big UX/UI Design Trends Manual for 2023

A modern website or mobile application design is variable; it may be something unique or a standard pop-up animation, yet the latter is outdated and will not surprise anyone. On the other hand, it was the UI and UX trend several years ago and is still common on the internet. Still, professional UI designers constantly work on new features and drive the UI design trends. The latest tendency in UI/UX is innovation and uniqueness in design. It helps to bring in a new audience and capture attention. In 2023 interactivity, reasonable structure, and vividness will be relevant and popular.

Why is understanding and employing UI/UX trends in design essential?

About 500 thousand new websites and other resources appear on the internet daily. Each one requires appropriate formatting and design to stand out among the competitors. A beautiful design and easy-to-use interface are prime rules for successful promotion. These parameters are probably the essentials of company image and allow attracting the audience to the platform and products. Also, the quality of service estimation depends on the UX design.

The features of enhancing UI/UX design.

The features of enhancing UI/UX design. Source

According to statistics, about 88% of users will not use the website again if they find it hard to navigate or don’t like the design. The analysis by Google says that 61% of users are frustrated with a company if the UX design is terrible. In these cases, the love for the brands doesn’t matter. Trend analysis allows forecasting trends of UI/UX design in 2023

Prime UI/UX design trends in 2022

Trends are not just about now; they help to draw templates of future trends; marketing and design are closely linked, and the dynamics are synchronized. While selecting particular methods, it is critical to consider the company's ideas and people’s needs. Blindly following the trend is not a winning scenario. 

UI and UX design industry improve older tendencies and create new directions. Some critical factors cause such changes in UI and UX trends in 2023. 

An outdated design might make any project inefficient. According to MyTechnology reports, 94% of users do not trust obsolete websites without relevant designing. These users close the pages almost immediately, while the creators see a declining tendency in loyalty to the platform. Therefore, let’s explore the best solutions in design for UX/UI for 2023. 

Enhanced 3D elements

A visual effect can significantly get the possible client’s attention and helps to illustrate the virtual space. UX design trends in 2023 focus on decreasing the website or application start time. Shortly, the main focus will go to creating small frameworks

3D details are an excellent addition and can sophisticate the user experience. Thus, the website will become original and unusual. In 2023, many developers and designers will search for instruments that help to upload website pages and graphical elements faster. 

The exceptional attention now goes to interactive animation since users remember it better, yet it slows the website uploading time. The main idea is involving the audience; the 3D effect positively affects the brand reputation and helps in promotion by broadening the target audience. 

Metaverse and AR/VR are a part of this movement. The three-dimensional spatial design allows improving the interaction with clients, merging different worlds, and bringing an entirely new level of user experience. 

A website design example

A website design example. Source
Virtual and augmented realities are not new for many designers, companies, and even clients, yet modern means of implementation and targets are a completely new phenomenon for people and businesses. Employing the metaverse requires more AI, 3D graphics, and blockchain attention.  A similar virtual combination in design appears in the following parameters:
  1. Detailed and fast data about the processes. 
  2. Decentralized virtual reality can be accessed on different platforms regardless the location and time. 
  3. Changes in UX, where AI indicators are more important than SEO. 
  4. Transparent and secure environment with modern opportunities for virtual worlds. 
In 2023 more industries and companies, including eCommerce, marketplaces, health care institutions, etc., will follow this UX trend. It provides 3D logos, untypical text, visiting museums from any corner of the world with virtual reality glasses, and employing additional software for AR and VR implementation in design. 

For instance, Apple and Google already use these  UI/UX trends and offer Apple Glasses, ARCore, and ARKit. IKEA allows doing interior design through their software.

IKEA Kreativ is the application for creating a precise copy of home and furnishing it with IKEA furniture.

IKEA Kreativ is the application for creating a precise copy of home and furnishing it with IKEA furniture

Abstract visualization 

Many companies employ additional equipment for these constructions. This method helps to enhance communication with users. The functional interface saves time in studying the product or service. 

An example of abstract visualization

An example of abstract visualization

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) technologies

The favorite for 2022-2023 helps to differentiate from the competitors and attract more attention since the technologies go beyond the screen interface. AR and VR allow seeing and playing with digital objects in the real world. Here is what improves the UI/UX design world. 

 UX example; VR/AR banking application design

UX example; VR/AR banking application design. Source

Emotional design 

A beautiful design helps to build better connections with the target clients. Such details stimulate different feelings and reactions and attract more attention; hence, selling is more effortless. This UX trend requires employing bright color schemes to highlight essential UI/UX parts; referring to 90th will cause lovely memories and nostalgia. The creators can apply the idea to reference the past using modern designs.

Geometrical structure

It is a lasting classical UI trend. If a company is not ready for innovative ideas, creating a well-structured website, platform, or application that employs geometrical shapes is a perfect solution.

An example of a geometrical design of a website or application

An example of a geometrical design of a website or application

Voice search

This function actively enters the daily routine since it is straightforward and saves time. This UX trend of 2023 will develop and improve since voice assistants offer effortless connection through critical inquiries. Now, the developers have sophisticated the functions of UX in this sector.

The features of voice technologies and speech recognition

The features of voice technologies and speech recognition

Dark themes

This UI trend in 2023  will develop and progress. Many users only employ the dark theme since it presses less on the eyes. The experts advise turning on the dark theme at night before sleep to improve the quality of dreaming and fall asleep faster. 

OLED and dark theme combination increases the battery duration of a smartphone, laptop, or another device. Many companies have already introduced the dark theme design. Such functions will have higher demand in 2023 and the following years. Furthermore, some platforms offer to select a dark theme design so the users get the most appealing interface.

Google search engine dark theme example

Google search engine dark theme example

Split screen design

According to this idea, the website will have two parts with content that can go vertical if the device is not big. This approach allows creating appealing content of a high-quality and accessible from any device. The key to success is that the website design fits a mobile device. 

A split-screen website design

A split-screen website design. Source

New minimalism

In 2022, a new minimalism wave aims to stick out from other UI trends and get the users’ attention. 

Bold, lively, and bright colors are in trend. They help to highlight the critical elements and keep the visual value. The content looks beautiful and engaging, yet straightforward and intuitive. 

Mobile design example

A good interface today is the invisible one. This UI trend appeared when the user asked for it. The design must not take the primary attention and be over-obtrusive.  The white color and the absence of many elements in the design cope with such a task.

The focus is on the details:

  • Interface grid;
  • Fonts and icons;
  • Colors;
  • UX;
  • Animation. 
Minimalism requires special attention to the following:
  1. The essential functions for clients are the top-1 priority.
  2. The interface must be light, do not use massive shades to keep the content in the center of attention.
  3. Focus on design, layout, and icons to build the design.
  4. Develop the details.
  5. Make the interface invisible yet easy to use and intuitive.
  6. Use the standard functions for users, element placements, and interaction. Major brands and companies do so since it helps the users to get used to and interact with the product. Everything must be understandable and familiar. 
Clean and clear minimalism is still prevalent in brand development. It captures the attention instantly since it’s relevant and fresh. The new minimalism is even stronger if combined with the dark theme.

Kohaku Bot, an example of a dark theme by Tran Mau Tri Tam from UI8

Kohaku Bot, an example of a dark theme by Tran Mau Tri Tam from UI8

More text and new fonts 

The UX 2023 trends  restore the multi-level headlines. With text, users get more data immediately after opening the page. In this aspect, it should be considered that the attractiveness and benefit of the design are achieved in combination with the right typography.

Typographic directions change every year, and in 2023, developers are gradually moving away from the classic design, using serifs with a size change from one word to another. Translucent fonts overlapping opaque ones with the addition of bold or italics will turn out to be topical.

An example of a discreet design with a focus on text

An example of a discreet design with a focus on text

Adjusting to modern gadgets

Designers must follow UI/UX trends in 2023 and regularly revise the design, adjusting to the technical parameters of modern gadgets. New smartphones have rounded edges and no frames, and it's essential to make the site or app adaptable to mobile versions, considering the technical and external parameters of phones. The task of the developers is to provide users with a high-quality image with full compliance with the parameters.

Unique micro-interaction

Such functionality is characterized by tactile reviews of mobile versions with the ability to change the shades for different states of the programs. Creating a visualization of page loading and transitions is also necessary to make it animated. The "highlight" can be the initial reaction of icons when clicking on them.

The described approach creates a pleasant experience; any user will be comfortable working with a resource. Often this kind of contact positively affects people and gives additional guarantees that the user will stay on the site, studying it and buying certain products.

Passwordless access

Working with passwords can only confuse the user, not make the resource more secure. 57% of people simply forget their access passwords, and 65% of survey respondents feel the need to write down their passwords, so they don't forget them in the future. Forgotten access codes are a problem for many customers and should be addressed.

The easiest and most effective solution to access a site or app without passwords is to log in using Google, social media, or fingerprints. This is the trend  in UX design for 2023, and many large companies are starting to use it.

Forecast of the passwordless trend

Forecast of the passwordless trend.

Windows 10 is a good example. The company wanted to free the operating system from passwords by replacing it with a biometrical authorization system. Shortly, the face, fingerprint, or PIN-code authentication might fit the template. 

Individual learning 

Under current circumstances, people must learn online and use various courses and training. 

Yet, the drawback is that users have to find the motivation to finish the course independently. UX model can substitute the movement with the following means:

  • Remote feedback;
  • Tests;
  • Partner selection;
  • Planning means.
These tools guarantee that people will be on the hook during and after the course. They will track their progress easily, set plans and targets, and learn from mistakes. Personal learning will be more prevalent in 2023, and the creators will fix many issues and substitute the lections in big classes.

The application for personal fitness lessons

The application for personal fitness lessons

Advanced personalization 

This tool makes it possible to understand precisely what the target audience needs by offering appropriate options. This algorithm is an essential element of UX design, making advertising effective.

Interactive tendencies are the 2023 UI trend that many companies will rely on. The main task of UI design in 2023  lies in simplifying the site's contact process.

Hyper-personalized user experience will never lose its relevance. Still, as time goes on, the trend becomes more and more challenging to adhere to, as new services appear in large numbers and different digital products. This leads to consumer discernment, and today's content, images, and interactions must be 100% personalized.

In other words, design in 2023 needs to be made more customer-centric. Many people want to see information that truly reflects their interests. Given today's UI and UX trends, more emphasis is being placed on localization, gathering behavioral factors to form a diverse view of customers and their locations before developing the design itself.

Now the UI and UX design prevails:

  1. Geolocation-based recommendations.
  2. Proper design of online shopping apps.
  3. Sending reminders.
Personalization of this type is already prominent in advertising. 


Typography helps to support the effect of digital content. It helps to involve users’ behavior and accents. Yet, the single method will not give the desired result. In 2023 it will be better to offer new content through scrolling. A decent design will make the application or website an efficient resource, judging by aesthetics and design. If the resource is for emotion, calling the users to action will help capture the attention and make the clients feel a part of the visual story. 

Three key features of emotional design

Three key features of emotional design

Scrolling improves decision-making based on cognitive reflection. With this effect, the design layout works subconsciously and consciously in people. Moving details, different placement of navigation, and out-of-the-box animations are tools that can become part of scrolling, and developers can apply effects to support customer curiosity. Users will begin to interact more with the resource than with static sites.

The main thing to remember is that the technique is not universal and is tailored specifically to the goal or project. It doesn't always have a positive effect on engagement.

Data Storytelling

The last trend in UI and UX is Data Storytelling. The trend helps to make the information better to employ. Furthermore, it will be efficient and influential. 

For instance, an application for the financial sector must be straightforward and intuitive. Many people are not into banking and other nuances, so they must be available to check their accounts, income, or other financial data related to their accounts quickly. In 2022, such applications must also be graphically meaningful. The design and the following elements will improve contact with customers in such an area:

  1. Application of machine learning techniques.
  2. Additional functionality to improve UX.
  3. Explanatory visualization of information.
  4. Automatic analytics.
  5. Interactive bar charts and a bright range of colors, the presence of charts, line graphs, and dashboards for control.
The described elements will help the "dry application" to make complex and important information much easier for the user.


Best design trends in 2022 will continue in 2023, yet they will include more quality content and innovative technologies. Interactive details will be the basis, but maintaining harmony and making it easy to add to the overall style. Designers must remember that the UI/UX design target is comfort and intuitiveness. 

The trends in design change due to many events and technological changes. Following the UX and UI trends in 2023 will help simplify the process of providing the products that consumers require. 

Merehead does professional development of UX/UI Trends 2023. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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