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What is Google Analytics Used for: Features & Tutorial for Beginners

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Google Analytics is a system developed by Google corporation. This is one of the most popular analytics systems in the world. It helps to increase website profitability. If you are only on the planning stage of a project development, I would recommend you to familiarize yourself with the main web development phases and evaluate average price for restaurant werbsite. However, in this very article, we would try to answer why Google Analytics is so popular worldwide and what is the main purpose of using it.

An issue as to visitors analysis will arise sooner or later after launching own project or MVP. This is what the Google Analytics is used for. It collects every possible information as to users and their behavior. Google Analytics installment and adjustment is not that difficult. It is required to sign into your Google Account, go to analytics.google.com and add your site. The system will offer you a small script, which should be inserted into your website pages. From now on, all actions of each user are recorded and stored in your Google Analytics account. Also, you might be interested in best practices of Google Adwords PPC campaigns. If you don't want use external or outsource company you should definitely save your budget.

Having information as to users’ behavior, you can plan marketing and advertising companies, analyze external traffic and increase conversion. The more active attendance on your site, the more accurate information you could get. Let's take a look at a few things that are available in Google Analytics.

Browser & OS. Level: simple.

In the report given below, you will see browser and OS users to come. Moreover, you will observe how long users attended your site and the time spent. Here you can determine which browsers are the most popular and which browser users faced inconvenience viewing your site.

What is Google Analytics used for

As you could see at the picture above, stay duration of Android and iOS users on the site is the lowest. Perhaps this has happened due to errors in the mobile version. Therefore, it is worth to test for details all pages on the responsive website.
Path: Audience -> Technology -> Browser & OS

Pages View. Level: Easy.

In this report, you will see how many times each page was viewed on the site. The report shows the popularity of the pages. You can determine what users like the most, and which pages they visit more often.

What is Google Analytics used for

Path: Behavior -> Site content -> All pages.

Source of users. Level: Middle

In the given report, you could determine where the users come from. Based on the stay length, you will determine a quality of the traffic you have received. There is an automatic recognition of the source, however, in some situations, I recommend to use UTM tags. They will allow you to indicate clearly the source of traffic. Let's make an assumption that you want to make an advertisement on Facebook, Twitter and Google Adwords. In this case, for each advertising unit, you should use a unique URL with UTM tags. Before building a website very important to know how to choose web design company.


What is Google Analytics used for

As it is shown in the picture, Twitter traffic is less qualitative. So it is worth to think over if it is necessary to make an ad campaign one more time there.
Path: Acquisition -> Source/Medium ->Source

What is Google Analytics used for

Goals. Level: Complicated

From my point of view, this is one of the most powerful features in Google Analytics. The system allows you to add goals to the site and even put some value on them. Let’s suppose that your website has a membership of $ 99. It would be right to put the goal for ‘buy’ button clicking and put the value of $ 99. So that, each user who reached the goal (clicked the ‘buy’ button) will have a special mark in Google Analytics system. Let's see how it works. Google Analytics needs to be represented and installed on every ICO platform, especially if you do ICO marketing. Its measurement has to be recorded.

What is Google Analytics used for

As you could see, Facebook advertising campaign gained good results. We’ve got two orders. Having this information you will clearly understand what source of traffic gives you revenue and which one should be disabled. This data will reduce the risk of failure for your startup. I think this is really useful information. Google Analytics uses for the best ecommerce platforms. Be aware and choose only trusted provider.

Goals + Adwords. Level: Complicated.

It is possible to synchronize your Google Analytics account with Google Adwords. This bundle gives clear information on which ads give you money and which are not effective. You can view your goals data directly in your Adwords account. This is a really powerful tool if you want to save money on advertising. Every respectful specialist in marketing technologies should know how to make this synchronization. Let’s make a summing up of the aforesaid. We have looked through Google Analytics system in use. It is free of charge and has great functionality. Therefore, it is so popular amongst marketing specialists and websites owners. In our further articles, we will continue studying this powerful tool. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me for further assistance.

What is Google Analytics Used for: Features & Tutorial for Beginners key takeaways:

#1. Browser & OS. Level: simple.
#2. Pages View. Level: Easy.
#3. Source of users. Level: Middle
#4. Goals. Level: Complicated
#5. Goals + Adwords. Level: Complicated.

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