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What Dating Website Software Should Use?

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In the article you will find an overview of the top 10 software solutions with which you can create your site for online dating and start making money in the market, which in the United States alone is estimated at $ 2.5 billion. The order of enumeration of software solutions is arbitrary.

#1 SkaDate (from 999 dollars)

Dating Website Software SkaDate

Open source software, which is positioned as a simple creator for developing online dating sites of any complexity. SkaDate does not require programming skills and supports many different built-in functions, such as photo checking, a match system, quick acquaintances and more.

In addition, SkaDate perfectly implements the social aspect of dating services. Users can customize their portfolio, upload photos, videos and music. Also available is the ability to block contacts by IP and several other security tools that will protect users from aggression and intrusiveness of other service members.

The cost of the base license starts from $ 999. For the money you get:

  • professional adaptive dating site based on SkaDate;
  • free software update and site installation;
  • access to native and third-party plugins (and themes) for SkaDate;
  • access to premium templates and documentation;
  • month of free support and hosting.

In addition to the base license, the service offers more expensive offers for $ 1,700, $ 3,000 and $ 10,000+, which provide access to more tools and SkaDate professional assistance in developing the site. For an additional fee, you can hire a support service, connect hosting, conduct an audit of the site and configure the cloud service.

#2 Dating Script (from 150 dollars)

Dating Website Software Dating Script

Offers a set of flexible solutions with which anyone can turn an abstract concept into a powerful online dating platform. Dating Script comes with integrated virtual gift, advertising and anti-spam features and many other useful things.

True, they are all available only in a full license, which sells for $ 250. In the basic package for $ 150, you cannot create blogs, download music and video, connect paid subscriptions and organize events. These restrictions will not prevent the creation of a more or less decent website, but it is better to pay $ 100 and get a full-fledged service for online dating.

Features of Dating Script:

  1. Responsive design and multi-language support.
  2. Several types of profiles for different types of users.
  3. Search engine friendly optimization (automatic sitemap, custom meta tags, friendly URLs and more).
  4. Ability to prohibit the creation of duplicate accounts and block users (works based on IP addresses).
  5. Ability to divide users into groups, for example, those who have a free and paid subscription.
Of the significant drawbacks can be noted only the lack of templates for developing a mobile application. Therefore, the cost of a license of Dating Script you need to add the cost of developing such an application - without it, the audience coverage will be reduced at least twice.

#3 PG Dating Pro (from 490 dollars)

Dating Website Software PG Dating Pro

A stable, simple and reliable software solution for launching online dating services optimized for mobile devices. The set of functions is standard and nothing special stands out. The design of solutions based on PG Dating Pro is clean, concise and easy to navigate by default.

Base license costs $ 490 for which you will receive:

  • 3 ready-to-use templates for dating sites and an app store (everything can be customized or run as is);
  • support channels (phone, email, chat, Facebook and Twitter);
  • access to the Dating Pro Academy (launch guide, online courses, video tutorials, ways to monetize and technical documentation);
  • software updates (several times a year);
  • mobile application with support for iOS and Android.
There are more expensive licenses for $ 1,490 and $ 4,900 with a significantly larger set of features, security guarantees, support for more payment systems and so on. For a fee, you can get a database of profiles (1000, 70000 or 500000 female profiles worldwide), event plug-ins and Companions (analogue of BlaBlaCar). There is a trial period.

Of the minuses, we note a very low download speed of the site and galleries, as well as the lack of optimization for search engines, which many PG Dating Pro clients complain about. These problems are solvable, but for this you need to hire an appropriate specialist.

#4 AspNetDating (from 290 euro)

Dating Website Software AspNetDating

Creator for launching online dating services, developed on the basis of the ASP.NET platform. Supports dynamic search using profile photos, ad options, chats, integration with Google Maps and social networks Facebook, Twitter, Skype and MySpace. You can also immediately connect banner advertising through Google Adsense.

The basic license of AskNetDating is priced at 290 euros. It includes the launch and installation of a single site, support and software updates. For everything else you need to pay extra:

  • access to the source code - 490 euros;
  • unlimited number of AspNetAjaxChat users - 200 euro;
  • an unlimited number of AspNetAjaxChat + users streaming audio and video content - 300 euros;
  • plug-in for automatically converting video to FLV for uploading video to user profiles - 180 euro;
  • plugin for users to stream video and audio - 180 euros;
  • plug-in for automatically finding faces on a photo and cropping a photo - 280 euros.

Since most of these features support popular online dating sites and applications, you will have to pay extra for them if you plan to use AskNetDating. The license price of 290 euros is just a marketing gimmick.

#5 Sweet Date (69 dollars)

Dating Website Software Sweet Date

This is a premium WordPress theme. It has a simple and pretty nice design that looks great on both computers and mobile devices. Of the interesting decisions can be noted the ability to show their status to other participants and an unlimited number of color combinations.

The Sweet Date Theme Supports Plugins:

  1. BuddyPress - works with social aspects: viewing profiles, assessing compatibility, notifications, and more;
  2. Ajax Instant Search - quick and easy search inside the site;
  3. rtMedia Ready - works with audio, video and photos (download, convert, share);
  4. Amazing Revolution Slider - transition effects, audio / video autostart, image preview, embedded video;
  5. WooCommerce Ready - Commercial Functions.
The theme is 69 dollars. For support during the year you need to pay 21 dollars. Theme updates are done using the Envato Wordpress Toolkit. The last update of the topic took place on April 10, 2019 (the article was written on April 19, 2019).

#6 LoveStory (59 dollars)

Dating Website Software LoveStory

Another option for fans to create websites using WordPress is the LoveStory theme. This is a universal solution with widgets for managing every aspect of site functionality and design, several custom page templates and an unlimited number of color combinations.

In addition, LoveStory supports working with tools and WooCommerce, so you can use a dating site to sell real and virtual goods, such as digital gifts and cards. There is also advanced banner management, customizable filters for finding suitable partners, built-in support for registering / logging through Facebook and several other useful features.

The topic costs 59 dollars, support for 12 months is 17.6 dollars. Support threads through the forum. The theme was created on July 1, 2013 and is usually updated once or twice a year. The last update occurred on July 13, 2018.

#7 Chameleon (from 247 dollars)

Dating Website Software Chameleon

A full-fledged social networking engine that can be used to develop online dating services. Inside Chameleon you will find open source PHP / MySQL software, a simple design / layout setting. The script has great opportunities to change the functionality of the created site:

  • Advanced Partner Search Scenario;
  • unlimited number of profiles for an account;
  • personal meeting script with complex settings;
  • several admin toolkit templates;
  • customizable membership update packages;
  • unlimited number of pictures;
  • user payment gateways;
  • internal messaging;
  • content management system.

Chameleon script costs about 180 dollars. This price includes all templates, a mobile application (iOS and Android), regular and mobile video chat, and 3DCity. For an additional fee you will be helped with the development of a logo (2-3 options for $ 40), filling profiles ($ 40 for 1000 profiles) and connecting the hosting.

#8 Advan Date Dating (from 399 dollars)

Dating Website Software Advan

Script for launching dating sites, which integrates perfectly with social networks. It contains a huge number of built-in templates, support for the most popular payment gateways and custom fields. Site statistics are presented through the admin toolkit, but you can also connect Google Analytics. Integration with Google Adsense is possible.

Initially, ICupid was sold under the name eMeeting at a price ranging from 155 to 655 dollars. He had a huge amount of negative reviews and sales, to put it mildly, did not go. Fortunately, the script was bought by Austrian software developer Advandate, who brought the project to a normal state and revised the pricing structure.

ICupid basic license costs $ 399:

  • 66 templates for creating online dating sites;
  • free installation, support and updates;
  • general mobile application;
  • responsive design.

If you pay another $ 200, you will receive 20,000 completed user profiles and a more advanced mobile application. If you pay $ 300 - 20,000 profiles, an advanced mobile application and the ability to create an unlimited number of sites based on ICupid.

#9 OkDate (55 dollars)

Dating Website Software OkDate

Positioned as a premium script and application for online dating sites. The version for the site is based on CodeIgniter 3.19 and Bootstrap 3, for a mobile application - on Android Studio and Xcode. The admin panel is powered by ProDatingScript.com. There is a built-in support for payment services and advertising fields. Integration with Facebook, WhatsApp and support ticket is also available.

OkDate User Functions:

A regular license costs $ 55. It includes a script, six months of support and a subscription to future updates. A year of support costs about 18 dollars, if you pay with the purchase of the topic (43.75 dollars - if separately). Theme is 4 years old, it was last updated on March 3, 2019.

#10 Etano (free)

Dating Website Software Etano

Etano is probably the best free software that you can use to launch an online dating site. It is very simple and there is a lot of help on the net about working with this script. There are not so many functions, and the typical design solution clearly loses to its competitors. But for free.

Etano Features:

  • GD library for downloading images;
  • launch of cron-tasks every 5 minutes;
  • PHP 5.3 or 5.4 and MySQL 5.1x;
  • php mail support.

This script is 100% open source software that is licensed under the MIT license. Consequently, you can use it not only to launch dating sites, but also to create, for example, White Label solutions and their subsequent monetization. At the same time, the Etano script is periodically updated and updated with new features.

But with all this, Etano is not the best choice if you need a really high-quality site for online dating. The script is slow, the design is plain and support service is very slow. It is better to pay 200-500 dollars - in the end it will be cheaper.

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