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Website vs Mobile App: What Should be the First

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Featured image for Website vs Mobile App: What Should be the First

You have a website idea but you don't know, maybe to start developing a mobile application. You know this is quite an important and at the same time a popular question that I hear from clients. In this article, you'll learn when to choose a website and when to start from a mobile application. All insider information from leading developers of mobile applications and complex web platforms. What other companies keep silent about. But if you have not yet chosen a web design company, I think our article will help you too.

Running ahead, I'll tell you in 90% of the cases you need a website. Only in rare exceptions, you should start developing a mobile application. Let me explain. The mobile applications market is developing dynamically, thousands of new programs for smartphones are created every day. As pointed in the report Statista for March 2017, the world has more than 6.5 billion(!) apps for download.

Website vs Mobile App

Competition is impressive. But more interesting information is hidden in other figures. According to Statista, the number of apps that use regularly has ceased to grow since 2012. People are just tired of new and useless applications.

Website vs Mobile App

Moreover, as reported by QZ, in 2014, over 65% of users download 0 applications per month. Only one in three downloads new applications to the smartphone.

Website vs Mobile App

In 2016, Recode published a research that showed the application market is transforming, the percentage of those who uninstall applications reaches 20%.

Website vs Mobile App

As you can see, the mobile applications market is oversaturated. People want to use only useful apps. Here there is a war for the attention of users. If your app has downloaded, it does not mean that it will be used it. It's sad, but it's a fact. But still, let's see when you really need to start developing a mobile app.

1. High Budget

As I pointed out earlier, the mobile application market is oversaturated. Thus, to stand out among competitors, you will need to spend a considerable amount of money. According to our estimates, the cost of promotion equals the cost of development. Moreover, you should go with a first-class, high-quality app. Otherwise, you will spend the budget for nothing. The recommended amount for development is from $10,000.

2. Geolocation

You need to get information about the location of the user. If you can't do without this function, then you need to start development with a mobile application idea. For example, Foursquare makes it possible to check in at a particular location based on the user's location.

Website vs Mobile App

3. Update information in real time

If in your project the information should be sent in real time and this is the main function, then you should start with the app. Take for example messenger Whatsapp or Telegram. People want to receive immediate notification from friends and relatives, and not to go to the account through the browser every time.

Website vs Mobile App

4.Check Competitors

Competitors are a good indicator of what direction to move. If they use only a mobile application, then it really is necessary to start developing programs for smartphones. For example, restaurants and construction companies do not have mobile apps.


Develop a website is much easier and cheaper than a mobile application. You can find out how much a website can cost from our last article. To promote the web project is still much easier. Moreover, modern technologies allow creating SPA applications that are a website but behave like an application. Another advantage of a website is versatility. It is available for desktop and mobile devices. If a site is developed based on API channels, it will have a good scalable. You can use the ready-made back-end for designing mobile applications. This will save time and money. But in some cases, it is necessary to start developing a mobile application. And this is more an exception than the rule. Since Google Play and the App Store are billions of applications, you will need a lot of effort and money to get the trust of users.

I hope this article was useful. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.

Website vs Mobile App: What Should be the First key takeaways:
  1. 1. High Budget
  2. 2. Geolocation
  3. 3. Update information in real time
  4. 4.Check Competitors
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