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Vimeo Clone Website - How to Create a Website like Vimeo?

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Featured image for Vimeo Clone Website - How to Create a Website like Vimeo?

Vimeo is an electronic platform for sharing video content. It was first launched in 2004. The founders of the project are a group of filmmakers. Since its formation, the audience of potential viewers and participants of the electronic service has increased to 80 million people. Most of the creators are artists working in cinematography, animation, musical creativity and other works of art that can be published on the portal to advertise their work.

Features of video hosting 

Vimeo is a service that hosts videos of various kinds. In order to become an active member of this resource, you must register a business account. Every novice and an experienced author can do this.

To do this, the main page of the portal opens and the function of free joining is selected. After that, the user's personal data is indicated (full name and current email address), and a password is created. You can join video hosting using social networks: Google or Facebook. After that, a message will be sent to the specified mailbox.

By agreeing to these terms, the user gets access to paid or free services. After activating the account, the author enters his personal account and completes the verification procedure. After the successful completion of registration, the author is immediately transferred to the page where it is necessary to choose the most optimal option for the video hosting tariff, which will allow high-quality and fast download of videos without any restrictions and problems, as well as use the expanded range of portal capabilities.

Payment for one of the selected tariffs is carried out using a bank card or PayPal payment system. On this resource, a registered user will be able not only to view videos of other authors, but also to publish their works, share them with others, thereby improving their skills. In order to download your first video, you need to activate the download function in the upper right corner of the main page. After that, the video to be published is selected and the privacy category is set.

The main advantages of using this site are:

  • lack of commercials throughout the entire time of video viewing;
  • fast loading of works without any restrictions;
  • the ability to create author groups and channels for communication with like-minded people;
  • choosing the level of privacy for the published video;
  • extended statistics that allow you to get complete information about the number and time of views;
  • the opportunity to get good money on the Internet;
  • embedding of video into various one-page sites, blogs, standard official resources.
The main advantage of the platform is the ability to download several videos per week, the total size of which should not exceed 5 GB. This feature allows you to publish a large amount of content on various topics. Therefore, when creating your clone, you can not only share interesting content with your friends, but also earn decent money on it.

Multidirectional video hosting capabilities

Vimeo is a platform that allows registered users not only to create and upload high-quality content, but also to set viewing restrictions (general, private). Also, the resource has set its own time limits, which depend on the duration of the users' presence on the site. Authors can download only up to 500 MB of information when they are on the site for free.

For users

To create a quality resource that will gain popularity on the Internet among users of various age groups, it is necessary to take into account the basic functionality for a particular category of visitors. For example, the following range of possibilities is provided for Vimeo users:
  1. Interface. When visiting any site, the first attention is paid to the design of the site. In order for any user to be able to understand the controls, the navigation should not cause extraneous questions, the menu bar should be spacious and well-composed, and the mark of the video load should be clearly traced.
  2. Content quality. The resource should use proven decoding methods that each video is distinguished by its clarity, high sound quality, which will bring great pleasure to the viewer.
  3. Diverse content. Provide an opportunity for authors to upload to your resource not the most ordinary videos for entertainment, but high-quality films, cartoons, news, music videos, distinguished by originality and special effects.
  4. Statistics is information about the number of views and their approval. You need to focus on this Vimeo indicator, when the percentage of interesting and banned content is 1: 3.
  5. Search functions. For convenient use, attention should be paid to the thematic division of content into categories so that visitors can easily find the video they are interested in. It is also worth creating a category where participants can get answers to their questions, unite in interest groups, find videos depending on the assigned categories (recently added, most popular, best for the year, month, week).
  6. Complete absence of advertising. In order for the user audience to constantly increase, the video should not be interfered with by extraneous information (advertising).
But you can also make money on the created platform.

For authors

Authors who will post videos on your portal, which is similar to Vimeo, should be aware of their benefits. Firstly, it will be monetization. Permanent profit does not come from the fact that the plot is periodically interrupted by advertising. Artists have the right to independently set the cost of publishing and renting their video, and while watching, viewers will be able to give financial bonuses for the footage they like. Thus, directors will receive passive income, which encourages them to shoot the best video.

Secondly, on the clone site, it is necessary to create a function of joining communities, where artists, directors and videographers can communicate with each other, discuss common topics and painful problems, and find solutions to get out of a specific situation. Providing such an opportunity will make the site open to everyone.

For clients

In order for the director and the author to preserve their face before the client, they provide the completed work in the form of a link to the resource where it is published. In order for this site to become exactly your platform, copying the functions of Vimeo, you need to create such functionality that would allow you to post videos with limited access for all users and open to the customer himself. Thus, potential customers can count on the provision of high-quality software, which can later be downloaded from the resource.

Also, customers should be guided by the convenient navigation function. To do this you need to make a selection of clips or films from one author on the clone site, group them in one place so that clients can get acquainted with all the works of the authors at one time and decide to cooperate with the one they like most. Therefore, making the right choice for them will not be so difficult, but, on the contrary, pleasant and exciting.

The cost of creating a clone site

The cost of creating an electronic platform will depend on several factors. The price is significantly reduced due to the fact that the idea of the future portal already exists, and there is also an idea of the functional content and design of the resource. The change in value upward is observed due to the complexity of drawing lines, adding additional task blocks, adding graphic information. Also, the project implementation price increases due to the introduction of additional modules:
  • pages for thematic discussions;
  • news feeds;
  • language bar;
  • embedded blogs, etc.
The complexity of the process of creating an application will depend on the functionality provided to clients and authors of the project: setting up a payment system, creating personal accounts, forming a relationship between two users of the resource, etc.

The cost of a site created on a template will be much less compared to that which includes creating a site from scratch. This money saving is due to the factors that there is no need to develop your own website design, to carry out layout and implementation. Savings are $400 on average. Also, this approach allows you to reduce the time spent on project implementation. However, the use of templates can reduce the quality of the published content and further lead to the blocking of the site. In this case, it is better to choose paid templates.

When creating a resource, the required elements are the domain (name and address of the site) and hosting (provision of disk space on servers - the place where all information about the resource is stored).

You can create your site yourself using the constructors. The minimum amount of filling the site with functionality is $ 10. Separately, it is worth talking about the method of using frameworks that are studio and public. This method has its advantages: a wide range of ready-made functions, elements used for design, and templates. The most famous are Yii, CodeIgniter, Laravel, etc. Information about them can be found on the Internet, including the installation and operation instructions.

When creating a site, special programs can be used: WebSite X5, NotePad ++, Apache, etc.

You can register a domain name at one of the most popular registrars.

If you can't decide on the domain name, you can use the Wordroid and Lean generators.

Among the huge list of web hosting, the following remain the most popular:

After these 2 parameters are coordinated and selected, you can start filling the site, creating a navigation system, developing a design, etc. For this you can use the Adobe Photoshop application. The use of each software product will reduce the total cost of creating a clone site, which will allow you to spend the remaining financial resources on promoting the product on the network.

Merehead does professional development of video sharing platform like vimeo. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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