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How Much does it Cost to Create a Reddit Clone?

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Users can submit links and necessary information to the Reddit social news aggregation. Like other similar resources, the portal has a system of positive and negative votes for each post. The most popular ones are displayed on the front page. Many people wonder how to create an identical version of the site or a clone, and how much it would cost.

How does Reddit work?

The website consists of subreddits, categories, or communities of interest and ideas. After the launch of this resource, the developers’ idea was to create a single reddit, which would be considered the main one. However, this version has failed, although the resource contains reddits by default. All new users are subscribed to them.

The main subreddit – /r/popular and it contains data of all communities excluding not-safe-for-work ones. For instance, /r/all, dedicated to D. Trump, does not have its filter and it’s a popular feed of the whole site.

Each registered user can choose the information, which he is interested in, based on his personal preferences. This portal is similar to the YouTube app and its channels.

What the cloned sites are for?

A web page clone is an exact copy of the existing resource. At first glance, the websites are exactly the same. Nevertheless, if you look closely, you can note different addresses. Clones are built for various purposes:

  • Checking a landing, examining its productivity. This enables understanding what the potential of this project is. In this way, you can analyze how the copied website increases the number of the resource’s views, sales, and visits.
  • Analysis of customer engagement. When copying a landing, there is a window of opportunity to get information about the relevance of the marketing campaign. This will allow assessing the website’s position in the niche.
  • Screening of competitors. The website is copied as many times as it’s needed as the first sources are considered non-unique. In accordance with this, a search engine automatically blocks a resource.
Unscrupulous users can use website cloning to implement the fraudulent activity. Users’ identity theft occurs by misleading (phishing). No matter what the user’s purpose is – website copying is an illegal act, which violates the author’s rights. You should achieve a clone uniqueness not to violate existing legislation. Replacement of some symbols, a font, or a logo will help to achieve this effect.

As we excluded all illegal options of clone creation, let’s consider website copying for the purpose of borrowing an idea. The copy is made to monitor marketing ideas.

You can make a Reddit clone in two ways:

  • On your own. You need to apply your knowledge in programming to do it. This option requires using special programs.
  • Requesting a specialist. Professional freelancers, who are familiar with web programming, will create a clone application at a certain price.

Website cloning with Timeweb

Timeweb hosting offers a wide range of services for website creation. If the web page is on hosting, which doesn’t work for the owner, there is a possibility to change it. In this way, you can create a clone with a transfer of data and money that weren’t used on the old hosting.

A Reddit clone on a subdomain

What a Reddit clone is needed for and how much does it cost? Website copying is needed to have a possibility to apply new settings, plugins, change a theme while not disrupting the work of the web page. The price depends on website complexity and desired parameters and possibilities.

You can also clone the website to copy a platform, which will be similar to the original. This will allow avoiding ongoing settings from scratch.

The plugin WordPress Clone by WP Academy is a trusted helper in clone creation. Step-by-step actions would need to be fulfilled to do it:

  • The plugin WP Clone by WP Academy has to be installed on your main resource.
  • Enter its settings.
  • The switch has to be installed on the value «Create backup» and then you should select «Create backup».
  • Then you need to click the hyperlink «Copy URL».
  • Backup is ready.
  • After that, you need to find the «Websites and domains» section, which is on the original hosting, and enter it to create a subdomain.
  • If it’s necessary to create a clone as a basis for the development of the new website functionality, a subdomain will do.
  • You need to install WordPress on it.
  • The plugin on the created subdomain should be downloaded and activated.
  • Then place the cursor in the «Restore from URL» field in the settings menu.
In this simple way, you can get a Reddit clone for free.

Use of an Httrack website copier

To start with, it’s necessary to download a relevant program. After the installation, adhere to the recommendations:

  • Launch the program on the device.
  • Develop a new project and name it.
  • You should specify a folder, which will store pages, on your computer and then confirm the action.
  • It’s necessary to write an address of a web page in the «Web address (URL)» field.
  • Confirm the action by clicking on the «set parameters» window.
  • You can download only necessary files; for example, images, from the resource in the filter tab if it’s needed.
  • Set the depth of material downloading with a restriction tab.
  • Go to the «Links» section.
  • Check the box next to «Try to identify all URLs (even in unidentified tags/scripts)».
  • Check «Receive HTML files at the beginning». Setting these parameters significantly simplifies the downloading process in the future.
  • You should choose a way of file saving in the «structure» section from the provided list.
When all parameters are set, you need to confirm actions by clicking «ok» and then click «start».

To assess the page that has been downloaded, you should go to the folder created earlier and open index.html. Now there is a Reddit clone on your computer. It should be stated that when downloading the resource on a full scale, the parameters might be left at their defaults and not be changed.

There is a very quick way of cloning. You need to set «save html files» in the main filter in the «Expert» section to do it. This way suggests downloading html files on the computer. At the launch of the Reddit page, the scripts, images, characters, the content will be downloaded from the original.

Teleport Pro

There is a big number of programs, which allow creating a fully-featured Reddit clone, on the web. Teleport Pro is one of the best. The platform allows using its tools for free. The program downloading isn’t time-consuming because it’s very easy to find it.

This system has several regimes:

  • full website replication;
  • exact copy with the structure;
  • downloading certain files
  • and others.
It’s important to bear in mind that, as indicated earlier, the legislation is fighting with clones. If you’ve decided to create a plugin, it’s necessary to use a redesign, change a structure and logo, edit the content.

A few more approaches to the clone development

There are many options for the development of a Reddit clone, but it’s more rational to consider the most promising ones.

WordPress and plugins, the costs

This way is the cheapest and the most available. You can create a clone website with its features and similar design and functionality with the help of CMS WordPress. For starters, you need to find a similar theme and activate it in the program, You can install additional plugins if you need adding data or improving the resource functionality.

Pros and cons are in the table.

A theme price may reach a few hundred dollars. A plugin is estimated at $10.

Clone scripts of Reddit

Internet resources offer a lot of options of ready clones of this theme of the site. When you get a copy of Reddit, you can renew the design or features, and then test the resource in required directions. It’s simple to use ready clones if you have basic skills in web development or experience in working with hosting.

Pros and cons of this way of cloning:

The cost of cloning the Reddit website in this way starts at $100. The cost depends on the quality of work.

Website development on your own

This option implies significant expenditures on the creation of a Reddit clone. However, this way is the only one that provides a unique web design and website functionality. Due to these advantages, you can stand out among the competitors. Here’s the estimation of the pros and cons of this way.

Businessmen, who are ready to spend some time and money, will choose the individual development, which allows providing maximum safety of a scalable and unique web resource.

The price of a Reddit clone

As has already been described, there are many ways of cloning the Reddit website. One of the simplest is the usage of WordPress templates and plugins. This doesn’t require special programming skills and funds. You just need to buy hosting and activate a theme, which you have liked. The price of hosting for one month is $20-500. The difference is determined by the amount of memory and connection speed.

The price of a template ranges from $50 to $1000. There are free options as well. But you need to take into account the low reliability level of these clones.

The use of such services as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento is another option that offers the launch with the help of a template. It should be noted that these resources take over all technical aspects. The cost of the clone in Shopify and BigCommerce is $30-$300. Magento offers the functionality of a basic type without charging money. If you need corporate solutions, the subscription, which costs up to $50 thous. per year, is required.

You can create a clone from scratch, but it will be more difficult and expensive. But there is a good advantage – the possibility to develop a unique resource with the implementation of a competitive functionality. Resource, which is focused on a user, allows increasing loyalty significantly.


How Much does it Cost to Create a Reddit Clone? key takeaways:
  1. How does Reddit work?
  2. What the cloned sites are for?
  3. Website cloning with Timeweb
  4. A Reddit clone on a subdomain
  5. Use of an Httrack website copier
  6. Teleport Pro
  7. WordPress and plugins, the costs
  8. Clone scripts of Reddit
  9. Website development on your own
  10. The price of a Reddit clone
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