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Machine Learning Trends of 2022

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Machine learning trends, capsule networks, and artificial intelligence are no longer science fiction. Instead of it, they are a driving force in the development of such sectors as self-driving cars, medical diagnostics, and anti-terrorism protection. Nonetheless, whatever potential uses machine learning has, there are certain trends, which you should pay attention to in 2022.

What is Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is designed to solve tasks for humans quickly. This technology allows the software to work on its own without any specialists. AI also includes neural networks and deep learning. Machine learning is an AI application that will enable machines to access data, analyze it and learn to do specific tasks. AI uses algorithms and allows the systems to explore the context without external influence. 

Why are Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning that important?

Considering the increasing values and variety of accessible data, computational processing is vital for obtaining information. Companies such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter use artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop and grow. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that he is sure that India will become a global player in digital economics. The ground for it is the active use of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Today a lot of data becomes easily accessible, and machine learning is now compatible with clouds. Data processing specialists will not need to set the code and manage the infrastructure anymore. Artificial intelligence and machine learning help to scale the systems, generate new models, and give out more accurate results in a shorter time. The systems will become self-learning and will develop independently. This approach will solve various issues in different sectors of human activity. Now let’s take a look at the world’s tendencies in the use of these technologies. 

Top 10 main machine learning trends

These machine learning and AI trends are important because they influence finances, society, and even the judicial system. In fact, many world leaders realize that person, state, or nation, which controls AI and machine learning, will run the world.

Hyperautomation can already be called a major trend of information technology as Gartner identified it. It’s a possibility to automate almost all processes taking place within a company. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of the concept, which is also called «digital process automation» and «intelligent process automation».

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are key segments and important driving forces of hyperautomation (along with various innovations such as process automation tools). To be effective, hyperautomation can’t depend on static software. Automated business processes have to be able to adapt to changing conditions and react to unexpected circumstances. Aside from hyperautomation, it’s worthy to consider other current trends in machine learning, which are rushing to take the forefront in 2022.

Military autonomy

Machine learning has reached the point that fully autonomous systems will soon control warships and even war bases. Through the establishment of behavioral patterns, machine learning can evaluate the probability of the coming force being friendly or belligerent.

Actually, several land vehicles, which are equipped in such a way, will be fully controlled by machines to the extent that only a little human’s supervision will be needed. In these cases, machine learning involves artificial intelligence systems so that an AI-powered sentry robot can detect, evaluate, and even shoot at a threat to kill. As the level of comfort increases, the number and complexity of autonomous military units are expected to increase.

House security

AI-powered home security systems are not in such common use to be in every house, but their number is steadily increasing. For instance, certain components such as smart locks can connect to your smartphone. However, these systems are planned to be replaced with monitoring systems, which can see your house through video, detect threats, and notify law enforcement agencies.

Besides, it’s forecast that in 2022, machine learning systems will combine the concepts of home and personal security because they will be able to predict threats based on interpretation of behavior such as abusive treatment or even kidnapping.

«Machine vision»

Machine learning was often limited to mathematical computation and statistical analysis. Nevertheless, now machine learning systems are able to indicate real-world objects correctly. The way that these objects are interpreted depends on a particular use of a robot or software, but a machine learning system can identify such things as people, animals, and terrain features based on sight. Therefore, artificial intelligence with sight is at a peak of its development – many developers are already paying great attention to this direction. As expected, this ability of artificial intelligence will have an impact on the security of a house and a user, allow improving robotic driving and achieving incredible health outcomes.

Penetration into the machine learning process

Much of what machine learning systems do is difficult to perceive at different stages of the process. For example, machine learning programs, which develop superhuman thinking in various games, take actions, which a human may describe as incomprehensible. True reasons and sequence of actions, which are prior to the end result, are simply impossible to be anticipated and reverse engineering of such solutions is practically impossible. Simply said, people are usually unaware when it comes to the understanding of how AI works.

This gives a good reason to be in fear of performance results of AI systems as it will be difficult to understand when the learning process is out of control and artificial intelligence has developed so much that it can excel human at thinking and other aspects, which are peculiar only to the human mind. In 2022 one of the main trends, which is already evident, will become the provision of transparency of this process.

In particular, possible ways, which programmers can choose to make machine learning controllable, are already being explored. Besides, machine learning is encoded in such a way to make algorithms more understandable. Efforts to create a report of a machine learning system about the process underlying performance.

Substitution of humans with robot systems

Everybody knows that robots, smart or stupid, take over the job, which is related to repeating actions. However, machine learning has also made some occupations of white collars vulnerable to a threat of substitution. For example, work with x-rays – machine learning is making progress in this field, which will give the opportunity to substitute x-ray technicians’ work with artificial intelligence. It should be considered that radiation is quite dangerous for health and life so the robotization of this field has certain advantages.

It’s also expected that lawyers will be substituted by machine learning systems, which can predict the best paths to prevail in a lawsuit. This type of artificial intelligence is able to predict legal strategies. It’s controlled by partners who also have a staff of lawyers with wages. However, as partners get used to decisions made by AI and artificial intelligence becomes more successful in legal decision-making, it’s forecast that the number of workplaces for interns and lawyers of junior level will be reduced.

This is just a small part of occupations, which can be fully replaced with artificial intelligence systems in 2022. This trend has both positive and negative aspects because a lot of already trained and experienced workers will lose their jobs. This will also affect new specialists, who will just graduate by then – nobody is going to employ them. For this reason, before organizing the substitution of people, it’s necessary to think about how to give jobs to these people. The most promising thing is retraining because with the disappearance of some occupations, comes the emergence of other occupations, which will be related to the maintenance of artificial intelligence systems.

«Internet of Things»

This term means a network, which multiple devices or “things” are connected across. These are usually smart home appliances, which have a multi-functional interface. Nonetheless, the concept of intellectual development is being developed in such a direction that machine learning leads to the emergence of the so-called Internet of Things.

For instance, some companies developed sentry robots, which can eavesdrop on people via phones, TVs, and receivers. Alexa and Siri are two such sentry robots and they are peculiar to Amazon and Apple respectively. In a more usual way – this is software for voice inquiries; a voice assistant, which will be connected to the Internet of Things.

In the context of daily routine, it would look like this. If you have a coffee machine with artificial intelligence, you can just ask this «creature» to make you coffee. If you are going to your office, you can ask the machine to take you there. With the evolution of machine learning, robots, which are already segmented, is going to be connected and able to communicate and exchange data. The result will be a joint sentry robot, which will manage many of today’s routine tasks.

Cyborgs and overall improvement in health

More and more gadgets emerge, which can track our biological data and react accordingly. For example, a number of developers have already presented devices, which can be connected to diabetic patients and these devices are able to recognize malfunctions in the activity of organism systems and deliver insulin automatically.

Artificial intelligence is also used to expand people’s horizons with the help of special glasses. Multi-functional apps in smartphones become more and more widespread and the interface of an improved computer with machine learning allows paraplegics to interact with computer games fully.

Although this sector is in its infancy, the level of progress doubles every year. Elon Musk is planning to test brain implants, which directly link the brain to computer software, already at the end of 2021.

Similar trials with a monkey had already been done and they were successful, which provided the developers with confidence in the reasonability of continuation of the development of this technology in respect to humans.

Harmonious and customized friendship with AI

Many retail companies are using machine learning technologies to make offers to potential clients. However, machine learning becomes more and more suitable to meet the current needs of people, who want to distract themselves or have fun.

For example, site like Netflix is using machine learning to understand what shows people like. Making an offer on sales is one thing. Another thing is making offers to clients on the fly because offers are not as much a sales tool as they are a means of satisfaction. Machine learning, which this service of offers was based on, had been working so well that it helped Netflix to save more than $1 billion as a loss of profit because of canceling the subscription.

This type of interaction isn’t passive yet. For instance, a human’s communication with the system is based on textual information displaying. The ability of AI to be set for personal preferences is provided by tracking clicks on the screen. This trend is being actively explored by developers so you can be sure that the communication with machine learning systems will soon turn into verbal interaction, which will make AI more image-bearing. As machine learning becomes more adjusted to the understanding of people’s intentions and desires in individual cases, AI will be less considered as a sales tool and more – as a digital friend.

Real-life communication

Natural language processing (NLP) is at its height. Developers have achieved remarkable progress in this field, which allows machines to create textual information based on random initial input. In fact, one solution of NLP can write incredibly compelling poems, stories, and news articles. It’s planned that the coming progress will lead to the creation of a conversational process in 2022-2024, which is going to allow companies to meet the clients’ specific needs by asking questions about the company’s products or services.

Politics and fake news

Deepfake is growing, so companies and governments are resisting the potential confusing impact, which this technology may have on the population. For example, machine learning has reached the point where it can listen to someone’s audio data and then simulate it, close to the sound and speech patterns of a real human at that.

Besides, machine learning becomes increasingly adapted to the analysis of hundreds of one person’s photos. After analyzing the pictures, AI can retrieve images of the person with the quality of the video. The result of using these two technologies is deepfake. Combined deepfake of audio and video will allow AI to create seemingly genuine messages by celebrities, government leaders, or even ordinary people. Moreover, it’s expected that the technology will become completely convincing in the next 12 months.

As for a way of presentation, it’s anticipated that such fake media will be delivered to people via social networks because social websites don’t have the necessary equipment for detecting deepfakes and dealing with them. By the time when such media is found and deleted, the target audience will already be influenced by it.

Reinforcement learning (RL) is worth noting individually. In the coming years, the companies will be able to use RL. This is a unique use of reinforcement learning, which is using its own experience to improve the efficiency of collected data.

With reinforcement learning, AI programming is customized with various conditions, which determine what type of activity the software will carry out. In the light of various actions and results, the software is self-learning by taking actions to achieve a perfect goal.

A perfect illustration of reinforcement learning is a chatbot, which responds to users’ simple requests such as greeting, booking, consulting calls. Development companies of machine learning can use RL to make a chatbot more inventive by adding supplementary conditions to it – for example, differentiation of potential clients by some indicators and redirection of calls to a respective service agent. Some of RL apps include the preparations of robotics for the planning of a business strategy, robot movement management, industrial automation, and plane navigation.

Statistical data on the machine learning technology

  1. Displacement of equal opportunities. It’s expected that in the near future, customer service will switch to the automated AI with machine learning. By current estimates, 70-90% of all basic requests for customer service will be processed by AI.
  2. Level of skill for 1 million repetitions. People master things after about 10 thous. of trial runs. Machine learning makes it possible to master something after from 30 thous. to 1 million repetitions. Since software and computers have extremely high information processing speed, machines will achieve the necessary number of repetitions a lot faster.
  3. Corporate transition – it’s anticipated that in the next 5 years, 20% of all companies are going to make the transition to AI-based processes.
  4. A $120-million industry. It’s expected that by 2025, machine learning will become a $120-million industry and revenues from AI-based apps will get close to $60 million. This leaves behind industries of films, coffee, and LED lighting.
  5. 38% of jobs will be replaced in the next 10 years. It’s overall planned to replace 85% of all jobs in the field of customer service with artificial intelligence, but according to forecasts, 38% of all jobs will go away in the next 10 years.
  6. Compensation of jobs. Fortunately, 10% of the lost jobs will be renovated in the industry of cognitive objects, which includes machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics.
  7. Change of qualification. It’s estimated that owing to the forthcoming technological leapfrogging and job losses, less than 10 000 people will be retrained to perform duties, which require specialists in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other types of jobs that do not yet exist. In other words, judging from the number of the world population, which is going to reach 8  billion soon, there will be a lack of skills, when only a small part of people (0,00000125%) will be able to get a job in the field of high technologies.
  8. Finding breast cancer. Machine learning systems can predict breast cancer to within 89% now.
  9. More meaning. As people are exempt from monotonous and meaningless work, 72% of people will be able to find more meaning in their personal life.
  10. Money savings on conversations. According to forecasts, chatbots will save companies $8 billion on the expenditures related to employment.

What will be the machine learning trends for business in 2022

Technology development boosts and transforms the optimization of business management schemes. It is impossible to keep afloat if you do not keep up with the technical progress. Now, various business projects have ideas on how to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. 

For example, TinyML is widely used in preventive maintenance of industrial centers, health care, agriculture, etc. These sectors employ Internet of Things and TinyML algorithms to trace and process the data. For instance, Solar Scare Mosquito is an Internet of Things project that uses TinyML to analyze the presence of mosquitos in real-time. The technology might help prevent the spread of diseases caused by mosquitos or other insects in the future. 

MLOps helps optimize the machine learning process, adapt it to business management, and make it as safe and effective as possible. The administration is necessary because working with massive loads of information requires process automatization. One of the MLOps elements is the system life cycle, represented by DevOps. 

Understanding the machine learning life cycles is necessary to comprehend MLOps. The process is the following. The operation process is the following:

  1. Developing a model according to the business aims. 
  2. Collecting, processing, and preparing the data for machine learning models.
  3. Learning and setting the machine learning model.
  4. Testing the ML model.
  5. Integrating the software solution with the integrated model.
  6. Tracing and restarting the process to improve the machine learning model. 
One of the MLOps advantages is that it can quickly scale. This is an issue globally because of small data analysis and processing, gaps in team communication, shifting aims, and many other factors. When using a design-oriented business aim, one can collect data and integrate machine learning solutions during the entire process more effectively. These solutions require proper attention to the relevance of data, functionality development, cleaning, searching appropriate cloud hosts, and the simplicity of a machine learning model after the action in the working environment.

By reducing variability and ensuring consistency and reliability, MLOps can be an excellent solution for large enterprises. Kubernetes is the optimal DevOps tool that has been proven to allocate hardware resources for AI/ML workloads, namely memory, CPU, GPU, and storage. Kubernetes implements automatic scaling and provides real-time optimization of computing resources.

Machine learning: a step in the future 

Due to the scientific approach to machine learning and artificial intelligence, these industries are becoming more and more advanced every day. In some cases, technology allows us to remain competitive, but the use of AI alone can only move us forward. We need to innovate to achieve goals in new and unique ways to truly gain a foothold in the marketplace and break into a new future that used to be considered science fiction.

Each goal requires different methods to achieve it. Talking with experts about what's best for your company can help you understand what technologies, such as machine learning can enhance your business and help you realize your vision of supporting your customers.

Merehead does professional development of machine learning trends 2022. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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Top Machine Learning Trends and Technologies for 2022
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