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Pandora App Clone – How to Create a Music App Like Pandora?

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Featured image for Pandora App Clone – How to Create a Music App Like Pandora?

The Pandora music app was created for music streaming on the Internet with the Music Genome Project recommender system. Recommender systems are programs, which offer extremely interesting music objects with the help of specific algorithms. The analytical system evaluates each musical piece by 450 various musical parameters to identify listeners’ taste in music.

A foundation of the Pandora media player is the OpenLaszlo platform; its database consists of more than a million compositions and more than a hundred of thousands of musical performers. Authorized users can create about a hundred radio stations in their profiles. These radio stations can broadcast music of various genres and directions. This service is managed by Pandora Media Inc, which accessed the global market in 2010. So far, an official service is available only in the United States; however, some websites offer a variety of solutions to circumvent territorial restrictions.

Music App Like Pandora

A cloned mobile app is an exact copy of the original program on smartphones or tablets. The clone application is functioning under the same principles as the original one, it doesn’t hang up, there are no functional limitations. All Android operating systems allow adding them.

Clones of the Pandora music app on the Android systems are installed:

  • in smartphone settings;
  • by means of helper apps or Utility.
The utility is a supporting program, which is a part of the software and is focused on the fulfillment of specialized tasks of equipment and operating system.

Creation of a Pandora clone with the help of settings

An advantage of the creation of the app clone through smartphone settings is time savings because you don’t need to install additional utilities. There is a default option in some MIUI operating systems that helps to clone apps quickly and smoothly.

To install, you should go to mobile device settings → select an «Apps» section → find an «App cloning» subsection.

There will be apps, which you can clone, on the list. You need to select Pandora and the system will notify the user that the cloning requires an additional clone of Google services. You should agree and confirm the action. An app icon with a mark 2 will appear on the screen in several seconds. To work with the clone app, you have to authorize under your name to use all available options.

If there’s no possibility to install a clone of the Pandora music app or any other app in standard and simple ways, it’s recommended to resort to specialized utilities, which will provide a smooth operation of your favorite music channel.

Such utilities are downloaded via the Google Play online store and these are:

  • App Cloner;
  • 2Accounts;
  • Parallel Space;
  • Clone Master;

App Cloner

One of the tools for cloning the Pandora music app is App Cloner. It helps to create exact copies of any apps, which are installed on tablets or smartphones. The Pandora clone continues to work offline even after you’ve deleted the App Cloner.

You need to find a cloning app on the main menu. You are able to change its name and icon, choose colors, and add figures due to the utility.

If you have any problems when downloading App Cloner from Google Play, there is an option to download the utility from third-party sites. This can be the trashbox portal. In this case, when you install programs from unverified sources, you have to activate the permission of this option on the device.

The program is launched after the installation. A welcome screen appears with a description of the functional capabilities of the utility. Click «Finish» to complete the installation. Premium version is offered along with the free version of the App Cloner so you can remove it by clicking «choose later».

At the next stage of clone installation, the Pandora app is selected from the general list. You set the cloned app in this window: icon color, name, permission parameters, and notification settings. After the settings, the smartphone system notifies the user that the created clone can check certificates and that some app components, which depend on the certification of Google account Logins, Google Play Service, and Google Maps, may not work. This being said, purchases in the app don’t work because the existing purchases and licenses can’t be transferred by app cloning.

The insert «install the app» is the final stage of the installation process. The smartphone will show a new window, where the right for installation is provided.

The algorithm of App Cloner installation is quite simple: open the App Cloner → choose apps to scan; in this case, it’s Pandora → set clone parameters depending on the version of the utility → click «cloning» → wait for the creation of an apk file → confirm the installation.

Before you start creating a clone version of some app, you need to permit to install APK files from unknown resources in the «security» section in smartphone settings.

With the help of the App Cloner you can:

  • clone any apps;
  • modify the icon of the chosen app;
  • edit the clone by changing the language and display color;
  • install the program within several seconds.

Parallel Space

Parallel Space utility creates a personal shell, where the app is working and being copied. This app creates its own space for cloning on a mobile device. Parallel Space needs very little space in the phone memory – only 2 MB.

This app provides the user of a mobile device with the opportunity to use several accounts for any programs in the smartphone simultaneously. Firstly, you need to download Parallel Space and launch it on a mobile device. You should grant the app all permissions so that it works properly.

The insert «add a device» is created on your desktop. You choose programs, which you want to clone, from the list. Then you need to wait for a bit until a copy is made.

Swipe to Parallel Space allows switching to the main interface Parallel Space from any opened app with the help of a diagonal swipe from the lower corner. You should preliminary specify if it’s the left corner or the right one.

Parallel Space installation takes place in several stages:

  • click the icon with a plus;
  • mark the Pandora app for the cloning;
  • wait until a copy is created in the shell of Parallel Space.
You can launch the utility in the speed mode so that it works faster. But in this case, the smartphone battery will be running out more quickly. You can use a password or a fingerprint for app security. Cloning on devices with 64-bit systems requires installing a special plugin, which the system informs about.

The main advantages of Parallel Space are the following:

  • compatibility with all Android apps;
  • support in 24 languages;
  • no changes in any app for the launch inside of it;
  • possibility to create a clone program quickly including the Pandora music app.

2Accounts or Multiple Accounts

2Accounts mod 2Accounts – Dual Space Mod APK v3.2.8 – is an alternative app to create copies of apps. Several accounts may work simultaneously in this app. An upgraded interface of the utility is convenient to switch from one app to another quickly.

The user can change and rename shortcuts. However, the developers don’t offer to set a password for this app. Installation instruction is quite simple: open the app → add using «+» → choose Pandora → launch → the clone is installed.

The app developer is Excellence Technology. Currently the version 2.7.2. is launched, which supports 64-bit apps. You can download it without registration and logging in.

Outstanding features of Multiple Accounts are:

  • user safety and privacy are guaranteed;
  • possibility to open two accounts at once;
  • an original and a clone have separate storages;
  • installation on a personal computer is also possible.

Clone Master

Firstly, Clone Master is downloaded, installed, and launched. The start is activated with the «Enter» button. To add the Pandora app, you should click «+» after you've chosen this app from the general list. Final stage – click Clone in the displayed window.


Another option for app cloning is MoChat. It gives the opportunity to clone a minimum of three accounts. The installation is free, without authorization and confirmation of user rights. Intuitive and simple interface. There is a Russian version albeit it’s a little worse than the adapted version. It has its own design for some themes, which are just installed on the smartphone’s home screen.

MoChat applies for adding permissions, which are necessary for apps’ correct operation. The app for clone creation doesn’t take a lot of memory on your mobile device.

Capabilities of a Pandora app clone

An exact copy of the Pandora app allows creating your own music playlists. You only need to select your favorite performer or music and the clone provides a music stream with similar compositions. The clone can be installed on such mobile devices as:

  • Android;
  • iPad;
  • iPhone;
  • iPod touch;
  • Kindle Fire;
  • NOOK;
  • Windows Phone.
There is an alarm feature with repeat support in the Pandora clone. The account can be open to other users, but at the same time, you can establish a ban on comments. There’s a possibility to broadcast stations and separate tracks via social media and e-mail. You can see the performers identical to those, who people are listening to at this moment with the option of viewing the musician’s biography.

The emergence of new tracks on radio stations, which the user is subscribed to, shows up on the feed. Musical compositions are kept in history and you can access them at any time. The app clone will inform you about the emergence of a popular radio station in your area and it will offer to add it to the media player.

Pandora App Clone – How to Create a Music App Like Pandora? key takeaways:
  1. Creation of a Pandora clone with the help of settings
  2. App Cloner
  3. Parallel Space
  4. 2Accounts or Multiple Accounts
  5. Clone Master
  6. MoChat
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