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Today, the implementation and development of blockchain technology is complex and expensive, but no matter what, this is justified in view of the technological advantages that blockchain provides.

There are still not enough experienced blockchain developers at the moment, due to the relative novelty of the technology.

From this article you will learn how from dozens of different blockchain developers of applications to find the team or company that will cope with the task and do it at a reasonable price. What to look for when selecting candidates and what guarantees the professionalism of developers - all this is in the article.

Ready projects

Integration with outdated applications

The list of completed projects with detailed information and statistics is the first thing to look at. Typically, the developer puts in the top list of projects that he is proud. Examine their frameworks and compare what is written on paper (on the site) with the working version.

Experience in developing various dapp applications is an important criterion for entering into collaboration. Find out which applications were previously created by developers, whether they have ready-made analogs of your idea. Professional blockchain developers who have a lot of perfectly-made applications provide their work to everyone, often posting them on the site.

Detailed case study will provide an opportunity to objectively measure the quality of work, the technical skills of the team, as well as their level.

The more complex projects you see, the more you can trust this company. If there are only simple projects among the finished projects, this may indicate that the company is very young or does not have enough trust from customers to develop complex products. If among the finished projects you see products of varying complexity, from the easiest to the most complex, this indicates the company's extensive experience, which means that this company will help to put your project in place.

Company reviews

Usually, if the customer is satisfied with the completed project, he will not leave a review about the company, since this does not make much sense. If the customer isn’t satisfied, he will most likely leave a negative review, but whether he will reach the audience is far from a given. If there are many dissatisfied customers, you can try to find negative reviews on third-party services, such as Bitcointalk, GitHub, LinkedIn.

There is another way to get feedback on the work done. You can ask the developer’s company for contacts of previous customers, the optimal number is at least 4. After talking with each you can give a comprehensive assessment of the work done, find both advantages and disadvantages of working with this company.

Do not neglect this process, you should always remember that the development of application blockchains is difficult and choosing a bad developer in vain will waste your money and nerves.

Field of knowledge

In many ways, hiring a company to develop blockchain applications is similar to hiring a software developer to create any software development — with a few important differences.

Blockchain code is written in a variety of standard programming languages, including C ++, C #, Python, JavaScript, Java, Golang, Node.JS, and Perl. Even smart contracts oriented to the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM), written in Solidarity, may contain elements written in other languages, for example, VB.Net.

Do not forget that if a company developed only commercial products for small firms and private tasks, then it’s unlikely that it has enough experience and opportunities to work on complex projects.

Blockchain developer should be well versed in all the above programming languages. This is one of the first signs of a good developer. The development of actually successful blockchain applications, smart contracts or complex blockchain-based programs requires the ability to work with several eccentric technologies. We will not touch the details, below are the main types of blockchain technologies required for the development of complex blockchain applications:

2. Cryptocurrencies.
3. Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).
4. EthereumBlockchainAs a Service (EBaaS).
5. Software-as-a-service (SaaS).
6. Platform-as-a-service (Paas).
7. Distributed ledgers.
8. Consensus methods.
9. Decentralized technologies.
10. Internet of Things (IoT).
11. P2P networks.
12. Data security.
13. Cyber security.
14. Web technologies.

Be sure to ask the candidate's campaign with which of the above it does not have problems and with which they are present. This question must be asked as these nuances affect the characteristics or safety of the final product development.

Suppose after this question you realized that a blockchain developer has a small amount of knowledge to successfully develop your dapp application, you can ask yourself 2 questions: can the developer ensure the successful development of your application and does he have any experience in this field of development blockchains? If you answered at least one question not, you should delete this candidate from your list, cooperation with such a company can bring you some losses.

Developer Experience

How to choose blockchain developer

Attracting experienced developers is one of the most important tasks, as often dapp-applications require several professional skills in the blockchain system for successful development, as mentioned above. Only highly qualified specialists in their fields of programming can effectively and timely ensure the effective development of the dapp application.

The professional staff of the company will immediately let you know whether it is worth cooperating with this company of developers. You need to know how many developers will work on your project, as well as what technologies will be used in the implementation of your project.

Only having a team with a large list of excellently fulfilled dapp applications, and therefore a great professional experience, a company can guarantee the most convenient cooperation. When working with such a team, there will be no need for regular communication with developers, and to guide the direction of their actions. Only professional staff can guarantee the completion of tasks on time, as well as a quality project.

Understanding your goals

How to choose a blockchain app development company

Many developers specialize in specific areas of blockchain implementation, for example, real estate, logistics, real production or government services. Of course, it is better to choose those who are familiar with the specifics of your business or the task that you set for the developer.

A good developer blockchain company looks at the development of a dapp application through the lens of client’s business objectives. The main task is not just to create a dapp application, but to develop a tool for obtaining certain business benefits.

The idea of any dapp application is its target purpose, which can be, for example, in sales promotion, attracting new customers, increasing brand awareness and loyalty, and the like.

Some blockchain developers aim quickly and successfully to close the project with maximum profit. Other developers aim to increase the possible profit from this project through deception and increase development time. It is necessary to distinguish them.

Choosing a developer who has never worked on tasks similar to your task automatically says that you will spend quite a lot of time explaining to the developer what you want, but it’s possible that the final product will disappoint you.

Matching trends

Since the blockchain world is still relatively new and unexplored, most developers do various experiments, the purpose of which is to get more advantages than the blockchain provides today, so having a team that actively watches various blockchain trends is a big advantage. Knowledge of new trends will help in creating the most effective dapp-application. Therefore, if your candidate team follows the latest trends in the blockchain industry, you can move it to the list of priority candidates.

Objectivity of calculations

Ask for an approximate calculation for the first time of your cooperation. Pay attention to how well it works, whether there are any controversial points. Be sure to review the calculation for the presence of any additional payments not specified in advance. If such nuances appear, it is worth considering whether to trust this company and whether it is worth cooperating with it at all.

What's worth special attention when communicating with a company representative at a distance?

1. Speed of response to your message. Efficiency is very much appreciated in the IT industry. It is very important with what speed you answered the first and subsequent messages. If this is a day - everything is fine, later - there are not enough staff or the system of communication with clients is not adjusted. Of course, such an assessment can be strictly subjective, but in this way you will get the first impression about the blockchain developer. In the same way, you can evaluate Facebook activity: how often new posts appear, whether there are comments and answers to them, unless, of course, they even have a Facebook page. If there is no page, it makes you think.

2. Videoconferencing. Having selected several companies, contact them via video chat. See who will communicate with you. It is very important to ask to show the workspace. This makes it very clear: the size of the business, the number of employees, employment and the availability of appropriate equipment. If they have people on outsourcing - not scary. But preference should be given to those who have a permanent staff of developers working under the same roof.

3. The number of questions. If a developer’s company manager asks you a lot of questions, that’s pretty good. This indicates that he wants to fully familiarize himself with your task and other nuances of future cooperation. If a project manager or coder is also present during your conference, that’s even better.

4. The contribution of developers to the development of open source. Assess the contribution of the candidate company in the open development. Bitcoin, ether, and many other cryptocurrencies are open source, and therefore coders from around the world often join together to improve a particular blockchain, or develop some technology.

For example, there are seven independent teams in the world that create blockchain wallets for Bitcoin, which can use the Lightning Network technology - a very fast exchange of coins with a minimum commission. Bitcoin itself is also developing due to free labor of coders from around the world.

Of course, participation in Open Source is not necessary, but if it is in meaningful projects that are used by millions of users, this is a big plus for such a company.

5. Methodology to be used when developing your project. The most famous methodologies for managing blockchain projects are Scrum, Kanban, the list is not limited to them. The use of such methodologies makes it possible to optimize the development process as much as possible and to provide effective interaction with the client.

Why is it important to choose the right company?


how to choose a development company

The code of a dapp application based on blockchain technology is usually open. Thanks to this, anyone can look at it and make sure that the application is honest and open. Of course, this has a positive effect on the development of technologies, but at the same time it creates additional risks for application owners: if there is an error or a back door in the code, any programmer will be able to notice them and hack the system, therefore, the priority task of the blockchain developer of a dapp application is to ensure the protection of the system.

All blockchain developers know that encryption of the blockchain technology is indestructible, but the company with which you will cooperate must ensure the maximum possible protection of its creation. Ask your contractor how many and which security filters they have in priority when building your dapp application. Before cooperating, make sure that the contractor uses all the options from the multi-signature function to integrate two-factor identification.

Integration with outdated applications

Most experts accept that the practice of implementing the blockchain goes beyond the traditional set of skills in the blockchain field in terms of combining new technologies with old ones. This process is long and complex.

As a rule, there are two problems related to outdated systems:
1. Integration with existing applications.
2. Knowledge of which parts need to be replaced.

Technical integration with legacy systems and applications will always be a big problem combining new and old applications facing the blockchain developers. It is for this reason that, first of all, an application is created outside the existing systems in order to avoid integration nightmares at the first stage of development, and only then methods are used to combine new and old applications.


Even the safest dapp application in the world costs nothing if it has poor performance. Therefore, it is important to select a developer who can optimize the product so that the information transfer rate, the number of processed smart contracts meet the needs of users.

The most important question: will the final result match the money invested in the development?

When you have a strictly limited budget, it is quite obvious that you will stop the choice on the company that provides cheaper services. The price is something that people with a limited budget pay attention to first. But here you must distinguish between what is reasonably priced and what is cheap.

Everyone knows that cheap services are bad quality. Creating a dapp application should be considered as an investment in the successful development of your business. It must be remembered that correctly and competently invested in the development of dapp application tools in the future will bring you more profit. Value for money requires a search for a company that can give you the desired quality, superiority and timely completion of the project without exceeding the budget.

Choosing a developer’s blockchain: an action algorithm

1. Selection of candidate companies. You can start your search from the companies that are in the top search results. Don't forget about the developers on the next search page. They may be no less professional than the companies at the top of the list. You can also take advantage of articles on the best developer companies in a particular country. During the comparison of all candidates, be guided by the quality and complexity of completed orders, reviews, data in open sources, and then select the most competent companies in your opinion.

2. Sending applications. Having created a list of developers that are most suitable for you, you need to send an application to their website and analyze the speed of customer feedback. If this is the day, then everything is fine; if there is more, there is not enough staff or the system of communication with customers is not established. Of course, such an assessment can be strictly subjective, but in this way you will get the first impression about the blockchain developer.

3. Filling out the brief. A brief is a document in which the main characteristics of a future dapp application will be specified. Brief gives the opportunity to detail the objectives of the project.

4. Analysis of preliminary calculations. This process is carried out according to elaborated briefs and makes it possible to reduce the number of candidate developers.

5. Negotiations. This is one of the final stages of choosing a blockchain developer. It precedes the decision on cooperation. During this process, you will discuss with the potential contractor most of the details of the dapp application, evaluate the team’s professionalism and focus on business tasks, learn the methodology and nuances of the interaction process.

6. Choosing a company. After evaluating all the information about the blockchain developer, the quality of the test task (if it was), the price-quality ratio, you can easily sign an agreement with the developer’s company that you chose.

Merehead does professional development of blockchain app development. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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