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React is an open-source JavaScript library that partially functions as a framework and helps create large web applications. Today React is the most popular website interface development tool.

Merehead developers are highly qualified technicians with extensive knowledge of React. By working with our team, you can get solutions for high-level applications. We have all the necessary knowledge about React and our React Native developers have a great experience, and also use some of the subtleties of the library, which can improve the efficiency of applications.

Why we work with React.js

Our company has many developers with different directions, one of which was the React library. In the context of front-end development, it has become our main tool and it is not only a matter of great popularity.

Simplicity. React is very easy to learn. This plays an important role in updating the library version, since it is necessary to explore all new features as soon as possible and provide them to our customers.

Possibilities. As a rule, libraries are used as additional tools in order to expand the functionality of applications. However, React allows you to create full and rich user interfaces. With this library, the Merehead team develops user-friendly and enjoyable websites for end users.

Productivity. The speed of website development is very important to us and our customers. React allows you to reuse components, which greatly improves developer productivity. The library also comes with many tools (for example, React Developer Tools) that speed up the work.

Trusted creator. React was developed by Facebook, which gives confidence in its stability and reliability. The Facebook team once said that it’s important for them to provide smooth updates to their products, as they are trusted by hundreds of large companies. Therefore, using React we can be sure that in the middle of development there will be no problems associated with updating the library version. In this way, we can guarantee uninterrupted interface development.

Business Benefits

Netflix, NY Times, Dropbox, and other major companies favor React. The popularity and high interest in the library on the part of developers are insufficient arguments for senior executives. They need more powerful arguments to focus on the use of a particular product. Why has React become the preferred choice?

Development speed. The React library appeared in 2013, and already in 2015 began to occupy a leading position. Today it is the best. This indicates the quality of work on the development of technology.

In addition, React and Angular provide the same rapid development of applications that are created with its help. Many projects can be completed long before the deadline, which always has a positive effect on business development.

Ease of maintenance. Expanding the capabilities of the application, adding new features and optimizing in accordance with the new needs of the client does not take much time for developers. Moreover, application support requires few resources. Why? Facebook care about the smooth transition to new versions. This means that even in the case of an update, the application does not have to be optimized completely overnight.

Long-term perspective. No one has any doubt that Facebook will be at the top of the market for a long time. Accordingly, all products of the corporation will also exist and be maintained at a high level. Thus, your company can get a reliable and stable application, which in turn will attract more investors.

Low risks. Thanks to consistent development, React always allows you to write error-free code. In addition, the library is not obsolete, attracts many developers, is in great demand. These facts suggest that applications will always follow the latest trends, and support will never stop.

Reserve. The possibility of a sharp breakthrough of another technology can never be ruled out. But even if a React competitor takes the first place in the ranking, the developers will have a good reserve for the project promotion. The business will not need to switch to another development tool instantly, which ensures stability and quiet planning of further work. Let's check why you need react.js developers.

Why React Developers Need Your Project

The dynamic and individual requirements of the end-user require special solutions from the business and full synchronization with the latest market trends. In the context of websites, this refers to the use of advanced technologies to create an interface. When it comes to meeting the needs of your client, expecting interactivity and smooth loading, React may be the best choice.

Node.js developers know, React will really allow you to quickly start developing applications, but this library is not the easiest solution. It requires knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Accordingly, you need a
lot of programming experience that any professional developer has.

Due to its popularity and demand, React has received a large community that has created many approaches to creating applications, as well as found a solution to the most unique problems. But for the effective use of these practices, an understanding of the capabilities of the library and the nature of the tasks that arise during development are necessary. Without a team of professionals, this will take more time, which will delay the launch of the business.

Also, it is worth remembering that the main task of the website is to provide a positive user experience (UX). Exactly it keeps old customers, attracts new ones and creates the prospect for expanding the project.

Only a team of professionals can assess the needs of the end user and write the code that corresponds to them. Also, a good developer will ensure that interactivity and practicality do not adversely affect performance. Page loading speed is one of the first indicators of a quality user experience.

By hiring our developers, you will receive a team that has more than 5 years of experience in front-end development and deep knowledge in the field of React application. Merehead employees study all the trends in creating a web interface, as well as the basic requirements of users. We will provide applications that will attract new investment in your business.

Merehead does professional development of Hire React developers. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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