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12 Good Web Design Examples

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Featured image for 12 Good Web Design Examples

What happens when people get to the site with improper linking, a lot of advertising and difficult navigation? They leave the service forever. Because web design is the first component of attracting the user's attention.

It's not just about aesthetics. The site should be completely intuitive, easy for every visitor. First of all, they pay attention to the practicality of use and ease of obtaining information, and then on the number of pictures.

To begin, I briefly introduce you the basics of principles web design. Well, and then I’ll provide examples of successful sites. Maybe some of them will inspire you to new ideas.

Benefit from a well-done website

When it comes to some kind of online service, first of all the majority represents the home page. It is the face of the site. Its high-quality study allows the user to understand the specifics of the service, quickly move to the desired section and explore the site more deeply.

The target audience will quickly understand what you do. The home page should highlight the main values, unique trade offers and goals of the company. So you will attract more potential customers.

The user will be easy to work with the site. The visitor always has a specific goal. Whether it is a service check, a search for answers, or just an acquaintance, it should be sent to the appropriate page. Proper design makes it easier to navigate between pages and give instant results to the user.

Key elements of web design

Conversion growth. A simple visit to the site is not interesting to the owner. He is eager for active user action. If the visitor quickly understands the site, the desire to register or purchase goods will be much higher. Maybe he will not do it right away, look for other options. But after a few days, the user will still return to you.

Increase brand awareness. Satisfied user will advise the site to their friends or share the link in their social networks. Therefore, good graphic design follows trends and is one of the key elements of attracting a large audience in a short time.

Principles of good design

1. He answers the questions “Who are we?”, “What are we doing?”, “What can you get here?”. If you are the owner of Coca-Cola, then you do not need to introduce yourself. But since this is not the case, let the user immediately understand where he went. Don't make him think.

2. He calls for action. The design should make the user stay. Make everything concise. The faster the visitor gets the answers, the faster he will develop an incentive to use the product.

3. It is optimized. Each page should be easy to use, and key navigation elements should always be in a prominent place. Moreover, in the 21st century, the entire site must be optimized for reading from smartphones.

4. He is dynamic. Static home page quickly annoys. Some elements are worth changing with some periodicity. It is best to rely on the wishes of users. Make the best product for them.

For more information on the basics of creating gradients in web design, you can read in the previous article.


When it comes to web design, it’s impossible not to mention a company that has achieved maximum success in marketing. Apple products are recognizable around the world. The main role in this was played by their quality. But annual presentations and design of the site also attract attention.

The message on the home page is minimal: the name of the product and its price, as well as the most necessary links — an order, a store search, and a closer look at the product. The navigation bar also allows you to go to search for specific gadgets.

Apple - Good Web Design Examples

The description of each product is also fully consistent with the style of the company. Every detail they emit only slogans that clearly reflect the functionality of the product.

On average, you need to spend no more than two minutes to get detailed information about any product or service. At the end of each description call to action - product purchase.

If a person who knows nothing about the current world, was given to study the Apple site, he would be interested in products. Perhaps the acquisition would follow immediately.


Looking at the site, you can immediately understand that this is a platform for trading cars. But the developers are clearly faced with a unique problem: the company sells and buys vehicles. Therefore, the Carmax homepage needed to be oriented directly to two categories of users.

The first thing that catches the eye is the yellow area, which calls for action (both for sale and purchase). The second is a laconic slogan explaining the essence of the site. The third is the search bar of cars with the necessary filters.

Carmax web design

These three components are exactly what the user needs when he works with a similar site. There is no need to look for something: everything is before your eyes. The scroll page gives answers to the primary questions, such as features of the service or bidding procedure. As a bonus, added research on the best cars.


News sites tend to be inferior to online shopping in beauty. But the goal of the user is to find out the latest events of the day in one area or another. The BBC, New York Times, Reuters and other brands provide the most up-to-date information, highlighting maximum details. But according to a Nettop20 survey, CNN won first place.

Cnn - web design example

Sorting news and the most current events are organized on the site by approximately the same algorithm as on the BBC or other news portals. But the advantage of CNN in the most frequent updates of information and the largest number of servers around the world. Due to this, the user can get the latest news anywhere in the world immediately. What else do you need from the news portal?


Many people know it as a messenger for collaboration and making important decisions within an organization. Today, it does not require a special presentation, as it received worldwide fame. But the site clearly reflects what the company does and what they can provide to users.

One sentence states what a Slack is. Immediately follows the field for registration. “Imagine what can be achieved together” - a slogan that instantly causes motivation.

Slack web design example

Web and blockchain developers need to register and download the application. Because they do not allow the user to stay up much on the site. A summary of the features and capabilities of software - all that is on the home page. At the end of the sentence: “Try Slack for free with your team”.

There are complaints that the site does not give instructions for using the application. But the task of the site is in a call to action. Instructions and tips are in the program itself. And this is another incentive to download it.


Wherever you go, accommodation will always remain a matter of first necessity. Ads on the network have long been crowded with fraudsters, and hoping to search for housing on arrival is very rash. That’s why many people use Booking.com, that helps to find accommodation in any corner of the planet.

Booking - web design example

By analogy with Carmax, it can be noted that the search bar with the main filters is highlighted. All additional needs (hair dryer, washing machine, etc.) can also be indicated on the next page.

The site has strict requirements for placing ads, because the user can always get accurate information about housing. Booking.com is considered the most popular online booking of rooms and apartments. All this thanks to simple navigation, which allows you to find the best accommodation in a matter of minutes.


Another popular application for organizing your work. Unlike Slack, Evernote is not only focused on the team, but also on single users.

The main goal is to encourage consumers to register and download the software. The slogan and one sentence fully reflect the company's activities and application features. Therefore, the registration button is immediately highlighted on the home page. After all, the faster the user registers, the faster he will start working with the program.

Evernote - web design example

In the navigation panel, there are sections with tariffs and features of the company, as well as help on its use. Again, nothing more. Necessary minimum for capture of attention and appeal to action.


Most cryptocurrency projects are one of the best examples of quality site development. They attract users with their idea. It must be unique and decisive of a global problem. At the same time, most potential consumers get acquainted with it through the Internet.

Nice blue shades, a proposal to join, and a video explaining the basics of the Ripple network – everything that is on the home page. This is not enough to understand the idea of the project. But this is enough for the user to scroll the page down.

Ripple - web design example

Below they briefly explain the key problems of today's international translations and offer their solution. Also, on the main page all the partners of the company are highlighted, including the world's leading banks. If Standard Chartered or Banko Santander cooperate with Ripple, then why should an ordinary user bypass this project side?

Protest Sportswear

Online stores are required to work out web design to the ideal. After all, competition in this area today is uncountable. After all, high-quality clothing today supply many brands. But it is more pleasant to buy it in 5 minutes than in 15.

Protest Sportswear always change the design according to the season. Until winter is over, they offer the consumer to prepare for the next snow adventure. The bright and stylishly dressed hero in the picture only attracts extra attention.

The navigation bar has clear sections based on the clothes that the user needs. The transitions between pages are organized in the form of slides, so there is no need to look at the white screen during the download, even for one second.

Protest Sportswear - web deisign example

The desire to buy something is formed from two indicators: appearance and cost. Therefore, all products are located in the form of pictures with price tags. All additional information can be found by going to the page with a specific product.

It takes a couple of minutes to order, since all actions are arranged in a sequential, intuitive manner. The selection may take several hours. It does not depend on the site, but on the preferences of the buyer.


This is an online chocolate bar store. It would seem that here you can think of? In fact, its interactivity envy almost all sites.

There are not so many goods, because there are no sections. However, you will be introduced to each of the bars better than any consultant in the store.

Each bar is highlighted in its color. To get acquainted with the composition you need to click on the edge of the candy wrapper. When you go to the next page, the opening wrapper animation will be displayed. At the end of the scroll, you will break a piece, thus encouraging you to try chocolate. Words cannot convey this design. Just try.

Simplychocolate website design


Another example from the world of cryptocurrency. Sirin Labs direct their activities to facilitate the use of blockchain technology. They talk about this on their start page.

In general, pages are similar to most cryptocurrency projects. However, the advantage of this site is that developers are not forced to go into sections and read White Paper to acquaint the user with their products. They are located immediately on the home page, immediately after the main slogan.

At the end, they also introduce users to their partners, including Leo Messi Management and Android. Only after providing complete information about themselves and their products, they offer registration.

Sirinlabs - web design example


Another online store that won in the category "Best Web Design 2015" according to Awwwards. The Nixon site allows you to select all the watch elements (from the strap material to the color) right on the home page, thanks to which the user spends a minimum of time to choose.

Many brands allow you to create your own design watches for a fee. However, none of them gives such an opportunity online. This is the main advantage of the site. They also provided information on the size of the straps. Thus, when creating an order, the user doesn’t have any questions: he knows exactly what will get the desired.

Nixon - website design example


This brand cannot be ignored when it comes to web design. After all, Adobe products help create a picture of the site. And by their example, they show that they can develop an attractive and motivating design.

In the navigation panel, you can go to the pages with the main products of the company. Below is a panel with transitions to the blog, contacting technical support or product use rules.

The most important thing is that the home page contains minimal information and has plenty of empty space. We can assume that this is due to the essence of Adobe products: they make it possible to create.

Adobe - web design example


Traditions are important in website development, but good web design does not require strict adherence to a clear formula. As you can see, each site has common elements, regardless of its specificity. But each of them is markedly different from each other.

Create, not copy. Come up with the best design for your target audience. Tell us about your product, highlighting its unique qualities. By doing this, you will be able to create a site on which everyone will be equal and sometime it will fall into a similar rating.

Merehead does professional development of web design example. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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