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Custom Web Design vs Website Templates: What to Choose?

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It’s probably the most common question between all entrepreneurs and owners. When you plan a launch of a website, you had to know all stepping stones, strengths, and weaknesses of both designs. Let's analyze them now!

Landing Page and Goals

Do you remember the goal of your venture and endeavor? You should, because web design is just a stepping stone in this road. Think over about your goals and objectives of web design. Do you want it to be modern either to make a profit? Or maybe your goal is to create an influential branding?

Every brand company has only one choice - a custom graphic design. Only this option allows emphasizing and highlighting features of your company, product, and service.

Custom Web Design vs Website Templates 

Your goal is a profit and to make some money? Then definitely, web design should support you and let to it. Only custom web design makes sense. Why? You probably are wondering by this question because there are so many good templates. Yes, it's true, but the truth is that the vendors of the templates sell it to more than one hundred buyers, and then slightly change the template to spread to over 20 directions. Do you want to recognize your template across Real Estate, Financial, Restaurant and Business site? I have doubts. Besides, the difference in the conversion of the landing page can reach 3%-5%. This is almost 2 times higher than the average!


Template design can be easily found on the Internet for 5 minutes, and then so easy to buy it. Everything here is more complicated when we are talking about custom design. If the agency has a bad experience or doesn't have great designers who can make a material, flat design or skeuomorphism. Choose only trusted suppliers to be sure in its work.


it's no secret that the unique design is more expensive because it doesn't yet exist and needs to be drawn. This requires certain investments in the time, design materials, and other stuff. The more important is not the budget or rather the return on investment! This will be discussed in the next section.

Return on Investment

Any businessman, first of all, speaks these words, and in fact, they are quite right. If you plan to start a company or sell a product/service for a very short time (up to 1 month) then the template design is the best solution. The minimum budget allows you to squeeze everything out of your marketing company. But if you play a long game, and plan at least six months - definitely, custom design is your answer. It gives you more through marketing and returns all your investments a few times faster!

Features and Scalability

Ready-made template often has its flaws. Lack of adaptability on certain screens, menus and other problems. Of course, they can be customized, but sometimes it was better to invest money and build the custom design from scratch than sacrifice with quality.

Custom Web Design vs Website Templates 

Still, the custom web design with gradients and modern styles is a univocal winner. And the decision is which one to order is only up to you.

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Custom Web Design vs Website Templates: What to Choose? key takeaways:
  1. Landing Page and Goals
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