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Content Marketing Trends 2019

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Content marketing is developing rapidly. No wonder he is still in the TOP of the basic strategic tools that influence brand development and attracting new customers. Already this year a lot of enterprises managed to achieve great success in their development precisely thanks to competent content-marketing. Content is king, isn't it? For ICO development you have deliver at least 65 pieces of content.

For modern companies it is very important to understand the current trends in this industry. So there is the opportunity to adapt to them and use for the benefit of their business.

We bring to your attention a selection of content marketing trends that keeps on high positions this year and will not lose relevance in the next.


Content Production

Previously, content marketing was perceived as an ideal tool for promoting small businesses. However, this trend has now been transformed somewhat. Even ginant companies are focused on using original and high-quality content. This can be seen on Google, Apple. If you want to create a social network like Facebook, this will be an important aspect for you. They invest money in making sure that the content used will be at the level and corresponds to the needs of the target audience.

Next year, all types of companies will continue to invest in content marketing, as it will be at a high level of competitiveness compared to some other tools.

If you want to keep up with the trends that have shown their effectiveness, think about using the services of a team of specialists creating relevant and interesting content for the target audience. The result should be analyzed in the process of work. The same concerns defects. So there will be an opportunity to adjust the used content marketing strategy

Video Marketing

Video format is rightly called the future of content marketing. And also it will be one of the best web design trend in the next year. For example, Cisco specialists believe that by 2019 the amount of video will take as much as 80% in all Internet traffic. Also, most marketers believe that this segment will be dominated by video content.
The wide introduction of the video format opens up interesting possibilities. For example, these are:

• Convenience in the process of self-service;
• Experience of interaction only as necessary;
• Delivery of the information at the right time and the lack of the need for sales staff to be in place - the main thing is that the videos respond to the main questions that arise from customers.

A particular trend that deserves attention is streaming and fresh graphic design. In many industries, this technique has shown how successful it can be to use live broadcasts to maintain the reputation of the brand. There is a simple explanation for this. Marketing, which uses live broadcasts, is highly trusted. The companies that use this method are showing for their customers - we have nothing to hide. In turn, the audience likes to observe the development of "living" brands. Backstage ethers help in their development very noticeably.

content marketing 2

Content personalization

Modern companies are beginning to understand what they should invest in tools that motivate loyal customers. In fact, this encourages buyers to become certain "brand advocates". The best result for you is when people share in social networks the positive experience that is associated with cooperation with you.

Such content is a kind of proof. It works efficiently, because customers rely more on information from other customers than on data they receive from the company. This means that your task is to learn how to use content from users in your own marketing strategies for ecommerce. This move will allow you to maintain a positive image in the segment of the industry in which you work.

An important hint: especially user content is distributed in a social network like Instagram. Here brands can involve interesting stories, popularize these or those hashtags.

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Broad use of instant messengers in Content marketing

The theme of the prospects of using messengers in online marketing has long been raised. For example, expert Oles Timofeev believes that in the near future the availability of such tools as Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram and WhatsApp will seriously affect the formation of new principles of online promotion. This is also waiting for web development trends 2020.

After stepping over 200 million users, Telegram is becoming one of the most discussed tools that are used in modern marketing. At the same time, businessmen have several options at once how to use the application in their marketing strategies for real-estate agents. You can apply it:

• to create channels intended for distribution of important content through logo - it will attract new target audience;
• to introduce chatbots for the functioning of automated sales funnels;
• that it is possible to provide technical support and consultations for clients in a convenient format.

In general, messengers as a tool for content marketing are gaining momentum. Therefore, for a modern company, it is advisable to take this factor into account in its progress.

Using video ads in mobile apps

According to data that can be seen on the portal of Statista, this year the number of users entering the Internet using mobile devices has increased to 52.2%. This indicator can not but affect the trends of modern content marketing. We have already mentioned that the use of video content is one of the important trends. However, the video in mobile applications deserves special attention.

content marketing

The popularity of mobile applications Facebook, YouTube and YouTube seriously affects these statistics. Video advertising begins to cover a much wider audience than previously made text ads, as well as images. To make the videos very popular, they should:

• to have content interesting for the target audience;
• be optimal in timekeeping - not too tight.

Such videos are capable of bringing new customers to the online platform where products or services are offered.

Voice Search Option

Statistics show that 41% of users of the global Network, who are over 18 years of age, use voice requests at least once a day. The same is true in the E-commerce trends of 2019. And by early 2020, analysts believe that half the search phrases will be spoken.

Those companies that managed to catch this trend, optimize their own sites for this format. Attention is paid even to individual articles and ads. Despite the fact that the phrases remain identical meaning, the wording changes.

For example, the phrase "order furniture Kiev" with a voice command will sound: "Where to order furniture in Kiev". At first glance, such changes are insignificant. But they very seriously improve the results of search results.

More complex analytics

In today's content marketing industry, it's hard to surprise anyone by the phrase "conversion tracking". In addition to the general traffic, large companies try to analyze such indicators as:

• The level of clickability of headings;
• Depth of the doScroll;
• Extent of involvement.

If it is a media company, in which there are many authors, then such analytical data allows you to track which of them is in high demand among the readership. This is very important information that will come in handy to you in the future.

content marketing 4

Interaction with the audience

The audience ceases to be a passive reader or recipient of data. Blogs and reviews from people are seriously hampered and pushed back traditional media channels. Therefore, companies can no longer unilaterally regulate their image. They need to learn not only to use user content in their development, as discussed above. Content works well for crypto exchange development as well.

It is also important to be able to interact with the audience so that it reacts by the appearance of positive content about your brand. Otherwise, the information that comes from the company itself and the target audience will differ among themselves. This does not add confidence to the brand.

The desire to regulate involvement

For effective contact with the addressee, it is now not enough just to get acquainted with your message. New turns start typing storyboards. At the same time, emphasis is placed on the fact that when reading a quality text, a person wants to experience the whole gamut of emotions and impressions together with his author, feel involved in the described experience.

If you can achieve such content, which will cause a person to live emotions and real interest, the company increases the loyalty of the target audience and consolidates its own positions in business.

Instead of conclusions

The content marketing area is multifaceted. Of course, over time, trends and popular instruments are changing here. It is very important that information on current trends helps the company build its own individual image. And just as important is to choose the right web development company.

After all, only those who do not blindly follow the trends can really outstrip their competitors, but emphasize their own uniqueness with their help.


Content Marketing Trends 2019 key takeaways:
  1. Content Production
  2. Video Marketing
  3. Content personalization
  4. Broad use of instant messengers in Content marketing
  5. Using video ads in mobile apps
  6. Voice Search Option
  7. More complex analytics
  8. Interaction with the audience
  9. The desire to regulate involvement
  10. Instead of conclusions
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