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The Best Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Agents

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In today's tough competition, there are many potential ways to sell real estate. However, as in any other field, marketing here is becoming increasingly difficult. As real estate agents and homeowners understand that it is necessary to overcome a steep climb, they turn to professionals to help create an effective marketing strategy.

What are the realities? If you are not a large agent, investor or even the owner with a large online platform, then it will take time to find the right audience. This does not happen instantly. Nevertheless, there are some proven methods and "secrets" of success in this business that allow you to sell faster.

Wrong approach

In the market, every realtor follows the same cliche:
  • advertising in online magazines and newspapers;
  • holding an open day;
  • installation of the “For Sale” sign near the property;
  • adding houses to the lists of relevant sites and social networks.
All these approaches are really working and there is nothing wrong with them. They are honed over the years and make a profit. But problems arise when a realtor uses such strategies as a pillar and becomes dependent on them.

Mistakes Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Marketing Mistakes. Source of the image

The first problem is that these strategies are identical to those of competitors. But for some reason, many agents hope for the best results from them. In fact, we understand that with this approach, the result will be neutral for everyone. Similarly, the market is no longer conquering.

If you have only one house you would like to sell, then all this can work. It is enough to implement these strategies and wait. But a real estate agent needs a quick result. Accordingly, strategies are needed to help stand out, attract more attention and make any deal.

The best marketing strategy is to use multiple channels and ideas. Conceptually new approaches will only play into the hands.

Goal - events in the life of a potential client

Almost everyone loves to brag about their life experiences on Facebook. Many broadcast them almost at the time of origin. Some even started joking, saying, "the event is not official until we see it on Facebook." Let it be a joke, but in some way it plays a role.

People who openly announce their main life events on social networks are pure gold for any real estate agent. Why? Many key events in life come down to the fact that people need to make sure that they have a suitable place to adapt to these changes.

Facebook Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Agents

Facebook target for life events. Source of the image
Marriages, pregnancy or having a baby, moving to another city and other similar things make people to take thought. It is at this point that a real estate agent should appear.
  1. Renting cheap apartments? Target audience - young professionals who have moved to another city or young families.
  2. Selling a home? Look for clients among those who were offered a good job in another city or among those who have a child.
Important life events are not accompanied by one post on a social network. In real life, a person has many tasks. Very often, one of them is the search for housing.

Content should be emotional

Imagine how many dry sales ads a potential customer sees every day. As a rule, he doesn’t even read them if he sees a set of standard phrases. This reduces interest. All buyer work comes down to comparing location and price.

Therefore, you need to give him a minimal push. If you want a person to consider a house that is quite difficult to sell at a certain cost, you will have to attract potential buyers not only with photos, a list of commodities and the usual description.

Percentage Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Agents

Percentage of influence of emotions and rationality on decision making. Source of the image

They still will not change, and the client understands this. Therefore, it is necessary to find several emotionally catchy phrases in order to gain attention. You need to make sure that among the 10 ads they remember and talk about yours.

For example, you can focus on the persistent problems that happen in the household:

  • “a new roof and heating system will allow you not to worry about repairs over time”;
  • “the backyard is landscaped for human relaxation at the end of the week or a fun family barbecue”;
  • “a quiet area - the opportunity to spend free time calmly and not worry about your sleep”.
When creating a description, it is important to consider what problems we often encounter in everyday life at home. As a rule, potential buyers ask most of these questions during live viewing. So why not give an answer to them before the meeting?

The reader will build on what is appropriate for him and his family. Such phrases help create an emotional attachment to the idea of home. Suddenly, the customer becomes more interested, and you begin to receive more and more impression orders.

If you do not have such a creative approach, then find a good copywriter who can make an emotional proposal. But do not consider such an investment as a waste of money. See it as an investment that pays off.

Environmental perspective

As a rule, a house is our overnight stay, and most of the time we spend outside. In addition, we can talk not only about houses and apartments, but also about offices. One way or another, it’s important for a potential buyer to understand the environment in which he will be throughout the day.

If a person likes the house, but he still thinks, show him the nearest buildings and the atmosphere of the area. So, you can go with him to several establishments right after watching or discuss some ideas in correspondence.

For example, office workers always need good bars nearby to relax at the end of the day. A freelancer needs more cafes and coworking. In fact, a one-time visit to such places by the buyer will help them imagine their life outside the house they plan to buy.

Show the whole house before you meet

Simple photos are often not enough to familiarize the client with the house. In addition, they may not trust photographic materials. Another thing is the video recording of space. Firstly, it is an opportunity to show the rooms and the backyard from different angles. Secondly, this is a great way to attract the attention of distant buyers who want to view the property before they arrive in the city.

The video demonstrates the space in such a way that even the best shots will simply be useless. It shows how everything works in practice and helps people more to imagine themselves living in this place.

This emotionally ties them to this rhythm and makes them interested in contacting about a visit or reservation.


Before buying a car, we take it for a test drive. Before buying clothes, we try on it and go through a shopping aisle. When buying property, often the only attempt to “test” is a 30-minute walk inside and outside the house. This makes it impossible to create a full-fledged image in the head.

So why not let the potential buyer try the “new space” and live there for several days, or at least a day?

Of course, such things must be negotiated with the current owners. But if they are willing to sell their property, then this will be a great approach to attract buyers.

The idea is for the client to come, unpack a small bag, watch TV and drink coffee, go to work and return home, go for a walk in the surroundings. In other words, he should spend his usual day in a new place. This will give a real idea of how life can be with this house.

If a person takes this opportunity, this indicates that he is already interested in buying. Indeed, otherwise he would not have lost his time. A few days and nights will affect the emotions of the buyer and make him the “hottest” customer in your life.

By presenting direct experience to people that is more real than a half-hour viewing, you create more attachment to the property you are trying to sell.

Business event

If you sell commercial real estate (offices, warehouses, etc.), renting for several days will not be able to cause a similar effect. It’s just not profitable for a buyer to move as many orgs. technique and staff.

Instead, you can hold a real event in the specified space. The main task is to focus on a business that is associated with a potential buyer. Lunch, a lecture or even a conference, an exhibition and much more - all these options are a chance to show exactly how the workspace functions.

In this case, by analogy with the house, here the buyer will see that the work is in full swing. Instead of a half-hour walk through empty rooms, he will be able to see a “busy” place. This will create a connection to the working atmosphere and increase the chances of a deal.

How to create your own marketing strategy

All of the above approaches can still be ineffective if you do not work with other components of the marketing strategy. You need clear steps to attract potential customers and turn them into real buyers.

Create a quality website. Today it is a base in real estate. This is the place where every marketing strategy begins. Here, people will learn how you help with the purchase and sale, study your methods and features of work. They get first tips and learn to trust you. The site is the first contact with the client.

An excellent website design will help you quickly talk about who you are and how you work. The whole future marketing strategy depends on the quality of the site. The banal launch of advertising or the creation of pages on social networks without focusing on the site is a waste of money.

Take care of SEO Website. In real estate, there are tens of thousands of websites. The task is to be on the first pages of a search engine. High SEO ranking is the key to attracting more customers.

When optimizing, you need to analyze the sites of competitors and see which approaches to developing the site worked for them. This will help to understand what needs to be done to exceed their result. This is where the marketing strategy begins. This is where you can begin to tell the client about the ideas listed above.

SEO Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Agents

The Importance of SEO for Business. Source of the image

In addition, for a high SEO ranking, you need to take care of a quality user experience, the possibility of adapting the site to mobile devices, setting navigation and high page loading speed.

To develop a website, it’s best to hire specialists who solve such problems. The Merehead team has groundwork in real estate, and is also personally associated with SEO sites. With professionals, you can escape from the burden of development and do business development.

«Live in the social networks». After the launch of the site, you can expand your presence on social networks. Managing such services is very important to attract real customers.

Choose platforms. First of all, it should be a network that you know well. For example, you can’t live without Facebook? Then this is a great choice for you. Since you use it yourself, there is an opportunity to better understand how potential customers will use it.

Do not try to work with a large number of social networks. Limit yourself to three sites. So you can manage them effectively and provide instant response for any user.

Develop a publication schedule. Stay active on social networks, but don't oversaturate the feed with your posts. Share content in other groups. Create posts that entertain and educate your target client at the same time.

Social Media Marketing Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Agents

Social Media Marketing Mistakes. Source of the image
Generate leads. Social networks are great for informing people about the latest developments. But in order to turn them into real customers, much more work needs to be done. The funnel of the lead in social networks is as follows:
  • publication posting;
  • going to the landing page on the site;
  • receiving contact information (phone number, email);
  • development of “communication” with the client via e-mail and sms-mailing (if he agreed to this);
  • you have a new customer.
Advertise on social networks. Do you have a great rhythm both on the site and in the profiles? It's time to launch an advertising campaign through social networks. One of the main tasks is to configure it correctly in order to show ads to the right people. Otherwise, Facebook will increase the cost of advertising because it will be irrelevant.

Facebook is watching what percentage of people click on an ad. They compare it with the ads of your competitors. If you are ahead of them, relevance increases. If relevance is too low, the platform will stop displaying the ad.

Advertise on search engines. Another effective way to attract customers. People who search through search engines are often motivated by some desire, so there is a high probability of a quick deal.

Here we will focus not only on advertising banners, but again on SEO. But in this case, you need to configure by keywords. People often look for something like “buy a house in London” (or another city). And you want to be the first one the search engine offers.

Increasing the effectiveness of advertising through search engines - Pay per Click. Each time a person clicks on your ad in a search engine, you will pay a small commission. The more payments, the higher your rating. And when a person writes a generalized request like “how to buy a house”, Google will launch an auction. The first search results will be the agencies that received the most clicks before.

To maintain a high quality score and get more clicks, you need to carefully select key phrases for content, make the advertisement relevant, create a unique landing page for each advertising post (it is important to understand that the website’s home page is not a target). You also need to add negative keywords. These are the words for which your ad should not appear in response to a request.

All these steps will help you launch a marketing strategy and implement any ideas for attracting customers and turning them into real customers.

Be individual

Each marketing strategy is unique, including real estate. It should represent your personal brand well. This helps to achieve a high rate of transactions. It all starts with an effective website and ends with creative ideas.

Maximizing your online presence and ongoing interaction with customers are effective tools for your promotion. To get maximum profit and become market leaders, just be active and be friends with potential customers.

Merehead does professional development of Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Agents. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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