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Color Trends Predictions in Web Design 2020

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Featured image for Color Trends Predictions in Web Design 2020

Year after year marketers competes for each client, applying a maximum of their knowledge about the smallest details of web design. They increase conversion by introducing new technologies, improving user experience, optimizing content and increasing page loading speed.

But success depends not only on technical details. A huge role is played by the appearance of the service. The lion's share in this is color.

Psychologists have long established that different colors cause certain associations for each person. Moreover, it is not only the color that plays a role but also the way it is used (for example, for the background or the navigation bar, clear color or transfusion).

Color is one of the components of each brand. Therefore, it must be selected carefully. On the one hand, it is important to follow the trends, but at the same time, it is impossible to get into the mainstream, losing its uniqueness. What color trends will be characteristic for 2020 web and design? What will determine these trends? What UI trends will be characteristic for 2020 web and design?

Psychological factor

As I said, the color scheme strongly influences the brand's reputation. First of all, it is connected with certain templates. Each color has a static association.
For example, black is often associated with strict style, sometimes with confidence. But at the same time, there is a connection with sorrow. Purple is a symbol of mysticism or psychedelia. Yellow marks wealth, saturation. Green is associated with calm.

Color Trends in Web Design 2020 Color Psychology

Color Psychology. Source of the image

I do not recommend relying on Internet tips when choosing colors for your brand. This should take a specialist. The point is not just in association, but in the selection of colors under the project theme. Users instantly notice the discrepancy of the essence and colors, which discourages the desire to work with the service.

Relationship of psychology and subjects

It is important to understand what the consumer is connecting today with another product. For example, smartphones, laptops, tablets and other devices are things that make life much easier. First of all, they help in the work.

And any work requires seriousness and certainty. Because no bright or mixed colors. Sites associated with advertising, selling or simple reviews of devices may have such colors:

  • black;
  • white;
  • gray;
  • dark blue shades.

Of course, experiments are allowed. But experts recommend adding bright colors only for small animations to dilute the gamut. The overall appearance should be in neutral colors.

Another example is dating sites. New friends - positive emotions. Moreover, dating sites often help to find a soul mate. In the end - it is a little obscurity. You never know who you can meet on the other side of the screen.

For a long time dating sites were prone to monotony. It is expected that in 2020 they will be more diverse and rich. First, no dull shades. Secondly, only bright colors, among which are:

  • pink;
  • tiffany;
  • yellow;
  • orange.

Again, in the case of color choices, you cannot rely on your ideas. Look for a person who designs all his life. Yes, he will choose from those trends, which are written in the network. But he can best choose the color for the subject of your project.

Target audience culture

One of the first things I selected for myself in the design: there is no unique trend in color design. Research organizations will be able to highlight the most optimal shade. But even it will not be appropriate in all cases.

The first thing that influences the choice of color in this case is the region to which the project is oriented. It is no secret that each country or part of the world of color can have different symbols. It is remarkable that no one will pay attention to mystical connections. But subconsciously, the user will have a certain association. To cause precisely positive emotions is in the interests of the developer and marketer.

Color Trends in Web Design 2020 cultures

The meaning of colors in different cultures. Source of the image

This chart clearly shows which color will be ideal in one region, and how it can harm in another. It will be very difficult for projects oriented to the whole world. In this case, the constant trend is black and white as the basis, as well as proportional to all other shades for a change. An example of such an implementation today is the site Apple.

It cannot be said that this is exactly the trend of 2020. The use (avoidance) of certain colors depending on the region of the target audience is an eternal trend. The reason for this is the unchanging traditions of every culture that have taken root for thousands of years.

The main trends of the regions

Today, approximate directions of color trends have been formed in each region for the next few years. As I said, the location of the target audience has a great influence on the use of colors. Because I want to talk about trends that are formed by current ideas.

Asian-Pacific area

In their search for a base color, the designers of this region relied on the statement of simplicity, the creation of a contradiction of permanent employment. These features are very characteristic of eastern countries. They need a sense of calm even against the background of a high pace of life.

Thus, the basis of any color range of the Asia-Pacific region will be beige. It is the color of seeds, dried herbs and grains. In some way, it marks the connection to the earth, the sources of life and the connection between people.

Also, beige is the opposite of everything modern. As I already mentioned, an integral part of our life is technology, as well as from derivatives. Often we see them in black and gray shades. But beige is the color of off-road, simplicity, return to the roots. It transmits estrangement from innovation, relieving daily stress.

Trace the design of clothes or the interior of eastern countries. Beige has a big advantage. Therefore, it is advisable to use the project and web design. Which is focused on this region.

European region

There are many stereotypes that Europe is the place of "fake emotions". Of course it is not. But stereotypes exert their pressure. Therefore, they need to create a contradiction. A sense of "reality" is needed.

Color Trends in Web Design 2020

Clay color with a pink tint. Source of the image

According to experts, the clay color with the addition of a pink tint can cause similar emotions. It conveys a grounding effect, allowing you to spiritually stay in touch with the environment. As for me, this is a strong move. After all, the status of online plunges us into the virtual world. And clay shades remind that we get into the net from the real world, but not vice versa.

North American region

The main trend of 2020 for the countries of this region is greenish-yellow shades. The first association is the color of alternating current, which symbolizes energy. The USA, Canada and even Mexico are countries with a high level of development and a very fast pace of life. The most important thing: these countries are rapidly moving to automation, which today is based on the use of current.

The green and yellow essences represent the expansion of the spheres of life that need to be mastered. Thus, they symbolize the complexity of the future. Every difficulty must be handled. In other words, the color trends of the North American region remind us that with the development of mankind more complex problems appear that cannot be forgotten.

It may seem to you that these shades cause a negative, because they should not be used. In fact, this region is accustomed to face problems. Accordingly, sites with this color scheme will create the feeling of “fish in water”.

Latin American region

The key trend of web design is the perception of everything from a new point of view and a clear definition of each next action. According to experts of the Latin American region, such thoughts can cause a dark green color. This connotation reflects increased awareness and education.

After realizing the problem comes the thought that it is impossible to stay inactive. It is necessary to participate in different processes, otherwise the question will remain unresolved. The dark green tint is a kind of catalyst for the new material, which is needed to find answers.

In the end, this color is considered a symbol of balance. This is the indicator that businessmen, marketers and ordinary users strive for.

As you can see, the color trend of each region is spiritualized. Everything is connected with the feelings, emotions and perception of the world. This is because the colors themselves signified little mysticism and caused a lot of associations.

Mint shades - basis 2020

Each year is characterized by a color that does not harm both web design and the rest of the industry. In 2019 such was the blue tint, in 2018 - pale pink. In 2020, the best option would be a mint color. This is indicated by the WGSN trend forecasting community.

Mint tones symbolize the unity of science, technology and nature. This trend is due to the latest changes in street fashion, world events and even happening on social networks.

Color Trends in Web Design 2020 Mint Shades

Variations of Mint Shades

The color of mint is a shade of green. As we know, green is often associated with something new. The year 2020 should be a point of reference for many innovations. Uber plans to launch flying taxis, NASA will launch the Mars 2020 mission, and in Saudi Arabia a new tallest building in the world will be put into operation.

2020 - the beginning of a new era. Because the mint shade will be a key trend throughout the year. Regardless of the region, age of the audience and the subject of the project, a mint shade will not create problems for your site.


This trend is already at least 2 years. But its effectiveness is recognized by more and more web designers. First of all, the developers have not yet revealed all its capabilities. Gradients allow you to experiment with colors in an extraordinary way.

In some ways, this technique of using colors makes the page elements outwardly isolated. Thus, the design gains more depth. Again, color mixing is the ability of nature, which I have already mentioned several times above.

Since the trend is not new, you can derive several rules for its use:

  • select the right combinations (with this will help Adobe Color Wheel);
  • minimalism (maximum allowed - 5 shades, ideal - 3);
  • versatility (do not try to repeat what you saw: gradients open all the roads for creativity);
  • smooth transition from dark to light.

Gradients - a great solution for web design sites that target a wide target audience, if not the whole world. They allow you to create comfort for any type of user. That is why they do not go out of the trends of web design.


Color trends in web design will be built on the user's spiritual side. The main clue is the achievement of peace, which is so lacking in view of the current pace of life. Therefore, the basis is to take those colors that symbolize peace, silence. They will have an impact on the client, forcing him to stay on the site.

Merehead does professional development of Color Trends in Web Design 2020. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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