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Best Web Development Conferences 2020

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Web development is common today. This is still an art, but it is no surprise to anyone that a person writes code and thus creates a software product. But everyone is delighted when they see increasingly sophisticated and productive sites, PWA or applications. The question is: how do developers manage to create more and more interesting products? The answer lies in research and innovation. And they are talked about at conferences. So, what web development conferences will be the best in 2020?

Web development as part of the future

The lion's share of current projects begins with the web universe. Startups are very often popularized through websites, information about new products is brought through forums, communication with developers is provided by applications. That’s why web development and everything connected with it is one of the paths to the future.

But how to go there correctly? Meetings with new people at conferences are an integral part. Many developers go to summits just for the sake of it. But web development conferences are more than just a meeting of experts.

First of all, this is a chance to learn about new research by authors of popular libraries and frameworks. In other words - you will learn about the necessary changes in the code firsthand. In addition, this is a chance to practice not at the workplace or at home, but among many developers who may have radically different approaches.

During one workshop, you can learn how to develop a web application two to three times faster. Thanks to the 10-minute conversation, you can see the key testing errors. One video presented at someone’s talk may open up previously unknown integration options for you.

BOB 2020

Site: BOB 2020

Place: Berlin, Germany

Date: 28 February, 2020

Cost: €80-240

BOB Web Development Conferences

BOB 2019

Would you like to learn about technologies that have long gone beyond the mainstream? BOB is a forum for developers, architects and executives dedicated to new research and new software development tools. BOB's goal is for all participants to leave the conference with new ideas.

Key topics:

  • increase of the Rust speed;
  • theory and practice of object-oriented programming;
  • new approaches for debugging and testing code.

When visiting BOB this year, you can hear about the results of research by Marco Emrich (Senior Consultant at Codecentric), Gabriel Scherer (Senior Developer at INRIA) and many other industry experts.

VueConf US

Site: VueConf US

Place: Austin, Texas, USA

Date: 2-4 March, 2020

Cost: $945-1990

VueConf Web Development Conferences

VueConf US 2018. Source

Vue.js is one of the most developing frameworks of recent years. Not so long ago, it was an unremarkable development tool, but in 2018 it became almost the most popular. Companies such as AliBaba and Xiaomi have completely switched to Vue and the result is clear - both companies have improved the quality of their services. At the 2020 conference, you will learn why Vue has grown so much and in which cases it needs to be used today.

Key topics:

  • a complete guide to Vue 3;
  • statics - new dynamics;
  • test driven development;
  • SEO in the world of Vue.js.

The main speaker of the conference is Ewan Yu - the creator of Vue.js. In addition to him, Damian Dulitz (creator of vue-multiselect.js), Sarah Drasner (Head of DX at Netlify) and other specialists from around the world will make their presentations on various topics.

Workshop Summit

Site: Workshop Summit

Place: Brussels, Belgium

Date: 2-6 March, 2020

Cost: €400 (for one workshop)

Summit Web Development Conferences

Workshop Summit

A unique event in concept for web developers. There will be no lengthy reports from the stage at all: all insights will be revealed during various thematic workshops. Therefore, be prepared for activity from the first seconds of visiting the summit. 5 days, 15 workshops on various tools and technologies - and all this is just practice.

Key topics:

  • a practical example of using the Composition API - Vue Apollo;
  • advanced RxJS workshop in Angular;
  • machine learning with Tensorflow.js;
  • development of GraphQL server with Typescript.

Among the leading master classes and workshops will be such specialists as Christian Ristowski (founder of React Academy), Sani Yusuf (founder of HAIBRID), Fabio di Vita (Red Hat solution architect), Gil Clear (CTO Xpirit) and many others).

QCon London Conference

Site:QCon London Conference

Place: London, Great Britain

Date: 2-6 March, 2020

Cost: £1775-2835

London Web Development Conferences

QCon London 2019. Source

This is the 14th QCon conference for professional software developers. QCon London offers a ton of “tightly packed” content for senior developers, architects, and project managers. Organizers help IT teams adopt new trends and implement them in their own products.

Key topics:

  • future of API;
  • recent changes in machine learning;
  • JavaScript - not only as a programming language, but as a whole ecosystem;
  • evolution of Java;
  • next generation microservices.

QCon London is becoming more and more every year and it is likely that in a few years it will be divided into two stages. Today, it has more than 140 speakers, including Flavia Paganeli (CTO and founder of 30Mhz), Patrick Kua (former CTO N26), Jay Alammar (machine learning specialist at STVcapital) and others.


Site: Node.TLV

Place: Tel Aviv, Israel

Date: 3 March, 2020

Cost: $130-340

Node Web Development Conferences

Node.TLV. Source

Node.js is one of the most popular JavaScript runtimes. It is used by companies such as Uber, Netflix, PayPal, GoDaddy and many others. Most developers do not see their work without this technology. The international conference Node.TLV will reveal all the secrets of this runtime environment.

Key topics:

  • microservices architecture in Node.js;
  • transformation of the project code;
  • the future of web development with Node.js;
  • implementation of events in Node.js.

Among the Node.TLV speakers, you can see such experts as Karin Angel (Software Engineer Autofleet), Thomas Della Vedova (Senior Software Engineer Elastic), Liz Parody (Head of Developer Relations NodeSource), Tamar Twain-Stern (Architect Palo Alto Networks) and others.

Design Thinking and innovation Week

Site: Design Thinking and innovation Week

Place: London, Great Britain

Date: 16-20 March, 2020

Cost: £2200

Design Thinking Web Development Conferences

Design Thinking and Innovation Week

Are you a CEO, CIO or business owner and looking for relevant conferences? Then this event is for you. At Design Thinking and Innovation Week, held by Future London Academy, innovators and trendsetters in development speak. This is where you can familiarize yourself with the insights held by leaders of leading companies.

Key topics:

Which leaders will appear at the stage with their reports? Michael Wolff (co-founder of Wolff Olins), Angie Yuanmalai (associate creative director at Huge), Juho Parviainen (design director at IDEO) and many others.

CityJS Conference

Site: CityJS Conference

Place: London, Great Britain

Date: 25-27 March, 2020

Cost: £160-650

CityJS Web Development Conferences

CityJS 2019. Source

CityJS is a JavaScript festival across London that brings together the JS community. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet with almost all the representatives of IT companies that are inextricably linked with JavaScript. Thanks to CityJS, you will be aware of innovative changes in the field of JS, gain new knowledge and make a lot of useful acquaintances.

Key topics:

  • front end testing on steroids;
  • future of Nuxt.js;
  • art of prefetching;
  • typescript growth.

At CityJS, you will meet not only ordinary developers, but also the founders of many projects that the whole world uses today. So, among the speakers will be Alexander Chopin (creator of NuxtJS), Michael Weststrate (author of MobX) and Dylan Shiman (co-founder of Sitepen Dojo).


Site: GenerateJS

Place: London, Great Britain

Date: 2 April, 2020

Cost: £180-300

GenerateJS Web Development Conferences

Generate Conf 2019. Source

The conference is dedicated to development issues with JavaScript, including the latest libraries, top-end frameworks and key problems with this programming language. Thanks to GenerateJS, you can understand exactly where you made mistakes in your projects and how to fix them. In addition, you will become familiar with future development approaches.

Key topics:

  • “reset” of old projects;
  • Serverless development;
  • machine learning and JavaScript;
  • visualization of data from scratch.

In addition to interesting topics, GenerateJS has always impressed with its speakers, among which this year will be Phil Houksvort (Principal Developer Experience Engineer, Netlify), Nadia Bremer (Data Visualisation Designer, UNESCO), Remy Sharp (founder ffconf) and Charlie Gerard (Senior front-end developer Netlify).

HalfStack Charlotte

Site: HalfStack Charlotte

Place: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Date: 24 April, 2020

Cost: $275

HalfStack Charlotte Web Development Conferences

Halfstack Conf. Source

Halfstack is an authentic and valuable experience for members and sponsors who are focused on developing web development skills. The priority for Halfstack organizers is precisely the experience that delegates will receive during the sessions and face-to-face conversations. This is a one-day conference that takes place in a completely relaxed atmosphere, thanks to which developers share the most valuable knowledge.

Key topics:

  • creating user experience outside the browser;
  • hardships that your application will present to you;
  • try to design as if now 1999.

Main speakers this year include Trent Willis (web developer at Netflix), Beck Rice (UX Designer at Truematter) and Ben Ilegboda (UI Architect conferences at StitchFix).

Voxxed Days Frontend Bucharest

Site: Voxxed Days Frontend Bucharest

Place: Bucharest, Romania

Date: 19-20 May, 2020

Cost: €100-180

Voxxed Days Web Development Conferences

Voxxed Days 2019. Source

The goal of this conference is to bring together executives, beginners and senior developers of open source technologies, willing to share their knowledge and experience. With the help of Voxxed Days, many newcomers will be able to understand in which direction they should move, and project managers will find out which technologies will help improve their products.

Key topics:

  • testing the interface;
  • “other” development with Vue.js;
  • problem areas of development with React.

At Voxxed Days 2020, you can learn from Lyran Tal (Developer Advocate at Snyk), Cyprian Borodescu (CEO at MorphL), Alexandra Angel (co-founder of MorphL), Andre Antalya (organizer of ngBucharest) and many others.

Amsterdam JSNation Conference

Site: Amsterdam JSNation Conference

Place: Amsterdam, Holland

Date: 3-5 June, 2020

Cost: €290-710

Amsterdam Web Development Conferences

JSNation 2019. Source

Many developers are confident that JSNation will be the main event of 2020. The conference brings together library authors, teams from different companies and novice developers. JSNation organizers claim that JavaScript development is not just code writing, but a whole engineering art.

Key topics:

  • new features of Node.js;
  • development of TypeScript;
  • decentralized universe;
  • PWA latent potential.

Among the confirmed speakers on the list are Charlie Gerard (senior front-end developer at Netlify), Tobias Koppers (founder of Webpack), Mr.doob (author of Three.js) and Sarah Drasner (Head of Developer Experience at Netlify).

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