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The Best Technology (Tech) Conferences 2020

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Everyone who has not been at technology conferences believes that its visitors are interested in free lunches and time outside the office. In fact, these are just small bonuses to the general benefits of attending conferences. Sometimes a break is the worst part because you have to distract from the mass of useful information.

The rest, who have already attended such events, think only about one thing: which conferences are worth visiting next?

The essence of the technology conference. There are quite a few types of technical conferences, from small and informal to huge, which drag on for several days or weeks, so you can accumulate miles on a fitness tracker.

Technology conferences are primarily created so that companies and organizations talk about their latest achievements, as well as put forward ideas for solving some problems.

In addition, at such conferences, speakers share interesting tricks in their work that help save time and resources. This is the main place to learn new or little-known development tools. In addition, we prepared a selection of specialized HR conferences and AI conferences in 2020.

In general, a technology conference is an event that is an engine of progress in large-scale organizations and startups. Thanks to them, new ideas in the field of innovation are born.

DeveloperWeek Conference & Expo

Website: developerweek.com
Location: San Francisco, California, USA
Date: 12-16 February, 2020
Cost: 995$ and 1595$ (access to networking, access to the VIP party)

DeveloperWeek Conference & Expo 2020

How DeveloperWeek works. Source

Each year, DeveloperWeek brings together more than 8,000 engineers, developers, software architects, and executives from more than 70 countries. This is one of the largest conferences in the world, which today provides not only an exhibition and speeches on various topics, but also introductory lessons on the latest technologies, educational discussions and networking events.

Key topics:
• Javascript;
• AI;
• API;
• Blockchain;
• Python;
• Other.

Speakers such as IBM Technology Director Shahir Daya, Amazon Web Services Senior Developer Eric Johnson, Serverless Solution Architect Fernando Medina Corey and others can listen to developerWeek.

Start Summit

Website: start-summit.com
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia, The Kasablanka Conference Hall
Date: 22 February, beginning at 8:00
Cost: from 20 to 40 dollars

Start Summit 2020

Conferences from Tokopedia. Source

START is the first technology conference from Tokopedia, which specializes in e-commerce. During the conference, the company will share a lot of information about its development, as well as talk about ideas that can improve E-commerce.

Key topics:
• evolution of Tokopedia technologies;
• forecast of future technologies;
• infrastructure development;
• data management;
• other.

Speakers will include people such as Indonesia’s Minister of Communications and IT Johnny Gerard Plate, Tokopedia CEO and Co-Founder William Tanuvijaya, Tokopedia Vice Chair Leontin A. Edison, Tokopedia Senior Vice President Herman Wijaja and others.

In addition to revealing Tokopedia's innovations, Start should bring people from different communities together, find talent in technology development, and provide a knowledge-sharing to create a joint ecosystem for technology improvement.

Data Center World

Website: data center world
Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA
Date: 16-19 March, 2020
Cost: 1495-2795$

Data Center World 2020

DCW 2018. Source

Data Center World is a conference dedicated to the development of data processing. The main message is that today it is no longer possible to manage data without understanding cloud platforms, sharing data and peripheral computing.

At DCW, you can improve your data management skills, get acquainted with more than 70 training sessions (from simple reports to workshops) and analyze new products that optimize data processing today.

Key topics:
• fundamentals of data processing;
• optimization of work with data and configuration of their delivery;
• automation of data transmission;
• data center infrastructure.

At the conference you can listen to speeches of Latein Garetson (Dropbox Data Center Director), Bill Kleiman (Executive Vice President, Digital Solutions at Switch) and Cynthia Belt (Professor at UT Austin).


Website: material.is
Location: Reykjavik, Iceland
Date: 20 March, 2020
Cost: 200$

Material 2020

How does Material go? Source

Material is a one-day conference dedicated to exploring the concept of the Internet as material. The main idea of the conference is that generations Y and Z never knew how to live without the Internet. Accordingly, the key goal is to study the impact of network materials on our world and evaluate what can be learned using WWW.

Key topics:
• The Internet as the sound of the 21st century;
• “Smell” of WWW;
• Responsive design in the analog world.

Speakers include personalities such as Rune Madsen (co-founder of Design Systems International) and co-founder of Yiibu Design Studio Stephanie Rieger.

Fintech: Code

Website: fintech-code.com
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Date: 19-20 March, 2020
Cost: 895-3995€

Fintech: Code

How does FinTech: Code go. Source

Fin: Code is a unique event in Europe that solves the problems facing banks, asset management companies and insurance companies when implementing and scaling DevOps. The conference has been held for the 4th year and this time will bring together more than 100 DevOps practitioners from financial companies around the world.

Key topics:
• the impact of DevOps on the quality of customer service;
• efficiently deploy and scale applications with Kubernets;
• GitOps - providing practices for your own deployment and management in the cloud;
• removal of obstacles in the implementation of DevOps;
• choice between IaaS, PaaS, SaaS for financial organizations;
• test automation.

The list of speakers included such personalities as Christian Reno, chief specialist for Commerzbank data, Olivia Leonard, vice president of Mastercard, Samit Amar, senior director of Visa and others.


Website: ng-conf.org Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Date: 1-3 April, 2020 Cost: 1400$

NG CONF 2020

How does NG Conf goes. Source

NG Conf is an original conference about everything related to Angular. This event includes powerful sessions, seminars, networking and best practices in development with this framework. Discussions relate to state management with ngrx, testing, Advanced Agular CLI and many other elements.

Key topics:
• PWA;
• application development using Websockets and NestJS, ReacJS, React Native;
• how to improve the architecture of the application;
• other.

Among the speakers, first of all, the Angular team, the founder of HeroDevs Aaron Frost, CEO at Firebolt Aaron Ma, CEO of StackBlitz Eric Simons.

Dublin Tech Summit

Website: dublintechsummit.com Location: Dublin, Ireland Date: 22-23 April, 2020 Cost: the first price is €259 (valid until January 31), the second - €389

Dublin Tech Summit

How does DTS go. Source

A two-day event that will bring together leading world leaders in technology, innovation and business development to form a clear course for improving current technologies. For three years, it has become one of the most famous technological events in Europe. The first time it was visited by more than 10,000 people: how much will be this time?

Key topics:
• Internet of things;
• Big Data;
FinTech conferences;
• Cloud computing;
• AI;
• MusicXtech;
• Cybersecurity.

The summit will bring together more than 200 speakers, including Zoom CEO Eric Ewan, Space X President and Chief Operating Officer Gwynn Shotwell, BBC CTO Matthew Postgate, Kinzen CEO Aine Kerr and others.

Digital Workplace Experience

Website: dwexperience.com Location: Marriott Marquis Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, USA Date: 3-5 June, 2020 Cost: $ 1045 for the first day, with the possibility of visiting Bootcamp; $ 1695 - two-day pass (keynote addresses, discussions, live tours); $ 2295 - three-day ticket with full access to all reports and conference opportunities.

Digital Workplace Experience 2020

How does DWE go. Source

The conference is organized by SMG / CMS Wire and is dedicated to the strategies, tools and technologies that large enterprises use to improve business processes and optimize working time. All presentations are based on the experience of company leaders, as well as reports over the past 13 years in the field of digital workspace development.

Key topics:
• trends and challenges in the field of digital technology;
• experience of employees in the workplace;
• increasing ROI through improved operations;
• improving the digital experience of employees;
• IQ enterprises;
• other.

Among the keynote speakers at the conference are such well-known personalities as Google CTO Kate Matsudaira, Tony Vanwinkle, Senior Director of Technology and Workplace Services for Adobe, Patrick Commarford, Director of Information Technology and others.

Through this conference, you can learn how organizations like Sony, GE, or Schneider Electric manage their digital workstations, take part in relevant interactive programs, and gain the necessary experience.

IDUG Tech Conference

Website: idug.org Location: Dallas, Texas, USA Date: 7-11 June, 2020 Cost: 1865-2295$

IDUG Tech Conference 2020

IDUG Basic Information. Source

The international D user group is an independent, non-profit organization whose goal is to develop the Db2 user community and create a direct channel for their interaction. The annual conference held by the organization brings together Db2 professionals and includes educational sessions, seminars and expert presentations.

Key topics:
• new releases of Db2 and approaches to their use;
• business analytics;
• XaaS (Everything as a Service);
• application development and data modeling.

The list of speakers is still unknown, as they will be determined in the period from February 28 to February 12.

The Next Web

Website: thenextweb.com Location: Amsterdam, Holland Date: 18-19 June, 2020 Cost: 149 € (access to the exhibition, without admission to discussions), 449 € (full access), 349 € (full access for one day), 949 € (full access + networking)

The Next Web 2020

How does TNW go. Source

TNW is a long-awaited technology festival that brings together leaders of international companies, leading investors and promising startups to exchange experiences. The conference has already been held 12 times and during this time it has turned from an event for 200 people into one of the leading events in the technological world for 15,000 visitors.

Key topics:
• corporate innovation;
• creation of a technological ecosystem;
• the future of our work;
• AI, Big Data.

Among the speakers you can meet people such as the CEO and founder of Drift, David Kensel, the head of innovation at Vice Mark Adams, the director of La French Tech, Kat Borlongan and others.

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