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Featured image for Top HR Conferences 2020

No matter how much we switch to workflow automation, people will always be the main resource. Only their responsibilities change. If earlier it was physical labor, today we are gradually turning to intellectual labor, which consists in managing personnel and projects, selecting ideas and, of course, the configuration of machines that perform all the "dirty work".

The question arises: how to choose the right staff? Where to find the right people for the company? The most important thing is how to work with current employees?

All this can be known in several ways. One of them is own tries and errors. But in our time, it brings much more losses, since each mistake costs much more than before. The second is training. And one of the most effective teaching methods is attending conferences.

Another question arises: which conference will be most useful? If you just google the list of HR conferences, you will only know the time and place of hundreds of events. We selected the best of them.

The essence of the conference

Symposia, summits and forums, as a phenomenon, have been popular for a very long time. But before, the emphasis was on economic, health and other similar events. Today, many new directions have been developed, one of which is HR conferences. Why did they get such a demand?

50 years ago, recommendations and a simple interview with a person were enough for employment. If this was a leadership position, then the selection was carried out more carefully. But there were not so many specialists. The approaches to the organization of work were also very different and quite primitive, therefore, the questions regarding personnel management were arising rarely.

Today, people quickly assimilate almost any skill. Because there are thousands of specialists (unless of course we are talking about a too narrow niche, such as neurosurgery). In addition, the employees themselves are more demanding. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly change and improve the organization of work processes.

HR conferences are aimed at teaching leaders how to properly organize their team. After all, the productivity of the IT-company or another one directly depends on it.

HR Strategy & Innovation Summit

Site: HR Strategy & Innovation Summit

Place: The Venetian, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Date: 19-21 February, 2020

Cost: by invitation only

HR Conferences Strategy

HR Strategy and Innovation Summit 2018

As such an exclusive private event, this conference offers HR employees an environment for a focused discussion of the key factors, that shape the future of the human resource.

One of the features is a tete-a-tete meeting with leading heads of HR departments, which will provide rich experience in creating new HR strategies.

How to attend? Leave a request on the site. If you are suitable as a candidate for such an event, you will recieve a letter of invitation.

Key topics:

The full list of speakers is unknown, as this is a private event. But to fuel interest, the company revealed several cards. So, you can hear Pat Teague (HR Director at USAA), Kate Terrell (HR Director at Driscolls, Inc.) and Matthew Owenbay (HR Director at Aflac, Inc).

HRD Summit US

Site: hrdsummit.us

Place: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Date: 18-19 March, 2020

Cost: 995$

HR Conferences HRD Summit US

HRD Summit US 2019

One of the key meetings of HR directors in the world. Within two days, the summit will host more than 600 participants in 4 different streams dedicated to leadership, talent search, involvement and training.

Key topics:

  • world at work in 2030;
  • attracting a new generation;
  • increasing the level of collective skills;
  • the role of the leader in shaping the company's culture;
  • why the human factor will become the center of the future work processes.

Compared to the previous summit, HRD is a completely open event, therefore full information is available. Among the 45 speakers were such personalities as Alana Karen (senior HR director of Google), Andrew Saidi (vice president of talent search at Schneider Electric), Bradford Wilkins (executive HR director at Altisource) and Kharsha Jalihal (vice president of HR department in Unilever).

HR Transform

Site: transform.us

Place: The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Date: 23-25 March, 2020

Cost: 1295$, on the last day – 1495$

HR Conferences HR Transform

HR Transform 2019. Source of the image

HR Transform brings together the world's most prominent HR managers and innovators to create the future of work. Here you can meet leaders who not only think about upcoming changes, but also build adaptation strategies.

The slogan of the upcoming conference is “The place where the future of the company begins”.

Key topics:

  • analysis of employee experience in 2019;
  • strategy "Business + talent";
  • creating an HR organization for tomorrow;
  • search for talents of the next generation;
  • microaggression in the workplace;
  • people and machines: collision or collaboration?

Once you get to this conference, you will have the opportunity to hear speeches by Diane Adams (Executive Director of Culture at Sprinklr), Mala Singh (Executive HR Director at EA), John Foster (CPO at TrueCar) and Tom Lee (CEO at Galileo).

ERE Recruiting Conference spring 2020

Site: www.ererecruitingconference.com

Place: San Diego, California, USA

Date: 15-17 April, 2020

Cost: 1276$ (for a team of 10 people) – 1595$ (ticket for one person)

HR Conferences ERE

ERE Recruiting Conference 2019. Source of the image

At the ERE conference, you will learn how to stand out in a market that focuses on candidates, how to attract the attention of the best specialists, and how to grow faster than competitors due to the proper organization of your team. General message - what you need to know to become a professional recruiter.

Key topics:

  • neurodiversification - accept people from the autistic spectrum and train them;
  • employee protection program;
  • recruiting hourly workers;
  • methods of creative search;
  • how to make friends among subordinates;
  • leadership of a highly productive team.

Among the many speakers, names include Sharon Dodson (Choctaw Nation Workforce Development Manager), Jeoff Grinn (Foot Locker Vice President), and Jason Pitstulka (HCA Healthcare Talent Search AVP).

14th HR Minds L&D Forum

Site: 14th HR Minds L&D Forum

Место: Budapest, Hungary

Date: 20-21 February, 2020

Cost: to clarify the price and get a full schedule, you need to leave contact details

HR Conferences Minds L&D Forum

12th HR Minds L&D Forum. Source of the image

This forum is intended to study how the requirements for training and team building are changing, how people can be motivated and how to make their training interesting and not just necessary. Over the 14 years of this conference, many companies have used hundreds of insights and have radically changed approaches to staff training.

Key topics:

  • coaching as a success factor;
  • how to create the best workshop;
  • evolution of L&D;
  • new approaches in designing productivity management;
  • the benefits of micro-learning;
  • leadership development transformation.

This time, the organizers attracted speakers such as Stefan Münch (vice president of L&D at Deutsche Post DHL), Andrey Borchik (HR director at Grupa Żywiec/Heineken), Dr. Stefan Toifl (head of the UniCredit Academy) and Marian Lakatos (HR director at Kia Motors).

8th HR Days Conference

Site: hrdays.net

Place: Lone Hotel, Rovinj, Croatia

Date: 19-20 March, 2020

Cost: 526 €

HR Conferences 7th HR

7th HR Days Conference. Source of the image

Interesting lectures, interactive and useful seminars, round tables and many other reasons why HR Days has become one of the permanent meeting places for European HR specialists. Regardless of whether you are an expert or just starting to explore this world, the conference opens its doors and provides opportunities to acquire new skills.

Key topics:

  • branding from the position of the employer;
  • the role of the HR manager in team transformation;
  • are our children ready for future professions?
  • creating company value through HR.

This year's speakers included such people as Ranko Rayovich (author of the NTC training program), Johan Drisens (owner of Branded.Careers, Djobby.com), and Dave Ulrich (professor at Ross School and the University of Michigan).

HR360 Summit 2020

Site: hr360.wbresearch.com

Place: Hotel Palace, Berlin, Germany

Date: 3-4 June, 2020

Cost: €2,399 (for solution providers) и €1,299 (for practitioners)

HR Conferences HR360

HR360 2019. Source of the image

HR360 is a meeting place for global and European leaders in recruiting staff from major companies. Here they share practical considerations on how to increase employee productivity and increase company profits.

Key topics:

  • what tools a modern HR manager should have;
  • how to influence society in order to attract candidates;
  • development of innovative personnel strategies;
  • introduction of employee interaction platforms;
  • benefits of individual learning.

Speakers included: Steve Evison (Ford HR Director), Jan Karel Sindorff (Director of Talent Search at ING), Reinhard Nissl (HR Director at Microsoft Europe) and Dr. Wolfgang Fassnacht (Director of Talent Search at SAP).

Engage London

Site: engage.bullhorn.com

Place: London, Great Britain

Date: 15 September, 2020

Cost: 300£

HR Conferences Engage London

Engage London 2019 retrospective. Source of the image

Thanks to Engage, you will learn how to effectively engage new talents and company leaders, as well as ensure the right selection of future staff. Over the past 7 years, this conference has become one of the leading recruiting events in Europe and Asia. Visit Engage and you will learn how to take advantage of networking opportunities in recruiting.

Key topics:

Before the conference still more than six months, that’s why now the organizers do not reveal all the cards and keep the list of speakers in secret. But it is safe to say that here you can meet market leaders and gain the most valuable HR experience.

WorkVision 2020

Site: WorkVision

Place: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Date: 19-21 April, 2020

Cost: 2395-3490$ until February 14, 2695-3790$ after February 14

HR Conferences WorkVision

SHRM Conference 2019 (preceded by Workvision). Source of the image

Join an exceptional group of business leaders who will gather in Scottsdale to develop new strategies and share their experiences. The main insight of WorkVision 2020 is the critical role of the organization of human resources in the modern digital era.

Key topics:

  • the growth of individualism in the world of work;
  • deliberate leadership;
  • mistakes of world leaders when organizing a team.

Speakers this year will include Matthew Owenbai (Aflac Senior Vice President), Bechara Choucair (CCHO at Kaiser Permanente) and Karla Harris (Morgan Stanley Vice Chair.

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