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Best FinTech Conferences 2020

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FinTech is almost an independent industry, but quite new for many professionals. Nevertheless, it must be studied in order not to remain in the past with its approaches. How to cover the entire amount of information and learn only the most useful facts? The answer is to attend major and industry-leading events. The list of top FinTech conferences in 2020 is presented below. Mark the calendar.

About the need of visiting

Leaders in the field of financial services have long learned the main lesson: the one who constantly contacts with colleagues around the world and receives the results of their research is developing rapidly. No one will say anything on the phone, and making an appointment in person is quite difficult. But everybody attends FinTech conferences.

Therefore, if you need to improve your own organization or customer experience, then at least one such technology conference just requires your attention. Here you will find out the latest financial services news, get acquainted with FinTech trends, discover completely new developments, find new channels for attracting customers, optimize your own business processes.

And this is not a complete list of features. If you are a leader in a company, then FinTech Conference is your way to the top places of all ratings. If you are a beginner - this is a chance to quickly learn or prove yourself.

MIT FinTech

Site: MIT FinTech

Place: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Date: 6 March, 2020

Cost: $75-495

FinTech Conferences FinTech

MIT FinTech 2019. Source of the image

Last year, this conference brought together 500 participants and 30 speakers. In addition, 10 startups were presented at it and all this in one day. MIT FinTech is considered a student meeting, but it does discuss global issues. The peculiarity of the conference is that thanks to it you can learn the look of the young generation on modern problems.

Key topics:

  • on the edge of financial technology;
  • discovery of the future of financial technology;
  • problems of financial technology in emerging industries.

The conference is designed for a large flow of students, because the organizers gathered a lot of leaders for reports. So, among the speakers this year will be: Amy Naujokas (founder and CEO of Anthemis Group), Lowell Putnam (co-founder and CEO of Quovo), Kristen Anderson (founder and CEO of Catch), Scott Sunbor (CEO LendingClub), Maria Gotch (CEO Partnership Fund) and many others.

MoneyLIVE Spring

Site: MoneyLive

Place: Madrid, Spain

Date: 9-11 March, 2020

Cost: €1245-1695

FinTech Conferences MoneyLIVE

MoneyLive Summit 2018. Source

MoneyLive is the best series of financial technology conferences in 2019. Each year, the organization holds up to 10 congresses in different parts of the world and devote their lectures to the most problematic issues of Finnish. technology. In 2020, one of the biggest events will be Money Live Spring, which will bring together the current leaders of the European banking ecosystem.

Key topics:

  • open banking strategies;
  • digital transformation of the banking system;
  • improving customer experience;
  • implementation of IoT in electronic payments.

If you were looking for an event where the best bankers of the world will gather overnight, then Money Live Spring may be the solution. Speakers include Pedro Pinto Coelho (CEO Banco BNI Europa), Felim O`Donnell (COO Starling Bank), Alfonso Ayuso (CIO Banco Sabadell), Luis Garcia (CIO Deutsche Bank) and others.

Investment Innovators: Wealth Summit 2020

Site: Wealth Summit

Place: London, Great Britain

Date: 11-12 March, 2020

Cost: €445-1245

FinTech Conferences Investment

2019 Conference отMarket Force Live

Investment Innovators is one of the new projects of Market Force Live, which develops a global society in various fields: from energy and logistics to insurance and finance. Do not look at the fact that Wealth Summit will be held for the first time, because Market Force has been operating for 20 years and during this time they have gathered a huge audience, regardless of the field of activity.

Key topics:

  • the future of finance management;
  • managing the next decade of digital transformation;
  • Big Data Conferences and machine learning in the field of financial technology;
  • hyper-personalization of customer experience.

If you still have doubts about this summit, please note that more than 100 companies and about 40 speakers are registered. Speakers will include: David Durlacher (CEO Julius Baer International), Charlotte Ransom (founder and CEO of Netwealth), Stephen Cooper (CEO C. Hoare & Co) and Dirk Clee (CEO Barclays).

Risk Minds Insurance

Site: Risk Minds Insurance

Place: Amsterdam, Holland

Date: 24-26 March, 2020

Cost: £899

FinTech Conferences Risk

Risk Minds International 2019. Source of the image

Risk Minds are known for the global conference Risk Minds International, which annually gathers more than a thousand participants. This year it will be held in December, therefore there is no information. However, the organizers created a new vector - Risk Minds Insurance. During this conference, they plan to consider in more detail all issues directly related to risks in the field of financial technology.

Key topics:

  • strengthening operational resilience;
  • business continuity planning;
  • proper capital generation;
  • analysis of economic prospects.

At the conference, more than 65 speakers who made progress through effective risk management will deliver their reports. Among them are Andres Markert (Chief Risk Officer Hannover RE), Christian Damen (Chief Risk Officer NewRe), Renata Radlinska (CRO Metlife) and David Watts (CRO IAG).

Money 20/20 Asia

Site: Money Asia

Place: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Date: 24-26 March, 2020

Cost: $550-2995

FinTech Conferences Money

Money 20/20 Asia 2018. Source of the image

The name of the conference leads everyone to think that 20/20 is the designation of 2020. In fact, 20/20 in this vein means a style of thinking. All ideas should be aimed at a step into the future. 2020 is a symbol of fundamental changes in all areas, including financial technology. Money 20/20 is held in several regions, from North America to Asia. This year, the next conference will be held in Asia, information on other regions has not yet been announced.

Key topics:

  • the path to global dominance in finance;
  • new tests for banks;
  • change in the “anatomy” of payments;
  • change in consumer expectations.

And this is another conference that will bring together more than 50 speakers, among which mainly such leaders as Dima Jani (founder and CEO of Alami), Jason Thompson (CEO Ovo), Adam Darcy (Chief Product Officer Gojek), Samantha Giotti (CEO SingLife) and others.

Innovate Finance Global Summit

Site: IFGS

Place: London, Great Britain

Date: 20-21 April, 2020

Cost: £1095-1495

FinTech Conferences Global Summit

IFGS 2020 is the sixth congress in a row that gathers delegates from around the world to take a look at the best financial technology. The organizers call it the most eagerly awaited event of the year in the FinTech field and in some way they are right. Financial experts are indeed discussing this summit more often as it approaches. If you do not want to miss the best insights, then mark the date on the calendar.

Key topics:

  • 2050 financial services - what to expect;
  • upcoming technologies;
  • ethics of AI in financial technology;
  • investment in global growth;
  • democracy in the financial sector.

The numbers will explain why this conference is one of the most anticipated: more than 2500 delegates, more than 300 leading FinTech companies, a huge exhibition hall and more than 200 industry speakers, including: Ann Boden (CEO and founder of Starling Bank), Jonathan Quinn (CEO and founder of WorldFirst), Yana Dimitrova (CEO of OpenPayd) and Jennifer Reynolds (President and CEO of Toronto Finance International).

Future of FinTech

Site: Future of Fintech

Place: San Francisco, California, USA

Date: 14-16 June, 2020

Cost: $1995-4395, $1895 (startup registration)

FinTech Conferences Future

Future of Fintech 2019

If you are one of the leaders in the FinTech industry, then you definitely expect this event. If not, then you should at least know about it. Why? Because it is more than 2500 thousand representatives from different companies, more than 50 startups and a whole ecosystem of interaction between specialists. 2 days of insights, but enough information to deal with it for a year.

Key topics:

  • automated management of financial technologies;
  • financial technology and a client of the future;
  • key risks of innovation.

During the conference, more than 5,000 face-to-face meetings will be held, and more than 125 people will make presentations from the stage, including: Lidsey Argalas (Chief Digital and Innovation Office Banco Santander), Pierpaolo Barberi (founder and CEO of Uala), Jason Gardner (CEO and founder of Marqeta), Taavet Ginricus (CEO and co-founder of TransferWise) and many others.

LendIt Fintech USA

Site: LendIt Fintech

Place: New York, USA

Date: 13-14 May, 2020

Cost: $2495

FinTech Conferences LendIt

LendIt FinTech. Source of the image

LendIt FinTech 2020 has the chance to become the largest "aquarium" for professionals and managers in the field of finance. Why? To date, more than 5,000 delegates have already been registered, nevertheless, before the conference are 3 more months and tickets are available. Among these people there will be more than 1000 bankers and more than 800 investors, therefore the conference has only one problem: there will not be enough time to communicate with everyone.

Key topics:

  • digital banking;
  • the value of financial technology;
  • new opportunities for investors;
  • FinTech or web development conferences through the small business ecosystem.

Each cybersecurity conference is quite large-scale, but there are enough specialists in this field in the world. That’s why LendIt will not remain without highly qualified speakers. In 2020, they will include: Stephanie Cowan (Chief Strategy Office Goldman Sachs), Rishi Khosla (co-founder of OakNorth) and Helena McWilliams (chairman of the board of directors of FDIC).

Fintech World Forum

Site: Fintech World Forum

Place: London, Great Britain

Date: 21-22 May, 2020

Cost: £495–1450

FinTech Conferences World Forum

FinTech World Forum. Source of the image

This forum is not striking in its scale: about 300 delegates with no more than 100 exhibition places. It attracts with its original format: each presentation is a discussion of several experts at once. At the same time, at any time, other participants can ask their questions, right from the spot. In two days you will have time to get all the answers exactly to your questions.

Key topics:

  • financial technology opportunities in developing countries;
  • the role of mobile banking;
  • a new generation of banking technology;
  • is FinTech possible of the future without cryptocurrencies (conferences).

During the forum, the most extraordinary issues will be discussed by such speakers as Soren F. Mortensen (Director Financial Markets IBM), Stephanie Walsman (CCO Barclays), Noam Seigerson (CDO TandemBank) and Ross Paolino (Director Strategy Western Union).

London Fintech Week

Site: London Fintech Week

Place: London, Great Britain

Date: 3-8 July, 2020

Cost: £199-799

FinTech Conferences London

London Fintech Week 2018. Source of the image

This it conference in the financial industry will be held for a whole week and will not disregard any expert in the field of financial technology. Why? Firstly, more than 2000 delegates from different countries will visit it. 66% of them are corporate leaders and investors. Accordingly, information about what happened will fly around the world very quickly. In addition, London Fintech Week promises more than 100 exhibitions, so everyone here can learn something new for themselves.

Key topics:

  • neo-bank growth;
  • cooperation between fintech representatives and officials;
  • march of technical giants in the field of financial services;
  • global developments in the field of FinTech;
  • the growing dominance of Chinese Fintech.

The details of each topic and even more will be told by chiefs, managers and analysts in the field of finance. Over 100 speakers with hourly reports are expected to attend London FinTech Week. On stage you can see Adele Grisaf (Group Marketing Director at RFI Group), Brian Pallas (CEO and founder of the Opportunity Network), Dror Shapira (founder and CEO of INVIOU), Justin Flitzpatrick (CEO DueDil) and many others.

Best FinTech Conferences 2020 key takeaways:
  1. About the need of visiting
  2. MIT FinTech
  3. MoneyLIVE Spring
  4. Investment Innovators: Wealth Summit 2020
  5. Risk Minds Insurance
  6. Money 20/20 Asia
  7. Innovate Finance Global Summit
  8. Future of FinTech
  9. LendIt Fintech USA
  10. Fintech World Forum
  11. London Fintech Week

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